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Pobierz plik *.epub. Opublikowany By the same author The Left Hand of God The Last Four Things PAUL HOFFMAN MICHAEL JOSEPH. The Last Four Things by Paul Hoffman. download download the Audiobook Download: . Hoffman has created a terrifying world and fitted it with strange and complex. The Last Four Things book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. The epic story of Thomas Cale-introduced so memorably in The.

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The Last Four Things Paul Hoffman Epub

Four Things. PAUL HOFFMAN. MICHAEL JOSEPH In the past Bosco would have beaten Cale severely for speaking to him like this. And Cale would have. Laddas ned direkt. Köp Last Four Things av Paul Hoffman på Format: E-bok; Filformat: EPUB med Adobe-kryptering. Om Adobe-. Paul Hoffman is the author of three previous novels, The Last Four Things (), The Left Hand of God (),The Golden Age of Censorship (), a black.

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Jun 05, Pages download. Aug 04, Pages download. Aug 04, Minutes download. Jun 05, Pages. Aug 04, Pages. Aug 04, Minutes. The epic story of Thomas Cale—introduced so memorably in The Left Hand of God—continues as the Redeemers use his prodigious gifts to further their sacred goal: The last four things represent eternal bliss—or endless destruction, permanent chaos, and infinite pain. Perhaps nowhere are the competing ideas of heaven and hell exhibited more clearly than in the dark and tormented soul of Thomas Cale.

When it comes time to decide the fate of the world, to ensure the extermination of humankind or spare it, what will he choose? The epic story of Thomas Cale-introduced so memorably in The Left Hand of God—continues as the Redeemers use his prodigious gifts to further their sacred goal: The last four things represent eternal bliss-or endless destruction, permanent chaos, and infinite pain. And though his broken heart foretells the bloody trail he will leave in pursuit of a personal peace he can never achieve, a glimmer of hope remains.

Paul Hoffman is the author of the critically acclaimed Left Hand of God series. Hoffman has created a terrifying world and fitted it with strange and complex characters. Clever phrasing and innate humor shine through…This novel will make a rousing next step for fans of Terry Goodkind, R.

Salvatore, and their ilk. This wonderful book gripped me from the first chapter and then dropped me days later, dazed and grinning to myself. Sinceramente deixou de me dizer o que quer que seja. Feb 19, Hanna rated it it was ok Shelves: I want to love the books in this series.

I probably do a bit. So let me explain my rating When reading the first book I fell in love with the main character. And the idea for the story? Very nice there Hoffman! But when I finished the first one I was left with the thought that not a lot had actually happened in it. Sure, there were parts of action and big revelations, but when I turned the last page I was still waiting for that something. Never the less hanging on the three star border Never the less was I totally excited for the second installment.

I though the style of the first one must surely have been just because of that: Everything would probably come together better and dig deeper into Cale as a character in the second one. But is just I am starting to wonder, and worry, if this is really the way the author writes his books. Still, the end was a magnificent cliffhanger that makes me want to download the next book right this second. Guess I'm reading the third one despite the lack of that something.

How does that equation add up? Book two of the series. Now recaptured Cale seems destined to help the Redeemers defeat all enemies and bring darkness down on the world. Feeling betrayed and now separated from his friends he attacks the role with relish out generaling all comers in brutal battles.

The book is grim, dark and utterly gruesome with maybe one character with a hint of redeeming features. Having said that I love the edgy feel and the matter of fact brutality is not gratuitous.

All in all a good series and looking fo Book two of the series. All in all a good series and looking forward to seeing how it concludes. Thomas Cale. View all 3 comments. Jun 14, Katrina Ly rated it it was amazing.

The writing was as gripping as always and no less expected from paul Hoffman whose fast becoming one of my favourite authors.

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In the four things, the world into which we were introduced before is developed further and you delve further into this fictional world, learning more of its histories and cultures. Which was very interesting.

So to me, as you might've guessed, this character was freaking amazing. First of all, this is not a book for the faint-hearted. If you love happy endings, perfect characters who never make mistakes and bright, cheerful atmospheres, DO NOT read this book. However if you don't mind dark, gritty books which pull you into a world of corruption and conspiracy, epic plans and battles and ingenious schemes with a little hint of romance or a lot and complicated relationships with friends, READ THIS NOW.

