The Left Hand Fingering Protocol Utilized By Robert Conti. If this is your first lesson from Robert Conti, it is very important that you take a few moments to read the. Includes printable PDF Transcription, Tab, MIDI & MP3 Files - $ Each Volume, Fifteen Volumes Available! Conti plays a Pro improv solo over the chord . 12 Bar Blues A Complimentary Full Length Entry Level Improv Lesson By Robert Conti Download PDF Transcription of 12 Bar Blues Lesson by.

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Robert Conti Jazz Guitar Tab Books, Instructional DVDs, Chord Melody Solos, many of his "off the sheet" techniques not found in the printable PDF file!. Robert Conti Bebop Solo - - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File ( .txt) or read online. Ok - this is probably the most commercial of the artists I'm pointing to - Conti has and if you go to you can get a pdf of the arrangement.

Thank you for interesting in our services. We are a non-profit group that run this website to share documents. We need your help to maintenance this website. Please help us to share our service with your friends. Share Embed Donate. The Robert Conti Approach To Teaching Jazz Guitar - Why It Works Preface To Original Article In the latter part of , I wrote the following article and sent it to Robert Conti with a request to have it published on his website with the intention of sharing insights of my learning experience with other aspiring jazz guitarists. Since this article was first written, there has been an increase in the number of guitar instruction books that emphasize the use of melodic phrases and licks as a means of enhancing improvisation skills. I believe there is even greater significance in this development, as that ideology has been the ongoing and welldocumented building block of the Robert Conti approach to teaching since

Some time ago, while reading this forum, I came across a thread painting Robert Conti's approach as some kind of hyped up gimmick. The guy had made thousands of posts, so I figured he knew what he was talking about and I wrote Conti off.

Fast forward to months ago, I was nosing around youtube looking for players improvising over the Girl from Ipanema, hoping I could pick something up.

Stumbled into a video of some asian kid on there who just burned through the changes like it was nothing, wish I could remember his name.

At the end of that YT video, the kid says he was playing lines he learned from Conti's dvds. When I saw what that kid did on his video, I decided to go to the Robert Conti website.

After watching a bunch more of his students videos and reading reviews, I bought several dvds and I am completely satisfied. I didn't even know stuff like this existed and I really regret taking that guy's comment at face value because it couldn't be farther from the truth and I could have gotten several months ahead if I didn't listen to him.

In any case, I take the blame for listening, but I'm glad I got this off my chest - I hope it helps others to not make the same mistake. I was lucky enough to get a pass to go to NAMM this year and through his mailing list, learned he would be performing. So here I am struggling with 6 strings and there he was, playing bass lines and chord melody on a gorgeous guitar with EIGHT strings, never once looking at the neck while nodding hellos to different people in the crowd.

After seeing and hearing this, I came to the conclusion this guy has another dozen fingers hidden somewhere LOL!

Originally Posted by JerryB.

The Robert Conti Approach To Teaching Jazz Guitar - Why It Works

This is a testament to why everybody should check out stuff for ourselves and NOT just believe what some of these yahoos that usually can't play are saying especially when they start dissing somebody. It seems like there are a ton of folks out there that are looking for the "magic bullet".

The "secret", etc. Well, it is right at Robert Conti. All somebody has to do is invest the time on the instrument, play these wonderful and hip lines, the gorgeous chord melodies, and then experiment. Conti has taken all of the roadblocks off the highway. Just gas up, get in the car, and start your journey! Miles and miles of fun no jazz pun intended!

More stuff

Seems like I have been playing jazz gigs forever, but a neat thing happened last Tuesday night on a jazz date. I was soloing on "There is No Greater Love", and thought "I am just going to put a couple of "Conti lines" in there verbatim. I started to do it, and then unconsciously the "lines" started to morph into some pretty cool stuff that I have never played before. One of those "magic moments" that happens maybe once or twice a year. Man, I just rode that wave for awhile! It just shows that even if you quote some of Robert's lines, they still will eventually lead you to your own "signature" lines.

And that, folks, is just what Conti says will happen if you keep with it. No modes, no scales, no bullshit, just music. Well said, Mike! I really think this is the best way to learn to play good jazz. From a point of view of non jazz player, even not a guitar player, but someone who, in order to create some music, mainly plays guitar, likes odd chords and harmonies and general sound of jazz Also, since I have no experience with his courses, my comments will be more to above posts than his lessons.

