heredity are the primary factors associated with hair loss and baldness problems. Both males and The purpose of this eBook is to provide readers an in-. Regrow Hair Protocol eBook by David McKenna - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Hair regrow protocol program ebook. Regrow Hair Protocol PDF, eBook by David McKenna - Download as PDF File . pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Knjiga na dar.

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Hair Loss Protocol Ebook

HI, MY NAME IS DAVID MCKENNA And in the next couple minutes, I'm going to tell you how the most terrifying moment of my life, where I. Hair Loss Protocol PDF, Regrow Hair Protocol PDF, Hair Loss Protocol eBook Free Download, Hair Loss Protocol Program Free Download. Get your digital edition of Regrow Hair Protocol Book PDF Download regrow hair protocol ebook, regrow hair protocol download, regrow hair Lost Hair After 19 Days» regrow hair protocol ebook, regrow hair protocol.

Cyndie--hair loss around the eye with no itching may be a sign of demodectic mange. Hair growth, and reduces dandruff. The main e-book is designed in pdf format; therefore, it is convenient for you to use right on your computer at any time as you want. It cannot be denied that one of the most distressing things for any man in his life is hair loss. Hair loss black book review: what are the secret methods to stop it. Regrow hair protocol is the simple, quick, and inexpensive program which will help you take control of your hairline for the rest of your life. Have you ever known anyone to use one of these products — whether it is over-the-counter or a prescription — and actually had their hair to re-grow.

James Hamilton back in the 50s and twenty years later was updated and revised by Dr. OTar Norwood. There are seven levels of hair loss depicted in the Hamilton-Norwood scale. Norwood II shows the hair receding in a wedge-shaped pattern. Norwood III shows the same receding pattern as Norwood III, except the hairline has receded deeper into the frontal area and the temporal area.

Norwood IV shows the hairline receding more dramatically in the frontal region and temporal area than Norwood III and there is the beginning of a bald spot at the back of the head. Norwood V shows the same pattern as Norwood IV but with much-reduced hair density. Norwood VII shows hair receding all the way back to the base of the head and the sides just above the ears. Beyond Male Pattern Baldness While men are subject to the genetic testosterone-based effects of Male Pattern Baldness, women can experience hair loss through too much perming and excessive use of hair coloring or bleach.

Severe emotional stress and hormonal changes as well can lead to hair loss in women, as can toovigorous brushing, which eventually causes the hair to weaken and break. Another type of baldness affecting both men and women is called traction alopecia, which is caused by excessive strain on the scalp. Youll find this comes from tight ponytails, corn-rowing or tight braiding of hair and from curling the hair too tightly with rollers.

If thats your problem, you really need to loosen up! Another increasingly common cause of hair loss is associated with stress and trauma, two factors on the rise in our modern culture. But you can also bring this upon yourself by obsessively worrying about your hair loss, real or imagined.

The more you fear it, the more likely it is to happen. Well address some practical solutions for stress in just a bit. One other culprit you should be aware of is a condition resulting from autoimmune disease, where the immune system gets so busy and confused it actually starts attacking the body. Alopecia areata is the Latin term for it, and one of its early signs will be problems with your fingernails.

Remember that your fingernails are made of the same protein keratin as your hair? Your hair Copyright John Kelby www. Women are no exception when it comes to hair loss, though their problems tend to manifest differently. Typically the hair will begin to thin on top of the head, this area gradually spreading as the hair thins out and becomes fine. While the hair doesnt fall out as in male pattern baldness, it becomes so thin that the scalp may be clearly seen.

Alopecia androgenetica, as its called, can be brought on by hormonal imbalance or by our old friend, DNA. Toxic alopecia is the technical term for hair loss brought on by ingesting certain chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

Regrow Hair Protocol Review: Natural Regrowth Possible?

It can also be a response to ravaging diseases such as leprosy, typhoid fever, syphilis, advanced dysentery and malaria. The same thing can happen as a result of arsenic poisoning, which is most common in those who work around chemicals used for raising farm animals or who have extensive exposure to the chemicals in paints, dyes, pigments and assorted wood preservatives. Another culprit causing toxic hair loss is thallium, a highly toxic metallic salt.

