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In Kevin Roberts wrote Lovemarks: the future beyond was admired by many as a breakthrough in marketing thinking, but was also controversial. Lovemarks: Loving Brands – Brief Magazine (PDF). Tuesday, 1 July An article on Lovemarks, a philosophy that approaches brands and products, with the. - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online.

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Lovemarks Kevin Roberts Pdf

We have chosen to subject Kevin Roberts' () recent book on respect then it has the status of being a lovemark (Roberts, , p. PDF | Purpose – The purpose of the paper is to argue that an enriched comment on, and analysis of, a popular management book, Kevin Roberts' Lovemarks. our Lovemarks philosophy regarding the future beyond brands, but more Kevin Roberts is the New York-based CEO Worldwide of Saatchi.

Enter your mobile number or email address below and we'll send you a link to download the free Kindle App. Then you can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer - no Kindle device required. To get the free app, enter your mobile phone number. But before Roberts can get to what in fact a Lovemark means in the worlds of advertising and marketing, he takes us on a virtual tour of his CV. The list goes on, and so does Roberts--on and on--about his achievements and experience building brand awareness and shaking things up he famously machine-gunned a vending machine at a presentation for a spot on the evening news. More importantly, he succeeds at blasting away the smoke and mirrors that might prevent a creative genius or an ordinary consumer from seeing what makes Superman the most beloved super-hero of all time. Despite the somewhat egocentric approach to taking us there he is, after-all, a pretty smart guy , we arrive at Roberts's point beautifully, and see what he sees: And while Roberts speaks to us in a spirited, conversational manner that makes Lovemarks a pleasure to read , the design of the book seems to work against him, as convoluted typography and a general lack of layout consistency give the book a visually amateurish look. I believed if you were going through hell the only option was to keep going! While the layout is eye-catching, the text often reads like advertisement pull-outs: All rights reserved. December 1, Sold by: English ASIN: Enabled X-Ray:

No Love. The Lovemarks of this new century will be the brands and businesses that create genuine emo tional connections with the communities and networks they live in.

Jealously guard your reputation Built over a li fet ime. Admit mistakes. Gimme Some Rcs pcCl Commit to total commitment Go ing the full distance is the price of Res pect. Be o pen. Don't cover up. Every busi ness roday is ex pected to innovate-a nd to innovate mean ingfull y while creating value. The new active consumer judges yo u at every encou nter. Don't even try. Make it easy The increas ing complexity of many goods and services has raised the stakes.

Peak pe rformance is the u ltimate tablestake of all tablestakes. Perfo rma nce at each and every interactio n. Consumers today are ruthless if yo u let them down.

The Lovemarks Effect: An Abstract

Don't hide Peo ple ca n respect you only if they know who yo u are. The equatio n is sim ple. Hello DVD. Believe in yo urself. Get in the lead and stay there To be o ut front can be lo nely and unco mfortable.

And at times like th is yo ur reputation is yo ur premium defense. Goodbye VCR. D estroyed in an instant. Tell the truth Front up.

If it's hard to use. Rem e mber. Pursue innovation Inn ovatio n is kaizen. So don't. You have to be different. Accept responsibility Take on the biggest respo nsibility of all. Never let them down. Quality is all about sta ndards. Only when people perceive the value they are getting as higher than the cost will they respect the deal you offer. Nurture integrity The corporate shake-ups of the last few years have put the spotlight bac k on integrity: Quality is the measure by which yo u exceed expectations.

Don't underestimate value Not just real dollar value but the perception of value. Deserve trust Consumers want to trllst you. Deliver great design Attention Economy Never pull back on service Service is where transactio ns are transformed inro relationships. If you're not aesthetically stimulating and functionally effective yo u just merge inro the crowd. Competition is hot and getting hotter. Sam Walton built Wal -Mart. They want yo u to remain true to the ideals and asp iratio ns you share with them.

Today reliabili ty is the door charge for Respect before the show begins. Practice what you preach. Keep it simp le: Where Respect meets Love. It is the first moment of truth. At the risk of repea ting myself: Demanding and uncomprom isin g.

Don't even drea m about Lovemark status unless you can tick off each and every item. The relationship between Respect and Love is deep. It's a ro ugh list. Gimlll c Some Rcspec[ My thinking started to crystallize around a line Tide used back in the s. That would be hugely valuable. Trust felt like part of the vocabulary.

I was aware that brands were entering an endgame. There had to be something new. Here's how Alan remembers it: Founding Editor of the business magazine Fast Company. That would be Loyalry Beyond Reason. It was all very well knowing the problems with brands. Many of our clients responded to the idea of trust. The usual sruff like organizational change.

