”I've tried to stay out of the hunt for the thirty-nine clues. Tried to keep Ian and. Natalie out of it, too. Unfortunately “ She gave an elegant shrug. ”They pay more . The Jedi Temple is under attack. An attempt has been made to kill Yoda. A dangerous intruder has infiltrated the terney.infoody is under suspicion, and no one. Read about In Too Deep, Book 6 of The 39 Clues series by Jude Watson. and they may be left to face the same fate. Get the book or Read an excerpt (PDF).

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Size Report. DOWNLOAD EPUB The 39 Clues Book 6: In Too Deep · Read more The 39 Clues: Cahills Vs. Vespers Book 1: The Medusa Plot, Book 1. Size Report. DOWNLOAD EPUB The 39 Clues Book 6: In Too Deep. Read more The 39 Clues: Cahills Vs. Vespers Book 1: The Medusa Plot, Book 1. When Grace Cahill passed away, relatives oozed out of the woodwork in hopes of getting their hands on her fortunes. But Grace wasn't your.

Fourteen-year-old Amy and her younger brother, Dan head to the Land Down Under to discover what their own mother and father knew about in the hunt for the 39 Clues. But following in their parents' footsteps brings up lost memories so awful that she can't even share them Haunted by the ghosts of their past, chased by deadly competitors, Dan and Amy can't see who is an enemy and who is a friend. Their blindness leads to a terrible mistake Advertisement: Tropes: Bait-and-Switch : As Amy, Dan and Nellie are staying at their uncle Shep's house, Shep suddenly and quickly tells them to get in his car, seemingly confirming that either one of the other Clue hunting teams have discovered the trio's location, necessitating a quick escape. However, he only said this because he didn't want to miss the opportunistic waves at a nearby beach. Bittersweet Ending : Irina dies trying to save Amy, Dan and Alistair, while the aforementioned three are still stranded on the Indonesian island, awaiting rescue from Nellie. However, Dan and Amy have uncovered the Clue without letting Alistair know, Amy has finally mended her bridges with Dan, and the two have finally found a reason to keep on participating in the Clue hunt: not only for their parents, but for those who lost their lives due to their hunt. Advertisement: Call-Back : Amy's alliance with Hamilton comes back in a helpful way, as he ends up saving her from almost being eaten by sharks. Chekhov's Skill : Irina's Agent card, contained with this book, has a picture of a pole-vaulting gold medal at the back, indicating that she is highly skilled at this sport. During the house fire in Indonesia, as Amy, Dan and Alistair are trapped at the house's top, Irina arrives on the scene and uses a long bamboo stick to vault herself up there, giving the three something to slide down and escape from. Heroic Sacrifice : Irina helps Amy, Dan and Alistair escape the burning house via a bamboo stick and a handy Chekhov's Skill of pole-vaulting.

I wonder if we have time to hit the beach. I think that's our best bet. I mapped out the route. After the gray clouds of Russia, they were cheered by the soft breeze and blue skies. The cat-screech startled the elderly woman standing in front of them. She turned around. Some exotic Australian bird? Amy spoke in a low tone to Dan. I don't know how to find him otherwise.

They'd met him when they were little, but Amy only had a hazy memory and Dan didn't remember him at all. He hadn't made it to their parents' funeral seven years before. But one of Dan's collections back in Boston was a stack of postcards Shep had sent them over the years, from places like Bali or Oahu. There was always a big wave on the front.

They boarded the bus and stowed their backpacks under their seats. The elderly woman with the red suitcase opened up her map behind them as the bus took off. I knew it! So friendly.

I traveled to Kansas City once. Delicious barbecue. You're not from Kansas by any chance? Every so often it would smack Amy on the head again, but she ignored it. As the bus hit the city center, traffic swirled around them, and they rumbled from block to block. The change from Moscow was startling. Outside the people walked with brisk athletic strides, dressed in bright summery clothes, chatting and laughing with their companions. Everybody in Sydney seemed fit and happy. Amy peered at the signs.

That's an absolute rule. Darling, un. Dragging her suitcase and folding her9map, she waved at them. Enjoy your trip! The doors hissed shut. Nellie consulted the map again. Only a couple more stops before we transfer. Something was different.

