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Welcome to the Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask Walkthrough. The walkthrough below is a complete % Majora's Mask walkthrough that will cover a full run. Welcome to IGN's strategy guide to The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. In this guide, Check out IGN Insider today for additional PDF Guides! Page whom the Skull Kid robbed of Majora's Mask. The mysteriou?businessman strikes up a deal with the boy trapped in the Deku Scrub body: If Link can find his .

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Majoras Mask Walkthrough Pdf

The Legend of Zelda - Majora's Mask - Official Nintendo Player's Guide - Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read online for free. This week's featured PDF guide is our complete walkthrough to By popular request: the full walkthrough and guide to Majora's Mask for N Click here for our Majora's Mask Guide in PDF Format. If you aren't a registered IGNinsider you'll be required to pay for the service before you.

Stuck in The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask? Perhaps what you need to get through the game is an IGN-created, downloadable, print-ready PDF guide to walk you through every nook and cranny of the game. Yes, that is most definitely the answer. Repeat after us, even if you have already completed the game. Very good! Well, you can have it. All you need to do is sign up for our subscription based IGNinsider site. Plus, you get even more love from us. Just look at the features in this Zelda guide, for example.

Many areas can be accessed only by use of these abilities. Link and his three transformations receive different reactions from non-player characters. The final obtainable mask is the Fierce Deity's Mask. Although the use of this mask is strictly limited to boss battles, it is possible to wear it anywhere using a glitch.

Upon donning this mask, Link grows to nearly two-and-a-half times his normal height and gains white clothes and war paint on his face. Other masks provide situational benefits. Less valuable masks are usually involved only in optional side-quests or specialized situations. Examples include the Postman's Hat, which grants Link access to items in mailboxes, [5] and Kafei's Mask, which initiates a long side-quest to receive the Couple's Mask.

If he does not before the 72 hours expire, then the moon will destroy Termina and Link will lose everything he accomplished during these three days. A real-time countdown will begin when only 6 hours remain.

Owl statues scattered across certain major areas of the world allow the player to temporarily save their progress after activation and also provide warp points to quickly navigate the world. Other uses for music include manipulating the weather, teleporting between owl statues spread throughout Termina, and unlocking the four temples. Each transformation mask uses a different instrument: Deku Link plays a multi-horn instrument called the "Deku Pipes", Goron Link plays a set of bongo drums tied around his waist, and Zora Link plays a guitar made from a large fish skeleton.

Jackson Guitars created a limited edition 7-string replica of this guitar that was the grand prize in a contest in Nintendo Power , known as the " Jackson Zoraxe ". Blue bars on the notebook's timeline indicate when characters are available for interaction, and icons indicate that Link has received items, such as masks, from the characters. Termina is a world that only exists within a perpetual three day limbo , between the time when Link first enters Termina at the beginning of Majora's Mask, and when the Moon crashes into Termina, causing its apocolyptic destruction , three days later.

It was formed prior to the start of the game, after the Skull Kid steals an ancient mask of dark magic called Majora's Mask. The Skull Kid's burdened heart and the mask's powers formed the parallel Termina into existence.

One of these myths tells of how Termina was divided into four quadrants by four magic giants that live in each of the land's regions. The world is also full of notable oddities, such as the moon having a face, and twisted, disturbed aspects, most notably the "limbo" of repeating destruction that the world is stuck in.

This was a combined result of the world being formed around skull kid's memories of Hyrule, his heart being stuck in limbo due to his past broken bond with four "spirits", and the dark nature of the ancient tribe that Majora's Mask belonged to.

At the center of Termina lies Clock Town, which features a large clock tower that counts down the days before the Carnival of Time—a festival where the people of Termina pray for good luck and harvests.

Termina Field surrounds Clock Town; beyond lie a swamp, mountain range, bay, and canyon in each of the four cardinal directions. Each of the areas contains a temple and is home to a unique race of creatures who have in some way been impacted by the misdeeds of the Skull Kid.

The Southern Swamp contains the Deku Palace and the Woodfall Temple, an ancient shrine that contains monsters and a giant masked jungle warrior, Odolwa, who has been poisoning the swamp. The Snowhead mountain range, north of Clock Town, is the site of the Goron village. Normally a lush pine forest region most of the year, the area has been experiencing an unusually long winter caused by the mechanical monster Goht in Snowhead Temple. A giant masked fish, Gyorg, is generating storms and contaminating the water surrounding the Great Bay Temple.

The desolate Ikana Canyon, to the east of Clock Town, is the site of a former kingdom. It is inhabited mainly by the undead, except for a ghost researcher and his daughter Pamela, as well as a thief named Sakon. Two giant masked insectoid serpents known as Twinmold are casting a dark aura from their nest in Stone Tower Temple, causing the corpses of former citizens and soldiers to be revived as undead monsters. In a sidequest, Link can help Romani protect the ranch's cows from being abducted by alien-like creasures of unknown origin colloquially dubbed "Ghosts", "Them", and "They".

