C# Programming Black Book - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File . txt) or read online for free. C# Programming Black terney.info - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. C# Programming C# Black Book is a one-time reference book, written from C# Programming Black Book. C#; data structures; algorithms; Intro C#; C# book; book C#; CSharp; CSharp book; balanced tree; balanced search tree; B-tree; red-black tree; tree traversal ;.

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C Sharp 2010 Black Book Pdf

Microsoft Press books are available through booksellers and distributors worldwide. For further . Beginning Programming with the Visual Studio Environment Any pixels left unset are displayed as black. I am planning to download this book:C# Programming: terney.info , Black Book (With Cd) (Paperback) by Kogent Learning Solutions terney.info it. C# Programming Black Book (Platinum Ed.) C# .. Edition. NEW. Black Book. Black Book. Black Book. Black Book. Santosh Kumar K.

NET 4. It contains useful and in-depth information on all the conceptual foundations of C ; and at the same time, teaches you how to implement each language concept programmatically, by providing most appropriate examples with full explanations. This unique book on C provides more coverage of C than any other book; no doubt, every aspect of the book is worth its price. Table of Contents Part I: Introducing ASP. NET Entity Framework.

Visual Studio starts, like this: Note If this is the first time you have run Visual Studio , you might see a dialog box prompting you to choose your default development environment settings. Visual Studio can tailor itself according to your preferred development language. The various dialog boxes and tools in the integrated development environment IDE will have their default selections set for the language you choose. Visual C Express starts, like this: Note If this is the first time you have run Visual C Express, you might see a dialog box prompting you to choose your default development environment settings.

On the File menu, point to New, and then click Project.

The New Project dialog box opens. This dialog box lists the templates that you can use as a starting point for building an application.

The dialog box categorizes templates according to the programming language you are using and the type of application. In the left pane, under Installed Templates, click Visual C.

In the middle pane, verify that the combo box at the top of the pane displays the text. NET Framework 4. You might need to scroll the middle pane to see the Console Application icon. Replace the text YourName in these paths with your Windows user name. Tip If the folder you specify does not exist, Visual Studio creates it for you. In the Name field, type TextHello. Ensure that the Create directory for solution check box is selected, and then click OK.

On the File menu, click New Project. In the New Project dialog box, in the middle pane click the Console Application icon. Double click this folder and you'll see the following: So there's another folder called ConsoleApplication1. There's also two files: one that ends in sln, and one that ends in suo.

The sln file is the entire solution. Have a look at the Solution Explorer again: Visual C. The suo file contains information about the Visual Studio environment - whether the plus symbols are expanded in the Solution Explorer, what other files you have open in this project, and a whole host of other settings. Click the View tab, and select the option for "Show hidden files and folders". Double click your ConsoleApplication1 folder, though, to see inside of it: Rezza Prayogi Now we have three more folders and two files.

You can see the bin and obj folders in the Solution Explorer: Click ConsoleApplication1, second from the top. Then click the icon for Show all Files, circled in red in the image above. To see All Files in version , click the symbol circled in the image below: Visual C. You'll see why it's important in a moment.

However, it's time to write some code! But here's the code that Visual C prepares for you when you first create a Console Application: For now, ignore the lines that start with using as we'll get to them later in the course.

The image above is from version - earlier versions will have fewer using lines But they add references to in- built code. The namespace line includes the name of your applica- tion. A namespace is a way to group related code together. Again, don't worry about the term namespace, as you'll learn about these later. The thing that's important above is the word class. All your code will be written in classes.

This one is called Program you can call them Rezza Prayogi anything you like, as long as C hasn't taken the word for itself. But think of a class as a segment of code that you give a name to. The name of the Method above is Main.

When you run your program, C looks for a Method called Main.

Book Review: Microsoft Visual C# 2010 Step by Step

It uses the Main Method as the starting point for your programs. It then executes any code between those two curly brackets. The blue words above are all special words - keywords. You'll learn more about them in later chapters. But position your cursor after the first curly bracket, and then hit the enter key on your keyboard: The cursor automatically indents for you, ready to type something.

Note where the curly brackets are, though, in the code above. You have a pair for class Program, and a pair for the Main method.

C sharp programming

Miss one out and you'll get error messages. The single line of code we'll write is this but don't write it yet : Console. WriteLine "Hello C Sharp! You'll see a popup menu. This popup menu is called the IntelliSense menu. It tries to guess what you want, and allows you to quickly add the item from the list.

But it should look like this, after you have typed a capital letter "C": The icon to the left of the word Console on the list above means that it is a Class.

But press the Enter key on your keyboard. The word will be added to your code: Now type a full stop period immediately after the word Console.

The IntelliSense menu appears again: Rezza Prayogi You can use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move up or down the list. As soon as you type the round bracket, you'll see this: WriteLine is another Method A Method is just some code that does a particular job. But the yellow box is telling you that there are 19 different versions of this Method.

You could click the small arrows to move up and down the list. Instead, type the following: "Hello C Sharp! These tell C that you want text. Your code will look like this: Now type a right round bracket: Rezza Prayogi Notice the red wiggly line at the end. This is the coding environ- ment's way of telling you that you've missed something out.

The thing we've missed out is a semicolon. All complete lines of code in C must end with a semicolon. Type the semicolon at the end and the red wiggly line will go away.

Your code should now look like this: Note all the different colors. Visual C color-codes the different parts of your code.

The reddish color between double quotes means that you want text; the green color means it's a Class; blue words are ones that C reserves for itself. If you want, you can change these colors.

Under Environment, click Fonts and Colors. Time now to Build and Run your code! How to Run your C Programs You can test your program a number of ways. First, though, it has to be built.

This is when everything is checked to see if there are any errors. Try this: Visual C. You'll see a window appear at the bottom. In C , if you can't see an Output entry, click the Tools menu. The Output menu item should then appear on the View menu. Put the semicolon back at the end of the line.

Now click Debug from the menu at the top of Visual C Express. From the Debug menu, select Start Debugging. You should see a black DOS window appear and then disappear.

Your program has run successfully! Quick access.

C# 2010 Programming Black Book

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