Back to the Wild is a conglomerate of the authentic and original photographs taken by Chris McCandless on his the journey that inspired to Into the Wild. Alaska and walked alone into the wilderness north of Mt. McKinley. . improbably light load for a stay of several months in the back-country, especially so early. Back To The Wild [Christopher McCandless] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The photographs and writings of Christopher McCandless.

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Chris McCandless New Book - Back to The WIld. DVD and Book “Back to the Wild” The Christopher Johnson McCandless Memorial Foundation, Inc. Eighteen . On August 18, , Chrisopher McCandless died alone in a bus in the Alaskan backcountry. Before his stay in the bus that others now visit as. Sick, injured or orphaned wildlife require careful and skilled attention if they are to be rehabilitated and successfully reintegrated back to the wild. The. RSPCA.

Before his stay in the bus that others now visit as a pilgrimage, he journeyed all over North America. This gallery features some of the photos and notes from his ramblings. November 1, Whether double-exposed purposefully or by fate, this specter image shows Alex pointing to the future, which focuses on traveling south via the Colorado River until it reaches its terminus at the Sea of Cortez in Mexico. Every horizon brings a fresh awakening to his adventuring soul. November 15, The still water acts as a camera which captures the reflected ruins of an old railroad brdige and part of the Palo Verde irrigation system. The only sign of man is the rippling of the water possibly made by Alex's paddle. Late December Alex finds contentment among the Slab denizens who, like him, do not judge others by outward appearance. An unedited excerpt from a letter dated january 19, to Wayne Westerberg from Russell Fritz follows: That evening we ate at The Sizzler, having steak and lobster. I told him he could come back anytime and we would have dinner together. We became good friends. I taught him leather crafting and he made himself a belt. I enjoyed listen to him talk.

I enjoyed listen to him talk. March After a day's work at the grain elevator, friends and workers join Wayne in the office to unwind. Shown facing the camera left to right are Wayne, Troy Hamilton from Wayne's harvesting crew and Alex.

April 30, , Alex's log notes: Denali Day Alex witnesses a rare sight. McKinley or Denali, its Athabasca name, is seldom seen this clearly.

It is similar to the words he penned in South Dakota during Trek 8 bearing the title "Aesthetic Creed. This is my dawn. Real life has just begun. Deliberate living.

Conscious attention to your immediate environment and its concerns. Circumstance has no value.

Christopher McCandless Back To The Wild Book | Christopher McCandless photographs and journal

It is how one relates to a situation that has value. All true meaning resides in the personal relationship to a phenomenon May 1, The sun sets on Alex's new dwelling place where he finds warmth and shelter from the elements.

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During his journey, Chris used 35mm film for all of his images. Take notice of the image on the back cover. In fact, probably thinking he had an unexposed roll of film; Chris reloaded an already exposed roll and began shooting. Without knowing, Chris was in fact taking a picture over another picture creating a classic double exposure and giving the viewer more to contemplate and question.

He was 24 years old.

When his body was eventually found and evacuated, state troopers recovered five rolls of exposed film and cryptic diary entries Chris had inscribed in the back of a book about edible plants. Even after that puzzle was solved, however, a greater puzzle remained: Where had Chris been and what had he done since dropping off the radar in the summer of ? Whom had he met? What was he thinking and feeling?

Return To The Wild - The Chris McCandless Story

Many details of his peregrinations will never be known, but it turned out that Chris had stashed a photo album in South Dakota before heading north on his final adventure, and after careful study the pictures yielded a wealth of crucial information.

Krakauer had the plant tested for any toxins and, through tests on Hendysarum alpinum, it was discovered that it contained an unidentifiable form of toxin.

However, when the Eskimo potatoes from the area around the bus were later tested in a laboratory of the University of Alaska Fairbanks by Dr. Thomas Clausen, toxins were not found. Krakauer later modified his hypothesis, suggesting that mold of the variety Rhizoctonia leguminicola may have caused McCandless's death.


Rhizoctonia leguminicola is known to cause digestion problems in livestock, and may have aided McCandless's impending starvation. Krakauer hypothesised that the bag in which Chris kept the potato seeds was damp and the seeds thus became moldy.

If McCandless had eaten seeds that contained this mold, he could have become sick, and Krakauer suggests that he thus became unable to get out of bed and so starved.

His basis for the mold hypothesis is a photograph that shows seeds in a bag.

Following chemical analysis of the seeds, Krakauer now believes that the seeds themselves are poisonous.

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