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My least favorite interpretation is that the author is tired of writing, out of ideas, and simply doesn't have another good book in her. Whatever happened, this novel simply isn't worth reading. Disappointing, to say the least From site Lindsey was one of my favorite authors when I first started reading romance novels, but this one falls short. And we hear it over and over and over.

And with the exception of the grandmother, none of the characters are remotely interesting. The mystery portion of the story fizzles out with a most unsatisfactory explanation, and the rest of it is just plain dull.

It's the sort of book that, the day after you finish it, you can't remember a single thing about. There are tons of better romance novels out there, including many by Lindsey.

Do yourself a favor and skip this one, go read one worth your time. It needs more excitement very typical. Did not come across as a romance novel From site This is the first book review i've written I have always loved reading Johanna Lindsey's books, but unfortunately the past few that have recently come out have really sucked.

This one is a good example of one. It seems as if Ms. The hero was described as a mercenary which made my ears perk up. I love dangerous romance heroes. What can I say? I was tempted, despite my limited financial funds to download the book when it came out from Walmart at a considerable discount , but since money wasn't good I elected to wait. And lo and behold, my patience was rewarded when I found it at the library.

I finished the book in 2 days because I saw three movies also in When I heard about Marriage Most Scandalous was about I was intrigued. I finished the book in 2 days because I saw three movies also in that time period , and I was totally satisfied. Sebastian Townshend is in a word, a fantastic hero, despite his flaws: But also principled, vulnerable, and heroic. I pictured Christian Bale with a ponytail: Although I could not find an actress who fit Maggie's description, I had a very good picture of her in my head.

This book definitely had elements that I love in my romance novels: A strong-willed, intelligent heroine who can handle him. And loads of chemistry. Sebastian's sexuality fairly erupted off the page. He makes such a very determined assault on Maggie's virtue that I know if I were in her shoes I would find very hard to resist, especially since their pretend marriage puts them in very close quarters.

I felt the need to fan myself as I read the book. Lovely in a word. The secondary characters were also quite interesting and well-drawn. Of course there's never enough time to delve too deeply but JL tantalized the reader enough to wish that the book was pages longer.

As I finished this book I knew that my Johanna Lindsey slump was broken View all 13 comments. Mar 11, Robin Bridge Four rated it it was ok Shelves: For me this had a decent plot that I liked the revelation of at the end and the romance had moments but that was about it. Most 2. Most of the time it was just blah for me. First the Plot: I actually liked this most about the book. Sebastian killed his best friend in a Duel, was disowned by his family and had to leave the country.

That all happens in the prologue so not a spoiler. He is working as a type of mercenary when Maggie finds him quite accidentally and convinces him to return to solve the mystery of who is trying to kill his father. A book that had been just ho hum was now, way more interesting and I did very much enjoy how the mystery played out.

Second the Romance: I much preferred the rogue, I admit it I sometimes like it when the hero is a bit of a jerk. Then there is Maggie who is all prim properness. I liked her for the most part, she was headstrong and stubborn and a little bit wild. So that definitely ruined the initial smexy times for me. The romance ended up turning out cute in the end but some of it just really left a sour taste in my mouth.

View all 7 comments. No one. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.

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I wish Goodreads would allow you to give negative ratings. Johanna Lindsey is an author who is guilty of this on multiple occasions. But this particular book was just filled with modern words and phrases, it droved me crazy. Someone living in E I wish Goodreads would allow you to give negative ratings. I know this is a romance book and happy endings are a given but this one was too unreal.

I felt that it was an insult to my intelligence. Characters coming back from the dead, elaborate faked deaths, and everyone is ultimately forgiven? And when did the hero and heroine fall in love? The only time they were together was when they were arguing and having sex.

Where was the romance? Apr 12, Sandra Dagg rated it really liked it. I finished this book last night, and would have given it five stars except that I thought the ending was a bit rushed. It's not that I thought the author didn't know how to finish the book, but more that she'd been given a set number of pages to complete the novel, and had run out of room.

If that is the case, then I think that sucks, because it was a great story, and I had no clue what was going to happen, so was totally surprised with the ending. As to modern words and phrases, there may have I finished this book last night, and would have given it five stars except that I thought the ending was a bit rushed.

