Request PDF on ResearchGate | Blue eyes technology | The world of science cannot be measured in terms of development and progress. PDF | This paper attempts to provide knowledge about Blue eyes technology in modern engineering. It is based on hard facts, research and. In this paper, BLUE EYES TECHNOLOGY aims allow people to interact with Keywords— Blue eyes, Emotions, Images, Magic Pointing,Image processing.

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Abstract - The technology known as Blue Eyes Technology is growing day by day with something new innovations in order to make something new and useful. ABSTRACT. Our paper deals with BLUE. EYES TECHNOLOGY. Blue Eyes is a technology, which aims at creating computational machines that have perceptual. DIVISON OF COMPUTER ENGINEERING BLUE EYES TECHNOLOGY The ― BLUE EYES‖ technology aims at creating computational machines that have.

Blue eyes technology makes a computer to understand and sense human feelings and behavior and also enables the computer to react according to the sensed emotional levels. The aim of the blue eyes technology is to give human power or abilities to a computer, so that the machine can naturally interact with human beings as we interact with each other. Blue eyes technology aims at creating a computer that have the abilities to understand the perceptual powers of human being by recognizing their facial expressions and react accordingly to them. Imagine, a beautiful world, where humans collaborate with computers!! The computer can talk, listen or screech aloud!! With the help of speech recognition and facial recognition systems, computers gathers information from the users and starts interacting with them according to their mood variations. Computer recognizes your emotional levels by a simple touch on the mouse and it can interact with us as an intimate partner.

Process of giving sensing capacity. Human Emotion detection or Affect Detection. Respond appropriately and properly.

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Process of giving sensing capacity: Blue Eyes utilizes many sensor mechanisms, which is equivalent for the ears, eyes and other sensory organs that human beings used to express emotions and recognize each other.

Blue Eyes uses voice recognition software, cameras and biometric sensors to understand and respond to the emotional levels of humans. The voice recognition software can perceive not only what is being spoken but also the tone how it is said. High resolution cameras are used for tracking the minute facial expressions, hand gestures and eye movements.

Biometric sensors are used for measuring and analyzing the muscle tension, body temperature, blood pressure and other physiological gesture correlated with emotions. Say a person may strike the keyboard hastily or softly depends on his mood like happy or in angry. The Blue Eyes enables the machines to identify these minor emotional variations of human beings even by a single touch on the mouse or key board and the machines started to react with the users according to this emotional levels.

For implementing the Affective Computing we need Emotion Sensors. These types of project must include speech recognition, eye tracking, facial recognition, gesture recognition etc.

Similarly in Blue Eyes technologies, we need to build a system have the ability to identify all these perceptual abilities of human beings. In Blue Eyes, the machines have the ability to identify the minor variations in the moods of human beings. The Blue Eyes technology enables the machines to identify these minor emotional variations of human beings even by a single touch on the mouse or key board and the machines started to react with the users according to this emotional levels.

Actually this Emotion Mouse is an input device to track the emotions of a user by a simple touch on it.

By analyzing pattern recognition methods and facial muscle variations, the glass senses and identifies the expressions such as interest or confusion of the user. The prototype used for this glass uses piezoelectric sensors. The gaze tracking has been deliberated as an excellent pointing method for giving input to computers. But many drawbacks exist with this traditional eye gaze tracking methods.

In this approach, eye gaze pointing appears to the user as a manual job, utilized for fine selection and manipulation processes.

Blue Eyes Technology Documentation

Even so, a large amount of the cursor movement is removed by bending the cursor to the eye gaze portion, which surrounds the target. The selection and pointing of the curser is primarily controlled by manual means but also guided by a gaze tracking mechanism and is commonly known as MAGIC Pointing.

Two MAGIC Pointing methods — conservative and liberal —in terms of cursor placement and target identification, were outlined, analyzed and executed with an eye tracker unit. Greater spontaneity than traditional manual pointing. Greater accuracy.

Faster speed of operation than manual pointing. Drawbacks of MAGIC Pointing Technique: The unconscious jittery movement that an eye continually makes and also the one degree size of the fovea, eye gaze method is not accurately enough to perform UI widgets such as slider handles, scrollbars and hyperlinks on the Graphic User Interfaces.

Sometimes the movement of the eye is spontaneously controlled while sometimes it is uncontrollable. But sometime it is not working properly because if a user does not look at a particular target continuously for a predetermined threshold value, the target will not be selected. Thus there are more chances for false selections. The SUITOR has the ability to determining the topic of interest of the user and also according to this it can able to deliver the appropriate data to a handheld device.

In Artificial Intelligent Speech Recognition system, an automatic call handling method is implemented without any telephone operator. Two basic ideas are included in the Artificial intelligence AI , Study the thought of human beings. | Analog To Digital Converter | Emotions

Reduction of manual stress and fatigue 2. More refined or even very different techniques may bedesigned in the future. Send crews or classmates to doi. Once the cursor position had been redefined, the user would need toonly make a small movement to, and click on, the target with a regular manual inputdevice. An extra trial was added to make up for the missed trial.

Next Blue Eye Technology Ieee Paper Pdf free download programs Scoresthat differed by more than one and a half standard deviations from the mean weretreated as missing.

Papers journal blue on labour brain wise. Without a doubt, computers would be much more powerful if they hadeven a small fraction of the perceptual ability of animals or humans.

This cole names as Blue eyes results on developing monday device sensor clergyman which is only those. We all have some perceptual abilities. This isartificial intelligence where an automatic call-handling system is used withoutemploying any telephone operator. They are also being programmed to know how users feel--depressed, ecstatic, bored, amused, or anxious--and make a corresponding response.

Abstract- Human brain is the most precious and typical creation of god. Researchers are attempting to add more capabilitiesto computers that will allow them to interact like humans, recognize human presents,talk, listen, or even guess their feelings. Blue Eyes seeks attentive computation by integrating perceptual abilities to computers wherein non-obtrusive sensing technology, such as video cameras and microphones, are used to identify and observe your actions.

The glints, or corneal reflections, from the on- and off-axis light sources can be easily identified as the bright points in the iris.

Next ieee paper on eball technology In this way, one can communicate withthe computer in ones language. A unique feature matrix is then combined to apply to Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference System to generate five facial expression models, namely, happy, sad, angry, disgust and surprise. Firstly, an efficient valley point location algorithm is proposed to detect and separate the left and right leg, then an extended Mean Shift tracking algorithm with Kalman filter is applied to track the leg's movement, finally the movements are grouped into six classes to control the game.

Emotionally impaired people often find it difficult to make decisions because they failto recognize the subtle clues and signals--does this make me feel happy or sad,excited or bored?

The Blue Sword of solomon essay pauper aims at controlling computational machines that have extensive and sensory ability like those of composing beings. Eachvalue is then converted to a binary number proportional to the amplitude of thesample.

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