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who is darth revan pdf. Revan is a fictional character in the BioWare video game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, in which they are the. darth revan comics darth revan comics pdf. Revan is a fictional character in the BioWare video game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, in which they are. STORIES/LORE; Star Wars: Darth Plagueis (by James Luceno) (other .rtf); Star Wars: The Old Republic - Revan (By Drew Karpyshyn) (other.

The city, while not being a huge metropolis, is big enough to draw merchants and patrons from throughout the sector and hosts a wide variety of goods and services from around the galaxy. At the same time, Sernpidal Citys status as a port of call also draws in its share of criminals and wanderers that soil the citys otherwise untarnished reputation. In the eyes of galactic politics, however, Sernpidal is a world under Sith control and considered an enemy of the Republic. This is where our heroes come in, for they have arrived together on a mission for the Republic: find Commander Doel Scherp of the Sith Empire and acquire a code cylinder from him that holds the command codes for the sensor systems of Darth Revans flagship. When the adventure opens, the heroes may know each other from previous assignments together, or this may be their first time working together. The Gamemaster must decide this before starting. In either case, they have just landed at the starport and are assembled outside the ship together. Whether by accident or design, the city is divided into multiple districts that focus on what is located within: businesses, governmental buildings, and residences for those with similar incomes and lifestyles. The starport is located along the north edge of town next to the business district. Its white buildings gleam in the sunlight and advertise its presence to all ships entering the area. Bustling with activity, many businesses yearn to establish a storefront at the starport, where visitors from all over the galaxy may browse through and download their wares. But, the high prices the city requires keep many small businesses away. Those that set up shot offer an assortment of goods and services, ranging from restaurants and taverns to retailers that present locally-made merchandise and shops that rent speeders to visitors to the planet. Despite its clean and organized appearance, the starport also attracts those people that are down on their luck, mostly foreigners that landed on the planet and did not have the funds or resources to leave.

While the citys rich citizens dwell in large estates on the west side and enjoy a lavish existence, the citys poor and middle classes live on the east and south sides in moderate and sometimes squalor conditions. Most of the citys beggars can be found wandering the streets or hiding in alleyways and abandoned buildings.

Sernpidal Citys government center lies at the very center of the city, where all administrative decisions for the city and the planet take place. Nicknamed The Spires, the tall, glass-paneled buildings stretch into the sky and can be seen from virtually anywhere in the city. They also stand as a reminder of the administrations goal to make life better for all of its citizens, although the existing bureaucracy sometimes falls short with its corruption and in-fighting.

The Spires also serves as the citys headquarters for law enforcement and embassies for the other planets in the sector. Finding the Target Republic Intelligence supplied to the heroes information indicating that a high-ranking Sith officer is taking shore leave on Sernpidal, and the heroes need to find him and get the codes that will allow the Republic to bypass the Sith fleets sensors. After the heroes have introduced themselves to each other, read the following text aloud: Sounds of normal activity echo into the docking bay.


As you venture into the starport, people from at least a dozen different races wander to the brightly-lit stores, restaurants and booths that take up the entire concourse wall opposite the receiving area.

Cries from merchants advertising their goods blend with the myriad of conversations taking place in different languages, creating a rumble of almost incoherent sound. Occasionally, a pair of Sernpidal Enforcers wanders through the crowd, making sure everyone keeps the peace.

After the heroes have taken a moment to observe the actions going on just outside their docking bay, give them a chance to plan how they are going to find Commander Scherp. The only lead they received with their intel was the name of the city in which they landed, which does not help much at this point.

Revan: Star Wars Legends (The Old Republic)

The heroes have multiple methods available to them to find Scherps location. Listed below are some suggestions on how they can accomplish this task.

Gather Information: By far the easiest and least conspicuous of the means they can choose, any of the heroes trained in the Gather Information skill have a clear advantage in locating the Sith officer. A hero can use the Locate Individual application of the Gather Information skill to find him.

By succeeding at a Gather Information skill check DC 25 and spending credits in bribes, the hero will learn that Scherp owns an estate in the western residential district known as Dalzana. Deception: One of the heroes may pretend to be somebody related to Scherp in some form or fashion, most likely as either a relative or fellow officer. Although the average citizen does not like being under Sith rule, they will be less likely to do anything to help anyone associated with them and not offer any help.

If the heroes spread rumors in an attempt to gain Scherps attention, they will not see results of their labors for a full day. Scherp knows that he has no relatives that are willing to make the trip to the Outer Rim to see him and that his fellow officers know how to contact him.

Out of sheer curiosity, he will send two of his troopers to retrieve the heroes and escort them back to his manor. Trailing: If one of the heroes succeeds at a DC 20 Spot check during their research, he will see a pair of Sith troopers wandering through the starport crowd.

Following them leads to a covered cargo speeder that is about to disembark for Scherps home with supplies. If the heroes can successfully sneak into the speeder, they can get a free ride to the property and inside without anyone suspecting.

