This is the official guide for the game. Identifier TheLastOfUsRemasteredEGuideByBradygames_ Identifier-arkark:/ /t51g7cj This walkthrough for The Last of Us includes everything that is key for the stress- free completion of the game. In here, you can find: a detailed walkthrough for. The Last of Us, originally released for the PlayStation 3 on June 14, , is widely considered to be one.

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My purpose for this guide is to help you complete The Last of Us with a % game experience via a step-by-step walkthrough. This means it'll. Welcome to the IGN Walkthrough of The Last of Us! Below, you will find all of the chapters in the game, how many collectibles are in each. game guide last of us game guide last of pdf. CLIPPERS ROSTER NO. PLAYER POS HT WT BIRTHDATE PRIOR TO NBA/HOME. COUNTRY YRS.

For those who missed out on The Last of Us - whether it was on its initial release on PS3 or remaster on PS4 a year later - the PlayStation-exclusive post-apocalyptic yarn was lauded as much for its characters and depth of writing as it was its undeniable technical achievements. We've put together a The Last of Us guide for the game, one that will take you all the way through the vanilla story with our The Last of Us walkthrough , and then through the Left Behind DLC which for PS4 players, is automatically included with the Remastered edition. Should you find yourself breezing through the story, you still might find it useful to refer to our guide to all the collectables that are spread throughout the extended game, too. The Last of Us - Prologue, car scene, Tommy, army A quick guide to surviving the explosive first chapter of the game. We'll show you how to make it all the way through this tricky chapter. Here's how to survive the fight. The Last of Us - Mallrats, Winston, masks, Halloween shop How to sneak inside the mall, enter the Halloween shop, and get the electricity back on. The Last of Us - So Close, locked door, generator Our guide to getting the power back on, and dealing with this area's infected enemies. The Last of Us - Fun and Games, arcade, water fight, Listen mode How to get the most out of the arcade content, and bag an extra trophy.

Exit the back of the building and run across the parking lot, quickly, to the broken wall and head down the hill. Don't turn around to see what is following you, it's an infected, and keep running straight down the path until you trigger a scene. Watch the scene and then follow Tess through the town, making sure to avoid walking into the soldiers - they won't hesitate to shoot you for getting in their way.

Before heading for the checkpoint guards, talk to the man and woman by the news stand for your first Optional Conversation. Optional conversations shed light on the world and lead to a trophy if you manage to hear them all.

Head for the checkpoint zone and present your ID to the guard for a scene and when you have control again, turn around and sprint after Tess into a nearby building.

After learning how to patch your wounds, follow Tess and listen to the conversations to learn more about Robert and the Fireflies, a resistance group that fights against the military, and when you reach the final room, help Tess push aside the cabinet and enter the tunnels. You'll also start with two artifacts: the Boston Q.

Map and the Military Pamphlet , which you can view from the menu. Follow Tess and boost her up the ledge, by looking up and hitting , and then follow her by hitting when she offers her hand. You can now continue up into the building and into the overgrown streets. As you exit the pizzeria Tess will have an Optional Conversation that you should make sure to get before following her.

Find the ladder behind a blue car and then move toward the brick wall and place to climb up. Head through the living room and into the kitchen, where you can open the drawers to find Parts x3, and instead of following Tess, head into the room by the kitchen and find the David Michael Vigil - Firefly Pendant on the desk.

Now follow Tess down into the lower basement and turn on your flashlight by hitting to see better in the darkness. After placing your mask on to avoid the infested spores, head through the rooms and crouch under the broken wall and continue. Push the board out of the way and head through the gap for a scene and then choose whether to put the man out of his misery with his nearby Handgun Ammo x2.

Continue through the maze of rooms until you run into some infected Runners and learn how to use Joel's hearing to see what is going on nearby.

Do as the game instructs by slowly sneaking up on the nearest infected and grab him with and quickly strangle him by hitting. The other two infected can not be taken by surprise, so go in with your fists and punch them to death. After the coast is clear, head into the area to the right of the stairs and grab the Health Bar, if needed, and then take the stairs. Instead of heading across the planks, open the door in the nearby room and grab the Note to Brother and Health Bar.

Head back and drop through the destroyed wall and follow Tess through a hidden passage to proceed. Follow Tess until she mentions a plank that fell and then drop down and grab the plank and place it on the wall near Tess, who will grab it and put it into place.

Look for a small hole in the wall that leads to the adjacent room, which you passed through, and then cross the plank and grab the Health Bar on the metal walkway above the stairs before following Tess.

Continue to follow Tess over a short wall and under a broken balcony into an area with a white couch against one wall and then look up at the tree branches here to spot the Ben Glueck - Firefly Pendant.

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Shoot the pendant down before continuing to follow Tess into the nearby building and into the slums. The Slums Take a moment to listen to the interesting conversations of the slums residence and then head down the narrow alley into a bus. Upon exiting the bus, head straight and check the ground near the table with yellow containers for the Drafting Notice and the green container by the fence for the Wanted Poster. You can now turn around and walk toward the man by Tess' location to continue.

