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2XYHKNJNCF «The Art of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (The Art of the Game) > Absolutely essential read through pdf. it was actually writtern extremely. Thieves (The Art of the Game) PDF!Best The Art of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (The Art of the Game) by by. From Ballistic Publishing. PDF File:!Best The Art. WPRRO5Z8MA13» PDF \\ The Art of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (The Art of the Game). The Art of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (The Art of the Game).

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The Art Of Uncharted 2 Among Thieves Pdf in simple step and you can Free PDF it now. [Free DOWNLOAD] The Art Of Uncharted 2 Among Thieves [Free Sign Up] at WWW. SHOW YOU WHAT WENT INTO CREATING THE LOOK FOR UNCHARTED 2. Daniel P, February Misprinted Pages, The Art Of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Book By Jeff J Winn D D S Post Operative Instructions Ben S Johnson pdf.

Game Script by Robert Carr Version: 1. Version History 2. Game Script 2. Chapter 01 - "A Rock and a Hard Place" 2. Chapter 02 - "Breaking and Entering" 2. Chapter 03 - "Borneo" 2. Chapter 04 - "The Dig" 2. Chapter 05 - "Urban Warfare" 2. Chapter 06 - "Desperate Times" 2.

Nathan climbs out of the wreckage and continues through the blizzard. He finds a dagger buried in the snow in front of him. He drops to his knees in front of it and pulls it out of the ground. He sits up against a carriage and looks at the dagger in his hands. Nathan: You sure you're up for this? Harry: Feel a lot better if I had a gun.

Nathan: We won't need 'em. Harry: - a little insurance, that's all. Nathan: Flynn, they're just museum guards and we have their patrols all mapped out. Harry: Relax? Have you ever been in a Turkish prison, mate? If we get caught, they will lock us up and throw away the sodding key, you do realise that, don't you?

Nathan: Better than you do. Harry: Well, you may fancy that kind of thing, but I don't. Nathan: laughs Harry: We can't afford to make any mistakes. Nathan: Yeah, and we won't. The dinghy speeds up. Chloe turns the dinghy round and stops in front of a cliff.

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Chloe: We're here. Nathan and Harry look up and see an open sewer grate above. Inside the sewers, Nathan welds through a grate blocking the way and pushes it down.

They step into the tunnels and shine their torches around. Harry: This way. Nathan, Chloe and Harry make their way through the sewer tunnels.

Harry: So what do we do if they switch the patrols? Nathan: We figure it out as we go. Harry: We cannot fumble our way through this.

Nathan: I don't 'fumble' - I improvise. Chloe: Oh, is that what you call it? Nathan: Yeah, I'm uh Chloe: 'Adaptable. Nathan: laughs They reach the end of the tunnels. Harry: There. Harry runs over to a handrail. Harry: What did I tell you? He points to an archway across from them. Harry: That passage there is gonna take us right under the museum.

Nathan: You called it, all right. Harry: You need to have a little more faith in me, chum. Chloe: Okay This one here is me. Nathan: All right, remember, that tower's our only way into the exhibit - but we can't even get close with those floodlights on. Chloe: We've gone over this. Nathan: Just make sure you cut the power by the time we reach the second courtyard. Chloe: The lights will be out. Chloe looks at Harry. Chloe: I'll have the van waiting at the rendezvous point. Just make sure you get your asses out of there in time.

Nathan: Fair enough. Harry: All right, enough chat - let's do this. Harry vaults over the handrail and lands in the water below. Chloe starts walking away. Nathan: Chloe - Chloe stops and looks back at Nathan. Nathan: See you on the other side.

Chloe: Looking forward to it. Chloe walks off down the tunnel in the opposite direction. Nathan vaults over the handrail and joins Harry. Nathan: You sure you know where you're goin'? Harry: Don't I always? Nathan follows Harry through the sewer. Harry: Don't you love the way the water makes your jeans all squidgy? Nathan follows Harry across several pipes attached to the wall.

Harry: It's like the good ol' days, isn't it? Nathan: Yeah, when were those again? They reach a dead end. Harry: Oh, wait, this can't be right. We must've made a wrong turn somewhere. Nathan looks up and spots a ladder above them. Nathan: Hey - Now whaddya bet that will take us right into the boiler room? Harry: And from there, we're in. Nathan: laughs In like Flynn. Harry: What? Nathan: In like Flynn.

Harry: I don't get it. Nathan: Just give me a boost. Harry gives Nathan a boost onto the ladder above. Here it comes. Nathan drops the ladder down to the ground. Harry: Thanks. Nathan and Harry climb up a wall to another ladder. Nathan: Almost there, you ready? Harry: No guts, no glory. Nathan climbs up the ladder.

