See more of MRCP UK Notes & Questions on Facebook. ‎Zian Anwar‎ to MRCP UK Notes & Questions. Passmedicine for Mrcp part 1 pdf file can anyone give me the download link for this one??. PassMedicine Notes for MRCP Part I and Part II mrcp-uk-passmedicine- note / Passmedicine MRCP Part I Questions and Answers PDF. Online revision for the MRCP Part 1, MRCGP Applied Knowledge Test (AKT), GP ST Stage 2 - Specialty Recruitment Assessment, Medical student finals, MRCP.

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Download Passmedicine and OnExamination notes by Dr Sameh SA PDF Free. Today in this article we will share Passmedicine and OnExamination. PassMedicine, the best study resource when it comes to the preparation of MRCP Part MRCP Part 1 Pdf [Direct Links for Download] · The Only MRCP Notes You Download PassMedicine Notes for MRCP Part 1 with Key Points. PASSMEDICINE past papers passmedicine latest mrcp pastest onexamination download free.

NICE has strict and clear guidance regarding which adult patients are safe to discharge and which need further CT head imaging. Any sign of basal skull fracture haemotympanum, 'panda' eyes, Battle's sign, CSF fluid leakage from the ear or nose. Post-traumatic seizure. Focal neurological deficit. Battle's sign consists of bruising over the mastoid process, as a result of extravasation of blood along the path of the posterior auricular artery. Battle's sign may be confused with a spreading hematoma from a fracture of the mandibular condyle, which is a less serious injury.

Not only are PassMedicine questions accompanied by answers there are also revision notes under each question.

Flag questions, add your own revision notes and much more As well as our established, conventional question banks PassMedicine has developed the knowledge tutor. We've taken the results of the latest trials in memory science and applied them to medical revision. What this means in practice is a powerful system that drills key, high-yield, exam-relevant facts into you. Also includes the innovative Knowledge Tutor which tests you on thousands of high-yield facts Take a demo Sign up.

Also includes the Knowledge tutor for revision of high-yield facts Take a demo Sign up. Take a demo Sign up. Medical student years Our new Years resource is aimed at students in the early years of medical school. But in order to complete this rite of passage, we all have to complete a series of challenges, each more deadly than the last: Membership Examinations. There are usually between two and three examinations a doctor must complete, depending on the speciality.

Also worth mentioning that these exams are HARD. So, appreciating the above, Doctors need quick, effective, time saving and easily accessible revision material in order to fit studies around their ever-hectic schedule.

Passmedicine www. The trade-off for the cheaper price is less of a gene-pool of questions — PasTest for example usually has about 5, multiple choice questions in its bank. The Passmedicine format is similar to many of its competitors, you can choose a particular topic to revise from e.

Respiratory or just have a general mix fired at you. Once your answer is selected it will reveal the correct one, with a helpful blurb of information to aid your learning particularly useful if you were wrong. Passmedicine is only website based, and does not have an app at the moment, though its mobile site is, as seen below, formatted clearly for a smartphone or tablet user.

The format is similar to above, with a question, answers explained, and performance analysis. I myself used PasTest for two of my three postgraduate exams and found it clear and easy to use, I liked that they graded each question Red, Amber or Green dependent on difficulty, and compared my performance to those of my peers. It highlighted where I needed to brush up on my reading! Other advocates from my poll include Dr.

And the short snippets of info were so much more useful than the essays you get on the full internet versions! He also points out that they have 58, questions on their database. They even have programmes for some Speciality Certificate Examinations which are those required making the next leap from Registrar to Consultant top dog — for non-medics.

Passmedicine Free Download by maisterambu - Issuu

On the whole the question banks are sufficiently brimming — as MRCP Part 1 has become our benchmark, this particular app has 3, questions. The question format is similar to its two competitors, subjectively the questions seem a little wordier occasionally, but the explanations are thorough and helpful, and progress is charted accordingly.

Venesection is recommended when the serum ferritin reading is over ? Venesection can restore hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal and can reduce liver fibrosis.

He also gives a history of episodes of flushing. VIP syndrome is considered by the admitting physician. Which one of the following is a feature of VIPoma syndrome?

Download free passmedicine full files and all notes for MRCP

Melanosis coli 1- Hypoglycaemia 2- Hypokalaemia [ Q: 4 ] MRCPass - Gastroenterology 3- Induction of VIP release by somatostatin A 40 year old man has symptoms of lethargy, joint pains and jaundice which have occurred over the past 8 months. Four years later he became diabetic and was referred to our hospital clinic. He was noted to be pigmented. Haemochromatosis was confirmed by an iron saturation of What is the recommended management? However, venesection is preferred therapy and desferrioxamine infusion another iron chelator can also be used.

Initial treatment is directed toward correcting volume and electrolyte abnormalities by using potassium chloride and sodium bicarbonate. He complains of fever, rigors and headache. His abdomen was tender in right upper quadrant.

Investigations showed: Hb He has lost 2. Which of the following investigations would be of diagnostic value?

3- Elzohry MRCP Questions - PassMedicine 2013.pdf - MRCP...

What is the likely diagnosis? Abdominal pain is often a feature of the illness. Diarrhoea is often associated with blood.

The clinical history with associated pleural effusion suggests that an abscess needs to be excluded and drained if necessary.

She had a past history of radiotherapy for ovarian cancer.

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