Thalliums popularity as a murder weapon both in fiction and in real life has earned it the nickname of Inheritance Powder and The Poisoners Poison. Thallium is widely used in the electronics industry, in pharmaceuticals and in manufacturing glass, rat poison and insecticides. If you work in these industries or use rat poison and insecticides incautiously, your exposure to thallium may be causing your hair loss. Parasites can also be devastating for your hair.

A parasitic condition is normally relatively easy to diagnose and treat by your doctor, though you may wish to examine your activities, habits and even your living environment if parasites are taking over your hair.

You need to understand that anyone can pick up parasites. Theyre in your lawn, in the dirt, on your dog or cat and even in the air. If you routinely handle your pets, just make sure to wash your hands when playtime is over. Eating undercooked pork or shellfish can let parasites sneak into your system.

Bug bites of all kinds can introduce parasites into your bloodstream.

David McKenna’s The Red Dragon Hair Regrowth Protocol Review

Intimacy with an infected person is another surefire way to give parasites a new home. Watch for parasitic symptoms like anal rashes or itching, broken skin around the anus, persistent digestive disorders and chronic and debilitating fatigue.

The list of symptoms goes on for pages, but theres one you already know about: hair loss. Check with your doctor if you suspect you have parasites. There are effective treatments available that will quickly rid you of your unwanted guests.

Well cover that in detail later, but the good news is that when you get your nutrition right, your hair follicles will come back on line and begin happily growing hair again. There can be strictly physical reasons as well to explain your hair loss.

An accident, bad fall or even misaligned teeth can result in considerable and often unconscious tension in your neck, shoulders and back. This tension impairs the blood supply to your head, affecting your brain and your scalp. The result ends up in your hair brush. If you have mercury-based amalgam fillings in your teeth, the mercury is decidedly toxic and can literally kill your hair over time. You may wish to consider having your fillings removed and replaced with a less lethal substance.

There are many dentists today who specialize in this procedure. There are many more factors which can lead to hair loss, but it all boils down to this: either the factors are internal e. Either way, there is a solution for whatever is assaulting your hair.

You just have to identify the why of your hair loss to find the how of restoring your hair. Before we move on, however, lets address one of the single largest factors affecting each one of us, whether it brings about hair loss or just poisons every aspect of your life: stress. Managing Stress In our busy culture, stress-inducing situations seem to target us from every direction, in endless variety.

Job, family, finances, others expectations, you dont need me to detail your stresses because you know them all too well. The question is, what are you doing about it? That query isnt meant to evoke guilt. Thats just more stress you definitely dont need. But I have found that many people get so caught up in the drama and stress filling their lives that they have no idea whatsoever how to step off the merry-go-round and reclaim the perspective they need.

If youre totally and completely free from stress, then you might as well skip to the next chapter. You are one in a million and a truly blessed individual. But if youre like me, you could really use a break from the problems that are pulling you in ten directions at once. I dont have time for this! If thats you talking, then that sentiment is a dead give-away that you need to make the time!

Too often, people respond to stress by drinking, abusing drugs, abusing themselves or those close to them. Or maybe they just internalize it all and their bodies respond with illness, or possiblyhair loss. In any case, the destructive cycle makes them feel worse and pollutes everything in their lives.

If this is you, it could be that youve forgotten how to quiet your mind. Quieting the Mind Why not make an investment in your well-being and carve out some time for yourself? Quieting the mind is a powerful and extremely useful pursuit. It doesnt necessarily have to be for spiritual purposes, although spirituality seems to spring naturally from such practice.

Whatever you enjoy that relaxes you and is not harmful, do it. Often stress is quickly remedied by regular exercise. A sunset walk, morning bike ride or some other noncompetitive exercise releases stress held in your musculature.

Follow your exercise with a hot shower or an extended soak in the tub. Turn off the rap music and the pounding heavy metal and let silence or soft, gentle music bathe your mind just like you are bathing your body. Or make the time to get a professional non-sexual massage. You may be surprised at how much unconscious tension has been wracking your body, especially when it disappears. The point is, finding ways to slow down your mind can be a lot of fun.