Being invited to be CEO of the most exciting advertising agency in the world certainly sharpened my focus. The Internet had put trust firmly on the agenda. Yet here was a is tablestakes! Old go beyond the brand deeper into the.. U was.. The best brands were Trustmarks. And I'm also sure that you can only have one Lovemark in any category. My ideas were based o n work we had done compa ring brands with what we now know were emerging as Lovemarks. We charted the differences.

The sushi shop on the corner of yo ur block ca n be a Lovemark to you. Lovem arks ca n be creared by designers. Now rhar we have moved more deeply inro Lovemarks we ca n see rhar rhis was way roo narrow. I was sure rhen. As far as I'm concerned. Love Is in the Air 7 1. It's interesting that a recent Nobel prize for economics went to a couple of economists who were. It's not about the cost per thousand. One of the things that we all learn in our business careers is that language matters.

That has been a hallmark of Ftlst ComptlllY. They begin to create categories in their own business experience they didn't even know existed. If you describe something or name something accurately.

It opened up a whole new category where people could think about the way their companies perform. That emotion is one of the key elements of economic behavior. It's the way it feels. Founding Editor. Lovemarks are not owned by the manufacturers. Ta rgets. W hen it ca me to working ou t wha t gave Lovema rks their special emo tional reso nance. Love is abo ut act ion. Fro m there it was easy ro agree that yo u on ly get ro be a Lovemark whe n the people who love yo u tell YOLi so.

Now it was time to focus o n w hat made some b ra nds sta nd o u t fro m the crowd. Now we we re ready to crea te o ur princip les. It's a co nsta nr process of keep in g in to uch. As I have a lready rne nt io ned.

It's about creating a mea ni ngfu l relatio nship. Lovemarks made immed iate sense. And they cap tured the new emo ti o nal co nnectio ns we were seekin g. Sra risrics. They are owned by the people who love them. Every person we deal w ith is a n em otional hum an bei ng.

But JUSt sirring aro u nd waiti ng fo r co nsumers to tell yo u yo u're a Love ma rk could mea n a ve ry lo ng wa it. W hat made so me brands Loved. Over rhe yea rs we had p ur a lo r of ri me in ro b uilding ou r cl iem s' p rodu cts in ro so me of the most highl y res peered bra nds in the wo rld. And this is what insightfu l marketers. Mystery Sensuality Intimacy T hese didn't so und like rrad itiona l brand a[ fibu tes.

Be creati ve. Lovcma rks a re. Make yo ur own commitme nt to change. At thei r best these g row inro mythical ta les. At the fa r end of th e scale peop le will lay down th eir lives for a Lovemark. Lovema rks are infused w ith powerful a nd evocative sto ries. Th ey need to be brough t in to advising on new product d evelopment a nd working up ideas fo r services.

Th e pass io n for a Lovema rk can be intense. Co nsume rs ca n smell a fake a m il e off. They recall th e great ad ve ntures of the busi ness. In vo lve th em in everything. Sto rytel ling gives luster by open ing up new meanings. C ha nge is fin e. If yo u're not in Love with your own busin ess. Places as well as products. We asked ourselves: How do families build up their vast reservoirs of Love?

What Love inspires people to become extraordinary? When times are tough what kind of Love do people call on to see them through? What builds Loyalty that goes Beyond Reason? Lovemarks could not be constrained by the world defin ed by brands and marketing. Sensual ity. To connect with people as well as services.

Whenever we talked Lovemarks we found ourselves referring to people we knew or had heard of. Sure th is world was important. Constantly testing our ideas against everyth ing that peopl e love. We were seeing Lovemarks as highly charged emotional relationships. The objects peo ple make themselves as well as what they download. Open to the local and to the global. We also bega n to play wit h suggestions as to what bra nds might already fit into our Love mark framework.

Fish to lizard. Monkey to man. The iPod?

Brand Bidding – Sport Business International (PDF)

We were determined that Lovemarks we re go ing ro be more than an idea that could transform brands and marketing. Virgin Atlantic? Just ask Ben.

We had all heard about how they had risen from th e dead.

Lovemark - Wikipedia

We th en gOt a list of tOP global brands and thought about which ones seemed to us to be Lovemarks. Th is was what we needed to generate ideas and insights.

Davidso n was one. We decided a brand might be a Lovema rk if it matched up to these sta tements: Lovemarks co nnect companies. A way 0 change how com panies see themselves and how they feel about consumers. An evo lutionary sta irway to heaven. From these discussions we gathered together the Illost popular sugges tions to see how Love marks stacked up as a practical idea.

