American English File is available as an e-book, with interactive features designed specifically for Students can also download e-books as an in-App download . Скачать бесплатно УМК английского языка взрослых American English File by Oxford - Clive Oxenden, Christina Latham-Koenig, and Paul Seligson. American English File - 3 ▫ Student's Book PDF file, 82 MB doc_ Or (20 MB) doc_

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As of today we have 78,, eBooks for you to download for free. No annoying ads, no download 7 American English File 3:يراﺮﻤﺘﺳا لﺎﺣ نﺎﻣزيروآدﺎﻳ ﻦﻴﻨﭽﻤ. American English File 1 Teachers Book 2nd Edition. Ebook download any format American English File Starter: Student Book/Work Book Multipack B PDF books PDF Online Download Here.

With a wide range of exciting new digital material, including all new documentaries, this new edition of American English File is still the number one course to get your students talking. Great texts that motivate students to talk Four-skills syllabus with a clear focus on pronunciation Level-specific features to address learners' different needs Test Generator CD-ROMs Online support, resources, and lesson ideas Teacher Link. Four-skills American English course with a communicative methodology, engaging texts, and a strong pronunciation syllabus - designed to get students speaking. Subscribe now to be the first to hear about specials and upcoming releases. South Pacific. Title Author. Refine By. Publication Date June pre-release. May release this month. Last 3 months.

Karoline was Iastonished to be ignored by some workmen, who only hours before had been whistling at her when she had been an attractive young woman. He wouldn't have talked like that to my young self. T here is a point in the documentary when Karoline 2breaks down and cries. It comes at the end of a day out with her two new senior citizen friends, Betty and Sylvia, who she met at a community center.

I didn't have that life experience. They had 3been through so much. It made me realize how ignorant I was. It was as if I was seeing the young people inside them.

Before I would have just seen the wrinkles. B oth she and Nickfound makingthe program life- changing. One ofthe things that surprised me most was how important relationships still were to elderly people.

I was shocked by the fact that older people could still have their hearts broken. After a while I felt like one of them. I felt in a way that they were just young people in an old body trying to 4deal with the problems of old age.

New English File Elementary Student’s Book

Do you think that they are treated well in your country? Learn more about using adjectives as nouns and adjective order, and practice them. Do you agree? How old do you think these people are? Do you like the way they are dressed?

Complete their two fashion rules. Why do the journalists mention the following? What are the opposites of these adjectives and verbs?

In what situations do you usually? Practice distinguishing them. Put two words from the list in each column. Look at the typical spellings for these sounds. Say why. You have decided to sell them on site. Write a detailed description, making them sound as attractive as possible. Set a starting price. For sale! Blue and white striped cotton skirt - never worn! Size six. Would look great with white T-shirt. Perfect for the summer.

I think it looks ridiculous unless you're under I think pink streaked hair looks great at any age. You shouldn't judge other people by the way they dress. Women, but not men, are always expected to dress attractively for work or on TV. Fur coats should be banned. Only sheep follow fashion. Good dressers have their own style. People who follow fashion are usually vain and selfish.

It's risky to download clothes online. I'd love to go. When things go wrong he starts shouting at everyone. Nothing really bothers me. He never spends money unless he absolutely has to. It looks like the kind of thing my grandma would wear. I need to sit down. Circle the word that is different. Circle the word with a different sound. What do sham ans do?

The rise of the shamans b Read the article again and choose a, b, or c. Check their meaning and pronunciation and try to learn them. Thomas's hospital had a very early operating theater.

Thomas's were done on rich people. The sound of drumbeats reverberates in the small conference room as the shaman goes into a trance. The others present, their eyes closed, focus on the rhythmic sounds of the drums. The shaman, in his trance, makes the journey to a parallel reality in search of solutions to the various problems the group has brought with it.

For most people this may seem weird, but it is becoming a fairly common experience for others. People from many different professions - students, businessmen, housewives, even former soldiers - are turning to shamanism, an ancient spiritual practice where the practitioner communes with "spirit guides" to gain access to information and healing. Cosima Klinger-Paul, an Austrian who moved to India in and has started a school of shamanism, says that the interest in the practice is not surprising.

It is the oldest healing method of mankind. Shamans believe that all illnesses have a spiritual cause, which is reflected in the physical body. Healing the spiritual cause heals the physical body. An important shamanic belief is the concept of "soul loss. Once the person gets the missing part of his soul back, shamans believe that the lost vitality and health also comes back. But is it really as simplistic as this?

Those who have undergone shamanic healing sessions seem to think so. Harnam Sidhu, a year-old marketing executive, swears by the practice. Sidhu was suffering from glaucoma - a degenerative condition that causes the loss of optic nerves leading to blindness. Doctors had told him it was a matter of months before he went completely blind in the bad eye.