Nothing spells fight like a bunch of crates on the ground for cover, so after the cutscene stay low and slowly get the angle on them and then either melee them or shoot them melee is obviously more dangerous, but if you time it when they are using cover you should be okay.

Continue around the corner and boost Tess up the wall to the left of the locked fence and then follow and continue to the next area, where more of Robert's men await. Two guys walk into the courtyard and two more remain in the building. Start by letting Tess take out the one to the left and let the other walk off into the distance, do not follow.

Instead, make your way to the left of the doorway across the way and listen to the men inside. When the one on the right turns his back from the door, and the other is also looking away, sneak in and strangle the one on the left while Tess takes out the other. Now exit out the window to sneak up on the final guy, who drops a Warehouse Key.

Re-enter the building and get the Health Bar on the desk in the back room and the Health Can on the ground near the trash cans, beneath a white board, before continuing through the door. The AI is very dynamic and each time you play the enemies won't always respond the same way. For this reason, it's hard to write strategies for encounters, but I will try my best to get a successful run that usually works.

In general, patience is a virtue and the enemies will usually come to you at some point.

Wait for the men to finish their conversation and the man to take his position by the door and grab the bottle - do not throw it.

Sneak up to the crate to the left of the man at the door and grab him from his left side, making sure you pull him back to the left so you are not seen by the other men. Take cover behind the crate again, in case the other man sees the body and investigates - sometimes he'll enter the building and sometimes he'll investigate the area on the other side of the wall divider.

Training Manuals

If he investigates the room you're in, Tess should draw his attention and allow you to stealth kill him, but if he heads off to the other door you'll need to exit the building and sneak attack him. Take cover by the stairs leading into an adjacent warehouse and make sure the man inside isn't headed your way and then sneak up on him, being careful that you don't knock over the paint cans and alert him.

Draw the attention of the nearby enemies, either by using the paint cans or the bottle you picked up earlier, and then sneak up and kill them.

Enter the upper level of the warehouse and check the room on the left to find a Shiv and then grab the Health Kit from the opposite room on the upper level before heading downstairs and helping Tess with the warehouse door.

After Joel jumps down, head left through the containers and grab the Shiv on the gray boxes by the orange container - after the enemy has already taken guard on the other side of the container. Do not head through the orange container and instead go around the outside to the left and sneak up on him and then continue around the outside to the left and wait for the men inside to move right behind some wooden crates. Sneak up to the same set of crates and wait for the men to split up, one exiting the building, and then sneak up on the enemy that walks left.

Ignore the enemy to the left and exit the building the way you entered and then turn left to spot the guy that was near the wooden crates. Wait for him to walk past another enemy before you sneak up and strangle the stationary guard and then follow Mr.

Wooden Crates and strangle him near the yellow forklift. You can now check the ground to the right of the dumpster against the railing, next to the hull of the ship, to find the Dock Notes and the dumpster outside the building, against the railing facing a sinking ship, for the Shipping Manifest. The final two enemies are on the other side of the warehouse, on the other side of the ship.

The first is the guy you ignored previously, while the second one is hidden behind the crates near the door. Strangle the first enemy by sneaking through the nearby container and then toss a bottle or brick into the corner, to the right of the door, to draw the other enemy's attention. You can now head through the doors to find Robert for a short scene and then chase him down.

Follow Marlene to the roof for an event and then head down the sloped roof and enter one of the roof window to grab Parts x3 on the table. You can now help Marlene with the door and continue for a scene. Sneak through the crates, sticking to the left, and head up the stairs to jump into the building on the left.

You can now enter the far room and jump through the window and strangle another guard. There are three men near the bridge, two facing each other and another walking in from the right.

Wait for one of the men facing each other to head downstairs and the one coming from the right to face away from the nearest enemy and then choke him out.

You can now approach the other enemy and finish him before the last guy returns upstairs, but make sure to allow him to return vs. If you kill the final soldier too close to the stairs, Marlene won't head over to the dead Fireflies on the bridge and you'll miss an Optional Conversation. You can easily fix this by restarting the encounter, which won't respawn the enemies and will force her to go examine the bodies.

Enter the door beneath the bridge for a scene and then follow Marlene through the buildings and help her with a door for another scene. When you gain control, check the body by the newsstand for the Philip Liu - Firefly Pendant and then head down the stairs and into a tunnel on the right.

In the back alley, look for the dumpster in the garage nearby and grab it and then move it under the ledge. You can now climb up and follow the linear path all the way back to Joel's Apartment.

The Outskirts Outside Before doing anything else, turn around and grab Tess's List from the living room table and then return to Tess for an Optional Conversation. Enter the small room behind the bookshelf and start the generator by hitting when the moving bar is in the lower section of the meter three times. At the bottom of the elevator, check the ground to the left of the water heaters for the Patrol Routes Map and then continue through the tunnels and up a ladder to the outside world.

