The Three Musketeers. 4 we have to relate, our main preoccupation concerned a mat- ter to which no one before ourselves had given a thought. D'Artagnan. Download our free ePUB, PDF or MOBI eBooks to read on almost any device — your desktop, iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet, The Three Musketeers. Free kindle book and epub digitized and proofread by Project Gutenberg.

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terney.info09/13/ PMPage 1TheThree Musketeers ALEXANDRE DUMAS“The king of France was delighted. THE THREE MUSKETEERS. Alexandre Dumas. Translated with an Introduction by Richard. Pevear. This edition first published in ISBN: Musketeers, he met in the ante amber three young men, serving in the illustrious .. "A le er addressed to Monsieur de Treville, captain of the Musketeers.".

Te title auiacted me, l took them home with me, with the peimission of the guaidian, and devouied them. Tey will theiein nd poitiaits penciled by the hand of a mastei, and although these squibs may be, foi the most pait, tiaced upon the doois of baiiacks and the walls of cabaiets, they will not nd the likenesses of Louis Xlll, Anne of Austiia, Richelieu, Mazaiin, and the couitieis of the peiiod, less faithful than in the histoiy of M. But, it is well known, what stiikes the capiicious mind of the poet is not always what aects the mass of ieadeis. Now, while admiiing, as otheis doubtless will admiie, the details we have to ielate, oui main pieoccupation conceined a mauei to which no one befoie ouiselves had given a thought. D'Aitagnan ielates that on his ist visit to M. We must confess these thiee stiange names stiuck us, and it immediately occuiied to us that they weie but pseudonyms, undei which d'Aitagnan had dis- guised names peihaps illustiious, oi else that the beaieis of these boiiowed names had themselves chosen them on the day in which, fiom capiice, discontent, oi want of foitune, they had donned the simple Musketeei's unifoim. Te catalogue alone of the books we iead with this object would ll a whole chaptei, which, although it might be veiy instiuctive, would ceitainly aoid oui ieadeis but liule amusement. Te discoveiy of a completely unknown manusciipt at a peiiod in which histoiical science is caiiied to such a high degiee appeaied almost miiaculous. We hastened, theiefoie, to obtain peimission to piint it, with the view of pie- senting ouiselves someday with the pack of otheis at the doois of the Academie des lnsciiptions et Belles Leuies, if we should not succeed--a veiy piobable thing, by the by--in gaining admission to the Academie liancaise with oui own piopei pack. Tis peimission, we feel bound to say, was giaciously gianted, which com- pels us heie to give a public contiadiction to the slandeieis who pietend that we live undei a goveinment but modeiately indulgent to men of leueis.

It would be a perfect time for the queen to wear the beautiful diamond buttons His Majesty had given her. When King Louis told the queen about the ball, she turned very pale. The king did not know just why, but somehow he enjoyed seeing her fear.

One of the bad sides of his nature was a taste for cruelty. This was not because of good manners. Her shaking knees were about to give way under her! Of course the cardinal was behind this! The situation was desperate. Buckingham had gone back to England. The queen suspected that one of her ladies must be a spy—but she did not know who. There was no one she could count on. Madame Bonacieux had been hiding in a small room next door.

She had heard everything. I think I have found a way out of your. How can I trust you? We must get the diamond buttons back. You must send a messenger to the duke in England.

His three comrades, of course, would come with him. Their servants followed, armed to the teeth. All went well until they stopped at Chantilly for breakfast. There, Porthos got in an argument when a man insisted that the cardinal was the true ruler of France. Enraged, Porthos drew his sword. The rest of the group rode off. Later that day they came across a group of men working on the road. The men seemed to be doing nothing but making muddy holes. Because Aramis did not like to get his boots dirty, he scolded them.

At midnight, they stopped to rest at Amiens. The jovial innkeeper there seemed to be the most honest, decent man in the world. When Athos looked out the window, he saw his servant lying unconscious. Clearly, the poor man had been hit on the head. They decided to leave as soon as possible. But when Athos went to pay the bill, he had a nasty surprise.

