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Photography ebooks are great, and free ebooks are even better! Check out this list of the best free photography ebooks on the internet, and start learning! guide to digital imaging and artistry by tim daly, the book of portrait photography by. I wasn't sure at first but now I'm certain, this eBook is the best photography Photoshop's competitors (Corel's PaintShop Pro, Serif's PhotoPlus, Capture One . A collection of free ebooks for photographers to learn from. Featuring tips about street photography, the business aspects of photography, and.

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Professional Photography Ebook

You can get more free photography eBooks on our sister website . and industry professionals to hep you with selling your fine art work. Photography eBooks and Camera Guides - Learn how to use your camera, edit Trick Photography and Special Effects Ebook Portrait Photography Ebook. This comprehensive set of ebooks was created over the last two years to strengthen your portrait photography skills. Found here: Portraits eBook Bundle.

Found here: Portraits eBook Bundle In-depth eBooks covering all aspects of portrait photography Starting with the basics, these books take you through the whole process of portrait photography—from knowing your camera to posing to lighting to post-processing. Learn the 10 commandments of portrait photography consistency and brilliance. The Gear. Discover the best portrait gear—with some tips on downloading great second-hand additions to your kit. The Three Amigos. Learn how aperture, ISO, and shutter speed work together.

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Naomi is a graphic designer with twenty one years experience as a layout professional. This post draws upon that experience.

You can give your photos a more professional appearance, show your work to a wider audience and add impact through story, by creating an electronic photo book from your work.

Why a Photo eBook?

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For SoFoBoMo, Naomi selected images that were the sharpest, most colourful and had the best composition. Once the images were selected, she then roughly grouped them into destinations, for example, the best Twelve Apostles photos. Design Elements Putting images onto a white page with nothing else can be very boring, so adding some design elements will help bring your book to life and give it the personality you want it to have.

Colours, lines, borders and text are some of the things you need to decide on before laying your book out. However, balance this with simplicity and subtlety or the book may become visually overwhelming.

Think about the mood you want to set for the viewer.

Muted, dark colours, such as used in our book can give a professional, calm feel. Brighter colours would suggest a fun and fresh feel. In general though, neutral colours or white will show off your photos to their best potential.

Text Given that a photo eBook is made to showcase your photos, type is generally best kept to a minimum. Small captions for images are nice and viewers often like to know what each photo is about.

You may wish to have one or two introductory pages with some text to explain your inspiration for the book, perhaps include a map if you are showing travel photos. Login Join for Free. What is Plus Membership? The free eBook list includes: Support this site by shopping with one of our affiliates: Other articles you might find interesting Fma7 4 PujaReddy 2.

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The Photography Tutorial eBook

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