As a last resort, he tried shamanism. After a few sessions, when he went for a checkup, his doctor told him that a miracle had happened - his condition was starting to reverse. Believers stress that shamanic healing isan established tradition that has been tested time and again over centuries. I tend to say no to requests for quick healing. This is not a spiritual aspirin that you can take and be healed. What information or instructions are the passengers being given?

What word or phrase do the flight attendants use to m ean? Air Travel: Is it really worth listening to the safety dem onstration telling you how to put your life jacket on? Why is there usually a big m irror when you are going through Customs?

Why can you som etim es smell roasted chicken in a plane when they are serving you fish? Why do airport s ta ff m em bers get annoyed with some passengers who ask fo r a wheelchair?

Can you guess the answers to any of the questions?

What are the answers to the questions, according to the text? Underline the part o f the text that gave you the answer. Do you believe it at all? I don't have a fear of flying; I have a fear of crashing. Most airline passengers think it is laughable that a small yellow lifejacket with a whistle will make any difference if the plane crashes into the water.

However, in some cases, like when a hijacked Ethiopian Airlines Boeing landed in the Indian Ocean in , it did. Despite instructions from the cabin crew not to pre- inflate their lifejackets inside the plane, several passengers did. They were unable to escape the rising water inside the plane. So it is probably a good idea to look up from your magazine when the flight attendant is giving the safety demonstration.

Customs officers are watching everywhere. They are watching you from the moment you walk off the plane, while you are standing in Baggage claim waiting for your bag, and especially when you come out the other side of Customs, which is when people who are trying to smuggle something finally let their guard down and get caught.

The large two-way mirror in Customs, behind which customs officers sit and watch is part of that process. As you walk past, it makes you look taller and thinner. So you feel good about yourself and you relax and smile. Birds are one of the major problems for any airport when planes are taking off and landing. Any large bird can easily cause an accident.

It flies into the engine, totally destroying itself and the machinery. Smaller birds are less of a problem.

In some cases they can do some damage, but usually they are just roasted. W heelchairs are a big problem for airline staff. Not only is there always a shortage of them for the people who really need them, but what is worse, some of the people who request them often don't need them at all. I've lost count of the number of times I have pushed someone through the airport, taken them through Customs and Passport Control, gotten a porter to pick up their luggage, and then seen the person jump up in Arrivals and move quickly toward their waiting relatives.

Another miracle, courtesy of the airline industry! After years in a wheelchair, he walks again! The passenger is usually so embarrassed that he disappears as quickly as he can. When this happens, there is often such a strong smell of roasted bird that passengers on the plane think that chicken is being cooked.

Where did you fly to? How long for? Were you carrying anything that you shouldn't have? How did you feel? Was anyone on the flight injured? Did you get jet lag? What was it like? What did you do? Before you listen, discuss questions with a partner and imagine what the answers will be. How many of the questions did you answer correctly? W hat exactly happened? Last updated at At We may shortly have to make an emergency landing on water.

We imagined that we were about to crash into the Atlantic.

American English File 1 Teachers Book 2nd Edition

It was awful. It was very traumatic. Everybody was terrified. I can't think of anything worse than being told your plane's about to crash. We would like to apologize to passengers on this flight.

Teaching a lesson with e-books - Oxford University Press

W hat do you think is the difference between the two highlighted verbs? The pilot was very experienced and had flown this route many times before. When the announcement was made, the plane had been flying for about three hours. Learn more about narrative tenses and the past perfect continuous, and practice them. Which ones have a past participle that is different from the simple past form? Write these past participles in the chart. Then listen and repeat.

Notice which are the stressed and unstressed words. Read a newspaper story. Then imagine you were a passenger on the plane, and tell your partner the story. The story can either be true or invented. If it's invented, try to tell it in such a convincing way that your partner thinks it's true. Choose one o f the topics below and plan what you're going to say.

Use the language in the Telling an anecdote box to help you, and ask your teacher for any other words you need. Talk about a time when you B show interest and ask for more details. Then decide whether you think the story is true or not. Then change roles. This happened to me a few years ago when I was on vacation in Florida. I was swimming in the ocean one day when I saw a shark. How big was it? I was.. The main events I decided to I felt G the position of adverbs and adverbial phrases V adverbs and adverbial phrases P word stress and intonation If you want a happy ending, that depends, of course, on where you stop your story.

Match each one to its title. The story o f m y life G eneration gap In the card s G ood intentions fifty w o rd sto ries. The fortune-teller had warned her that she had no future with him, yet here he was - five lonely years after their last meeting, begging her to join him in New York.

She felt unbelievably happy as she stepped on board the Titanic. I felt so proud. I started cleaning the bookcase. I'd bought the same book last year. They had agreed 2: Now it was 3: He prepared himself for confrontation as the door opened.