Let your imagination inform you. You have to decide consciously to set aside your stress each day, even if its just for five minutes. Dont worry. Itll still be there when youre ready to pick it up again. But it might be useful to ask yourself the simple question Why? We all have our reasons, and some of them may even be pretty good ones. Just make the time to become quiet, and youll soon find yourself much better able to handle not only stress, but everything else in your life as well.

But Id be remiss if I didnt give you a quick overview of the subject, as I sincerely believe meditation can be an important ingredient in the process of hair restoration. Of course, the classic mind-quieting pursuit is meditation. Too often, though, meditation comes with all kinds of extra cultural baggage that requires a good deal of adjustment.

Follow your instincts on this one, but basic meditation is really quite simple and is very effective at lowering blood pressure, removing stress and awakening oneself to the finer qualities of mind and spirit.

To experience meditation, simply sit quietly in a comfortable position, spine erect, eyes closed, all distractions put off for now. Ear plugs may help blot out the sound of the world around you. Breathe through your nose. Let your closed eyes comfortably focus between and above your eyebrows as you begin to watch your breath. Inoutinout Youll find your mind wandering, and the inner dialogue seems to ramp up as, from a place of increasing quietness, you begin noticing the chatter.

When your mind gets busy, simply bring your awareness back to your breath. Watch your breath. You may notice that every time your mind gets busy, your eyes are looking down. Refocus them between and above your eyebrows.

After some time and practice your breath may become more and more shallow until it actually seems to stop. Dont worry about this if it happens its a good thing! You wont suffocate, nor will your heart stop.

Just simply dwell in that breathless space for as long as you feel comfortable doing so. Rather than trying to do a lot or getting frustrated that Its just dark in here! Thats the point , under-do! Meditate just a couple of minutes a day, but try to do it at the same time each day in order to train your body to accept that specific time as a quiet time.

You may or may not see images or even hear sounds. Thats not the goal. Those are just things that happen. Just stay with it, a little bit every day, and a year from now you will be a very different person.

Snuff out your incense and lets have a look at some of the many physical options available to hair loss sufferers. Things have changed! Todays options are many and varied, and one of them is going to be right for you. Keratin Fibers One of the quickest, simplest and least expensive remedies is to apply a masking agent to cover your hair loss.

When your scalp shines visibly through your thinning hair, you can apply keratin fibers. Keratin is the same protein your hair is made of. The fibers cling by static electricity to your scalp and hair, covering the shine of your scalp and giving your hair a bulkier appearance. Theyre also available in virtually any color, so you should have no problem finding a match. Most masking agents like Toppik are resistant to wind, rain and sweat and stay tenaciously in place until you wash them out with shampoo.

Covering Lotions Along the same lines, covering lotion, a film industry trick of the trade is widely used to cover the shine of balding scalps. Its also very useful after hair transplant surgery to bolster your scalps appearance until the transplants take hold.

Regrow Hair Protocol

Most covering lotions are formulated to not clog your pores or follicles while allowing for normal hair growth. Various thickening shampoos are also available that give your hair more fullness. Laser Therapy Hand-held laser devices, which are beginning to appear on the market, are said to stimulate the hair follicles and improve your hairs appearance with a couple of fifteen minute sessions per week. Technically, this is known as low level laser light therapy.

Typical claims say youll experience thicker, fuller hair in six weeks. Proponents maintain these are safe to use in conjunction with chemical therapies like Rogaine or Propecia, and involve no pain, feelings of heat or other unpleasant side effects.

These devices tend to be rather expensive, plus Ive never tried one so I cant vouch for their effectiveness. But they may well be worth a try. In the end, its all about Copyright John Kelby www.

A Therapy P. Psoralen Ultra-Violet Radiation therapy is demanding of your time, requiring two to three sessions per week for at least twenty weeks. Psoralen is a light sensitizing drug you take before each session: this leaves you vulnerable to the rays of direct sunlight for a while after each treatment.