So what can you expect? From there you follow the torment and misery of Cale as he descends steadily into the darkness as well as other threads from other character's old and new like IdrisPukke, Vague henry and Bosco, all the way up to the inevitable and mind-bloeing twist at the end of the story that just makes you want the next book ASAP. So in conclusion if you don't mind dark books, read all about the epic and tragic wait actually ignore that, he might have a happy ending of Cale.

After all the harshness of his childhood and all the cruelty he had to endure I'm not really surprised Cale ended up the way he was. His fighting and tactical skills awe soooo awesome though. Sia chiaro che odio queste finte trilogie. Non sono tre romanzi, ma un unico romanzo in tre volumi. Mi tocca leggere il terzo tomo. May 07, Robin Carter rated it it was amazing. I think for a lot of people it will have a similar marmite effect, it is one of those books that leaps and bounds around the imagination, pulling references from the literary world willy-nilly EG: Edmund Spencer's A view of the present state of Ireland, to show a description of starvation which Hoffman does in gruesome fashion , the king James bible, a Boer war training manual and many more.

As well as ideas from historical references and a geographical elasticity that just boggles the mind, Spanish Leeds being just one example a story that is laced with cynicism at so many elements of society and religion. In this book there is also a heavy dose of cynicism aimed at the ease of propaganda and its use in society to tip the balance of power to any intended use. For me this is one of the most original fantasy series in many years, I have been put off fantasy in many ways since the death of David Gemmell, and this is one of the few authors able to drag me back.

I highly recommend this to anyone who likes their fantasy, their dark novels, and also to those fans of Historical fiction who like to dabble in fantasy Dec 04, Jason rated it really liked it Shelves: After my first read through the first book, I doubted that I would ever go on with the series. I decided to reread the first book, and I am glad that I did. The problems that I had with it the first time through now seemed forgivable and the story felt fresh and new. It is rare but on occasion a second time through can change your perspective.

We are treated to more story and more development of Cale. Because it is in your nature to do so. There is enough of mankind in you to wish to be other than what you are. You want to love, you want to show kindness, you want to be merciful. But in your heart you know you are none of these things. That is why people hate you and why the more you try to love them the more they fear you.

This is why the girl betrayed you and why you will always be betrayed as long as you live. You are a wolf pretending to himself that he is a lamb. I recommend this series and will be quickly moving on to the next book.

Sure I read it fast, but would I have read on if this had been book ? I have to read it ok then. The thing is that nothing happened, and if something happened it was rather fast and dull. What is Cole now? Srsly he should be older, I cannot take him for serious. He goes from lamenting over Arbell how old was she anyway?

All while I am all, just put a arrow through his neck. That kid needs a talking to. I liked him in book 1, there he was growing, here I c Sure I read it fast, but would I have read on if this had been book ? I liked him in book 1, there he was growing, here I cannot forget what a kid he is. Also, is this our world or not!?

Left Hand of God

If not, then why use our places names? If so, then how can they move so fast from one part to another? It is starting to annoy me, just make it fantasy and without a map I would not know. The crazy religious people, well you know what, crazy is always interesting and I hope they all die. It does sound like there are only bad things, oh! I forgot about the changing of tense, so annoying!

But yeah, it does hold promise, but this book had a serious case of second book syndrome. Not as good as the first one. This book was dragging and I had to skip so many pages about war and stuff that I didn't need to read about. Only in the last few pages,the plot started to become more interesting. I hope the next book is like the first one. Cosa dire, cosa dire Sta di fatto che anche con questo secondo libro siamo alle solite Tutta questa p Cosa dire, cosa dire Ora mi vado a leggere l'ultimo libro della trilogia e I will start with what I liked.

The first thing, which I also liked about the first book, was what feelings I have when reading about Cale. I feel pity, sympathy, but mixed in with disgust. Sometimes his actions make me cringe, and his coldness make me fear he knows no remorse, his actions make him seem like a stone-cold killer.

