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FCE 2 Listening and Speaking Skills Teacher's Book - Download as PDF File . pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. FCE Listening and Speaking Skills 2 SB - Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read First Certificate in English 2 for Updated Exam With Answers [Cambridge]. Teacher's book 2: [key to] FCE practice exam papers 2: [key to] FCE listening & speaking skills 2. by Virginia Evans; Jenny Dooley. Print book. English.

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Fce Listening Speaking Skills 2 Teachers Book

Get this from a library! Teacher's book 2: [key to] FCE practice exam papers 2: [ key to] FCE listening & speaking skills 2. [Virginia Evans; Jenny Dooley]. The textbook will not only help you prepare for the exam FCE, but also increase the level of your English The course is suitable for self-study, as well as for group lessons. FCE Listening and Speaking 2 (CD 6,7,8,9,10). Download tài liệu document Fce listening and speaking skills 2 teacher book miễn phí tại terney.info

No partof thispublication maybe reproduced, storedin a retrieval system,or transmitted in anyform,or by any photocopying means,electronic, or otherwise, withoutthe prior writtenpermission of the publishers. Thisbookis not meantto be changedin anyway. But if you have little kids, you need to know that a swimming pool can be an extremelyrisky placefor them. So I'm reallyglad to be invitedheretodayto talk to you about keepingyour childrensafe in the water. Oh - and if you want more informationafterwards,I have copies of a fact sheetfrom the RoyalLifesavirfoSocietyhere, and you can alsovisitour website To most parents,teachingvery small kids to swim isn't a high priority. So I'd like to start by quotingthe old saying, "preventionis better than cure".

The book that you have in front of you will help you with that. Publisher: Express Publishing.

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It also offers excellent preparation for the revised First Certificate Examination or any other examinations at the same level.

The Teacher's Book accompanies this material. The book is divided into two parts: Part A consists of ten complete listening tests. The recordings are based on authentic listening material and make use of various accents and sound effects. Part B consists of ten speaking tests and covers a wide variety of topics such as holidays, entertainment, etc. In this section, students are familiarised with the essential language vocabulary, useful expressions, discourse markers, etc and ideas necessary for the test itself.

Students are also trained to organise their speech coherently and to display an appropriate variety of linguistic resources. There are also two additional Speaking Tests at the end of the book to prepare students to meet the requirements of the exam.. Class Audio CDs include instructions, pauses and repeats, creating genuine exam conditions. A very useful resource for FCE teachers ans students. This book prepared for students to practise their grammar, vocabulary, reading and written English skills at the early stage of FCE.

It systematically helps students develop and improve their reading skils necessary to succeed in the examination. Practice Tests with revision lessons and 3 free audio CDs. Extensive and varied exercises after the presentation of each grammar point giving plenty of practice of what has been taught.

Special vocabulary units concentrating on phrasal verbs, prepositions, word formation and words easily confused. Ten complete Use of English practice tests. Revolving around 12 key exam topics and including realistic exam practice for all five papers in every unit, Target FCE offers an effective and fun route to exam success. The engaging texts, a focus on personalization and excellent teacher support make it easy to plan lively, communicative classes.

The engaging texts, focus on personalization and excellent teacher support make it easy to plan lively, communicative classes, while the rigorous exam training and practice ensures students are thoroughly prepared for their FCE exam. It provides all the practice students need to sit the exam with confidence. Packed with CD-Rom containing computer versions of the 5 tests plus 2 additional tests. It includes the listening material to all the tests in the SB.

It consolidates and builds on essential areas of grammar and vocabulary. Suggested answer THEN LIFESTYLE hard-working simple NOW stressful, c o m p l i c a t e d , busy, hectic comfortable car plane, spacecraft c o m p u t e r p r o g r a m m e r , a s t r o n a u t , pilot w o o l bikini, nylon, lycra cotton, w o o l t a p s , r u n n i n g w a t e r , electricity, r a d i a t o r s , central h e a t i n g m o r e vaccines better healthcare cinema, video recorder stereo, computer games.

W h a t s h o u l d a healthy diet i n c l u d e ' ' What are the problems caused by smoking''. Answers to the comprehension questions: E x p l a i n a n y n e w w o r d s b e f o r e Ss d o t h e e x e r c i s e CITY LIFE Buildings skyscraper, offices, multi-storey car park Transport car, train, u n d e r g r o u n d , b u s taxi trolleybus, tram b u s i n e s s executive, clerk, stockbroker, secretary executive, labourer m o t o r w a y , city c e n t r e , traffic j a m pollution, s m o g 3.

H o w d o aliens travel? In f l y i n g s a u c e r s It is a n o r g a n i s a t i o n w h i c h offers a d v i c e o n e x t r a terrestrials Mo t h e y s h o u l d n t aliens terrestrials green Martians Venusians 6 7 8 9 10 saucers UFOs flying humanoid antennae 11 12 13 14 15 radioactive communicate dangerous photographs immediately.

