The second book of Michelle Langley has many interesting approaches when it comes to how men and women relate, but the one thing that was really fascinating to me was about commitment. The author says that “Contrary to popular belief women are not really the committed sex. Michelle Langley's Women's Infidelity is probably the first book ever reviewed in journal by the present reviewer: women are no more “naturally” monogamous. Women's Infidelity LIVING IN LIMBOWhat women really mean when they say, “I'm not happy”Michelle Langley McCarlan P Size Report. DOWNLOAD PDF.

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Bonus 3 A FREE PDF copy of “3-Step Clarifying Process” (For Women) The information in the 3-Step Clarifying Process is only available to Michelle's Langley's. “Understand One Of The Most Prevalent And Complex Problems Couples Are Facing Today In Their Relationships ~ “Female” Infidelity”. Women's Infidelity book. Read 11 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Is infidelity women's best kept secret? Given that women initiat.

Having virtual sex with the person 0. The most frequent infidelity behaviors for women were " Getting dressed up and wearing nice clothes to meet the person" Flirting with the person" Hiding from your partner messages exchanged with the person" Expressing sexual attraction for the person and not for your partner" Exchanging sexual caresses with the person" Being in love with the person" Kissing the person on the mouth" The women presented a mean of

Having virtual sex with the person 0.

The most frequent infidelity behaviors for women were " Getting dressed up and wearing nice clothes to meet the person" Flirting with the person" Hiding from your partner messages exchanged with the person" Expressing sexual attraction for the person and not for your partner" Exchanging sexual caresses with the person" Being in love with the person" Kissing the person on the mouth" The women presented a mean of For the men, the most frequent behaviors were "1.

Having sex with the person" Seeking to carry out activities to spend more time in the presence of the person" Erasing messages of sexual content exchanged with the person" The men presented a mean of When considering the 23 behaviors, a significant difference was found between the men and women for two of the behaviors: "1.

The unfaithful subjects were asked to evaluate, from the aspects presented, what they sought in the extramarital relationship and what they recognized having in their relationship.

Both genders reported that what they found most in the current relationship was companionship Infidelity: Reasons that Led to the Infidelity The subjects were questioned as to why they were unfaithful. A total of responses were analyzed, and these were broken down into units of analysis responses of the women and of the men.

The categories were established a posteriori from the reading of the information given by the subjects who answered the questionnaire and the articles published in the area.

Based on the ecological perspective Brofenbrenner, , three axes that make up the conjugal relationship provided the starting point, these being: the individual spouses, the relationship and the context.

A lack of reasons for the infidelity was reported by only 7 of the participants. Axis 1: Personal Reasons This axis includes responses that relate to the subject involved in a relationship of infidelity.

This axis of analysis grouped seven categories: Lack of affection, loneliness and insecurity: in this category, the person attributed the infidelity to feeling needy, lonely or insecure.

The participants reported "lack of love"; "lack of affection"; "feeling alone"; "doubt", "insecurity". In this sample, 22 7. Personal characteristics: This category includes reasons for infidelity related to certain characteristics of the subject who committed the betrayal, such as immaturity, mental illness, impulsivity. Examples of responses from this category were "I consider myself to be immature", "I am bipolar, it was in a manic phase.

After I started the correct treatment it didn't happen again".

In this category, 10 3. Sexual need: the responses of this category are related to feeding an indiscriminate need for sex, to having an impulse to be unfaithful and to feeling passion.

Some of the examples of responses in this category were "The fire of the flesh", "Sexual need", "Passion", "Impulse". A total of 18 5.

Desire or physical attraction: including responses related to attraction and desire for a specific person, as well as a need to feel attractive to the other person. Some of the examples in this category are "Feeling attraction", "Feeling appealing to someone else.

To evaluate my power of seduction, attraction and conquest". Seeking freedom, adventure and valorization: the people mentioned seeking their own space or feeling valued through another relationship, seeking an increase in self-esteem and self-confidence, seeking new experiences and seeking novelty, curiosity and adventure as reasons for infidelity.

A response example of this category was: "To have my private life, also on the sexual side, without my partner being in all places of my life", "To escape in search of valorization", "Desire to have sex with another person without compromising my relationship", "To experience an exciting relationship".

Of the participants, 21 Emotional involvement: the person attributed the infidelity to extramarital emotional involvement, seeking love and affection in this new relationship, in addition to feeling passionate about this other person.

Many of the participants referred to emotional involvement as one of the reasons for the infidelity.

Examples of responses are: "I fell in love with someone else, but I'm still in love with my husband", "I fell madly in love with someone else", " I was caught, hooked by another man In this sample, 31 Beliefs and rules: the person who committed infidelity attributed the act to personal beliefs about polygamy or rules that the couple agreed about extramarital relationships.

For example: "I do not believe in monogamy". A total of 7 2.

Women's Infidelity - Anyone read it? | SoSuave Discussion Forum

This axis had The category "physical desire or attraction" was the reason for infidelity most used as justification by women, followed by "emotional involvement". Axis 2: Reasons Related to the Conjugality This axis includes contents that refer to aspects of the companion and the marital relationship established. Revenge, anger, or hostility: the people named anger, hostility, or revenge for infidelity of the partner as reasons for their own infidelity. For example: "Because he betrayed me first", "Because he cannot stay faithful, I get upset and I get back at him", "anger".

In this sample, 8 2. The presence of violent behavior, rudeness, excesses of jealousy, dissatisfaction with the physical aspects or lack of empathy on the part of the partner are other behaviors that are part of this category, in which infidelity is attributed to the way the companion treats the person who committed infidelity.

In this category, 72 Sexual dissatisfaction: infidelity related to sexual dissatisfaction with the partner. My distinct desires in relation to sexuality, greater than hers". A total of 24 participants 7. Even though it was the most frequent in both sexes, there were differences in the means of responses of the men and women. Alcohol use: being drunk or under the influence of alcohol when committing the act of infidelity.

For example: "Because I had drunk a lot". A total of 6 1.

Women's Infidelity - Anyone read it?

Escape from problems: the people committed infidelity as a way of escaping from everyday problems, such as work-related problems: "Escape from problems [mainly financial], accumulation of stress", "Various external problems". Two female participants attributed this factor as a reason for their infidelity.

The respondents mentioned "Opportunity", "Occasion". For example: "The relationship was just starting, it was still unstable. There was a period of physical distance for professional reasons we lived in different cities for a long time ", "Because he travels a lot for work and I stay home alone", "I travel alone, I went out one night and I had drunk a lot". Regarding this reason, 25 8.

Women's Infidelity: Living In Limbo: What Women Really Mean When They Say "I'm Not Happy"

The reasons related to the context were the least cited by the participants as reasons for the infidelity In fact, the reason "escape from problems" was only mentioned by two women. Those two books are scary and sobering.

Interesting to note, however, is the author stated that the men who did get their wives back, threw their asses OUT. Most women just kept walking. Some came back and things got fixed. The men who appeased, changed, validated, enabled; some kept their wives but they lost their balls, lived in limbo and are miserable schmucks. Often with wives who are having great sex Really comes down to, I think, and I can only speak for husbands, many of us know the truth, deep down we do but we are two chickensh!

I am sort of guilty of this myself. Things get just enough better to stick at it and I keep plugging along but I think I am almost 3 years in. I quote the book "Before we were married, I could do no wrong.

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