As to modern words and phrases, there may have been a couple, but I believe 'cue'is an old English theatre word, so one of the reviewers who said it was modern may have been incorrect. Really, there wasn't enough to be concerned about, and when push comes to shove, how do we REALLY know if some of these terms weren't used back then or not All that being said, it was a great story, and yes it was a bit far-fetched if you really want to pick at it, but historical romantic fiction is just that It's supposed to take you away to somewhere else so you can forget about your worries for a while, and get lost in a love story.

I also highly recommend it to anyone who loves historical romance with a mystery, and characters who are funny, lovable, and come to life in the book! Mar 13, Talia rated it did not like it. As a rule, the only romance author I read is Amanda Quick. I like her settings and her characters always make me laugh. But, at some point in life, I picked up this book — probably at an airport or something. This book was flimsy. Jun 25, Trins rated it did not like it.

The book started out pretty interesting but it went downhill after the first chapter. The story was not well thought off and totally unbelievable. Basically the story is about ahero who was disowned by his father for accidentally killing his bff, but who actually wasnt dead. The reason for this is so that his father will pay off his BFF's father's debts.

Such an elaborate plan for a simple problem. Even though this wasn't Johanna at her best, I still really liked 'Marriage most Scandalous'. It was still a fun read-and I must say, since I haven't read a Johanna Lindsey book in a while, it was really nice to read her again.

Like a homecoming really. Dec 08, Brittany rated it really liked it. Having been banished by his father after the duel that left his best friend dead, Sebastian Townshend vowed to never return to England. After living for eleven years as the deadly mercenary, The Raven, Sebastian is shocked when his former neighbor, Lady Margaret Landor arrives at his doorstep, looking to hire him.

She in turn receives a shock, when The Raven turns out to be the man she was looking to hire him to find. First she must convince him to return home and fearing that he will be turned away at the door, Margaret arranges a scandalous bargain with him. He will return as her husband. The ploy works, but instead of just uncovering the facts, a powerful passion blooms between them, that neither can resist. I love historical romance, so what that some of the phrases used weren't actually used in the period in which this book is set.

I loved the characters and the way they never failed to make me laugh even when using one of the phrases that doesn't belong! I got swept up in their adventure! Johanna Lindsey is one of my favorite authors and I would recommend this book. Jun 12, Yasmina Jual novel kolpri rated it really liked it. Satu kata buat novel ini Delicious Yaaa Memang nikmat membaca nya Ga berasa waktu ketika membolak balik halamannya karna terlalu teresapi dengan alur cerita yang begitu menarik Buat q sebenarnya susah menutup buku nya Pengen nambah lagi Kesan yang berbeda ditampilkan JL buat novel ini Buat q ketawa dan senyum2 sendiri dengan tingkah pola sika Satu kata buat novel ini Buat q ketawa dan senyum2 sendiri dengan tingkah pola sikap mereka yg menggemaskan Si heroine yang super jutek an si hero yang suka menggoda amarah dari si cewe Buatnya jadi lucu dan menggemaskan Walau ada versi fun nya Namun tak melepaskan otentik ai jl yg full thriller gitu dengan nilai2 romance yang terkandung di dalamnya Saya sangat suka dengan klimaks nya Tak tertebak banget Ternyata oh ternyata Membuat nilai plus buat keseluruhan alur yng sudah demikian bagus dengan eksekusi yg indah Masih mending yang terbitan gramedia deh, buku ini banyak kesalahan eja, belum lagi terjemahan yang kad Hmmm Masih mending yang terbitan gramedia deh, buku ini banyak kesalahan eja, belum lagi terjemahan yang kadang membuat kening berkerut, sampe akhir cerita, saya masih bingung maksudnya apa, dan ada satu paragraf yang terulang View all 24 comments.

Feb 22, The Book Junkie Reads. This man's words are seducing and charming me right off the pages and into another world of serious relaxation. For these people to be off the upper crust and educated, they most certainly lacked common sense.

Margaret wanted to find one son to help the father, but she got much more than she would have ever bargained for. Sebastian the Raven wants nothing to do with his home of birth. Whether its the lure of money, a woman, or family reunion, he is back home and with a puzzle to solve.

This puzz This man's words are seducing and charming me right off the pages and into another world of serious relaxation. This puzzle does not end the way one would expect.

Marriage Most Scandalous

Lindsey has done it again for me. She provides mystery and romance. Disappointing on two important levels, romance and plot. The passion between Sebastien and Maggie barely registered as a tremor in earthquake terms. Nor did they spend much time interacting.