The children are never named nor otherwise referenced in the game, though they resemble the Traveling Mask Salesman. Link follows them down a dark cave and confronts the Skull Kid, who taunts him and casts a curse transforming him into a Deku Scrub.

Tatl prevents Link from pursuing the Skull Kid as the latter escapes with Tael through a door, but is then separated from them when the door closes behind them.

Realizing she needs Link's help to find them, Tatl insists that they work together.

Link follows the Skull Kid through the cave into the inside of the Clock Tower in the land of Termina. There, he meets the Happy Mask Salesman, who seemed to have been following him. MIKAU 3. How to SAVE for the first time 6. Become human again 7.

MAP 2. If you want to know how to get Epona, read this section there's other stuff here too BOMB D. LINK 2. MIKAU 5. EPONA 6. TATL 7. TAEL 8. ANJU 3. KAFEI 4. TOTO GROG SHIRO MAP b. A little Christmas humor.

E-MAIL 1. Please read this before e-mailing me with something not related to Majora's Mask. Please read this before sending me an Instant Message not related to Majora's Mask. I may add a couple things later, but it's done for now. Sorry for taking so long, I wrote the update like back in October or something, and I just didn't get around to submitting it.

In other news, my bedman fcmail. Send all your questions, comments, flames, etc. Also, WHquestion shut down. I'm really really sad :' But now I am also a neopets user www. If you want to be my neofriend, my username is Bedman duh.

One other note: Up until now, I've been storing this file on a floppy disk. That floppy disk decided to go completely crazy and delete certain sections of my files. The result: I have to patch up some areas that were deleted with data from older versions of this file. Fortunately, nothing new was deleted and I am now storing my FAQs on my hard drive to be safe.

The Legend of Zelda - Majora's Mask - Official Nintendo Player's Guide Scan

I should have all the deleted areas replaced before I upload this, but if something seems really unusually tweaky, it means that I haven't gotten around to replacing it. Send me an e- mail with the exact location of the problem. It doesn't take place in Hyrule, but in a parallel world called Termina, where everyone looks like someone else in Hyrule.

Some items are re- turning, but some of them can now be used by Young Link, the only age you'll be using in this game. You will have to travel through time, but instead of going forward seven years, you have to go back three days. What happens on the third day? The moon will fall right out of the sky You'll have to go back in time to the beginning of your quest, though you keep most important items.

Events that you watched once will unfold again, and some you'll be able to stop from happening. A poor old woman is attacked and a Bomb Bag shows up at an illegal shop a day later. If you save the old woman, the Bomb Bag reaches it's true destination and goes on sale at the Bomb Shop. You can watch the carpent- ers construct a tall wooden tower for the upcoming carnival, then you travel back in time and it reverts to it's original shorter height.

So what do you need to do to win? Find something s to stop the moon from falling. And you only have the same three days to do it. Also for those who are new to the series, please don't call Majora's Mask "Zelda 2" because Zelda 2 is the title of one of the old-school NES Zelda games.

I get a little confused when people are like "I need help with Zelda 2" and I'm like "I don't know much about it, I'm really more of an expert on Majora's Mask It uses "innovative cel-shaded graphics" that make it look like a Powerpuff Girls cartoon. Now, for those of you who aren't new to the series and you haven't yet played much of MM, here's a list of the similarities and differences between OoT and MM: Differences: - Link is slightly older than kid Link from OoT - Only one age no adult Link - Instead of traveling back and forth seven years, you repeat the same 3 days over and over - There are three times the masks for a total of 24 masks to collect, many with special uses, plus you can carry more than one at a time!

That's a deku baba! It's easy! This section just goes over the basics of the game, which you should already know if you played Ocarina of Time. It's also mostly covered in the manual, so if you read the manual, you won't learn much. While Z-Targeting, attacks will be more accurate, and talking to people or reading signs will be easier. Link will always face the item he has Z- Targeted, and the controls will change slightly while using Z-Targeting.

Once you use it enough, you'll get used to it and it'll become natural. If you see a colored arrow above an item, you can Z-Target it. Green arrows mean there's a sign or something else you can check. A blue arrow means you can talk to a person or thing. Yellow arrows appear above enemies.

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D

Switch is good for beginners. To use it, simply tap the Z Button to target an enemy. Tap it again to stop targeting or to switch to a different enemy. The Hold option is for more advanced players like me, obviously who have mastered the Z-Targeting system. It's better, but can be a little tougher to get used to. When you let go of the Z-Button, you'll quit using it. Just be warned that she can make you feel like a doofus, especially if you ask her about an enemy like a Deku Baba.

She'll say "Don't tell me you don't know about Deku Baba! Hit it with your sword! If you don't know about an enemy, though, it's probably best to listen to her to figure out how to defeat it or listen to my descriptions We didn't have anything like this in the older games Zelda games these days are just too easy.

Headset is best if you're using headphones, and Surround is if you have a really great Dolby Surround Sound System. It's not, it's for checking the brightness on your TV. If you can't see all four shades of gray, adjust the brightness on your TV so that you can. Note that most of these can only be used while Link is in his Hylian form.