While positive results can be obtained, the success rate is not encouraging. Hair growth, if any, can be spotty. Unfortunately, as soon as your treatment comes to an end, any new hair will usually fall out again. The side effects can be unpleasant as well, with burning, blistering, nausea and stinging being just a few of the commonly reported symptoms. For me personally, Id download a wig before Id undergo P. Wigs There may be a bit of a psychological hurdle in deciding to download a wig, kind of like when I had to get my first pair of bifocals.

The bifocals were confirmation that I was getting older, and a wig means admitting you have a serious hair problem. But a wig may be a viable solution, according to your circumstances while you work on restoring your hair. If you live in a metropolitan area, you should have no problem finding a shop that specializes in fitting and selling wigs. These shops will typically have cubicles where you can try on different wigs away from prying eyes, though you should be aware that some shops charge for this privilege while others dont.

Maybe they get a lot of tire kickers or folks who are just messing around trying on wigs for fun. If you indicate youre a serious customer, most shops will waive the fee as a courtesy especially if you are a serious customer! Youll be faced with a number of choices at a wig shop. Do I get a synthetic wig or one made of human hair? And what exactly is a vacuum wig? Lets take a look at each. They tend to hold up quite well to the weather and theyre simple to care for.

Just comb out your wig and then give it a quick cold water wash with shampoo basically, just letting it soak for about five minutes. Rinse it out with cold water and give it a shake over your tub, then pat it dry with a towel.

Youll want to give your wig another shake to fluff it out a bit, then put it on its stand to air dry. One recent development with synthetic wigs is weaving the hair into a monofilament base, allowing your scalp to be visible.

This makes for a much more natural look. One thing that will destroy that natural look in a hurry though is heat. Synthetic hair will frizz out if you have repeated close exposure to heat sources like ovens, fireplaces, grills and the like. Also, synthetic hair tends to get a matted look after repeated exposure to skin or clothing.

If you dont mind the extra work, you can extend your synthetic wigs life by combing out the back each night. Youll want to spray some wig conditioner on it and then untangle the strands by combing them out with your fingers.

Synthetic wigs are fitted tightly to your head, and frankly, having the blood supply restricted to your scalp isnt the greatest idea if youre trying to regrow hair. A synthetic wig can also depart suddenly in a gust of wind, and it makes a rather poor swimming cap itll float away in the opposite direction unless you keep your head high and dry.

With reasonable care, you can expect your synthetic wig to last about three months before needing replacement. Tip: download two wigs instead of one, then when you switch out itll match what people expect you to look like.

Youll probably want to pick up another identical wig as soon as you go to the replacement just to be safe. You wouldnt want to come to the end of your wigs life and wait a month for the back order to be filled! Human Hair Wigs Because of their expense and limited availability, human hair wigs dont offer the same range of styles and colors as the synthetics.

A human hair wig certainly has a more natural look, but there are some disadvantages you should be aware of. The first one youll run into is cost. Theres no sense in quoting prices here due to the rapidly changing economy, but trust me, theyre expensive. Since these wigs are made of real hair, you have to treat them just like real hair, which means shampooing and restyling each night.

They are no more reliable than synthetic wigs when it comes to gusting wind and swimming, and their life span is about the same as perhaps a tad longer than synthetics. Ive never seen one yet that looked real, and Ill bet you havent either. Part it yourself or get your stylist to work on it for you. I know one thing Ive worried about and that weve already touched on: wigs versus wind and water. Theres probably nothing more embarrassing than losing your hair unexpectedly. Thats where vacuum wigs come in.

Vacuum Wigs Vacuum wigs are, in my opinion, the way to go if youre going to invest in a wig.

They are literally molded to the shape of your head, allowing them to suck right down onto your scalp. That gives you a nice sense of security, though you may have to mortgage the house to download one. Were talking four figures here, but when youve tried the others and are just tired of dealing with their disadvantages, maybe the cost will be worth it to you.

Vacuum wigs use human hair, of course. It would be an insult to use anything else at that price! Getting fit for a vacuum wig is an involved process. You can expect to invest several hours on your first visit just having an exact plaster cast of your scalp made. Once thats finished, youll return on your next visit to verify that the wigs base is a perfect fit, and of course, choose your new hair color.

