The creatures in the Hellfrost Bestiary have a new entry just above their Special Abilities—Treasure. This is the treasure table entry the GM rolls on when the. HELLFROST BESTIARY. PREVIEW. 1. ELEMENTAL. Elementals inhabit the core elemental realms, those of air, earth, fire, and water, and the ever-shifting. Lavishly illustrated throughout, the Hellfrost: Bestiary contains everything you need to populate a OUR PDF'S ARE NOW ONLY AVAILABLE ON RPGNOW.

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Hellfrost Bestiary Pdf

PDF + Hardcover Color Book (Standard). $ $ Welcome to the Hellfrost! If you want monsters, you need the Hellfrost Bestiary. PDF - Hellfrost Gazetteer. Travel the lands of snow and ice. A world of adventure at your fingertips! This supplement for the Hellfrost setting details the entire. Hellfrost Bestiary (PDF Version) [RPG Item Version Link] Whether your heroes explore the Hearthlands or the Hellfrost itself, all manner of potential allies and.

I understand the core books were split by publication limits, much like The Lord of the Rings, which they frequently remind me of; but the way they are split has practical benefits. It summarises the main regions of the Hellfrost setting, and interesting locations within them, as well as providing a number of adventure seeds. The Gazetteer focuses on the Winterlands and the Hearthlands; neither the map nor the descriptive text goes into much detail about the Hellfrost itself. The GM is expected to add small settlements, ruins and whatnot to the official maps, and there are detailed descriptions of what say a credible Saxa steading should be like, should you wish to add one. Each land has a couple of pages of information, including a statblock, descriptions of elements such as its government and military, an overview of geography and a few paragraphs on key locations, and finally current events — this last is basically adventure seeds. After that, we get a few paragraphs on each of the evil organisations.

You can also have negative Glory, which can spawn enemies for the character or even make them wanted outlaws.

Hellfrost ditches Power Points and casters can cast spells as often as they choose to risk it An extensive spell list is also provided, replacing the one from the rulebook as any relevant ones from the rulebook appear in this book and a slew of new ones like Enhance Undead and Gravespeak.

A two page summary table wraps up the section for easy reference. The Life in Rassilon chapter provides an overview of the basics of the world, including trade customs, funeral rituals, and general description of the land, presumably expanded upon in the Gazetteer.

There are a number of factions the characters can join, like the Grey Legion mercenary company, the Lorekeepers, the Roadwardens and the Hearth Knights. At the back of the book, one can find the setting rules, including rules for temperature since freezing cold can be a very big problem , and other winter-related effects like snow blindness.

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Gorgeous book, very affordable print price, a ton of great examples as to how to tweak Savage Worlds to fit a setting without mangling the core of the system, the well-done Glory rules and a couple of Edges that I'm already planning on swiping for other games how you doin', Tactician?

While it's not unheard of for Savage Settings to extend past one book, fact is that most of them are usually playable either alone or with the rulebook, and Hellfrost really feels like it does need at LEAST the Bestiary to get the most from it. I am ashamed that it took me this long to pick up the Hellfrost Player's Guide.

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Even if I never run the setting, there's a ton of mineable material and system tweaks to apply to other SW games, easily.

There's a reason Hellfrost is so well regarded, clearly. The PDF is pages and layered for easy printing.

Much like the Player's Guide, it is a gorgeous book. The Bestiary introduces four new Monstrous Abilities Demon, Plant, Susceptibility and Resistance and also includes rules for generating Relics, which are the Hellfrost equivalent of magic items The bestiary covers pretty much the gamut of what you should need for most of your Hellfrost games, from basic animals bears, wolves, etc The entries are arranged alphabetically, with larger headings featuring sub-headings like the Assassin heading featuring a regular assassin and a master assassin and so on.

Black Knights remind me a little bit of Death Knights, and the mysterious Grey Riders which appeared around the time the Siphoning began are reminiscent of Ring Wraiths. Orcs alone have 13 templates to draw from, from Chieftains to Berserks to Engineers and so on PLUS there are nine sample tribes, each with slight mechanical differences, to further modify them.

It's not all just monsters, animals and templates The art is a mix of great color pieces and well-done pencil sketches, a combination that probably works better than it should.

Some of the entries, like Assassins, have unique abilities that serve as a helpful reminder that not all adversaries need to come off a shopping list of powers and abilities.

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