At other times however, I empathise with his burden, think him a hero, a saviour, etc.

The Last Four Things

Safe to say, very mixed emotions. But that is perfect, as that is what most people in the book feel towards Cale. Admiration mixed with fear. I very much like the way the author conveys these sentiments and drags the reader into the jumble of emotions. This is no ordinary protagonist. In my review of the first book, I commented on the narration, where the author seemingly talks to the reader. To explain subtext, or what I really liked, upon introducing a new character, in a very absorbing way, will delve into who the new character really is, and who people perceive him to be.

I feel the author fixes that with this second installment. His narrative style is now truly the style that is used throughout the book, and it serves the book well.

There is more consistency. I find this book much better written than the first one, not only because of the narrative style, but also because it has grown somewhat more verbose. Verbose for the sake of being verbose is never a good thing. But often it adds to the story, and it definitely does here. Events have more depth because they are better described. Characters are introduced more elaborately making you wonder whether to store all that information, because this person might turn out to be important.

Or will he? Seeds of doubt are planted with much more skill than in the first book, where some things were quite transparent. However, there are some things I don't like. I feel that more than half of the book is filled with battle tactics. It goes on and on and on and on. But this is the second in the series.

The first also had battle strategies, but when reading the first, I don't think anyone expects the second to be that much centered around strategizing. It was like the promise of the first book, content wise, was broken with the second book. Everyone that sees this through though, that manages to wrestle through all of the fighting talk, is awarded generously with again, an excellent and powerful ending which will make you crave the sequel.

The twist and turns in the plot are interesting, but I dare not judge more thoroughly than that. In the first book, there was what seemed to be an interesting plotline, starting at the beginning, concerning an item Cale finds. This plotline was seemingly tied off neatly by explaining what the item was. It left me dissatisfied and it felt a bit weak.

The author definitely knows how to create plotlines that make you want to read on and find out how they end.

But I hope, not every created plotline is finished up as clumsily as that of the item which I talk about in this paragraph. Promise is there, definitely, execution of ending could be better.

I dare not claim that the ending of the plotline as I perceive it, is the true ending of said plotline. Things have a way of popping back up. So maybe, I will get to eat my words later, I very much hope I will. To conclude; I thought the second book was better written than the first, massively better even, but I felt the pacing of the first without the constant battle tactics was faster, and the plotlines pushed you to read on.

Even though this book is not perfect very few are , I definitely recommend any fantasy reader to read this, as I feel most will very much enjoy it. Apr 29, Mark rated it really liked it Shelves: Bosco believes that God has ordained the race of mankind to be destroyed for it's imperfection and that Cale is the instrument of the Almighty's anger.

Cale, heartbroken and disillusioned by the events in the first book, goes along with Bosco's direction as life with the Re The Last Four Things continues the story begun in The Left Hand of God with Thomas Cale - the young man heralded as the 'Incarnation of God's Wrath' - back in the hand of the Redeemers and his erstwhile and hated master Bosco. Cale, heartbroken and disillusioned by the events in the first book, goes along with Bosco's direction as life with the Redeemers is one he understands, if not cares for.

He is sent to turn the tide in the war against the Antagonists and lead Redeemer forces to victory, so that Bosco will be able to reap the rewards of his protege's successes and gain futher power. This Cale accomplishes in a typically ruthless manner.

We also follow Cale's former cronies Vague Henri and Kleist. Kleist, having abandoned his fellow Redeemers to get as far away from his former life as possible, inadvertantly saves the life of a young girl who he subsequently falls for.

She brings him back to her tribe - a group of cheerfully craven bandits. Vauge Henri doggedly follows Cale in the hope that, with IdrisPukke's help, he can be made to escape the Redeemers again. As with the first book, I am little confused with the tone. The style of narration and the prose used is both florid and knowingly sardonic.

The story veers from pitch black humour to poignancy to uber-violence to ridiculous and back at breakneck speed. As with the previous installment I enjoyed the blatant potshots at the absurdity of religion which seems one of the major themes of the book. Even more than in the first book Hoffman uses real place names to populate this world like Switzerland, The Rhine, Stuttgart and most notably for me - my hometown Leeds which is cheerfully insulted, even in a fictional world.

