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12th Chemistry Notes Pdf Hsc

Make use of our free chemistry notes for class 12 here to secure higher marks in exams. Important Questions for Class 12 Chemistry - Download Chapter-wise free PDF of Class 12 Chemistry Important Questions of Part 1 and 2 Chemistry textbook. Chemistry HSC Full Notes BEST NOTES - Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. hsc study notes. process and the catalyst used • Model the above two processes Chem notes David Lee BHHS

General Instructions: i All questions are compulsory. Use of calculators is not allowed 1. In the process of wine making, ripened grapes are crushed so that sugar and enzyme should come in contact with each other and fermentation should start. What will happen if anaerobic conditions are not maintained during this process? A coordination compound with molecular formula CrCl3. Its molar conductivity is found to be equivalent to two ions.

Class 12 Chemistry Notes – AglaSem Schools

In case of ionic compounds, the impurity 1S also ionic in nature. When the impurity has the same charge as the host ion. Non-Stoichiometric Defect Non-stoichiometric crystals are those which do not obey the law of constant proportions.

The numbers of positive and negative ions present in such compounds are different from those expected from their ideal chemical formulae. However, the crystal as a whole in neutral.

Types of n-stoichiometric defects are as follows: i Met excess defect Metal excess defect due to anionic vacancies: Alkyl halides like NaC1 and KCl show this type of defect.

Metal excess defect due to presence of extra cations at interstitial sites, e. On beating, it loses oxygen and turns yellow. Transition metals exhibit this defect, e.

Chemistry Notes Class XII

Intrinsic Semiconductors Pure substances that are semiconductors are known as Intrinsic Semiconductors e. They are formed by doping. It is defined as addition of impurities to a semiconductor to increase the conductivity.

The conductivity is due to the presence of positive holes.

Class 11 Chemistry Revision Notes for Chapter 1 - Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry

CdSe and HgTe. Magnetic Properties of Solids Solids can be divided into different classes depending on their response to magnetic field. Diamagnetic Substances These are weakly repelled by the magnetic field and do not have any unpaired electron, e.

Paramagnetic Substances These are attracted by the magnetic field and have unpaired electrons These lose magnetism in the absence of magnetic field, e. Ferromagnetic Substances These are attracted by the magnetic field and show permanent magnetism even ill the absence of magnetic field e. Anti-ferromagnetic Substances These substances have net magnetic moment zero due to compensatory alignment of magnetic.

Ferrimagnetic Substances These substances have a net dipole moment due to unequal parallel and anti-parallel alignment of magnetic moments, e. We are not responsible for any type of mistake in data. All pdf files or link of pdf files are collected from various Resources Or sent by Students. Which of the following solutions has higher freezing point? What happens when: i Orthophosphorus acid is heated? Identify the following: i Oxoanion of chromium which is stable in acidic medium.

Give the IUPAC name of the product formed when: i 2-Methylbromopropane is treated with sodium in the presence of dry ether.

The freezing point of benzene decreases by 2. Explain the following behaviours: i Alcohols are more soluble in water than the hydrocarbons of comparable molecular masses. The rate constant for a first order reaction is 60 s How much time will it take to reduce 1g of the reactant to 0.

Which of the two is a strong electrolyte?

Justify your answer.

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