Once its all put together youll return for a final fitting and have your wig customstyled exactly the way you want it. Youll have to admit it looks pretty darned good! Of course, since its called a vacuum wig, that means it wont make a vacuum unless your head is as smooth as a billiard ball.

Youll have to keep your head smoothly shaved to achieve the level of suction and security necessary. Transplants Being a medical procedure, a hair transplant operation is something better discussed with the surgeon doing the procedure. Well cover some basics here, so hopefully you can make an informed decision about whether a transplant is right for you. Hair transplants have come a long way since they were first attempted in pre-war Japan.

Transplants today, done at the follicle level, are called micro-grafting and mimic the natural groupings of hair on the scalp. Donor hair is taken from an area on your scalp where healthy hair still grows and is then grafted in at about fifty percent coverage the highest practical density , achieving the appearance of nearly full hair density when the process is complete. Your personal plan will involve surgical procedures scheduled every four to six months, thus giving the transplants a chance to take, eventually reaching the desired density of coverage.

Whats it like? The donor portion of your scalp where healthy hair still grows will be targeted to have a narrow strip removed under a local anesthetic.

The small surgical wound will be sutured and will result in a thin, horizontal scar that is scarcely noticeable. Your surgeon will be careful to leave normal-density hair growing on either side of the scar line. Once youve healed, even your stylist will be hard-pressed to find the harvesting scars. Under high magnification, the strip of scalp will be carefully divided into its natural grouping of hairs or follicular units.

The resulting follicular units are then placed in a chilled saline solution. Meanwhile, the surgeon has been preparing the grafting site on your upper scalp. Many small incisions with a special needle are made in your upper scalp.

Each of these incisions will mimic the natural angle and direction of your hair growth in preparation for the follicular units to be grafted in. Each incision and each graft is carefully sized for a snug fit, meaning normally you wont be bandaged. You can expect a small scab at each graft point, and these scabs will take a week to ten days to heal.

The surgeon will also trim each hair prior to grafting so you wont have to worry about snagging your hair each time you shampoo or comb it. The scary part is that your newly grafted hair will fall out within two weeks of the procedure. Dont worry though.

It will begin to grow again in three to four months, which is your sign that the next round of surgery is due. Hair transplants are expensive and are not a quick fix, but the results are impressive, long-lasting and quite satisfying. The Good, the Badand the Hairy? Minoxidil and Propecia Due to the massive amounts of advertising revenue generated by the hair-loss pharmaceutical trade, chances are you knew about the existence of Minoxidil Rogaine and Propecia long before your hair started to slide down the shower drain.

Set aside those TV images of male models with glamorous women running their fingers through Mr. Studlys thick, wavy and oh, so sexy hair. Lets take a Copyright John Kelby www. Minoxidil perhaps better known by its trade name, Rogaine started out as a prescription tablet to treat ulcers. But one of its early side effects was expanding the blood vessels, so it soon became preferred as a treatment for high blood pressure.

Hair growth caused by Loniten occurred all over the body: back, arms, head, eyebrows and anywhere else hair would grow. By creating a liquid from the hairinducing properties of Loniten, non-prescription Rogaine could be topically applied in problem areas and the hair growth controlled. The best part for Upjohn was that Rogaine had to be applied for at least three months before the customer could expect hair to reappear.

Ninety days of product sales on spec per customer was, and is, a real windfall! Rogaine works best for those with spotty hair loss, but in clinical trials only one third of users showed any significant benefits. They still havent figured out exactly why it works - or in the case of the majority of users, why it doesnt work.

Some of its effects are a bit daunting as well. Oh well you may be thinking. Then Ill just take Propecia. Propecia is a drug which blocks the formation of 5 DHT, a male hormone found in excess in those with male pattern hair loss. Theres an enzyme in your testosterone that converts your go-juice into 5 DHT. Propecia nips that enzyme in the bud, stopping the formation of 5 DHT dead in its tracks.

