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Bangla Computer Hardware Book

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I'll be really very grateful. Microsoft Office Bangla Computer Book Download Microsoft Office is a set of desktop both offline and online applications which offers the service of office suite programs. This includes installing, diagnosing, Troubleshoots software and hardware problems related to Internet applications. Computer Programming Bangla. Basic Computer Hardware Tutorial. Computer Hardware assembling o Troubleshooting.

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Computer Fundamental (Bangla Book)

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Bangla Bazaar | 80+1 - A Journey Around the World

Late Aber Hasan established it in It was established in by Dhaka City Corporation. It has two stored building with in triangular shaped. There are about stores in this market. A typical laptop computer may come with 8 gigabytes of RAM, while a hard disk can hold 10 terabytes. RAM microchips are gathered together into memory modules , which plug into slots in a computer's motherboard. A bus , or a set of electrical paths, is used to connect the motherboard slots to the processor.


A hard drive, on the other hand, stores data on the magnetized surface of what looks like a vinyl record. And, alternatively, an SSD stores data in memory chips that, unlike RAM, are nonvolatile, don't depend on having constant power and won't lose data once the power is turned off. Having more RAM in a computer cuts down on the number of times the processor must read data from the hard disk, an operation that takes longer than reading data from RAM.

RAM access time is in nanoseconds , while storage memory access time is in milliseconds. Each DRAM cell has a charge or lack of charge held in an electrical capacitor. This data must be constantly refreshed with an electronic charge every few milliseconds to compensate for leaks from the capacitator. A transistor serves as a gate, determining whether a capacitor's value can be read or written.

In SRAM, instead of a capacitor holding the charge, the transistor acts as a switch, with one position serving as 1 and the other position as 0. Static RAM requires several transistors to retain one bit of data compared to dynamic RAM which needs only one transistor per bit.

The price and speed differences mean static RAM is mainly used in small amounts as cache memory inside a computer's processor. This was a problem as processors became more powerful and RAM couldn't keep up with the processor's requests for data. By synchronizing a computer's memory with the inputs from the processor, computers were able to execute tasks faster. This moved data twice in a single clock cycle, at the start and the end. However, each DDR version has been incompatible with earlier ones because, with each iteration, data is handled in larger batches.

With parallel tasks, such as 2D and 3D video rendering , tight access times aren't as necessary, and GDDR can enable the higher speeds and memory bandwidth needed for GPU performance. Similar to DDR, GDDR has gone through several generations of development, with each providing more performance and lower power consumption.

GDDR6 is the latest generation of graphics memory. RAM vs. Operating systems can compensate for physical memory shortfalls by creating virtual memory.

With virtual memory, data is temporarily transferred from RAM to disk storage, and virtual address space is increased using active memory in RAM and inactive memory in an HDD to form contiguous addresses that hold an application and its data. Now i Dont know whether only the battery is the problem or the charger or the motherboard or something else. Ehtesham Khan September 4, My Toshiba Satellite AS laptop turns off frequently in normal mode but it works fine in safe mode.

It use to be able to play p and up now it wont. I know its not a hardware problem but could use the help. Sapna September 19, Hi!! My laptop is not starting when I starting it on!!! Can you tell me where can I fix it??? Especially in NY and NJ?? And suggetions would definitely help!!!

Any help?