Teacher's Book Class CDs Flashcards IWB Teacher's resource CD/CD-ROM. MM Publications is a publisher for English language teaching material - Complete ELT and ESL solutions. New Get Smart 2 - TEACHER'S BOOK component. Get Smart, con una storyline di forte impatto fotografico, più di minuti di filmati didattici per i 3 anni, un minicorso per l'Esame di Stato, materiali per.

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Get Smart 2 Teachers Book

Oxford University Press English Language Teaching Student's Site Get Smart 2 . Extra Book · Student's Book: MP3 audio files · Workbook: MP3 audio files. GET SMART 2 TEACHER'S BOOK (BRITISH EDITION) [Author] on terney.info *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. terney.info: Get Smart 2 Teacher's Book () by Rob Nolasco and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books available now.

Lisa In China: Level 2. Key features. Top Readers aspire to involve students from beginner to Upper-Intermidiate in the study of literuture and the exploitation of language through interesting texsts-full-colour illustrations-two pages of activities for each chapter, including a variety of comprehension, speaking and writing exercisesTeacher's Book includes:-teacher's notes-step-by-step quidance for teachers-factfiles with background information and characters' description-games-revision tests — key to tests. It has a strong structural syllabus with particular emphasis on developing the reading and writing skills that are so important where English is used in an academic setting. It familiarises young learners with the sounds of the English language.

Unfortunately, the illustrations, artwork and in-house characters are reminiscent of course books for young learners published in the sixties of the last century. Children aged five might respond well to this kind of style, however, it will be interesting to see how the artwork of the course will change as the learners grow older.

Get smart British edition.. Mitchell and M. Get smart 4.

Get Smart 2 Teacher's Book

Get smart is a six level primary course for young learners in primary education. It takes the learners from the beginners level up to pre-intermediate level A2. The course is learner centered and it actively engages the children. They not only learn how to use the language, but also explore the environment around them and interact with other learners.

The book has a good balance of the four skills integrated with cross-curricular content such as health — eating the right food, art — making something new from something old, science — germs, or social studies — safety at home.

The two parts I have looked at also contain a phonics section, in which phonemic awareness is developed, and the correlation between sounds in speaking and letter combinations in writing are explored. The question remains at what point young language learners no longer need phonics and when to stop teaching it.

With native children the moment comes when they can correctly read words they do not know; surely there needs to be a cut off point when you are learning a foreign language.

The illustrations and artwork are a mixture of drawings, cartoons and photographs, and the in-house characters are children who are the same age as the language learners using the book.

However, the book covers are not very appealing. Cherry with G. Gerngross and H.

Mitchell H.Q.

Helbling Languages. The publications accompany the highly successful course published in The new components supplement the course book and introduce additional activities related to CLIL, developing motor skills, citizenship, critical thinking, cognitive skills and drama.

Sample activities are devoted to naming shapes, tracing and drawing shapes, what happens when you inflate or deflate a balloon, acting out a story, putting a story in order, recognising and naming the five senses, chanting, recognising and naming different forms of transport, what happens to objects when they are placed in water, learning how sounds are made, playing games, the importance of washing hands and many others.

The activities offer the children an opportunity to engage and interact, and to learn about the surrounding world and themselves. The illustrations and artwork echo the course books and uses the same in-house characters. This is a very valuable publication which adds more depth to the course.

Garnet Oracle Readers.

Code Smart Computing 11 - 14 | Encounter Edu

Garnet Education. Level 1 - Zoo Diary. ISBN , pp The series editor and the author of a number of the readers in the series is an experienced teacher and author of ELT materials, including graded readers for various publishers. His expertise is clearly visible in the choice of texts, the topics and the variety.

Some of the stories are narratives; some come in the form of a diary or dialogues. The illustration and visual materials include pictures in various styles, maps, photographs and diagrams. The stories are very well written and a pleasure to read — a teenager kidnapped by aliens, secrets of the London Underground discovered by a night cleaner, a mystery story, the relationship between a student and a teacher, or a modern house haunted by a tidy ghost. The stories are accompanied with resource pages, activity pages and a glossary explaining some of the more difficult words used in the text.

At the moment there are four titles available at each level. Let us hope there are more to come. People going at that pace can expect to spend anywhere from 20 to 60 minutes a week on the course.

This amount of time can vary depending on your current level of knowledge and the complexity of the lesson that you're on. However, you can move at any pace you'd like. Some people go through the whole course in just a few weeks.

My kids were struggling to learn grammar until we got Get Smart. Elizabeth does an awesome job of starting small and building into it.

As a mom of more than four kids, I love the ease of hitting play and us all watching Elizabeth teach these concepts. I don't have a very good Internet connection, and I'm concerned that I won't be able to use the videos.

The videos are not available as DVDs, but they are all downloadable with your access. That means you can download them in non-peak times and play them back whenever you'd like without any playback issues. Also, know that you don't need to watch the videos. Each video accompanies a written lesson. You can easily go through the program using just the written lessons if you'd like.

What's the difference between the school-based and home-based programs? The programs contain the exact same content, but the school-based version also includes a username and password for students. This allows them to log in and view only the student material. The difference in price also accounts for the way we license the program to teachers.

After a teacher downloads the program, it is hers to use for the duration of her career. There are no license renewal fees.

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