T o the T e a c h e r Explain any n e w vocabulary before Ss d o the exercise 1 2 rocket gravity 3 4 oxygen Satellites 5 6 i n t e l l i g e n t life Astronauts 7 8 research colonise 9 10 shuttle courage. Speaking Test 2 Part 2 Suggested answers Pictures A and B Picture A is of a modern capital f i e l d s a n d t r e e s all a r o u n d city with skyscrapers and.

Christmas e a t i n g e x c h a n g i n g gifts aJI over the Christian world carnival celebration Halloween dressing u p having parties North A m e r i c a Britain patriotic Guy Fawkes Day bonfires firework display Britain.

Explain a n y n e w vocabulary before Ss d o the exercise 5 6 7 8 playground statfroom s p o r t s hall p l a y i n g f i e l d s blackboard 9 10 corridor office. FCE Listening a n d Speaking Skills 2 for the Revised Cambridge FCE examination 6 T o t h e T e a c h e r Explain a n y n e w vocabulary before Ss d o the exercise 1 2 3 4 7 baker s newsagent s greengrocer s grocer s 5 6 7 8 chemist s butchers supermarket fishmongers 9 10 11 12 clothes shop sweetshop corner shop chain stores 13 14 hardware store Superstores.

To the Teacher: Ask Ss to skim the passage, then ask them the following comprehension questions 1 2 W h y have there b e e n s o m a n y accidents recently? Explain any n e w vocabulary before Ss d o the exercise stamps coins butterilies b a s k e t b a l l , soccer. NOUNS patience organisation persistence tolerance knowledge courage 1 ear 2 3 organisation rhythm.

Explain a n y new vocabulary before Ss d o the exercise 4 5 6 church vagrants streets 7 3 9 cold rags newspapers 10 diseases. FCE Listening and Speaking privacy respect vain organised untidy 3 4 can t stand eye to eye 4 sympathetic laxative sensitive 5 6 ell o u t sociable 7 8 9.

To the Teacher. Explain n e w vocabulary before Ss d o t h e exercise t 2 3 landfill sites rot away rust away 4 5 6 reclaimed environmentalist Fertiliser 7 8 9 pile u p compost heap breaks down decomposition 1Q w a s t e p r o d u c t s 11 R e m a i n s. Does glass break d o w n 7 7 7. A n s w e r s to comprehension questions.

W n a t d o t h e residents of Seattle d o with their rubbish? A n s w e r s to comprehension questions: Suggested answers. W: Oh, l'll take the white.

I neverdid like the grainy bits in the brown. S: And how about one of our freshlybakedchocolate cakes? I'm surethe kidswould loveone W: Oh I don'tthinkso, thanks.

Theydo look lovely, but the boys eat far too manysweetthingsalready. Although I might have one of your nice pots of naturalyoghurt Actually,cometo thinkof it, don't bother- I'm sure I've still got one in the fridge. For questions, complete fhe sentences. Pleasetakea seat. Ms: Yes, lreneand Ray Black.

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BM:And what can I do for you? Mr: Well,we'rethinkingof startingour own business and we need some cash to get ourselvesgoing. BM: So you're aftera loan?

Ms: For the business,yes. Your advert in the paper says your bank is keen to help new businesses with small loans. BM:That's correct. We offer loans of betweent5, and t25,, at a very competitivefixed interest rate of only 6. Of course,the size of the loan depends on the type of businessyou have in mind. What sort of businessare you planning? Ms: Well,I'vealwaysenjoyedcooking,and Mr: lrene is just the best cook!

You should taste her apple turnovers! Mr: Sweets,mainly. You know, cakes for weddings and parties,that kind of thing. BM: lt's good that you want to go into businessto do somethingthat you love. But, in my experience, most people find turning their hobby into a business that actually makes money is very difficult. And a lot of hard work. Mr: Yes, we're awareof that.

Ms: My friend Molly opened her own antiqueshop about three years ago. She'd always loved 35 Ustening lest 3 collectingold thingsand thought,why not do this for a living? Mr: After all, she reallyhated her job in the factoryshe'd been there doing the same thing for 10 years.

And she knowsan awfullot aboutantiques. Ms: But she didn'tsell anything,see? Mr: Had a great collectionbut no customers. Ms: So 6 monthslatershe had to close down and go back to the factory. Mr: She put so much time and effortinto it, too. Ms: So anyway,yes, we're well awareof the risks. BM: Exactly.

So obviously,we can't just give loansto anyonewho comes in saying they have a great business idea. You need to show that your businessidea is practicalfrom a financialpoint of view.

Cambridge International Book Centre

Canyou tell me a bit moreaboutyour plans? Mr: At first, we'll make our cakes at home. That'll keep costs down at first as rentingand fittingout a shop would be too expensive. Ms: And the kitchen in our house is easily large enoughfor the bakingthat l'll needto do. At first, anyway Mr: Yes, my wife will do the cookingand l'll do the deliveries. I've got a smallvan. BM: So, er, what do you need a loanfor?

Mr: Mainlyadvertising. Who's going to know we're selling great cakes if we don't tell them about ourselves? BM:Yes, that's often the most important part of startinga new business. And somethingpeople oftenforget about. Mr: We'lladvertisein the newspaper, thoughthatcan We'd also like to set up our be quite expensive. Ms: We had a quote for 95,from a web design company. Mr: Thoughthat seemstoo expensive.

