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Select Readings 2nd Pre Intermediate - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. college - university. Select Readings (Level; Elementary_Upper-Intermediate) A teacher-approved МБ. Select Readings books for Kids by Oxford Download for free American English Edition Elementary Tests · Select Readings Second Edition Pre-Intermediate.

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Select Reading Pre Intermediate Pdf

Select Readings Second Edition contains a range of high interest reading texts approved by experienced teachers. This four-level American English reading. Select Readings Pre-Intermediate Student Book + audio. Файл формата zip; размером 69,02 МБ; содержит документы форматов archive pdf. Добавлен. Oxford Select Reading for (Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate& Upper- Intermediate) 1. 47 MB.

In both books high-interest reading passagesserve as springboards for reading skills development, vocabulary building, Ianguageanalysis, and thought-provoking discussionsand writing. This is available for downloading at w'tDw. This easy-to-useinstructor's companion includes an answer key for all activities in the Student Book and a reproducible,one-pagequiz for eachchapter. An accompanylngaudio cassettefeatures recordings of all of the reading passagesin the book. The following principles have guided our approach throughout the developmentof Select Readings:. Readers become engaged with a selection when they are asked to respond personally to its theme.

Some scientists think we sleep in order 40 to replenish8 brain cells. Other scientists think that sleep helps the body to grow and relieve stress. In Stage 1, we fall asleep.

We sleep lightly in Stage 2. We have deep, or sound, sleep in Stages 3 and 4. This is the time when we dream. These stages last about one and one-half hours. After each REM stage, we return to Stage 2 light sleep and begin the cycle again. REM: Dreaming stage. After You Read irLanguage. Comprehension: Scanning for Details Read each statement below and check.!

True or False. True False 1. Randy Gardner was a university student when he did D D his experiment. During the experiment, Gardner slept for several D D hours every night. During the experiment, Gardner had trouble speaking D 0 clearly.

It took two weeks for Gardner to recover from the D D experiment. Going without sleep is not dangerous for white rats. Maureen Weston stayed awake a little over seven and 0 0 one-half days longer than Gardner. The author does not tell us how Gardner stayed awake D 0 for eleven days. According to this article, scientists are not sure why D 0 we need to sleep. Underline these words in the reading passage on pages Then match each word with its definition to the right. What are the effects of sleeplessness?

List three more ideas from the reading passage. The Brazilian team won the tournament. Ronaldo scored two goals in the final.

Select Readings: Student Book Pre-intermediate level

Other teams did not play their best. Main Idea: Football is a remarkable life force. It helped Brazilians forget their problems. The Koreans discovered unity in their people. Watching great athletes is a fantastic experience.

According to the author… i 6 e s m F 3. The author has observed… n i p c a T 7. Looks for an area of interest… 16 r i h o 3 2. Responds defensively… e 1 5. Listens with both understanding… a l C. Reading Skill Pages 56—57 A. This lack of effective listening 3. This, you Understanding the Text 4. In addition 2.

Select Readings Pre Intermediate: Student Book

However 3. For instance 4. These are suggested 1. These levels are not sharply distinct but rather A. Row 3 Idea: stereotypes are substitutes for 3. Level 1—the most effective—the potential observation 4. Building Vocabulary Pages 70—71 A. Yelena Khronina, satisfied Russian bride Pages 71—72 3.

Chris, middle-aged businessman 2.

Select Readings: Pre-Intermediate: Student Book : Linda Lee :

Alevtina Ivanova, confident cyber-marriage before we see them] advisor 3. Paragraph 1 is the best summary. American women Internet dating services In , Norwegians Some of the matchmaking agencies Debra Lee-Cadwell 2. NetNutrition 4. National Cancer Institute and Produce for A. Pages 96—97 Benefit Example A. Reading Skill Pages — Example 1 Get to your places! Example 2 Be what you would Understanding the Text 1.

At the performance… 3. In many countries… 4. More people speak… flesh-and-blood: living; alive T 4. Drivers using cell phones… 5. The professor who talked… 6.

In a survey… I 7. New York City has established… B. Thirteen states are considering bills that restrict the use… B. Page 5. Travel to different countries Read mainly to improve Cultivate friends Begin with great books Study hard Punish yourself Calls cases, it is best to make personal choices about what we like Understanding the Text 3.

Select Readings Pre-Intermediate: Student Book

Corrections to the false statements may vary. Building Vocabulary F 1. The author predicts… Page T 2. Computers now monitor… T 3.

So far, none of the signals… 2. The discovery of fossilized Martian Page microbes proves that intelligent life existed… F 8. Once a signal from outer space is detected, it will probably not be easy… T 9. In general, Dr. Shostak… T From the tone… B. Reading Skill Pages — A. Building Vocabulary Pages — A. French 3.

Chinese 5. Americans 7. A: I usually sleep fewer than eight hours a night.

B: Me too! A: I want to sleep more, but I'm too busy. Preview the reading. Move your eyes quickly over the reading on pages Look at the reading for only minutes. Then complete the Previewing Chart below. Names of people and places in 3. What words appear the reading. List 2 more. What happens if you don't get enough sleep? Randy Gardner, a high school student in the United States, wanted to find out.

He designed an experiment 1 on the effects of sleeplessness2 for a school science project.

With Dr. William C. Dement from Stanford University and two friends s watching him carefully, Gardner stayed awake for hours and 12 minutes. That's eleven days and nights without sleep! What effect did sleeplessness have on Gardner? After 24 hours without sleep, Gardner started having trouble reading and watching television. The words 10 and pictures were too blurry. By the third day, he was having trouble doing things with his hands. By the fourth day, Gardner was hallucinating.

For example, when he saw a street sign, he thought it was a person. He also imagined he was a famous football player. He also had trouble remembering things.

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