Bribery: By visiting with some of the starports shopkeepers and vendors, they may learn some information about their target by paying the right amount of credits. With a bribe of credits or less, the heroes will gain no useful information, except that some Sith officer lives somewhere in the city. With a bribe over credits, they will not only learn the precise location of his estate but also that the grounds are guarded by patrol droids and surveillance cameras.

Intimidation: The heroes may decide to resort to using threats of violence to learn of Scherps location. A method more associated with the Sith rather than the Republic, the citizens they terrorize already live in fear of their overlords and will quickly surrender the information with the hopes of avoiding any harm being done to them.

Using the Intimidate application of the Persuasion skill, the heroes will receive only limited information from their victims, being told that the officer lives on the west side of town but not the precise location.

Continued use of intimidation will gain the notice of the Sernpidal Enforcers and incite their intervention. After three intimidation attempts, 6 Enforcers will appear to try to take the heroes into custody and will call for reinforcements if necessary. See page 69 of Threats of the Galaxy for stats to use for Sernpidal Enforcers. With all of the attention the heroes are bringing, this will only serve to complicate their mission.

Scherps Estate Once the heroes arrive at Commander Scherps home, they will need to find their way in. If they followed the Sith trooper and sneaked aboard the transport, you can bypass this entire section. Otherwise, they have one last obstacle to overcome before locating their target. A four-meter tall, one-meter thick permacrete wall surrounds the property and has two entrances: the main gate and the delivery gate.

The main gate is guarded by two Sith troopers and a surveillance camera that will allow security to raise an alarm and summon reinforcements in the form of twelve more Sith troopers if the heroes create a scene here. The delivery gate, on the other hand, has no guard post but has a camera in place that is typically used to allow the gate to be unlocked when a truck arrives.

A dataport located under the camera can be used to slice into the security system, shut down the camera, and open the gate. Doing this will alert the guards.

Of course, they can try to scale the wall, but they will have to contend with what is on the other side. Once the heroes get past the wall, they need to get to the house as quickly as possible or deal with a group of Sentinel droids.

Two units of four droids each patrol the grounds and may spot the heroes trying to break in if one of them succeeds at a Spot check DC 20 if they enter by the delivery gate, DC 15 if by the main gate, DC 10 anywhere else. The droids must be incapacitated within one round, or they will radio for reinforcements which will arrive within five rounds. If the heroes get to the house after avoiding or dealing with the droids, two doors lead inside, and both are unlocked. Once inside, a successful Perception check DC 10 will allow them to locate Commander Scherp inside his home office on the first floor.

Read the following text once the heroes arrive at the office: Looking through the doorway, you spot a middle-aged man wearing a standard blue Sith uniform with graying hair seated behind a desk and reading something on a datapad screen that seems to mildly amuse him.

Glancing about the room, the extent of his wealth is evident, with the multiple shelves stocked with datacards, expensive-looking artwork hanging on the walls between them, the four metal statues of droids standing in each corner of the room, and the intricate rug meticulously placed in the precise middle of the floor.

The man, who is Commander Scherp from what you can tell, glances toward the doorway where you stand and, catching sight of you, double takes and locks his gaze on you.

After a brief second of initial shock, a smug smile forms on his face. Well, he begins with a deep baritone voice, his confidence apparent when he speaks.

Obviously, you are not members of my staff. I should commend you for getting through my defenses. Since you are here, would you care to tell me why?

At this point, Commander Scherp will negotiate with the heroes to find out their objective. If he succeeds in gaining this information, he will freely offer one of the code cylinders in his desk drawer, stating that it is the one they seek and they may leave unharmed with escort if accepted.

The information on the code cylinder, of course, is a fake. The real one rests within an inside pocket of his uniform jacket. If the heroes are able to obtain the code cylinder from Scherp without engaging in combat i.

If the negotiations go sour at any point, refer to Encounter 1: Obtaining the Code for information on running the encounter. Once the encounter has been resolved, the heroes will need to make their escape, especially before any more troops arrive if combat ensued.

The most expedient way is through jumping into the delivery speeder parked at the loading dock in the back and driving it through the delivery gate.

Any other route will have the heroes face against the Commanders troops and sentry droids in groups of four. Part 2: Engaging the Sith Once the heroes have departed from Sernpidal with the codes, they set course to rendezvous with the Republic fleet parked in deep space near the Sith-Republic border. The trip does not take long, and they find themselves reaching the coordinates sooner than they expected.

As they arrive, they will be hailed by the lead Republic ship, the Viscount. One of the heroes should have an authorization code from Republic Intelligence that gives them clearance. Several seconds after the code is transmitted, they are met by four Aurek Tactical Strikefighters which escort them to the ships hangar bay.

Once the ship has landed, at least a dozen Republic soldiers welcome the heroes and escort them to a conference room, where several high-ranking officers have assembled to discuss their next stratagem. As they enter the conference room, read the following text aloud: You walk into the brightly-lit room and see a large, oval table with several chairs surrounding it.