Brands inspiring Loyalty Beyo nd Reaso n. Another hit. Brands with a passionate gro up of people who loved them. Not just major global brands. Brand to Lovemark.!! A few jumped out. Myste ry. Harley's score was off th e charts. We created a test. After all. That would make them Lovemarks. If Lovemarks could step up to this level. Darwin wou ld have got it ri ght off. My feeling is that all the billion-dollar brands occupy a very special place in the heart among some consumers.: They had to be a new point of view.

Lovemarks are the charismati c brands that people love and fiercely protect. Red Cross. We were in for a few surprises. In terms of our key elements. Manchester United. Nelso n Mandela. Even now. Pampers that worked exceptionally well for her child. If you take away Tide with bleach. You know them instantly.

If you take away a CoverGirilip shade that looks just great with her coloring from a teenager. What would the person's reaction be? In our own business I know if you take away the Mystery. For keeps. H arley. But I think as long as there have been brands with emotional attachments and connections and loyalty. What Lovemarks have done is give a structure in which to think about that. The Body Shop.

Some made it in aJl three areas. Sensuali ty. Ni ntendo. Beautiful Obsess ion One thing that our Lovemark list did confirm: Lovemarks are personal. Coca-Co la. So these are measures of an emotional connection and an attachment to t he brand that goes beyond reason. McDonald 's.

And they can be anything. No more wonder. When you know everything there is to know. Th e on e that sums it up. Great relationships thrive on learning. No mo re relationships. And how often do experts and counselors prescribe more Mystery and surprise to re-ignite what has gone flat?

Rather puzzled. After giving a sermon the Creation. It's turtles. As a child. Remember the disappointment when yo u finally persuaded a friend to show yo u how a magic tr ick was done?

On e m inute YO LI believed yo u had seen the imposs ible. This ma y get them to tag along with the march of scientifi c progress. Magic for trickery. I found highly detailed explanations numbin g. Mys tery is a parad ox. This may seem counterintuitive.: And all of us at one time or another have fel t the sobering pseudo-reality of nu mbers dump on what seemed to be an exciting idea.

Busin ess peop le often feel that the more numbers they ca n throw at a brand.: Mys tery was always at th e rop of the list. What a bum trade..

They '1re determl'l8d to frame thE' world so I! J obsessed w th dow'lp ay ny Mystery. The more yo u strip away. The next. Ask neurologists.

And it's no t going to wo rk. Ir is nor go ing to work in rh e a irline business. No wonder they find it tough to communicate with anyo ne. D efin e this benefi t. Tak ing acti o n o n Mys tery sou nds pa rad oxica l.

Ih lilt' rc 1 I. As Pete Seeger w rOte in his son g: H ow can it? Every major industry playe r now has exactl y rhe sa me data. And it is erod ing befo re o ur eyes. I HulL 'I f. They pump out specificatio ns. But Myste ry is under pressure evcryvv he re.. Gives me a headache just thinkin g about it Write plans a nd strategies backed up with statistics.

From th e bureaucrats.. C reatin g M ys tery is a n an. T he power of Mystery.: Ih nlurtl llli. Mystery is a key part of creating Loyalty Beyond Reason.. Russell C rowe has got it-as a dangerous skinhead in Romper Stomper to MaxiI1lus to a recl usive mathematical genius. It lies In the stories. Mystery adds to the complexity of relationships and experiences. You know it when yo u feel it. Peter Pan got it right. C hanel No.

And it often does it through a revelation.

Everything changes. This is what made The Lord of the Rings. Still does.. The cloak of Mystery forces us to find our own meanings. Marilyn Monroe had Mystery. That is what Mystery needs. When Tinkerbell was clocking our because no one believed in her anymo re. What the French call a coup de fludre.. Mystery opens up emotion.. LI U mod r.. It worked.: With her pa rtne rs Steph en Gan and James Kaliardos. Issuing out of New Yo rk three or fo ur tim es a yea r. All insp ired by a new theme for each issue: Why' Beca use it gives them a heady mix of soph isticatio n and Mys te ry.

Lo uis Vuirron satch els. Wo rldbea ting image. A hi p add ress in SoHo. A visionary at Visionaire Cecil ia Dean unde rsta nds the el usive charm of Mystery. Complete edito rial integrity. It has an excl usive rep matio n.

An unl ikel y marriage of fashion and co ntempora ry art. Each issue re inve nts the co ncep t of Visioflnire and plays w ith the infi nite possibil iti es of fo rm and co ntent. Visionaire is a testament to th e powe r of Mys tery. Who wants always to be reminded of that? Practically every novel has LOve in it anyway. And then on top of all these C!

Unfortunately most of these celebrities a just like you and me.. We all know how a great story at the right moment can change our minds or release that viral "Oh-now-l-gcr-it. Stories have huge value in business because rhey look in the righr direction. You cannor tell a sto ry without characte rs and emotion and sensory detail. No energy. It's for swo rn-in members of the commodification mafia. Mystery's high five G reat stories. Be Strong. At people.