On top of this, the plots behind Sebastien's banishment and his father's accidents were just too ridiculous to believe. And the reason for Sebastien's Disappointing on two important levels, romance and plot. And the reason for Sebastien's father's accidents, and therefore Maggie's reason for seeking his help in the first place?

Da da dum: No real mystery there. Dec 24, Marjo marked it as zeroes-and-dnf. DNF I like the first couple of chapters well enough, but the third just feels like it was dropped in out of nowhere, and from then I remembered what I didn't like about this novel when I first read it.

Not the lack of consistent characterization the problem is present - it's like at any given moment the characters are given whatever personality will create the most drama - but I guess the first time it just flew over my head , but the fact that the plot is so damn convoluted! I mean, really!?! T DNF I like the first couple of chapters well enough, but the third just feels like it was dropped in out of nowhere, and from then I remembered what I didn't like about this novel when I first read it.

That is the motive and resolution for this angst-fest? Come on! May 01, Vivian rated it liked it Shelves: An enjoyable read. It has been more than a That said, this was fun.

💎 Scarica i pdf ebook online Marriage Most Scandalous PDF ePub MOBI by Johanna Lindsey

A twisted plot that got really knotted and perhaps, a little too quickly resolved for my tastes. The emotional changes were sped up, peoples feelings altering and accepting grievances to easily. Then again, I am a grudge bearer and malicious when wronged, so mayhap it is only my view. Anyway, Marriage Most Scandalous was amusing and diverting. Apr 27, Zeek rated it it was ok Shelves: That just about sums it up.

If you've read alot of Lindsey's then you've pretty much read this before you've even cracked the spine, although the characters didn't really hang with me like some of her others. Plus the plot kinda fell apart. You've read this plotline a times. The Hero and Heroine pretend their married to get back in with the hero's father who disowned him but is an obvious ploy to get the hero in the heroines bedroom.

View 2 comments. Apr 27, Rach rated it it was ok. I usually like Johanna Lindsey's books for quick reads that draw me fully into the characters' lives. There was something about this one that just didn't work-I never liked the characters that much and wasn't rooting for them. Feb 06, Liz rated it it was ok. I had not read a Johanna Lindsey book in a long time and I was really excited about reading this one.

It was dissapointing. To me, it started slow and it just did not get any better. I made myself finish it but was skipping some of it along the way. I liked the characters but they did not click in my opinion. Oct 31, Richelle rated it really liked it Shelves: I listened to this one and really enjoyed it. An exiled son that has to return home to try and figure out what is going on with his father.

Is someone trying to kill him? The last part of the book was a complete twist that I had no idea that it would happen like that. Highly recommend it!

View all 17 comments. Oct 25, Zel Polev rated it it was ok. I feel like I read this book with narrowed eyes. I think the romance was a bit clumsy. I felt as if the author just dictated that this is a romance without actually developing it. Nevertheless, I went along with it. However, the actual writing was unconvincing. I felt like their sexual attraction with each other was equated with romance.

I didn't really feel any chemistry in their conversations. It was such a shame because I liked it in the beginning. However, what followed wasn't good. I wasn't I feel like I read this book with narrowed eyes. I wasn't a fan of the heroine after she displayed how woefully unprepared she was to deal with the situation. She hired the hero to fix the assassination attempts but gets in his way.

What was her recourse if she wasn't going to let him question the suspects? The hero straightens her out after she bungles something up and the matter is solved, except he just blew a chance. That is not to say the hero is reasonable either. Just because she bungles something up, doesn't mean he is the authority on logic.

His scheme with the marriage and actually acting on it was questionable. The way she lost her virginity made me narrow my eyes. This cannot possibly romantic to anybody. Somehow, the author sneaks in that they actually like each other and I'm just supposed to go along with it so I do. However, it's a pretty poor execution and doesn't endear me to the story. I think this novel would have benefitted greatly with insights from the characters. The hero is pretty gruff and is a bitter man.

I had the sense that he isn't one for politeness but it doesn't mean he is savage. However, he walks a thin line between being an unreasonable jerk or just an honest man. I think he could have played off his jerkiness with teasing. However, that is too much conjecture and the vagueness opens up the interpretation to the hero being just a plain jerk. I think there was an interesting dynamic to be explored there. Being disowned by his family, the hero didn't have to abide by the rules of polite society.

He lived on his own and made a life of himself outside of his aristocratic upbringing. I think this aspect of his life could have been more explicit instead of just his asshole actions. I think the insight to his not really expecting payment and just not mentioning it to rile the heroine up could have improved his character.