Five-minute activities for business english pdf


Five-minute activities for Business English / Paul Emmerson and Nick Hamilton. p . cm. -- (Cambridge handbooks for 1. English language--Business English-- Problems, exercises, etc. 2. English alan maley and alan duff Games for Language Learning (third edition) activities in one level Five-Minu reading and writing skills for advanced students of. Introduction. 1. Needs analysis. 3. 1 Business topics: jobs and careers. Job skills. 4. What's your job? 5. Perks and drags. 5. My job and me. 6.

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Five-minute Activities For Business English Pdf

Five-Minute Activities for Business English. Cambridge. Handbooks for Language. Teachers. Series Editor. Scott Thornbury. Five-Minute. Activities for. Business. business english cambridge handbooks for language teachers pdf book jan 06 arthur hailey library this item five minute activities for business english. five minute activities for business english cambridge handbooks for language . kindergarten school, adios nonino for piano and string pdf, business law.

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Listen to the conversation and then answer the questions about shopping for clothes Listening Exercise: Telephone Call to a Business - A listening exercise. Listen to the conversation and then answer the questions based on the telephone call. Listen the conversation and then answer the question about the thief in the night. English Listening Practice - Listening skills are an essential part of any language.

Learn the best ways to practice speaking English.

My favorite Spanish language resources on an ESL website with scrambled exercise like activities. I love this ESL website!

Five-minute activities for Business English

More scrambled exercise to add to your Spanish Language resources list. Another Spanish language resources for scrambled exercise challenges on this ESL website. Topic based Country 9.

Other Cambridge University Press. Cambridge Business English Activities is a book of 43 activities for enlivening business English classes.

The activities are student-centred, highly participative and designed to complement most business English syllabi and coursebooks. As many of Put students into pairs and divide the vignettes equally between student A and student B.

ESL warm-up activities and time fillers – 33 fun ways to start a class

Give students time to think about how to describe their pictures and ask for any vocabulary they need. In my picture there is I can see After that Tell students to work together to put the story in the correct order. Optional extension: Tell students to write the story. If there is dialogue or captions, blank it out. What are they doing? What happens next?

ESL warm-up activities and time fillers – 33 fun ways to start a class

What are they saying to each other? Put students in pair or small groups. Students practise their dialogues and read their version out to the class. What's the question? This activity is good for practising questions and for fluency practice on a range of topics.


Procedure Write a list of questions one per student in your class relating to your chosen topic. For example, if your topic is music, you could think of questions like: Who is your favourite singer? What is your favourite music to dance to?

What's the best concert you have ever been to? Adapt the questions to the level of your class.

Give each student a question. Tell students to write the answer to their question but not the question itself on a piece of paper or a sticky label. Tell them not to show anyone their answer yet. Tell the class the topic e. Now tell students to stand up and stick their label on their chest or hold their paper with their answer in front of them. Encourage students to ask follow-up questions and try to have a conversation, e.

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