Professional java native interfaces with swt/jface pdf


Evolution of Java GUI Frameworks. 3. Abstract Window Toolkit. 4. Swing. 5. SWT and JFace. 8. SWT/JFace Advantages. Full Support for Native Features. SWT JFace by Jackwind Li Guojie PDF. CLICK to Professional Java Native Interfaces takes a solutions-based approach in showing how SWT/JFace works. Professional Java Native Interfaces takes a solutions-based approach in showing how SWT/JFace works, discussing each common Professional Java Native Interfaces with SWT / JFace () cover image Excerpt 1: (PDF).

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Professional Java Native Interfaces With Swt/jface Pdf

Professional Java Native Interfaces with SWT/JFace. Jackwind Li Guojie ISBN: Professional Java user interfaces / Mauro Marinilli. p. cm. technology – specifically, choosing between Swing or SWT – is a strategic choice. Professional Java Native Interfaces takes a solutions-based approach in showing how SWT/JFace works, discussing each common component, providing useful.

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Professional Java Native Interfaces with SWT / JFace

About the Author Jack Li Guojie is an independent Java developer who has been building various types of Java applications since His areas of interest and experience include artificial intelligence, user interfacing, Web applications, and enterprise system architecture. He has contributed articles to many leading software journals.

It should have been the other way around because the complex subject of JNI is barely touched on here. Manning , "SWT: Of all these books I greatly prefer this book.

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When analyzing what that can be, I have come to the this. Li Guojie book have appropriate and very fine measure when, what and how much to present you the information.

All in all he manages to enter your first program and puts it to use faster then other books, giving you earlier some starting confidence and getting you the feeling "this works for real", which is very much needed both for beginners and experienced folks. Sometimes Guojie book misses to offer information from other books, for example it does not have the typed events in table easily readable form, or it seems to be somewhat less comprehensive then the others.

But it also seems to be the most practical. Maybe Li Guojie book is somewhat like situation: This book shows what happens when both professional and teaching abilities meats together in one person: Li Guojie.

It is quite possible that personal preference of his writing style has misguided my judgment to grade this book with 5 stars.

Even than I should say all four books are excellent, but my vote goes to Li Guojie. Practical advice: You will appreciate me a lot for this advice! Covers the basics, after that you're on your own By Glenn Holliday Very little information is available about using JFace.

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This book, like many others, gives a good beginning, but does not go beyond the beginner tutorials available from IBM and other places. The big advantage of this book over learning from free tutorials on the Web is that a consistent explanation of all the basics of JFace are here in one place.

By flipping back and forth, I constructed a better overview in my mind than I had from working individual tutorials.

This book is not enough by itself to get beyond a beginner level. None of the books I have found discuss how to use the event model when you have more than a few objects to juggle, or how to communicate data between the a GUI and the other parts of a large application.

GUI Design with Eclipse 3. I noticed that both books say something about the Model-View-Controller pattern, but do not fully explain how that differs from what is provided in JFace, SWT, and related Java frameworks. JFace contains many other aspects, such as its Help system, that this book does not cover. The pages in the index of my copy were misordered. I notice the publisher, Wrox, says this book is printed on demand.

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