Chapter Nineteen. Chapter Twenty. Chapter Twenty-One. Chapter Twenty-Two. Chapter Twenty-Three. Chapter Twenty-Four. Chapter Twenty-Five. Chapter. This trilogy is an arrangement of young adult and grown-up science fiction books written by Veronica Roth. It is a dystopian novel set in the Divergent Universe; that gimmicks a post-prophetically calamitous form of Chicago. Download Divergent [PDF], Insurgent [PDF] and Allegiant. Read an excerpt from Insurgent by Veronica Roth. Tris's initiation day should have been marked by celebration and victory with her chosen faction; instead, the day ended with unspeakable horrors. New York Times bestselling author Veronica Roth's much-anticipated second book of the.

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Insurgent-Veronica Roth ENG - dokument [*.pdf] Dedication To Nelson, who was worth every risk Contents Title Page Dedication Epigraph Chapter One Chapter. [PDF] Insurgent (Divergent Series) by Veronica Roth Online^ Audiobook^ Download or read Aqualeo's The Book of Insurgent (Divergent ePub Oxford EAP: Upper-Intermediate / B2: A Course in English for Academic Pu. Downloads PDF Divergent / Insurgent / Allegiant, PDF Downloads English ISBN: Publication Date: Release Date: ; 3.

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Sorry, kids. Spock's call. The first big negative right off the bat was that Insurgent picks up directly after Divergent left off. There is virtually no recap to the story or characters and if you read the book a year ago, well, you may be screwed.

But thankfully, Roth wrote up a lovely little cheat sheet for just this purpose. However, the problem doesn't just lie with remembering names. It lies with the connection the reader may or may not have had with the characters in Divergent, which was now non-existent since I could barely remember who was who.

What's that you say? So and so just got shot in the head? I'm sorry, I can't find a single fuck to give.

Then, we are introduced to even more characters. So, not only do I have to attempt to remember the old characters, but I have to keep track of these newbies too? That's just way too much work. Obviously, this isn't really Insurgent's fault, but I thought it would helpful to point this out.

The Plot: What happened here? What happened to the action packed dystopian series I was introduced to in Divergent? Where the hell was Tris and why was Bella playing her role? Why did Four suddenly update his Facebook status to Douche Bag?

Who's idea was it to turn Insurgent into a Dystopian Romance? One thing I loved about Divergent was that the romance took a back seat to the story and action.

Divergent Book Free PDF Download & Reviews

But in Insurgent the action is scattered with a heavier focus on Tris and Four's relationship. Look, that is not what I signed up for.

I really don't care if Four loves Tris or if they'll end up riding a unicorn that poops rainbows as they ride off into the sunset. Whatever, whatever, whatever. So, the Erudite are trying to take over their world by creating a new serum for those that are Divergent while the Factionless plan a rebellion. But all that usually happens in the background with occasional mention to keep the reader up to date. Most of the novel we are stuck in Tris' head as she goes into angst mode over Four, her parents and Will.

On repeat.

[PDF] Insurgent (Divergent Series) by Veronica Roth Online^ Audiobook^

Save me. But wait! We have a random plot twist at the end right before the battle is about to go down. Marcus Four's abusive father decides to enlist Tris to help him retrieve information stolen from Abnegation. He tells her it's super secret and that he can't tell her what it is because it's something you have to see, that she'll just have to trust him.

Doing so would betray Four.

She agrees. Tris hates Marcus. Tris loves Four. Tris doesn't know what information they would be retrieving. She also doesn't know if Marcus is telling her the truth. She has absolutely no reason to believe him.

No real evidence to back up his claim. Without much thought. Tris is supposed to have an aptitude for Erudite, right? He nods. We landed in the grass near the fence, several yards away from the worn path that the Amity trucks travel to deliver food to the city, and the gate that lets them out—the gate that is currently shut, locking us in. The fence towers over us, too high and flexible to climb over, too sturdy to knock down.

What happened to our friends, our peers, our leaders, our factions?

Insurgent by Veronica Roth

There is no way to know. Tobias approaches a small metal box on the right side of the gate and opens it, revealing a keypad. He stops at the eighth one, and the gate clicks open. His voice sounds thick with emotion, so thick I am surprised it does not choke him on the way out. He gives Tobias a wary look. I never thought about it that way before, and now that seems foolish. Pinpricks of light are the first sign that we are nearing Amity headquarters. Then squares of light that turn into glowing windows.

A cluster of wooden and glass buildings. Before we can reach them, we have to walk through an orchard. My feet sink into the ground, and above me, the branches grow into one another, forming a kind of tunnel.

Dark fruit hangs among the leaves, ready to drop. The sharp, sweet smell of rotting apples mixes with the scent of wet earth in my nose. He leads us past the first building to the second one on the left. All the buildings except the greenhouses are made of the same dark wood, un- painted, rough.

I hear laughter through an open window. The contrast between the laughter and the stone stillness within me is jarring. Marcus opens one of the doors.

I would be shocked by the lack of se- curity if we were not at Amity headquarters. They often straddle the line between trust and stupidity. In this building the only sound is of our squeaking shoes.

Marcus stops before an open room, where Johanna Reyes, represent- ative of Amity, sits, staring out the window. A scar stretches in a thick line from just above her right eyebrow to her lip, rendering her blind in one eye and giving her a lisp when she talks. I have only heard her speak once, but I remem- ber. She would have been a beautiful woman if not for that scar. She walks toward him with her arms open.

She is referring to the group of Abnegation who were with my father and Marcus in the safe house. I can grant you all permission to stay the night, but tomorrow, our community must decide together. I of course ask you to turn over any weapons you might have. I am still wearing a gray shirt. At that moment, his smell, which is an even mixture of soap and sweat, wafts upward, and it fills my nose, fills my entire head with him.

I clench my hands so hard into fists that my fingernails cut into my skin. I promise.

According to Burger, "We had to be very strategic in the way that we shot her. She always had some sort of file or case in her hand that was sort of protecting, you know, her bump. Filming began in Chicago on April 16, , and concluded on July 16, Wells Street, Chicago. Ellie Goulding's " Beating Heart " was included in the film as original soundtrack and later the assisting video was also released from Goulding's YouTube channel.

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