One of the problems with Propecia is that if you are lucky enough to experience any hair growth, youd better keep taking it. If you stop, any regrown hair, more than likely, will fall out. Also, since its a male hormone, Propecia has zero effect on women. That is, zero positive effect.

In fact, the warning label on Propecia states: "Women who are pregnant or may be pregnant must not take Propecia, handle crushed or broken tablets or handle tablets with wet hands.

If the active ingredient in Propecia is absorbed after swallowing the tablet or through the skin by a woman who is pregnant with a male baby, it may cause the male baby to be born with abnormalities of the sex organs. If a pregnant woman swallows Propecia, handles crushed or broken tablets or handles tablets with wet hands, her doctor must be consulted immediately.

Do not give Propecia to children or women". They include decreased sex drive, erectile dysfunction and dwindling semen production. More Options to Consider You may also hear about various irritants that can be painted on your scalp to induce an allergic reaction. This is supposed to confuse the immune system into ceasing its attack on the hair follicles.

If it works at all about one third of patients respond to treatment , hair growth is usually patchy, and once again, your new hair stops growing as soon as the treatment stops.

But dont worry: the side effects arent nearly as bad as those from some of the other remedies. You can expect the treated areas to itch like crazy as they develop a monumental case of dandruff, while you enjoy continuous burning sensations on your scalp and, with a little luck, swollen glands as well. And then there are steroids, which can be ingested as pills, injected into your scalp or applied as a cream.

Regardless of which method you choose, the steroids end up coursing through your body where their primary mission is to suppress your immune system. Steroids can be life saving if you are suffering from Addisons disease your adrenal glands shut down cortisone production or anaphylactic shock a sudden and deadly drop in blood pressure that, if untreated, can kill you within minutes.

Steroids are quite difficult to wean yourself from and require as long as two years of very gradual reduction in dosage so as to encourage your body to begin manufacturing its own cortisone again. They also come with a host of side effects, only a few of which include: diabetes, brittle bones, high blood pressure, manic depressive episodes, impotence and trumpet fanfare HAIR LOSS! It seems like a truly high price to pay for uncertain benefits, but youll have to be the judge.

You may be an ideal candidate for one of the foregoing remedies, so get with your doctor and talk things over. Perhaps now you know why I tend to be a proponent of natural remedies? Before we go into all the really fun stuff you can make yourself, lets visit your local drugstore and see what your options are for over-the-counter products.

It makes sense to me that if possible, any shampoo you use should have a natural and preferably organic base and natural ingredients. Youre already loaded with chemicals inside and out, and some of those chemicals could very well be contributing to your hair loss. Why add to the mix? Youll want to check if the product is biodegradable. If it doesnt break down in the environment, then its going to stay forever in one form or another on your scalp and hair.

Not so good in my opinion. You may part company with me philosophically on these next two points, but I personally feel that ingredients derived from animals arent a good choice.

Neither are products that involve testing of laboratory animals. Thats something to work out with your own conscience. About the Products Remember those baseline photos you took of your hair? Youll want to have those handy to reference any progress you make with these products.

Please bear in mind that I am not shilling for these companies, nor in mentioning their products am I necessarily endorsing them. They are simply some of the more popular and commonly available products for guys like you and me. Rather than me giving you a bunch of web sites that carry these products, just Google the product name for your best price, quickest shipping or whatever else is important to you.

The hair-loss product market is fiercely competitive; web sites come and go, and what you need is todays best choices, not something that may be out of date by the time you read this. Thicker Fuller Hair has a variety of shampoos, gels, sprays and conditioners, all of which work great.

Theyve recently made a few changes to their formula which most agree have improved it, though Im not sure why theyve put caffeine in their shampoos new formula. Maybe thatll wake up your hair.

They have the same variety of products as Thicker Fuller Hair, so you wont lack for diversity. If you suspect that toxins or other chemicals may be contributing to your hair loss, you might consider Avedas Hair Detoxifier Shampoo. This will also remove buildup of other products from your hair, a useful starting point when you initiate a new program of treatment.

