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Foreword by IN10SE. The October Man is a technique that has been used by very few – its principles have been kept secret, for many different reasons. The October Man eBook (in PDF form). If there was ever one single specialized seduction pattern that generated the most buzz in the community, doubtless it. The October Man Sequence by In10se. The October Man eBook (in PDF form). If there was ever one single specialized seduction pattern that generated the.

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October Man Sequence Pdf

A site devoted to October Man Sequence, possibly the most explosive seduction tactic ever invented. Also featured: the Black Rose Sequence, and more. (4) Secret Techniques of IN10SE_ the October Man Sequence - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. in10se. For B - The October Man Sequence and More! - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. october.

This internal world is where we keep all the perceptual filters that we use to process our external experience. And we have doors that can be unlocked if we know how to get there. For example, everyone has a roadmap to happiness. Happiness is an emotion. It is something that is experienced in the moment. The roadmap is what we are interested in. In other words, we are interested in the process of getting to a certain state. So how do we find the roadmap—how do we define the process? We define the roadmap to a past experience by accessing memories. We define the roadmap to future experience by accessing the imagination. The right answers always start with the right questions. State elicitation is just a matter of defining a state then having your partner define and describe their experience of it. They have stepped into the experience of it. They have become associated. One key to elicitation is that when you elicit a state and link it to a body sensation, you make it real in the moment.

Some users have claimed that the technique has enabled them to get a woman to go to bed with them within 15 minutes of starting to use it. The method is the invention of two underground seduction veterans… legends in the community who remain anonymous till this day.

These guys first got a taste of the limelight when they were mentioned in the book by Neil Strauss he gave them two different pseudonyms — IN10SE and something else.

And yet the book made no mention whatsoever as to the origin of this powerful technique. You are now about to find out the true secrets of the October Man routine, all wrapped up and ready for you to open.

Deadly Seduction Technology Based On Hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming

This Sequence was actually built on a little-known hypnosis technique known as Fractionation. Stage hypnotists and hypnotherapists have used Fractionation to make their audience and clients quickly fall into a trance. The idea is to make the subject go in and then back out of a mental state repeatedly and quickly more detail on what I mean by this. This will make her fall ever deeper into the trance every time this is done. Now, for the very first time, any guy has the ability to totally transform into a complete stud in the eyes of any woman, simply by mastery of this one technique.

Remember previously when I talked about going into and out of a state repeatedly?

This is what I was referring to. October Man was the very first real attempt to adapt the original system of Fractionation so it could be used for attracting women. Some guys in the seduction underground have gone on to develop their own versions of Fractionation, often for use in very specific circumstances.

For example, our very own Dark Rake Method as well as proprietary Shogun Sequences is also built upon Fractionation as the foundation. Similarly, you both build and then deepen rapport utilizing a broad range of powerful psychological triggers. This Dark Rake system has actually now been superseded by the new flagship in our fleet — the Shogun Method which gets a third-party review here.

These systems and methods involve advanced industrial-strength techniques in Mind Control that are designed to do just one thing:. Bringing us bang up to date, the so-called Black Rose technique has been hitting the headlines, claiming it has even more power than October Man….

However, there is one fundamental difference between them. Black Rose and October Man differ because….

Is October Man Sequence morally upright? In fact in some cases, using October Man Sequence or any kind of seduction method grounded on Fractionation like the Black Rose Sequence in order to attract a woman is complete overkill.

It is simply unnecessary, as well as having the potential to harm everyone along the way. Yes, including you.

For B - The October Man Sequence and More!

And this means the power of complete control, which can make her extremely vulnerable. Imagine you were able to make women simply bend to you and your every wish. Now slowly that warmth will go from your foot up to your anckle" And this shit works. Like when I was writing this.. I actually felt retarded in my feet.

It wasn't warm, it was It works. It really does work. Lay in bad tonight.

IN10SE - The October Man Pattern Id Size74

Close your eyes, and in your mind start so speak it. Strt to say where the warmth is, how is it, where did it start, how is it moving.

And watch.. It'll work dude. I forgot where it was!

I think it was in his eBook.. But I am soooo lazy to open it and to go through it to find it. It was like..

I SO want to find it and use it in the txt msg game. Basiclly it goes like, "I will put my warm lips on your neck, move warm breath acr--" something like that. Such a nice thing. Totaly forgot where it is located.

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