Hurry on your way! They found a ship headed for England—and just in time! The harbor had been closed by order of the cardinal. He and Planchet rented horses and set off in search of the duke. People along the road pointed him in the right direction.


He began kissing the diamonds, one by one. Two of the buttons are missing! Only ten of them are here! Do you think they were stolen? Is there anyone you suspect? Lady de Winter seemed to forget we were on bad terms. She was friendly— very friendly. He called his secretary and gave an order—no ships would be allowed to leave England.

The Three Musketeers | Documents

There was a look of relief on his face. He stared at Buckingham in amazement. The king had given him complete power—and he used it to serve his love! In secret, the jeweler and his men worked day and night. Two days later, the buttons were finished. Twelve hours later, he was in Paris. The cardinal noticed the queen was not wearing her diamond buttons.

Dumas Alexandre. The Three Musketeers [PDF] - Все для студента

He smiled and told the king. The king was angry with the queen. She bowed and went to her dressing room. The cardinal went to the king and handed him a box. Inside were two diamond buttons. If there are only ten, ask her who could have stolen these two. The diamond buttons sparkled on the shoulders of her ballgown.

The dancing began. Every time the queen came close to the king, he tried to count the buttons— but there was never enough time! At last, the king was able to dance alone with his queen. Now I have fourteen!

There were 12! He called the cardinal to him. He had seen everything. When the queen went to her dressing room, he felt a tap on his shoulder.

It was Constance Bonacieux.

Then she disappeared through a door that was hidden behind a curtain. Behind the curtain was a large, well-lit room. Suddenly a lovely hand and arm came through an opening in the curtain. He fell to his knees and pressed his lips to the hand. It was a diamond ring! A few minutes later, Madame Bonacieux came through the door. She asked him to meet her at a house in Saint-Cloud that night. But she never appeared. An old man there told him what had happened. Kidnapped again! He decided this would be a good time to find out what had happened to his friends.

Porthos was still at the inn at Chantilly. He had been badly wounded in a duel, but he was almost well again.

Dumas Alexandre. The Three Musketeers

Of all his friends, he cared for Athos the most. There was something noble about Athos—and something deeply sad as well. It turned out that after the fight at the inn, Athos had shut himself up in the cellar. When he was very drunk, he told a strange story. Her beauty was breathtaking. One day when they were out hunting, she was thrown from her horse.

While she was lying on the ground, unconscious, the count hurried to loosen her clothes—so she might breathe more easily. He bared her shoulder. The mark of a convicted criminal was branded on her shoulder! So he tied her hands behind her back and sent her off to be hanged. When I drink too much, I tell the most ridiculous stories.

When Aramis and Porthos were well enough to travel, the four friends returned to Paris. This was wonderful news. However, another woman soon caught his eye. It was Milady, the mysterious woman he had seen in Meung. In her courtyard, he saw her speaking in English to a well-dressed gentleman. The battle was over quickly. Athos killed his man with a thrust through the heart. Porthos wounded his opponent. This is exactly what he had planned.

Then a strange smile appeared on her lips. He came back the next day, and the next. His vanity was wounded! Then he noticed the way Kitty looked at him. Her eyes were filled with love. That cost me a great deal of money! You would have had control of the fortune until the boy came of age.

But when he saw Milady the next day, she was as charming as ever. He was with Milady, but her words of love were for another man. She vowed revenge on the count.

She kissed him. And even though her kiss was cold, he felt drunk with joy. He almost believed Count de Wardes had committed a terrible crime. And he almost believed Milady loved him. They spent another night together. This time he did not have to pretend. He felt sure of himself.

He told her how he had pretended to be the Count de Wardes. He expected a brief storm, followed by tears. But he was terribly mistaken. Milady turned pale with rage and leaped from the bed.