BM:Yes,I'd havethoughtyou couldget a websiteset up for about halfthat. Anyway,how much do you thinkyou need in totalfor advertising?

Mr: For the first6 months,probablyaboutt6, BM:And will you needanythingelse? Ms: One thing we do need is a much larger refrigerator. Mr: Thereisn'troomin the kitchenbut it can go in the garage. There'llstillbe room for the van and my wife's car. The one we have in mind costs about 13,, Ms: Plus we'll need to get a good supply of ingredients. So perhapsanothert1, for that. BM: So you're askingfor a loan of about t10, in total.

Well,to makea formalapplication, firstfill in thisform For questlons , choose from the list A-F which statement applies to each person.

Thereis one extraletter which you do not need to use. Younow have 3Oseconds to look at Part 3. So anyway, the momentI found out they were coming hereto play I bought a ticket - a very expensiveticket, actuallyand I felt really pleasedwith myself.

But the concert itselfwas a big let-down. For a start,the sound system was awful,and then the band were only on stage for about forty minutes. I mean, at least I can say I've seen them, but to be honest,I felt cheated. Anyway, it was our wedding anniversary on Saturday- our eighth- so we decided to do somethingspecial,and we treatedourselvesto ticketstor La Traviata. We got dressedup, we had good seats,the singerswere reallywonderfulit was a beautifulnight out. I hope we can do it again soon,withouthavingto waitfor a specialoccasion.

He'sbeenin a bandfor a year or so now. They play a sort of mixtureof rock and jazz Anyway, last month they got their first big break, a concert at a famous venue in Manchester. My friend put my name on the guest list,which was great! They were a big success, and now they'vejust had an offerto make a record.

So when my eldest grandsonsaid he'd boughtticketsto a rock concertfor me and him, I was surprised,but then I thought,why not? But do you know, I enjoyedmyself- even danceda bit. Wouldlgo again? Then a few days before, the weatherturned reallybad, and I caughtthe worst cold ever.

When we arrivedat the theatre,I was dizzy and shivering. The critics' reviews said it was a great show, but I honestlydon't remembermuch about it. I felt terrible,and I just wantedto be at home,tucked up in bed.

For guestions, choose the best answer,A, B or C. How can I help you? D: Well,actually,I'm interestedin signingup for two of your eveningclasses,if the times are right, of course- that is, if I can fit them in. R: Yes, er - and which classesare you interestedin? I'm afraidquite a few of the classesare alreadyfull. D: Full? D'you mean they're not taking any more students? R: Well, some of the coursetutors are trying to keep numbers down this term. D: I know, I know.

So am l, and it is 2 weeks before the start of term.

I'd assumedthere'd be plentyof time to sign up for the things I wantedto do. R: Well, we do encouragepeopleto sign up at least a month before classesstart. Anyway, if you tell me what you're interestedin, l'll just have a look and see if there are any places. D : Yes, okay. Actually l'm interestedin, er, your beginners'botanycourse R: Yes,yes, I know whatyou mean. Mm, well D : D'you mean l'll need to speak to her myself?

R : Well- yes. You see, it's up to the tutorswhetheror not they want to accept more students. D: And how do I go about getting in touch with her? No, no - wait. R: Right,let'ssee. Oh, good. No, there'sno problem with the designone. He'sonly got 12 and his limit is 15 - no, 18 - so there'sno problemat all.

D: Fine. Who is the tutoron that,by'theway?

R: lt's,er - oh, LarryWhitelaw! He'squitefamous,you know. You'veprobablyseen him on W, actuallyhe does appearanceson Gardener'sTime, nearly everyweek.

I've heardhe's a fantasticteacher,and he putstogetherall sortsof excursionsand things. D: Mm, yes. Now, can you just tell me about the times,and the cost and all that? R: Well,the botanyclassis on Mondayeveningsfrom 7 to 9, and it costs- mm, let me check. Yes, it's t80 pounds for the term. That's includingthe books. And the gardendesignone is The drawingmaterialsand trips for that one are extra.

D: And when is that class? R: Oh, of course - it's on Tuesdays,the same hoursas the gardendesignclass. D: 6 to 8, did you say? R: No, no - they'rebothfrom 7 to 9.

Exam English ✓

D: Oh, right. Now if you can justtell me how to get hold of the botanytutor There'llnow be a pause of 5 minutesfor you to copy your answersonto the separateanswer sheet. I promise.

Whatis she complainingabout? Of course,the noiseoutside didn't help,but I realiseyou haveno controloverthat. Anyway,I phoned down to the hotel receptionistbut she told me that the heatinghadn't been switchedon yet and therewas nothingshe could do about it. Well, it's just not good enough - your job is to make sure your guests are comfortable,and I would hope this includeskeepingthe rooms at a decenttemperature.

Whatis he unsureabout? I know we've moved around quite a lot in the past. In fact, since leaving home I've always considered it important to be mobile. Whatdid he forget to download? So this is allfrom memory,I'm afraid.

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