You're late again. Feel fat. Go on diet. Lose weight. Feel fabulous. download new clothes. Stage two: Eat normally but controlling intake. Look fabulous. New clothes slightly tight.

Stage three: Eat and drink normally potatoes, bread, pasta, AND smoothies. Old clothes thrown away. Back to stage one. Glossary A beg verbask somebody very strongly or anxiously for something C frantic adjvery worried D fabulous adjwonderful intake noun the amount of food and drink that you take into your body smoothie noun a drink made of fruit or fruit juice mixed with milk or ice cream 28 Think about what they mean and notice their position in the sentence.

Write them in the correct place in the chart. Who is it about? E x am nerves It was nearly 4 a. She had been working hard since lunchtime, but the exam was near.

Would she be able to finish on time? At nine the next morning she was in the classroom. Learn more about adverbs and adverbial phrases, and practice them. Then use the bold adverb to complete the sentence. It must be 50 words exactly not including the title and you must include at least two adverbs. Contracted form s e. First, in pairs, choose two o f the titles below. A su m m er rom ance A day to forget The lie Never again b Brainstorm ideas for the two plots and each write a first draft without worrying about the number o f words.

Then edit the stories, making sure they are exactly 50 words.

Which do you like best? Write a word short story. Online Practice 3B 29 Types of adverbs Time when things happen, e. Answer the questions with a partner. How often? When did you stop? Do you ever? The Gift of the Magi BY 0. That was all. And sixty cents of it was in pennies. Pennies saved one and two at a time by bargaining with the grocer and the vegetable man and the butcher until her cheeks burned with embarrassment. Three times Della counted it.

One dollar and eighty-seven. And the next day would be Christmas. There was clearly nothing to do but sit on the shabby little couch and cry. So Della did it. James Dillingham Young. James Dillingham, already introduced to you as Della. Which is all very good. Della stopped crying and fixed her makeup. She stood by the window and looked out at a gray cat walking a gray fence in a gray backyard. She had been saving every penny she could for months, with this result.

Expenses had been more than she calculated. They always are. Her Jim. She had spent many happy hours planning something nice for him. Something fine and rare. Something Jim deserved.

Then listen to the end of the story. What happens? What is the irony about the two presents? Do you like the way the story ends? W hen Della reached home she got out her curling irons and went to work repairing the damage to her hair.

Within forty minutes her head was covered with curls that made her look wonderfully like a naughty schoolboy. She looked at her reflection in the mirror long, carefully, and critically.

But what could I do - oh! What could I do with a dollar and eighty-seven cents? Jim was never late. The door opened and Jim stepped in. He stopped inside the door. His eyes were fixed on Della, and there was an expression in them that she could not read, and it terrified her. It was not anger, nor surprise, nor disapproval, nor horror, nor any of the sentiments that she had been prepared for.

He simply stared at her with a peculiar expression on his face. I just had to do it. My hair grows awfully fast. Now listen to P art 2. Sofronie offer Della for her hair? In what way are the two parts o f her career connected? Marion Pomeranc is the manager of literary programs at a non-profit organization in New York City called Learning Leaders.

She believes in dealing with serious topics in her books such as hunger and immigration, but in a way that children can relate to. Why does she mention the four books? J c Now listen again and mark the sentences T true or F false. Say why the F sentences are false. W hat does M arion say is important for getting a teenagers to read more b younger children to read?

LZ1 Accepting that they don't just have to read books to become good readers. Glossary adsabbreviation for advertisements goofy silly or foolish 32 Is Marion positive or negative about new technology and the future o f books? Where, when, and why?

Seuss is his use of language Match the speakers J, S , and R with the book titles they mention. Who J, S, or R? W hat do you think they mean?

Why did you like it so much? When and where? Online Practice 33 W hat do you think it means? Then take the questionnaire and add up your score. Explain why you do or don't do these things. See what your score means. D o you agree with it? I turned on the shower, intending to get in right away even though the water takes a while to warm up. But then I decided to brush my teeth, and suddenly the water had been running for over tw o minutes.

By the tim e I go t in, I was drowning in eco-guilt! I had wasted water Take the test. They can be recycled, can't they? I need a hot bath every day to relax. I download organic fruit and vegetables in markets or at farm stands. But that's probably all.

Great texts that motivate students to talk Four-skills syllabus with a clear focus on pronunciation Level-specific features to address learners' different needs Test Generator CD-ROMs Online support, resources, and lesson ideas Teacher Link.

Four-skills American English course with a communicative methodology, engaging texts, and a strong pronunciation syllabus - designed to get students speaking. Subscribe now to be the first to hear about specials and upcoming releases. South Pacific. Title Author. Refine By. Publication Date June pre-release. May release this month. Last 3 months.

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