WEEK HELLWEEK Day 1: Dione or Zeus Day 2: Squat MAX & Pushup MAX & Metis Day 3: Dione Day 4: Aphrodite Day 5: Dione or Zeus Day 6: Aphrodite. Freeletics Workout Plan. The Freeletics plan is based on a ‐week transformation period during which you complete a routine 4-‐5 times per week. Facebook · 1. hét itt 2. hét: Freeletics cardio 15 hetes program itt Megtalálsz a Freeletics Cardio & Strength/ Week 1 #aerobiccardio Workout Days, Cardio.

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Freeletics 15 Weeks Pdf

Hey guys, my roommates found freeletics sometime ago and we loved it. that's how: download terney.info of the pro version and the pdf with the. TRAINING INSTRUCTIONS In the following, you will find all training instructions for the next 15 weeks. One session equals the amount of. Freeletics Workout Plan. The Freeletics plan is based on a ‐week transformation period during which you complete a routine 4-‐5 times per.

Mandatory breaks are included into workouts times. As many repetitions as possible. No breaks. Then do all repetitions in the according version. On the one hand they reduce the risk of injuries and on the other hand they make sure that performances are comparable. Read the standards carefully and adhere to them. Your knees hips and shoulders are in a line. Movement: Drop down, extend your feet back and touch the ground with your chest. Get back up however you want to, not necessarily a strict pushup and perform a jump - both feet leave the ground, your knees, hips and shoulders are in a vertical line and your hands touch behind your head. End: When your feet touch the ground again, one repetition is completed. Remarks: Make sure to keep your abs and back tight during the bottom part of the movement. Movement: Bring one foot level with your hands. Switch feet. End: Each side counts as one repetition. Remarks: During the whole movement, only your hands and feet may touch the ground and your hips have to be below your shoulders at the end of every rep.

Freeletics Beginner: What you need to know to get started

You can change your focus during the week plan the new focus will be reflected in the training schedule starting the following week.

You can make this change in your profile under the Member section. For more information on this subject, please go to the FAQ section. The Cardio Coach helps you improve your endurance without building a lot of muscle mass. The biggest customer group of this coach consists of individuals who are overweight mostly men , as well as all-around good athletes.

This training plan provides the greatest variety of exercises. Warm-up Be sure to warm up prior to starting each training session.

Here is a video with a sample warm-up that I put on YouTube a while back. Taking breaks during workouts You can take as much time as you want to complete your workouts.

Generally speaking, your ambition will soon kick in because each workout is timed. It is much more important, especially in the beginning, to develop good technique as shown in the Freeletics Exercise demo videos than to try to beat the time of the featured athletes.

Most workouts do not include a planned break.

Freeletics 15 weeks pdf download

The motto: complete the workout as quickly as possible while using solid technique. Wherever breaks are indicated, they should be strictly observed. It is not necessary to stuff yourself with nutritional supplements during your training. Just the opposite: fresh food is the better choice. But not just that: you need to choose the right foods in order to reach your goal which is generally loosing weight, building muscle, or both.

Here is where the Freeletics Nutrition Guide comes into play. The Nutrition Guide will help you reach your goal, and that without expensive supplements. Every week you will receive interesting recipes that are easy to prepare. You can find helpful answers to many frequently-asked questions in my extensive FAQ section.

Please give a thumbs up! Make sure too keep your core tight. Your palms touch your thighs. Movement: Make your feet touch and make your hands touch behind your head. Remarks: When your hands are touching, your elbows have to be in a line with your shoulders and your head has to be upright during the whole movement.


Movement: Lift both of your legs until they are vertical. End: Return them back to starting position to complete one repetition. Remarks: During the whole movement, your legs have to be straight and your feet have to be in contact.

Your hands have to lie flat on the ground next to your body. Make sure to keep your core and back tight and push your lumbar region to the ground. You can grip the bar however you want to. Movement: Pull yourself up until your chin is above the bar. Remarks: Make sure to keep your shoulders, your neck and your back tight especially if you kip.

Then return back to starting position in a controlled movement.

Your chest touches the ground. However, neither your hips nor your thighs may touch the ground. Your feet may not be more than shoulder width apart. Movement: Push up until your arms are completely locked. Remarks: Your body has to be in a line throughout the whole movement. Specifically, your chest may not leave the ground before your hips and legs.

Your hands have to leave the ground before every repetition.

Freeletics Beginner: What you should know before starting Freeletics

Make sure to keep your abs and gluts tight. If the exercise is too difficult or becomes too difficult during the workout, do the modified version: Perform the movement from your knees. Both of your hands touch the ground in front of your feet. Movement: Move your torso downwards and touch the ground behind your head with both hands.

Remarks: Your butt and feet have to touch the ground during the whole movement and - except for the starting position and turning point - your hands are neither allowed to touch your body nor the ground. Make sure to keep your core and back tight. Movement: Lower your hips below your knees. Remarks: Make sure to keep your weight on your heels, your chest up and your back flat.

Keep working! Freeletics is not a transformation program. Freeletics is a sport, a way of life.

There is no end to it. The further you get, the more specific the requirements for a training plan get that will still allow you to make significant progress. We are therefore soon offering personalized training recommendations to our app users. They will enable you to reach your goals faster than ever.

No matter if you use our app or not, keep training! Stay hardworking and disciplined.

Unleash your potential and let nobody hold you back. We developed Freeletics because we believe in the potential of every single one of you; because we believe that there is so much more within you than you dare to think; because we believe that unleashing these potentials will make your lives better. In return, we expect you to be fair.

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