Useful for destroy- ing crates, pots, etc. You'll quickly stab the enemy, and then you'll raise your shield right away. Press A again to drop it while standing still or to throw it while moving. Or, to climb on top of it, push UP on the control stick towards the block and then press A to climb on top of it when the blue icon says "Climb.

Chests usually contain useful items. Sometimes, doors can be locked.


If a door has chains on it and a lock, you need a key to open it. If it has metal bars on it, you must find a way to open the door defeating all the enemies in the room, pressing a switch, shooting an eye switch, lighting torches, etc. You can set different items to the bottom three C Buttons. While playing the game, press the C Button to use the item. My advice: always set the items to the same buttons, if possible.

This way, you can take them out quickly without looking at what they're set to example: I never assign the hookshot to the left c-button, and I never set the Bow to the bottom c-button and I never set anything but the Ocarina to the right c-button.

This allows me to immediately take out an item without looking at what button it's assigned to as long as I know that it is assigned. To permanently save the game, you must play the Song of Time, but this also sends you back in time to the beginning of the First Day.

All events that you cleared will revert to their original state, people's problems will return, and dungeon puzzles will return to their original unsolved state. You'll also lose all your rupees, arrows, Bombs, powder kegs, Bombchus, deku nuts, deku sticks, etc.

You'll also keep all important items like the Bow and the Hookshot and all the masks you have collected including the masks left behind after defeating a boss, which proves you've beaten them at least once. In some ways, this is annoying, but in some ways, it's good. It's sometimes fun to go back and pound the bosses again, especially after you're a lot stronger it took me about 5 minutes to beat Odowla the first time, and 30 seconds once I got a bigger sword.

You can temporarily save the game, once you're Hylian again, using the game's Interrupt Save feature. Once you whack an owl statue with your sword, you can temporarily save the game by Checking the owl statue, then selecting "Yes" to save temporarily.

This means that when you begin the game again, you'll return to the owl statue the same way you left it. If you now turn off the Nintendo 64, you'll lose all the stuff you've done since you last played the Song of Time. To save again, either use the Song of Time, or save at an owl again.

This is kind of like a really long pause, but you turn off the N Just like when you pause, you don't really save, it just stops for a while. Be sure you save again after using the Interrupt Save, unless you want to lose every- thing you did since the First Day.

Also, there's a way to save the number of rupees you have, even after playing the Song of Time. You can deposit rupees at the Bank in West Clock Town. These rupees will be saved and the guy will recognize you when you return even if you return as a Zora.

I think this is because he stamps your hand or something so he'll know you later when you return. You'll also get various rewards for depositing a lot of rupees in the bank. After depositing rupees, you'll get a bigger wallet, and after depositing 1, rupees, you'll get about 5 rupees that's called "interest".

You get something even nicer for depositing 5, rupees You'll have to collect the three masks to transform into the different form, and each form has it's own moves, strengths, and weaknesses. You'll often have to use a certain mask when you least expect it, like transforming into a Deku Scrub in the last temple to fly for short distances. Also, in each form, you'll take on the name of the character you got the mask from except the Deku Scrub.

Aim, then release to pop out and fly using two spinning pink flowers to fly for short distances. Control speed and direction with the control stick. Press A again to drop down, and B to drop Deku Nuts like little bombs useful for judging what you're above when trying to land on small objects. A required technique. Use this to reach the other side of water as a Scrub and to cross poisonous water.

After the fifth hop, you will fall into the water and sink, returning you to where you first hopped in un- less, of course, you reach the other side of the water or a lily pad.

While using this special speedy rolling, you can kill most enemies, bust through giant snowballs, and jump ramps to cross large gaps. You can also use it to roll up steep slopes, but you don't need to have spikes sticking out to roll up steep slopes.

Move around with the Control Stick. Press UP on the Control Stick to leap like a dolphin. The more important clock you should learn is the one that stays at the bottom of the screen at all times. This tells you what day it is and what time it is in the game, obviously. The other kind of clock is the real ones that are all over Clock Town.

They use a different format, but they're similar to normal clocks. Above the little sun or moon is a number. This is the current hour of the day. In the middle is a green or blue diamond. This shows what minute it is. This means it will take one Real minute for this dot to travel around the diamond. Once it reaches the top of the diamond, the hour indicator will change to the next hour.

The outer ring of the clock is the Minute Ring. There are four dots around it's edges, and sixty little tick marks. One of the dots is red, the other three are blue. As the Minute Ring turns, the red dot will travel around it. It's read the same way as a minute hand on a clock, meaning if it's at the top of the clock, it's at 0 minutes, if it's at the bottom of the clock, it's 30 minutes.

prima majora s mask guide pdf

The Hour Disk in the middle indicates the hour. There are four symbols around it, but only two of them are used. One of them is a bigger red circle. This points towards the hour, the same way the red dot is read. The other, larger, symbol changes between day and night. During the day, a sun is displayed. During the evening and night, a moon is displayed. It does, however, have a much greater reward.

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