Nathan: Here we go. Nathan pushes the manhole cover away and climbs up into the boiler room. In the boiler room, Nathan vaults over a pipe and finds another ladder above. Nathan: Just reach up there and grab the ladder.

Harry: Okay Nathan gives Harry a boost up onto the ladder. Harry: There, I dropped it down for you. Nathan and Harry climb another wall. Nathan: All right, this is the way to the courtyard. Nathan and Harry reach a pipe that has steam coming from it. Harry holds a hand over the steam. Harry: Ow - well, we're not going this way. Not if you want to keep your skin.

Nathan: All right, there's gotta be a shut-off valve around here somewhere. Harry: See if you can find it then. Nathan holds his hand over the steam. Harry: Are you mental?

We've got to turn it off somehow. Nathan finds the shut-off valve and turns the steam off. Harry: You got it. Nathan and Harry continue across the sewer until they reach a row of windows. A guard is patrolling in the room. Nathan and Harry press their backs up against the wall as the guard walks past. Nathan: Okay, now there should be a door just around this corner. That's our access point. Once we're through, just stick to the plan.

You got me? Harry: Tell me you didn't miss this. Nathan: I'm here aren't I?

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves – Game Script

Nathan and Harry turn the corner and find the door. Nathan tries to open the door. Nathan: It's locked. Harry: Good job I came prepared. Harry twirls a lockpick around on his finger. Nathan: laughs Harry: I pick more than my nose, my friend. Harry kneels down and starts to lockpick the door. Nathan: Wait! There's an alarm. That's new since last time. Harry stands up. Harry: Great, now what? Nathan: Well, I can disarm it, if we can find the junction box.

It's gotta be around here somewhere. Nathan finds the junction box. He opens the junction box and switches the alarm off. Nathan: There, that oughta do it.

Harry: All right, we're in. Nathan and Harry enter the next hall where they find another guard with his back to them. They take cover behind an archway in the middle of the hall. Harry: Shit. Nathan: I got him. Nathan knocks the guard unconscious. They hurry forward and crouch behind a balcony. Harry points to the tower above them.

Harry: There's the tower. Nathan: Yeah - but we can only get to it from the roof, and we can't get to the roof from here. We're going to have to make our way to the next courtyard. Through that gate over there. Harry: Well, let's do it. Nathan and Flynn deal with another guard in the area below.

Harry: We've got to get up to that balcony. We can climb the gate over here. Nathan: Got it. Nathan and Harry climb up a nearby gate to a balcony above. Another two guards are nearby. Harry: Crap. I've got the other one. Harry and Flynn tackle the two guards and crouch behind a balcony that overlooks a large courtyard.

The gate at the back opens and two more guards walk through. Harry: C'mon, what are you waiting for? Nathan and Harry vault over the balcony and land in the courtyard. Harry: Okay, we're almost there. I'll go right, you go left. Nathan and Harry split up and knock out the guards in the courtyard. They approach the large gate at the back of the room. Nathan: Okay, we should be able to lift this up, sneak right under.

Harry: Whoa - whoa - not so fast, there's another alarm. Harry points to an alarm in the top corner of the gate. Nathan: Ah, great. You wanna get this one? Harry turns to Nathan and raises an eyebrow. Nathan sighs. Nathan: Wait here. Nathan finds the junction box and switches off the alarm.

Nathan: Okay, it's off. Nathan returns to the gate and approaches with Harry. Nathan: All right, one, two, three All right They both struggle to lift the gate up.

Nathan holds the gate while Harry crawls under. Harry holds the gate from the other side as Nathan crawls under and they both quietly lower the gate back down.

Nathan: All right, we gotta cross this courtyard to get onto the roof. Harry: Okay, I'll just let you do all the ass-kicking, all right? Nathan: Right Harry: Head for the fountain. Nathan and Harry stealth attack the guards in the courtyard. Nathan: Now we just gotta find a way up to that window.

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves - Game Script - PlayStation 3 - By Robert Carr - GameFAQs

Harry: Which window? There's a lot of bloody windows. Nathan and Harry climb across the wall to the window and drop down into a storage room. They run forward and crouch down behind a low wall. There are four guards in the room. Nathan: sigh Crap. Now what? Harry: It's time to tip the odds back in our favour.

Harry holds up two guns. Nathan: Oh, that's brilliant - guns? What are you thinking? Harry: Relax, Gandhi, they're tranquiliser guns.

