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Decretals of Gregory IX with gloss of Bernard of Parma (the 'Smithfield Decretals') The Decretals of Gregory IX, edited by Raymund of Penyafort (or Peñafort);. Title, Decretals of Gregory IX with glossa ordinaria (the 'Smithfield Decretals') The Augustinian priory of St Bartholomew's at Smithfield: inscribed, 'Liber domus . The Smithfield Decretals is the name given to London, British Library, MS Royal 10 E IV, a glossed copy of the Decretals of Gregory IX.

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The Smithfield Decretals Pdf

(Smithfield Decretals) probably in France, but it was in England by c where its owner, probably John Batayle, a canon of St Bartholomew's at Smithfield. PDF | A survey of illuminated medieval manuscripts from Europe reveals depictions of of hours, breviaries, pontificals, ordinals, decretals. , pp. REYNARD THE FOX AND THE. SMITHFIELD DECRETALS. The Smithfield Decretals (British Museum,. Royal MS. Io E. Iv) is a large volume of.

The manuscript from the fourteenth century which prompted me to write this post is commonly called the Smithfield Decretals Royal 10 E IV. At the British Library in London the digitization of manuscripts is a project on a vast scale, first of all in view of its rich and manifold collections concerning many themes, periods and countries. A blog dedicated to news on digitized medieval manuscripts at the BL helps you to stay informed about the progress of digitization for manuscripts from a particular period. In this post I will look at legal manuscripts digitized by the British Library. Even if the absolute number of relevant manuscripts is really small, an overview of them might be useful. The variety of periods and legal systems merits attention. A comparison of the search functions of both catalogues is included, too. At the end of this post it might perhaps be possible to conclude which legal text could be scheduled as a new addition to the eBook Treasures of the British Library. Searching for digitized legal texts at the BL Some people will like to know as quickly as possible about the things that make a search interface more effectively or hamper its working. For once I agree in starting with a negative remark: the detailed view with the description — and most often a detailed bibliography — of a digitized manuscript at the BL seemed at first to lack a permanent web address. A redirection notice appears, and you have to enter your search again.

In the manuscript view you will find a summary of the content placed at the top of the screen. A long search for digitized manuscripts with legal texts yielded as a result a rather short list with only some twenty manuscripts.

Royal MS 10 E IV

For each manuscript I give the call number, a summary view of the contents, its date and a link to the full description:. What strikes me most while searching for these manuscripts is the lack of concise categories added to the description of a manuscript. Of course I realize the difficulty in adding systematic descriptors when dealing with composite manuscripts and convolutes.

The sheer number of manuscripts in the British Library has as one of its consequences that some manuscript descriptions can be rather outdated, but newer descriptions are often very detailed. Some legal texts surfaced really by chance. I looked for the exchequer when I found Harley , an agreement concerning the royal burial chapel at Westminster.

Legal texts in digitized manuscripts at the British Library | Rechtsgeschiedenis Blog

This indenture is not a chirograph, a charter split into two or more parts, but a book with indentures. Jackson ed. After repeated searches with a substantial number of very different search terms with a clear meaning for legal history I still have not found more than this tiny sample from the immensely varied and large manuscript collections of the British Library.

I hesitate to include here a fragment of farming memoranda of Ely Abbey from the first quarter of the eleventh century Add. For some manuscripts guidance can be found online in repertories, and sometimes even at a specialised blog.

Greek manuscripts clearly get special attention in London. The Zonaras blog for the history of Eastern Christian canon law is a very useful guide to this field, and I am happy to point to it for more information about authors such as John Zonaras and Theodoros Balsamon. Die Handschriften des weltlichen Rechts Nr. Die Handschriften des kirchlichen Rechts I Nr. Frankfurt am Main English legal manuscripts are being catalogued by the untiring efforts of Sir John Hamilton Baker.

Baker and Anthony Taussig eds.

Category:Smithfield Decretals (Decretals of Gregory IX) (c.1340) - BL Royal MS 10 E IV

The Catalogue of Illuminated Manuscripts at the British Library does quickly dispel any misgiving about the percentage of legal texts among the various manuscript collections.

Here, too, you can choose between a quick general search and an advanced search mode. Prisoner seeking sanctuary — Smithfield Decretals, British Library, ms.

Royal 10 E IV, fol. A search for illuminated manuscripts with decretals yields 35 records.

For each manuscript you can go to a page with thumbnail images and summary descriptions of the illuminations. Often you will find more detailed images, too.

Thus choosing a scene using this overview from the bas-de-page illustrations of the Smithfield Decretals is even easier than using the complete digital version of this manuscript. The illustrations in the lower margins present often consecutive scenes and tales.

Some books have only penwork flourishes at the beginning of chapters.

Among these illuminated manuscripts with decretals I would like to single out Harley , a manuscript written between and with papal decretals and statutes of England. Other resolutions: Structured data Captions English Add a one-line explanation of what this file represents.

Description A Mermaid Detail Marginal drawing showing a mermaid. Q VIAF: This file has been provided by the British Library from its digital collections. Creating mediafile for Jheald.

Legal texts in digitized manuscripts at the British Library

One of images released by British Library Images Online. The following page uses this file: The following other wikis use this file: Usage on es. Retrieved from " https: Geburtstag von Heinz Kindermann, ed. Michelle P. Hilary M.

Carey, 'What is the Folded Almanac? By Jean A. Givens, Karen M. Paul Getty Museum, , p. Images ff.