This section is fairly linear, simply follow the riverbed to a back of the semi-truck and pass through it for a scene. Follow Tess's instructions to avoid the lights and then make your way through the drainage pipes to the other side. Drop into the water and hang a left at the wall, watching out for enemy lights that indicate their view range, and then stick to the left wall to enter a building.

Immediately turn around and rush the stairs on the left, as the guards will fire on you, and then drop down into a ruined building. You can now return to the garage door and open it to reach the main street area. Follow Tess from the car to the tank and then into a ruined building nearby and then quickly pick up the brick nearby and throw it through the window opening to the main street, distracting the soldier in the ruins of the building and allowing you to continue through the building.

The Last Of Us Remastered (Bradygames eGuide)

Continue to the next brick on the ground and throw it past the soldier on the right to draw his attention into the street and then continue hugging the right wall, climbing through the remains of a truck to get away clean.

Drop down into the large hole in the ground and take the drainpipe into the next area and then head up the stairs and squeeze through a small hole in the wall. You can now follow this path to a gate to exit the sewers and enter downtown Boston. Downtown Follow Tess under the overpass, but when she turns left to climb up the road, head straight and jump through a gap in the fence to find a small area with Supplement x5.

Crawl under the road and meet up with the others at the major intersection and then check the street pole head for the Evacuation Leaflet on the ground, near the Fourth Street West sign. Follow Tess to the end of the street and then veer left before heading uphill to find a truck with Parts x5 inside. You can now follow Tess and Ellie up the ramp to spot the capitol building and then turn right to crawl through a tunnel to the other side of the rubble.

Immediately turn right and run all the way along the path to the last tree and then knock down the Joseph Lenz - Firefly Pendant with the bottle or brick in the nearby corner.

Enter the building on your right and examine the fresh corpse for another Optional Conversation and then continue through the door and into the room next to the stairs, where you can find Parts x6. Quickly hit multiple times to fend off the Clicker's attack until Tess can save you and then enter the room directly across from where you exited.

Check the cabinet on your left for a Rag and the kitchen cabinet for some Alcohol, sometimes gathered by Tess, to allow you to craft Health Kits. Despite Tess telling you to heal yourself, you'll find some health soon and should conserve your supplies. After the cutscene, watch the Clicker carefully to learn where it's headed before you do any moving. The best way to deal with this guy is to wait for him to get close and then sneak up behind him, smashing to attack with the brick when you see the Grab option.

This should conserve you shivs and save ammunition and is always the best option when dealing with only one Clicker. Once the Clicker is dead, head back to where you climbed up and follow the wall of cabinets to find a Health Bar and then hug the right wall and enter the bathroom across the hall to find a Rag.

The Infected

Now head right into the office of cubicles and check one of the cubicle shelves for another Health Bar and then follow Tess up and over the nearby ledge.

Hop over the railing into the blocked stairwell and move the cabinet and then drop down and continue to follow Tess and Ellie outside and across the scaffolding to enter the 4th level.

Head right to pick up a 2x4, if you want, and then follow Tess and Ellie down the hall to pick up the Revolver next to the corpse.

You'll need to swap out your weapons as part of the tutorial before you continue, so quickly follow the instructions and then drop down into the room below to kill all enemies to advance - going in guns blazing is generally a bad idea. Start by dropping down and heading straight to strangle the single infected Runner at the end of the hall and then return to the end of the hall and watch as the Runner enters a far door and exits a closer nearby door.

When he passes back into the main area, and all enemies facing away, walk into the left room and hide behind the L-shaped desk in the middle of the room. Wait patiently as the Runner returns to the far door and wait for him to walk past, you'll need to be in the corner of the L-shaped desk so that he doesn't see you over it, and then grab him just before he exits the door.

You can now grab the Health Bar from the desk, if you need it, and examine the enemy locations There are two more runners, one on the left area and one by the Clicker. The one by the Clicker may seem difficult, but it's actually quite easy.

Return to where you killed the first Runner and wait by the cement wall for the Runner to appear on the other side. As soon as it turns around, carefully and slowly walk up and stealth kill it - the Clicker is totally oblivious. If you're having issue with this, consider using the blocks to wake the Clicker up from its dormant state and taking it out somewhere else, away from the Runners.

This leaves you with two Runners you can fight with the 2x4 or bricks. Action developer: Naughty Dog publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment platform: PS3 rated: Mature The Last of Us is a genre-defining experience blending survival and action elements to tell a character driven story about a population decimated by a modern plague.

Naughty Dog - Developer Website. Sony Computer Entertainment - Publisher Website. The Last of Us - Official Website. The Quarantine Zone. The Outskirts. Bill's Town. The Suburbs. Sewers Suburbs. Tommy's Dam. Hydroelectric Dam Ranch House. The University. Go Big Horns! Science Building. Lakeside Resort. The Hunt Cabin Resort.

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