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Half of the chairs are filled by representatives of a few different races: Humans, Bothans, Duros, and even a Cathar, but all of them are wearing Republic uniforms, except one. This person stands at the head of the table, a Human female with dark hair wearing reddish clothing. The lightsaber clipped to her belt obviously indicates that she is a Jedi. As you walk in, their discussions stop, and all eyes turn to watch you enter. After an awkward silence that only lasts a couple of seconds, the woman at the head of the table states, Welcome aboard!

Im Bastila Shan. Weve been expecting you. Do you have the codes? While the code cylinder is being passed to her, Bastila continues with the briefing and does not dismiss the heroes. If asked, she will state that she still has need of them. At this point, she reveals that they plan to lure the Sith fleet and engage them. While they exchange fire with the enemy, the heroes will clear a path to the Sith flagship, which will allow a boarding party to land and execute their true mission: capture Darth Revan or kill him if necessary.

Bastilas plans for the heroes is to have each of them fly ahead of her boarding party to clear the way of any opposing ships and let her boarding party land on the Sith flagship without incident. Each of the heroes will be granted the use of an Aurek Tactical Strikefighter for this mission and will be allowed a little time to learn its systems before they arrive at their final destination. While the Republic fleet is en route to face the Sith fleet, the heroes will have a little time to restock supplies.

If they take advantage of this offer, allow them to obtain new medpacs, power packs or anything small. If they need weapons, they can get a blaster pistol or blaster rifle, but nothing larger.

Flight Into Chaos After they have finished restocking and any roleplaying during the trip, the ship will go on alert and call all pilots to their ships. Time seems to move quickly while the heroes scramble to their fighters and prep for launch. Before they know it, they are in flight. Read the following text as they take in the sights around them: Your eyes adjust quickly to the darkness of space around you, and you spot several ships ahead of you: the Sith fleet.

Seconds later, they begin firing on the Republic ships behind you, who quickly return fire. You look down to the sensors panel and notice one ship singled out among the rest of the enemy fleet.

The Old Republic: Revan | Wookieepedia | FANDOM powered by Wikia

This must be Darth Revans flagship. The heroes should begin heading toward the flagship and implementing their defenses. If the heroes take too long to begin flying toward their destination, they will receive a message from Bastila telling them to pick up the pace. Calling themselves the Sith, they declared war on the Republic.

However his intention was to unite the galaxy under one ruler so he could attack the ancient Sith Empire, he avoided attacking key places such as Corucant, Onderon, and Dantooine. The Sith won the battle and as the Dark Lord prepared to battle with the Jedi who boarded his flagship, Darth Malak, in the hopes of destroying both Revan and Bastila Shan as well as the Jedi accompanying her , betrayed his Master, ordering the ships under his command to fire on Revan's flagship's bridge.

Though Malak believed himself to have been successful in killing Revan, chance, or perhaps the Force, kept Revan alive. Revan was severely injured from the turbolaser blasts.

He was then taken by Bastila Shan and her Jedi strike team to the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine where the Jedi Council members chose to wipe Revan's memory, and imprint him with a false identity that the player creates at the beginning of the game.

Knights of the Old Republic begins with Revan awaking on a starship under attack. Throughout the game, Revan learns of his forgotten history and assembles a band of followers as he searches for "Star Maps" that lead him back to the Star Forge. Revan encounters Malak, who tells Revan that he is the former Sith lord.

At one point Malak captures Bastila and turns her to the dark side. Her ultimate fate depends on player choices. In the game, the player can choose whether to turn Revan to the dark side or the light side of the Force. Regardless, Revan confronts Malak at the game's conclusion. The last scene of the game's canonical ending shows the principal characters, including Revan, being honored by the Republic at the site of the temple on Rakata Prime; a picture of later events has emerged from subsequent games and novels.

Clues to the nature of the threat emerge from in-game dialogue with non-player characters including Canderous and Kreia ; this varies according to alignment and gender. Prior to the events of the sequel, Revan bade farewell to the nine comrades who had accompanied him on his quest, knowing that none whom he loved could safely accompany him in the places he had to walk; the only NPC with certain knowledge of where and why his navigation droid, T3-M4 won't say. Also, at the ancient tomb of Ludo Kressh in Korriban , the Jedi Exile fights a silent vision of Darth Revan, in which he appears to wield two lightsabers, one red and one violet.

The game lists the color crystal of the light saber the player obtains from him as a unique red color.

Darth Revan & HK-47.pdf

This is Revan's only appearance in the entire game. Additionally, the Jedi Exile can speak with several companions and non-player characters within the game to learn more about the history of Revan, and his journey into the Unknown Regions.

Almost three centuries after Revan left to combat the True Sith, it was assumed that he failed as the true Sith Empire finally launched their invasion.

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