American Crew makes a nice styling gel called Citrus Mint Paste, though thats getting a little tough to find. The reason this list is short is because the product lines involved contain everything you may need to experiment with and because this is the stuff that works! Check site for some really great prices on your favorite product. Hey I dont know about you, but absorbing all this information is making me hungry! Hungry hair is an easily remedied problem.

The nutrients coursing through your blood and feeding your scalp and follicles have a direct effect on how your hair grows, how it looks, how long it lasts and whether its flexible, strong and shiny.


As you begin to incorporate into your diet the foods and supplements that support healthy hair, one of the immediate benefits youll enjoy will be an overall improvement in your health and your sense of well-being.

Youll also enjoy watching your hair becoming healthier and, in most cases, beginning to regrow. There is no argument that the Regrow Hair Protocol program is among the most cost effective and natural hair growth options out there, especially when comparing this hair growth program to other hair loss treatments and methods, such as hair transplant procedures, surgeries, and other methods. Even if you find that this program does not work for you, it is better to have wasted a small amount of money compared to hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Promotes Healthy Nutrition. The Regrow Hair Protocol educates you about healthy, natural nutrition, and helps you become more aware of what you eat, and how much each day. The book really does suggest the best nutritious foods and great sources of vitamins that can help promote hair growth. Many individuals have claimed that this hair growth program helped them become more conscious about their day-to-day nutrition.

Other individuals have claimed to have noticed weight loss and even an improvement in the appearance of their skin. Easy to Follow. One of the best benefits to the Regrow Hair Protocol program is that the step-by-step guide and nutrition plan and recipes are incredibly easy to follow. It provides you with some great hair growth recipes, but it does not restrict your diet.

You can still eat the foods that you want, and without feeling guilty. Again, the goal of the hair growth program is to enrich your diet with hair growth vitamins, minerals, and natural ingredients—not lose weight.

It simply provides you with the necessary foods to act as a supplement to your diet to help regrow a healthy head of hair.

Every download comes with a day money-back guarantee. Any individuals who downloadd this program and did not find it helpful or did not see desired results can request a full refund. The books are available in a digital eBook format, making them incredibly convenient to read and reference while on the go and from any device.

Although this might be a disadvantage for those who prefer traditional books, the majority of individuals have enjoyed the convenience factor of the Regrow Hair Protocol program. Although there was clearly a great deal of thought and research put into the program, and it has provided desired results for the majority of individuals who participated in it, including David McKenna himself, it may not work exactly the same way for everyone.

Like any product and program, it is all in what you make of it and what value you get from it. Results can and will vary for each individual person. Desired Results May Take Longer. Additionally, the majority of individuals who participate in the program likely will not see desired hair growth results for up to several months rather than in as little as 14 or even 30 days. Although it appears that the Regrow Hair Protocol program is geared and marketed towards middle-aged men, we did not find any gender restrictions or age restrictions.

The Regrow Hair Protocol hair restoration program is designed for both a man and woman. In fact, women suffer from hair loss almost as often as men, but for different reasons. Most women suffer from hair loss due to hormonal imbalances brought on due to menopause or even pregnancy.

Some birth control medications can also cause thin hair or hair loss. Therefore, just as many women are in the market for an effective hair loss treatment and solution, and suffer with the same self-esteem and confidence issues as men. In fact, because society puts so much pressure on women to look their best, which includes their hair, women are more likely to suffer from self-image issues when compared with women.

So, can women this guide? As mentioned above, results can and will vary for each individual. David McKenna claims to have seen results in as little as 14 to 30 days. After reading the guides, not only will you have a better understanding of proper health and nutrition, but also the science behind hair loss, and how hair follicles, the scalp, and many other factors all play a role in regrowing hair.

Individuals have also claimed that they shed a few pounds and their skin looked more radiant and glowing. Individuals also commented that they liked the program because the hair growth diets did not make them feel guilty about the food they were eating. This is because there are NO dietary restrictions; the guide merely acts as a supplement to nutrition to help promote healthy hair growth.

All in all, the Regrow Hair Protocol hair regrowth program provides an easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide to healthy nutrition for optimal hair regrowth. It also does not cause any unwanted side effects, unless, of course, you have an existing food allergy.

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