Totally non-lethal. Your conscience will remain unscathed. Nathan: Oh, well, good idea. Nathan takes the gun. Harry: Great. Okay, little bit of advice: these things have lousy range, so we still have to get in close. You okay with that? Nathan: I know how to shoot a gun, genius. Harry: All right. All right, let's take these guys out. Nathan and Harry take out the four guards in the room.

Nathan: We gotta get up to that walkway. Nathan approaches a cart in the room. Nathan: This could help. Nathan and Harry push the cart over to a wall. Harry: Okay, for something with wheels, this is very heavy. Nathan: There, that'll work. Harry: Now all we need is a horse. Nathan and Harry climb up to the walkway.

Nathan: Those rafters will get us onto the roof, if we can get up there. Harry: Good thing one of us thought ahead, eh? Harry throughs a rope up to a nearby wall and hooks on to it. Harry: All yours. Nathsn starts climbing the rope. When he reaches the top, another guard enters the room and Harry surrenders.

Nathan takes out the guard. Harry: Whew, thanks mate. Nathan edges across the wall to the rafters. Nathan: C'mon. Harry: All right, all right, I'm comin'.

I think I'm gonna take the elevator next time. Nathan and Harry cross the rafters and walk onto the rooftops. Nathan points to the tower. Nathan: All right, there's the tower. Harry: Getting closer. Nathan: Appreciate that update, Captain Obvious. Nathan and Harry jump across the rooftops and inch forward around a narrow, curved ledge. Harry: Don't look down Harry jumps across to another rooftop. Harry: Come on.

Nathan: Okay, I'm comin', I'm comin'. Nathan jumps across to the rooftop and grabs onto the guttering. The guttering breaks away. Harry grabs hold of Nathan's hand. Nathan looks down at a guard patrolling below. Nathan: effort Pull me up Harry: You put on weight, mate. The guard looks up at the roof. There is no one there. Nathan: Oh, shit, that was close. Harry: Whew, all right, no more donuts for you. Nathan and Harry drop down to another section of the rooftops.

Harry: Okay, I can get this. Harry swings the rappel onto another wall. Once again, you're up. Nathan swings across the wall and grabs hold of a gate. Harry: I'm right behind ya. Nathan: As always. Nathan scales the wall and reaches the rooftops. A guard walks up to the edge of the rooftop. Harry: There's a guy above you, there's a guy above you. Nathan pulls the guard off the roof.

Harry: There's a guy below you, there's a guy below you. Nathan and Harry climb onto the rooftops. Harry: Yeah, great view. I can see your house. Let's get moving. Nathan and Harry climb up onto the rooftops.

Nathan sees the tower across the rooftops. Harry: Nearly there. Nathan: Yeah, but why are the lights still on? Harry: Chloe will take care of it, don't worry. Nathan and Harry cross the rooftops and make their way to the tower. They run forward and crouch behind some crates. Nathan: Ah, shit. We can't get any closer with the tower lit up like that. What the hell is she doin'?

Harry: C'mon, Chloe One by one, the lights around the tower start going out. Harry: That's my girl. Nathan and Harry climb up to a large window. Harry slowly pushes the window open. He steps forward and looks down into the exhibit hall. We're clear. Harry attaches a rope to the window and tosses the rope down into the exhibit hall.

Harry: Ladies first. Nathan: laughs Cute. Here we go. Nathan climbs down the rope and runs up to the display case. Harry: Ah, there it is. Nathan: Yeah, and there's the acoustic alarm. Until we get this case unlocked, that thing's gonna go off if we so much as touch this glass. Harry holds up the lockpick.

Harry: No worries, mate. Harry kneels down and turns off the acoustic alarm. The display case opens. Nathan: All right Nathan takes the oil lamp out of the display case. Harry: Now, we're sure it's the right one? Nathan: Well, I guess there's only one way to find out. Nathan kneels down. Nathan: Sorry, Marco. He smashes the lamp on the floor. There is a small piece of paper inside and several pieces of a blue substance.

Nathan unfolds the piece of paper and turns it over. The paper is blank. Nathan: Crap. He shows the paper to Harry. Harry: Well, that's the understatement of the year.

Nathan examines the blue substance from the oil lamp. Harry: This is it? It's bloody useless! Nathan picks up a piece of the substance and sniffs it. Nathan: ' Nathan gathers all the pieces together on the floor. Harry: What're you doing? Nathan: It's resin.