The world of information is a tough place to stimulate any change of emotion or action. Even the dumbest road-crossing-chicken jokes have it. Tell your stories Stories feed Lovemarks. I believe this too. No point of view. For every All Black. Kia Kaha. Just before Buck Shelford. A generic label for generic stuff. I have seen "interesting talk" wo rk its mag ic time after time. Lovemarks use sco ries to show why information matters. And they capture us faster than the most elaborately produced annual report.

To prove 0 the possum it could aelUall. They are how we explain the world to ourselves and give value to the things we love. That word "content" depresses me. She touches the central point precisely: Sa m e sto ry wi th T iVo and an y o the r filtering devices anyone wa nts to put up.

T hat's why there a re who le TV shows that play nothing but comm ercials. So it is no surprise tha t second telev isio n co mme rcials ca n create powerful emot io nal co nnections like nothing else.

JUSt look at the ones that e ndu re to become myths and legends. But no. The stuff o f the context o f our lives. And o ften it is the dealers who turn out to be the heroes of grea t sto ries. We talk about great ads in ba rs.

You know yo u are not goin g to make it and just th e n your local Lex us d ealership co mes into view.

Peopl e who say that telev isio n ads are a thing o f the past just do n't get it. And why do peo ple love them? Because they tell stories. Great 3D-seco nd co mmercials. A great story can never be told too often.

Th at is exactl y w hat happe ned to M ark a nd his wife. W hat peo ple hate a re bo rin g 3D-second co mmercials. We ra rel y debate statistics there. They m ay no t use them in ad ve rtisin g. Lexus has always valued sto ries. They ate the most compelling sellin g tool ever inve nted.

They pull ed in a nd with the help o f the Lex us people delive red the baby. Annette Simmons is an ex pert in storytelling. My favo rite Lexus sto ry? Imagi ne you're in yo ur Lexus dri vin g to th e hospital w ith yo ur p regna nt wi fe. Wh at cou ld Ma rk a nd h is w ife d o in re turn ' They na med their da ugh te r [sabella Alex us. And peo ple love being told a story. But th e suppOrt didn't Sto p th ere.

They loa ned him a nother ca r. A picture may be worth a thousand words. W hy' Beca use the re is always someone new ready to liste n for the first time. Because to adapt best to a changing world, you have to know what should not change, and you should base that on what cannot change. My contention is that what should not change is whatever we do that connects most powerfully with people.

With human nature. To people. An opportunity to truly connect with people. An opportunity to tap into human emotion more deeply than we have ever done before. And have people love us for it.

Let me show you what I mean. This is where enduring marriages and life-time love affairs belong, along with the places you really want to work, and the destinations in life that inspire and excite you.

But today these brands are just playing with table stakes. They are simply staying in the game. The last five years or so have seen significant change in business and in marketing. The challenges of the Internet and fragmenting media, the possibilities of personalisation and customisation, the pressures of globalisation. Infinite possibilities seem to proliferate like viruses. And they can rapidly spin out of control, without meaning, direction or firm purpose. I believe that we must stop racing after every new possibility on the media map.

We must instead fix on the fundamentals of human nature. You may have read the interview with me about Trustmarks in the September edition of Fast Company. I said there this thinking was a work-in-progress and I meant it. Trustmarks were a transitional phase in my thinking.

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Death of a Thousand Yawns Brands and branding are approaching the end-game. The discipline has been buffed by so many smart and eager practitioners that there is little traction left. Refinements on refinements on refinements are now called exciting new developments. Forget it. I see a game-breaking opportunity opening up in the reinvention of brands. Brands today are suffering the death of a thousand yawns.

How do we wake up? By acknowledging that great brands have always been created with love, with inspiration, with emotion. Paris Hilton could have written this.

May 05, Cecily Robertson rated it really liked it The idea here is wonderful. This book is about the marketer's challenge of finding ideas that will last forever by uncovering timeless emotions like love.

People will always love, and Kevin Roberts realizes that having a relationship with consumers is the only way you can really make money. Where you have a consumer in love, you have a "lovemark. The company is more like a caretaker of the lovemark, and the company should always, always lis The idea here is wonderful.

The company is more like a caretaker of the lovemark, and the company should always, always listen to the consumer. There's a great case study about the consumer's ownership of the lovemark: Coca-Cola.

In , Coke changed its formula after blind taste tests and a 4 million dollar investment. People were furious! They were panicking, and individual people were downloading a thousand dollars worth of real Coke before it ran out. Coke listened and took the new formula off the market.

Those consumers, who were loyal beyond reason, are called Inspirational Consumers. They'll defend your brand to the death. Therefore, you have to defend them. Reward them.

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