Maybe it shouldn't be a big point but it jars me from fully enjoying the story. I get that maybe Hoffman is trying for the 'dark mirror of the real world' but Terry Pratchett manages a similar line without re-using existing names. Having said all that I enjoyed this book immensely despite it's flaws and uneven nature. Oct 06, Amandeep Singh rated it really liked it. I picked up the first book based on a good review by a critic.

I had a lot of high expectations from the first book The left Hand of God which unfortunately it was not able to live upto. But after starting the story I just had to see it through. So this is how I continued on the adventures of one Mr. Thomas Cale and believe me I was just blown away. The book was unputdownable not only because of the long chapters.

The Last four things is a good fast paced continuation to a rather slow start. The writer gets down to business in a no nonsense manner and makes you experience the fiction world of the Redeemers in a manner few may manage. I personally think this is a personal best for the writer.

Paul Hoffman is a clever writer who writes in a truly different manner. But once you truly get attuned to the words you start getting the juice flowing. It becomes a joy to read him and I will certainly recommend this book. To conclude I would like to state that the book is a major triumph and I can't wait for the conclusion of the trilogy. Many a time we see a story building up to a crescendo and then falling flat at the end something I will not like at all in this case.

The expectation shall be numerous and to make a satisfying conclusion shall be a challenge for the writer. I hope he delivers a knockout punch. Pro- Good read Fast paced Nice character development Cons- Somewhat confusing language At times the chapters were lengthy.

Sep 16, drey rated it it was ok Shelves: When we last saw Thomas Cale, he'd just gone through battle and heartbreak, then was handed over to the Redeemer who made Cale's life at the Sanctuary positively miserable. He learns that Redeemer Bosco actually has a plan for him--to mold him into the Angel of Death.

And as it happens, so far Cale has been pretty darn good at bringing chaos and ruin wherever he goes Now, to say that Cale is an evil mastermind is completely overstating it--he's just had a combination of mostly bad luck and o When we last saw Thomas Cale, he'd just gone through battle and heartbreak, then was handed over to the Redeemer who made Cale's life at the Sanctuary positively miserable.

Now, to say that Cale is an evil mastermind is completely overstating it--he's just had a combination of mostly bad luck and overconfident ego. Which doesn't change in The Last Four Things He's still a cocky teenager, only now he has the Redeemers behind him. He's still furious at Arbell's betrayal--though what else was she to do? And he's still a teenager, thumbing his nose at the Redeemers when he doesn't think they'll get it, and even sometimes when they do.

So then are we surprised that calamity and glory meet Cale in equal increments in this sequel? Why, of course not. I expected Cale to do a little growing up here. Yes, I know he's had fifteen years of indoctrination by the Redeemers, but he's had time--and he's smart enough--to figure out that not everything they say is truth. So I was a little disappointed when he mostly reverts to his former self though he's verbal now and nurses resentments that he might not if he'd just grow up a little There's a lot of tongue-in-cheek humor in The Last Four Things, as well as a lot of needless bloodshed.

The Last Four Things (The Left Hand of God, #2) by Paul Hoffman

Of course, all bloodshed is needless in my opinion , but even more so when it's the result of mostly stupid actions. As my little man will tell you, I do not like stupid.

Excessive stupidity even less so. And while I enjoyed the overall plot I did wonder where all the smart people went. Feb 23, Thomas Edmund rated it liked it. I really wasn't going to go forward with this series. After finding Left Hand a painful and clumsy exercise in poor writing I decided to ditch the series which is a big thing for me Unfortunately some well-meaning friends gave me the third book for xmas last year.

Well me being me, rather than thanking my friends and returning the book, I loaned The Last Four Things from the library.

What struck me first is an apparent change in tone. Maybe I just didn't pick up on it in the last book, but the v I really wasn't going to go forward with this series. Maybe I just didn't pick up on it in the last book, but the voice narrating this piece espoused far more sarcastic humor than before. While the change in tone was welcome in a way as it morphed the melodrama of the story into satire, the series is still difficult.

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