It'll burn. Harry: And? Nathan: Just gimme your lighter. Harry takes his lighter out of his pocket and gives it to Nathan. Harry: Is that really a good idea, in here? Nathan: C'mon Nathan lights the resin. The room is illuminated a dark blue. Harry: Whoa Harry looks at the piece of paper again. Nathan: Let me see that. Nathan takes the map. Nathan holds the paper over the flame. An outline of an island glows on the paper.

Next to it is some more writing. Nathan: Yeah, somewhere off the west coast of Borneo. Harry: Oh, great, that narrows it down a bit. Nathan: Look - this mountain must've been the closest landmark where they went aground.

We find that mountain, we find the ships. Harry: Yeah, good work, mate. Harry tries to take the map, but Nathan pulls away. Nathan: Wait, wait - there's more Nathan: Shambhala Oh my God Flynn - Harry: What? Nathan: Marco Polo found Shambhala. Harry shakes his head. Nathan: Shangri-La. Harry: You're joking. Harry takes the map and folds it up again. Nathan: If they were carrying the Cintamani Stone, it might still be there. Harry: This is all very fascinating But we've really got to go.

Harry hurries away. Nathan: Yeah - I'm right behind you. Nathan stamps out the burning resin. He walks back over to where the rope was. Harry is pulling the rope up.

Nathan: What the hell are you doing? Harry: Sorry, mate. This is where we part ways. Nathan: Wait - Flynn, we had a plan. Harry: No, you had a plan. Turns out I've got one of my own. Nathan: C'mon, throw me the rope - don't be stupid - Harry: Oh yeah, right - you're the mastermind. Only you overlooked one little detail, didn't you, partner? Harry aims a gun at Nathan.

Nathan slowly backs away. Nathan: So what're you gonna do, shoot me now? Harry: No. I just need you out of the way for a little while. Harry shoots the glass of a nearby display case. The lights in the exhibit hall come on. Nathan: Shit! Harry: You think I didn't know about the ships from the beginning? Any schoolboy could've figured that out. Nathan: Flynn, listen - Harry: Face it, genius. You've been played. Nathan starts to run. Harry shoots another display case.

Harry: Ah - ah - not yet! Want to give the guards a decent head start. Nathan hears voices down the hall. Harry: Right, that's my cue. No hard feelings, yeah? Harry disappears out the window. Nathan looks around for a way out and starts running through the exhibit hall. Nathan: Damn it, Flynn. At the end of the exhibit hall, a shutter starts lowering, blocking Nathan's path. Nathan: Oh, no, no, no, no.

Okay, now I'm screwed. Nathan runs down a spiralling staircase. Nathan: All right, all right, think Nate, think. Nathan climbs out of a window and runs over to a nearby manhole cover. Nathan: Yeah, there it is. Nathan kicks the manhole cover away and drops down into the sewers. Nathan: Yeah, this way, this way. Nathan runs through a tunnel into a room full of pipes. Nathan: All right, use your head, Nate, use your head. Agh, how the hell do I get outta here? He runs through another tunnel.

Nathan: Here we go, there we go. Gotta get to that ladder. He reaches the ladder leading out of the sewers. Nathan: See ya suckers. Nathan pushes the manhole cover away and climbs out into the open. Four armed guards train their guns on him. Three Months Later Nathan is sitting in a jail cell.

He is recreating the events of three months ago using his hands and silhouettes on the wall. Nathan: You overlooked one little detail, didn't you, partner? Face it, genius.

Download The Art of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (The Art of the Game) PDF Online

Oh really Nathan: Hey - hey - hey - jackass, you're ruining the show here. Sully: Ah, what a shame. Nathan sits up and sees Sully standing outside the cell. Nathan: Sully! Sully: I really can't leave you alone for a minute. Nathan walks up to the bars. Nathan: Oh man, am I glad to see you.

Sully: How you doin', kid? Nathan: I'm doin' just great. A guard walks up to the cell and unlocks the door. Sully: So, I had to grease a few palms. Sully walks into the cell. Sully: Did go through the rest of your money. And a good chunk of my own. But hey He hugs Nathan. Sully: Jesus, you stink. Nathan: Yeah, not half as bad as that cigar. Sully: Yeah Nathan: Hey, how'd you find me? Sully: Well, a friend of yours asked for my help Chloe walks up to the cell.

Chloe: Hello, Nate. Sully: Now, wait a second - Nathan: Sully, kick her out and shut the door. We're safer in here. Sully: Just wait a goddamn minute.

