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Thiruppugazh Book In Tamil

Thiruppugazh (திருப்புகழ்) is a 15th-century anthology of Tamil religious songs dedicated to Lord Murugan, the son of Lord Shivan, written by the . Thiruppugazh (Thirupugal) - Tamil Devotional songs dedicated to Lord Murugan, written by the poet-saint Arunagirinathar. Songs provided in Tamil and English. Thiruppugazh is a 15th-century anthology of Tamil religious songs dedicated to Lord Murugan, . "It is a great privilege and blessings" he adds,"to be able to author book on a subject such as Thiruppugazh which has been hailed by great.

I will begin at the beginning. We are ardent devotees of Lord Muruga. Our devotion grows only stronger every time we feel that God is putting it to test. Once, my brother-in-law left my sister, Janaki, at our home and never came back. Months turned into years. We then decided to make a desparate appeal to Muruga by way of day Thiruppugazh bhajan at the Ganapathi temple.

It is enough to listen to the songs of Thiruppugazh. Just by listening one reaches the state which others sought through difficult means like introspection and Dhyana. A devotee may not able to sing in accordance with Raga, he may not comprehend the meaning of the songs, but if only he lends his ears to Thiruppugazh, he will be able to experience the presence of Muruga within because there is a in-explainable link between the ears and heart.

I wish to quote here what a devotee said: It is the love kindled in their heart that unites them all. Wherever they are located New Jersey or New Delhi, they are all bound by the common bond of love.


Let us keep away from the world of illusion, keep away from the disturbance of the mind and the distraction of the body and unite in our devotion towards Muruga and find peace and happiness.

Thiruppugazh, which is a set of prayers, is addressed to the Lord in musical verses.

This musical worship has brought devotees of Muruga nearer to their Lord. Be it a temple, a musical consort or a bhajan, a singer invariably renders a song from Thiruppugazh. Everyone seeks it but no one knows where to find it.

Day to day problems hinder our progress. The verses of Thiruppugazh, serve as a guide, confer Arul Gjnana, the enlightened knowledge on the devotee and lead him or her to the correct destination.

Be it a wish to own a house, an aim to scale new heights, a will to face challenges or an aspiration to seek the Lotus Feet of the Lord, there is a song in Thiruppugazh that seeks to fulfill all such wishes.

As Muruga himself prompted Arunagirinathar to sing, it is believed that the words of Thiruppugazh were in fact the words of Muruga and every word therefore acquired a power of its own. There are prayers meant to fulfil the different aspirations of people.

Classical musician captures 15th century Thiruppugazh on film

References have also been made on the Ramayana and the Bhagavatham. While the first half of all songs deal with the various ills plaguing mankind, the second speaks of the mercy of the Lord, imploring Him to provide the much needed healing touch. It is also believed that Thiruppugazh reflects the message of the Vedas and the Upanishads. The song, "Naveru Pamanatha" says that by adhering to the 28 tenets agamas contained in the four Vedas, one attains a stage where his identity as an individual merges with God.

Thiruppugazh - Songs 8 Free Download

The eternal wisdom contained in the Vedas and Upanishads is expressed in an understandable and musical way in Thiruppugazh so that everyone could reap the rich fruits of knowledge available from it. Drawing by K. Through Kandhar Alangaram, the saint offered his favourite deity, not a garland of flowers Poomalai , but a garland of songs Paamalai. It describes the different manifestations of Muruga in each temple and how He showers mercy on the devotees.

In Kandhar Anuboothi, which is a subjective narration, the author spells out his own divine experience of how the Lord extended His helping hand. Vel, the weapon of Muruga, represents the sharpness of intellect.

Known as Gnana Vel, it is believed to radiate the light of knowledge. Peacock is the vehicle Vahana that adds lustre and colour to His overall appearance.

Kandhar Andhathi is a hymn consisting of stanzas of four lines each, the first word of all four lines starting with the same word yet each carrying a different meaning. As Arjuna is known for his talent in archery, Arunagirinathar is known for his power of vocabulary Villukku Vijayan, Vakkukku Arunagiri. As Thiruppugazh also lends itself to various talas, it is referred to as "Thalamaligai".

But lyrical beauty and poetic elegance alone do not make Arunagirinathar's compositions great. Thiruppugazh is a treatise on truthful and virtuous life. While the forms of composition are soul stirring, the contents are inspiring and worth contemplating upon. The song: "Madhiyal Vithagan Aki, Manadhal Uthaman Aki" shows how one could shape himself or herself as a full-fledged personality combining the qualities of head and heart.

Some of his songs are addressed to the Lord with a prayer to provide solace and salvation, while some others are addressed to fellow beings to come out of their world of illusion and seek the way to real and lasting happiness. The best path that leads to ultimate salvation and puts an end to this cycle of birth and death is one of knowledge, Gnana Marga.

One who adopts this path is redeemed from this material world. Muruga, let the knowledge you imparted to the pleased Lord Siva be given to my ears too.

The song further seeks a removal of sufferings caused by ignorance and grant of bliss by getting enlightened. Thiruppugazh is a book of treasure from which a Karma Yogi also can draw lessons on Dharmic life. There are prayers meant to fulfil the different aspirations of people.

The song: "Viral Maran Aindhu Malar Vali Sindha" is ideal for removing the marriage obstacle, "Jegamayai" for the growth of baby and mother during pregnancy and "Irumalum Roga" for health.

Murugan Bakthi Padalgal

The song that will shower wealth and prosperity is "Charana Kamalalayathai Arai Nimisha. While the hymn "Nal En Seiyum" is a safeguard from adverse planetary influence, the song "Iravamal Piravamal" helps to get the blessings of guru or teacher. The list goes on endlessly. In short, the poet saw Lord Muruga in different roles, that of a handsome youth, an intellectual guide, a saviour, a physician and a friend.

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