She pulled away from him. The delicate silk tore, baring her shoulder. Her beautiful white shoulder was branded with the fleur-de-lis! She pulled a gold-handled dagger from a box. Kitty got him out of the house just in time. Milady had rung for her servants and ordered them to kill him. Milady was the woman he had once married—and sent off to be hanged. Somehow she had survived! War had broken out in the south of France. The city of La Rochelle had risen up against the king.

Most of La Rochelle was Protestant. The fighting at La Rochelle gave England a chance to attack France. The cardinal dreamed of beating his rival, Buckingham, and shaming him in the eyes of the same queen. King Louis sent his army to La Rochelle.

Soon the battle became an out-and-out siege. The people inside were trapped. Now the army had only to wait. Soon hunger and fear would force the citizens of La Rochelle to surrender.

The Three Musketeers

It was during this waiting period that the three musketeers crossed paths with the cardinal himself. The musketeers had been out late at an inn. They were riding back to camp when they were stopped by the cardinal and his men. Do me the honor of coming with me. He told them to wait for him on the ground floor. Then he went upstairs. Porthos and Aramis sat at a table and began playing dice. Athos paced back and forth, thinking.

The stovepipe led to the room above. Athos signaled to his friends to be quiet. He put his ear to the open end of the pipe. I want you to see Buckingham. But I need to find someone clever enough to persuade one of these Puritans. Now they knew everything they needed to know. The door was ajar. He stepped inside and bolted the door. But it seems the devil has brought you back. He drew his pistol and cocked it. Milady tried to cry out for help, but fear had frozen her tongue.

Athos moved his pistol toward her. The muzzle almost touched her forehead. She reached quickly into her dress and took out a sheet of paper. Athos went over to the light and read: The person with this letter has acted under my orders for the good of France. A few hours later, he caught up with his friends. Milady was tempted to tell the cardinal everything. But she was afraid that Athos would tell about her brand.

It was better to be silent. She decided to be patient. Once her job for the cardinal was finished, she could take her revenge. Then the four of them decided to warn the queen and Lord de Winter.

Since they could not leave camp, they sent their servants. Planchet took a letter to London. So it happened that when Milady arrived in England, Lord de Winter quickly had her brought to his castle by the sea. There she was taken to a room with bars on the windows. She was furious with her brother-in-law. His wit and fighting ability make d'Artagnan a welcome addition to their ranks, and together the four young men work to foil the King's evil rival, Cardinal Richelieu.

Despite the period setting and constant violence, the story captures and sustains the listener's interest as the Musketeers vanquish the villains. Michael York reads superbly, his rich baritone voice giving each role convincing clarity.

The audio format is particularly suited to the tale. The production quality is excellent. Recommended for general collections.

In order to get the true story you must read the book. The movies do not do it justice and stray very far from the original story. I thought that Milady was the true villan in the book, much more to be feared than the Cardinal. A lot of fun, action, and suspense, I couldn't put it down. I really wanted to enjoy the swashbuckling adventure in this classic, but all the main characters were such unrepentant cads that I just couldn't get into it.

Throughout the book, the characters show an absolute disregard for marriage and most of the adventures in the book revolved around pursuing, covering up, or avenging one illicit affair or another. If you don't mind a character whose only virtues are "a swordsman's honor," unswerving loyalty to their comrades, and witty banter then you'll probably love this.

Personally, I like my heroes to have a little more noble aims than getting away with sleeping with anyone who strikes their fancy and helping others to do likewise. Yes, it is slightly boring until the chapter "A Court Intrigue", but stick with it, and you'll love it as much as I did.

It is an extremely romantic novel that is filled with wit, action, sadness, and complexity. Because of its intricate plot, I would recommend it to any lovers of Dumas' English contemporary, Charles Dickens. It also contains one of my new favorite literary character: the femme fatale, Milady. But, it is well known, what strikes the capricious mind of the poet is not always what affects the mass of readers.

Now, while admiring, as others doubtless will admire, the details we have to relate, our main preoccupation concerned a matter to which no one before ourselves had given a thought.

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