I think he's fair. He does not promise anything he's not to deliver. Even the contrary see below. I think he's not really in the top league of creative players - nothing intriguing and new to hear, in millions of notes.

In his own words: He could do be-bopping for ages, non stop, but still I think his playing is rather amazing in some aspects - He could do be-bopping for ages, non stop, speed, impression of effortlessness, and so on. I see the main point is, "I don't want to learn scales and modes. I never took a proper course in Jazz, nor guitar, but I saw enough of books and instructional videos to know principles of how they're organized. Why would his solos be any better than of any other player capable to do what he does, and there's a plethora of such?

I do not know scales and modes too well, but almost all I do know, I discovered on my own, because I always thought "If I'm not keen to study the subject in academic way, I'd better explore, than be spoon fed. I was so taken by the virtuosity that I actually cancelled my early evening meeting to hear, and hopefully meet this guitarist, Robert Conti. During my stay at that hotel, I arranged to take a lesson from Bob. That three hour exposure to his improvising and chord melody approach became the major turning point in my ability to play jazz guitar.

In addition to the material I learned very quickly, one of the things that amazed me was his ability to quickly redirect some of my previous knowledge from my head to the neck and into meaningful music.

In fact, I can honestly say to you, that no other event, teacher, book or video has had that much impact or improvement on my playing skill. As the result of my first hand experience, I became a huge fan and one of his continuously growing list of supporters. I believe your experience will parallel mine, as you are about to discover what I can only describe as the Rolls Royce of jazz guitar learning products! The Conti Jazz Guitar Methodology During that first lesson in , I was quickly exposed to the cornerstone of his methodology.

At that point in time, I was still struggling with modes and other non-playing activity. So, at the beginning of the lesson, I asked Robert Conti about his approach to modes, scales, theory etc. But there are two things that I do know for sure: Absolutely no one will ever come to hear you play modes and scales or talk about theory. And, every learning product or lesson should have an immediate impact on your playing skill.

The Robert Conti Approach To Teaching Jazz Guitar - Why It Works

For instance, to learn how to ride a two wheel bicycle, one must actually ride the bike; to learn how to swim, one must get into the water and swim; to learn how to ice skate, one must get on the ice and skate.

Consider how many people learn to drive a car with no knowledge of how the engine actually functions.

That simple and reasonable logic also dictates that one can only learn to play an instrument well, by actually playing the instrument. It is much easier to comprehend and understand the nuts and bolts of chords, lines, theory etc, when you can first play subject material.

Play it first, analyze it later! One of the traits that make Robert a superb teacher is his ability to present extremely complex material in a such a way that even an intermediate guitarist can play the subject material.

Blue Bossa - Free Jazz Guitar Lesson by Robert Conti on Vimeo

After investing much time and thousands of dollars in numerous jazz instruction products, I eventually discovered the most effective books and DVDs provide ideas that you can take to the gig that night. The art of jazz is about creating and playing interesting music, not mindless scale and mode exercises.

If you can play a chord grid, you can play these harmonically rich arrangements! Play any row of chords for five or ten minutes. Self-teaching can be like either the cat or the dog.

Most of us want to get through it and get on with it, and then wonder why we still can't really play anything. Have you noticed how many guitar players CAN'T sit down and play a "real" song all the way through? Most of the time, you will here licks and strums and bits and pieces of this and that when a player picks up a guitar.

Rarely will you hear a discernible song, and even rarer still, hear that song all the way through. When I was working with the David Sudnow course on the piano which is very similar in approach and philosophy to Conti's teaching philosophy , I realized that while going through the motions of putting a chord under each melody note on the piano, I was really learning a lot of stuff that would not become clear to me until benefit of hindsight. I took that realization with me to the Conti materials.

People in other forums have criticized Conti's approach in "Assembly Line" as "paint by numbers", while praising "The Formula" for its clarity in presenting how jazz harmony works in a very practical and immediately usable manner.

Conti's "paint by numbers" approach is the best vehicle I have seen for getting a person both the discipline to play a song all the way through on the guitar and for getting the mechanics of chord melody at its most basic level into your hands, while ingraining the chord forms as a vocabulary that you will use in a myriad of ways later on in "The Formula".

I am willing to answer any questions I can here in these forums too. It may well be that none of what I have said was necessary, but just in case, I thought it important to get it said. It took me a long time to understand what I am saying here, so I have to assume that others not necessarily you

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