Hear her out. Chloe walks into the cell. Chloe: Thank you, Victor. Nathan: Hey, no offense, Sully - but you're not exactly the best judge of character. Especially when it comes to women. Sully: Fair enough. All the same. Chloe covers her nose. Chloe: Dear God Nathan: Oh no, it's not that bad. Look, I have my own bucket. Chloe: disgusted groan Nathan: Last cell I was in, eight of us had to share.

Chloe: Listen, Nate - Nathan sits back down on his bed. Nathan: Y'know something - I really appreciate you dropping by - but if you and Flynn hadn't screwed me over in the first place Chloe: Now, wait a minute - Nathan: - I wouldn't've been rotting in - Chloe: Listen - Nate - Nathan: - this shithole for the last three months - so excuse me if I'm not just, y'know, leaping into your arms.

Chloe: I had nothing to do with it. Nathan: Right. Chloe: I told you, he's not going to listen to me. Sully: Screw this. Nate - They found the ships. Nathan: In Borneo? Sully: Yep. Chloe: Yes. Nathan: And the Cintamani Stone? Chloe: How do you know about that? Nathan: Do you really think Flynn could've figured that out on his own? Chloe: All right, good point. No, they haven't found it yet. Nathan: What do you mean, 'they'? Sully: Flynn and his client, Lazarevic.

Chloe: Y'know, the 'nutcase'? They've been working together all along. Nathan: All right, then. If they haven't found the Stone, that means there's still time.

You're gonna get us into that dig site. We're gonna snatch that treasure right out from under them. Chloe: They'll never see it coming.

Nathan: Yeah, well, payback's a bitch. Nathan walks out of the cell. Chloe: laughs Chloe and Sully follow Nathan out of the cell. Sometime later, Chloe is sitting at a table.

Nathan is standing next to her. He points to the Cintamani Stone in a book. Nathan: Look - they called it the 'wish-fulfilling jewel'. It's a sacred object. Sully walks into the room. Chloe: What, like a Buddhist 'holy grail'? Nathan: Exactly. He hands Chloe a drink. Chloe: Thanks. Sully sits down at the table. Nathan: Sully, listen to this - 'In the kingdom of Shambhala lies the most precious thing to be found in all the world - a perfect raw sapphire of the deepest blue, larger around than the reach of a man's arms.

Nathan: Hundreds of millions. Nathan sits down at the table. Nathan: And you say there's more of this? Chloe: Loads more. Lazarevic paid top dollar for Marco Polo's journals. He's been after the Cintamani Stone for years. Sully: Well, if he's been counting on Flynn to find it for him, it's no wonder he hasn't had any luck. Chloe: Hang on a minute, cowboy - that's easier said than done.

The files are in his tent, and his tent is in the middle of the camp. It's like an armed compound, there are soldiers everywhere. Nathan: Well, that's why it has to be an inside job.

From someone they know and trust. Chloe: Oh. Okay, I see where this is going. Nathan: I'll just need a diversion. You give me five minutes in that tent - that's all it'll take. Chloe: Really, five minutes? Well that's great, I won't even have to get my top off.

Nathan: Chloe, I was thinking more like an explosion. Chloe: Or that - can be arranged. Nathan: Are you in? Sully: Oh hell yes, I was in before you were! It's not going to be the watered-down version, that's for sure. Russell had dropped out from directing the video game film, with a new screenwriter being sought by Columbia Pictures.

Burger landed the offer after the studio and producers Avi Arad, Charles Roven and Alex Gartner sparked to his new take on the film. Burger spoke out about the film in July, saying the following: [44] We're re-writing the script from scratch, and I'm just jumping into that literally right now, about to close the deal and leap off.

Until the screenplay is written you never know who's going to be acting in it or not. But there are a lot of good actors out there who even look like Nathan Drake and who could do it. I love the project, I think it's a great adventure and it's a wild insane ride I mean it has pretty great character at its core, Nathan is a bit of a con man, a hustler And then you know you have to do what a movie does best, as well Yeah there will be balance in this one, this one is a very great adventure, and it's just a matter of pulling out the the [ sic ] very cool intense stuff that works for the film story, and making sure the story supports those elements and also makes us really connected to the character.

On August 23, , Burger dropped out to work on another film and the studio hired the husband and wife team of Marianne and Cormac Wibberley to rewrite the film. It was very well received, with particular praise given to Fillion's performance as Drake, and to an action sequence shot from an over-the-shoulder angle, similar to the shooting sequences in the video games.

Druckmann, vice president of Naughty Dog, tweeted a heart emoji towards the fan film, with Shawn Levy also praising it, [78] while Ungar expressed his support towards the official film.

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