Eugene Bondurant Sledge (November 4, – March 3, ) was a United States Marine, . In , Sledge published With the Old Breed: At Peleliu and Okinawa, a memoir of his . Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version. With the Old Breed: At Peleliu and Okinawa is a World War II memoir by Eugene Sledge, With the Old Breed (Eugene B. Sledge book - cover art).jpg. “Eugene Sledge became more than a legend with his memoir, With The Old Breed. With the Old Breed: At Peleliu and Okinawa and millions of other books are.

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Eugene Sledge Book

Eugene Sledge became more than a legend with his memoir, With The Old Breed. Ken Burn Of all the books about the ground war in the Pacific, [With the Old. See all books authored by Eugene B. Sledge, including With The Old Breed: At Peleliu And Okinawa, and China Marine, and more on In his own book, Wartime, Paul Fussell called With the Old Breed "one of the finest memoirs to emerge from any war." John Keegan referred to it in The Second.

Origins[ edit ] By his own account, Sledge began writing the memoir in , "immediately after Peleliu while we were in rest camp on Pavuvu Island " and continued working on it "as soon as I returned to civilian life" in The book was first published under its final title by the Presidio Press in His memoir is a front-line account of infantry combat in the Pacific War. It brings the reader into the island hopping , the jungle heat and rain, the filth and malaise, the fear of potential " banzai attacks ," and the hopelessness and loss of humanity that so uniquely characterized the campaign in the Pacific. Sledge wrote starkly of the brutality displayed by Japanese soldiers during the battles and of the hatred that both sides harbored for each other. In Sledge's words, "This was a brutish, primitive hatred, as characteristic of the horror of war in the Pacific as the palm trees and the islands. He also describes the behavior of some Marines towards dead Japanese, including the removal of gold teeth from Japanese corpses and, in one case, a severely wounded but still living Japanese soldier , as well as other macabre trophy-taking. He details the process and mechanisms that slowly strip away a soldier's humanity and compassion, making the thought process accessible to those who have never served in combat. Sledge describes in detail the sheer physical struggle of living in a combat zone and the debilitating effects of constant fear, fatigue, and filth. Reception[ edit ] Describing it as an example of "the American procedure at its best, unashamed of simplicity," Paul Fussell said that With the Old Breed "is one of the finest memoirs to emerge from any war.

Sledge gulps and keeps it for himself. Later, he is annoyed by Snafu trying to convince Sledge that he has hepetitis, which Sledge says Snafu doesn't have. Right afterwards, Sledge, Snafu, and Burgin find out that De L'Eau would not be coming with them to Okinawa , due to being transferred to intelligence.

Okinawa Edit Sledge shooting a Japanese soldier in Okinawa with a revolver Having already been taking a toll from his experiences on Peleliu, Sledge's unit is eventually called upon once again to assist in the Battle of Okinawa, where Sledge, Snafu, and Burgin meet up with two replacements: Pvt.

Hamm and Pvt. Sledge assists in leading the replacements, all the while showing just how much humanity he has lost when he kills a Japanese soldier even after a cease fire with his revolver. Some time into the battle, Leyden is once again blown back by an explosion, this time, the wounds are more serious.

With the Old Breed - Wikipedia

Eventually, Peck loses it and in a blind rage tries to goad some far off Japanese soldiers to kill him. Instead, however, Hamm is killed and Peck is taken to presumably be incarcerated like Pfc.

Sledge and Snafu then enter a house where a crying baby and a dying woman are the sole survivors of a mortar shelling. The baby is taken by one of the officers while Sledge finds the woman alone and comforts her until she dies of her wounds. Afterwards, Sledge then has a chance to kill a young Okinawan teenager, but denies it, and the teenager is instead killed by one of the other marines.

Eventually, the marines leave yet again, with Sledge having gained back some of his humanity. Leyden was confirmed to have survived again and headed back to the states.

The destruction of the city of Hiroshima by the atomic bomb was also revealed here as Sledge, Snafu, and Burgin leave via truck. Later, Sledge is seen celebrating Victory in Japan Day with his friends.

Sledge, Snafu and Burgin go back to their respective homes after they were discharged after some time stationed in China, with Sledge being the last to get home.

At the station, he reuinites once again with Sid, who welcomes him home and drives him back to his house, asking about a pipe that Sledge had been smoking since Peleliu.

Sledge merely replies that it calms him down, and he is then told that Sid was going to marry, with Sledge accepting the position as best man. Sledge reunites with his brother who got back from the ETO, as well as with his mother and father, who consistantly worry about his nightmares that he keeps having, undoubtably about his experiences in the Pacific.

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The next day, Sledge joins in the Auburn University then known as the Alabama Polytechnic Institute , and Sledge continues to experience trauma even into a grand party and halfway into hunting with his father. Sledge is last seen in the series with a flower in his hand a the woods outside of his house then walking back before his final fate is revealed along with the other characters in the series.

Sledge gave up his hunting hobby, and a key turning point in his life and career followed when his father advised him that he could substitute bird watching as a hobby.

Sledge started to assist the conservation department in its banding study efforts, the origin of his well known passion for the science of ornithology. Sledge Illustrated.

With the Old Breed: At Peleliu and Okinawa

Ballantine Books. Eugene Bondurant Sledge was born in Mobile, Ala. A year after Pearl Harbor, while Sledge was a freshman at a two-year military college, he dropped out to join the Marines.

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His experiences in the Pacific Theater, during grueling fighting on the islands of Peleliu and Okinawa, rattled his body and mind, and changed the arc of his life. The resulting manuscript, everyone who touched it realized, was something special.

It deserved a wider audience. But I am regularly surprised at the otherwise literate people of my acquaintance who not only have not read it but have not heard of it. If you can make it through without welling up at half a dozen spots, you are a stronger person than I. Marine Corps in December He was placed in the V officer training program and was sent to Georgia Tech , where he and half of his detachment "flunked out" so they would be allowed to serve their time as enlistees and not "miss the war".

China Marine: An Infantryman's Life After World War II

When fighting grew too close for effective use of the mortar, he served in other duties such as stretcher bearer [4] and as a rifleman. When the war ended, he compiled these notes into the memoir With the Old Breed.

After being posted to Beijing after the war, [6] he was discharged from the Marine Corps in February with the rank of Corporal.

People rushed around in a hurry about seemingly insignificant things.

Few seemed to realize how blessed they were to be free and untouched by the horrors of war.

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