A familiar weight was missing Amy couldn't answer. There was a huge lump in her throat, and she fought back tears. The necklace wasn't just a necklace. It was something that Grace had cherished.

Every time Amy touched it, it brought back her grandmother's bracing presence, and she felt a connection to Grace's own courage. The bus turned a corner as Amy frantically scrabbled on the floor. That old woman! She was so sweet. She kept hitting me in the head with the map and apologizing Nellie nodded. Distracting you.

In Too Deep (The 39 Clues, #6)

Let's go kick some little-old-lady butt! It felt good to run after being on a plane for a million hours. The only problem with traveling so much was That, and the lack of Cherry Garcia ice cream on airplanes. Nellie passed him easily, even with Saladin's cat carrier swinging back and forth in one hand, her overstuffed pack on her back, and their duffel slamming against her hip with every step.

Nellie seemed to spend her time napping or eating, but she was in awesome shape.

In Too Deep (The 39 Clues, #6) by Jude Watson - PDF Drive

Nothing like having a commando for an au pair. They reached the bus stop where the old woman had gotten off. They looked around wildly, but there was no sign of her. Pedestrians swirled around them, walking quickly, smiling, laughing, and chatting. A tall, elegant woman in green suede heels strolled over to look at an interesting building.

Nobody hobbled around waving a map. Dan spotted a splash of red in the middle of some bushes. He hurried over. It was surprisingly light. Dan flipped it open; it was empty. Two red splotches appeared on Amy's pale cheeks, as though somebody had slapped her. Dan knew that sign. Amy was trying not to cry.

I can't believe it! He thought he knew how Amy felt. When he'd lost the photograph of their parents in the train tunnel in Paris, he'd cried like a little kid. Right in public. Dan looked up at the building Amy had collapsed in front of. He saw the word museum on the sign. Normally, that would cause hives to break out on every inch of his body as he waited for his sister to drag him inside, but maybe a museum would distract her.

Amy was blinking back tears so fast she was causing a breeze. Have you noticed? It's a museum," Nellie said. Nellie gave him an appreciative nod. Anyway, it's the Justice and Police Museum. That could rock.

Come on, Amy, let's check it out. Maybe the thief ran in here to get away from us. You can read labels," he coaxed. Nellie sat on the stairs. They probably wouldn't let me bring in Saladin, anyway. C'mon, Amy, I bet they have weapons.

At least she was coming. After they paid admission, Dan paused at a wall lined with photographs of criminals from the s. They all looked like they were about to eat your face for breakfast.

Incredibly cool. Once, this guy went missing, and then one day this shark in an aquarium coughed up his arm! I love this place! Dan bent over to examine the death mask of Captain Moonlight. For once, he'd found a museum that made sense. Didn't they have enough mayhem in their lives? Why did he find a place like this so fascinating? She saw the elegant woman in the green suede shoes lean forward to examine the wall of mug shots.

She looked intently at the wall, but Amy couldn't tell what she was looking at. Whatever it was, it was fascinating. The woman turned and reached into her purse, and something about the motion pinged inside Amy. Something familiar But she didn't know anyone in Australia. By now she was used to following her instincts, no matter how strange they seemed.

When the woman moved off down the hall, Amy followed. But when she turned the corner, the woman had disappeared. A re-creation of an old cell caught her attention. Amy stepped inside. It would be so handy to have a place like this to lock away little brothers when they got obnoxious. Which would be every five minutes Suddenly, she heard the door behind her clang shut.

She spun around. The woman was smiling pleasantly at her through the bars of the cell. She was beautiful, with huge amber eyes and gleaming dark hair that feathered against her face. Her skin was so smooth and perfect that it looked like a china doll's. This was the only way I'd get to talk to you," she said in a British accent.

Her voice was thick and creamy, as if she was holding a spoonful14of yogurt in her mouth. She leaned closer, as though confiding in Amy. Amy wanted to kick herself. The woman was a Cahill! Amy casually looked around for another exit. Grace used to say that. She lifted her chin. Who are you? Now I see Grace in you. I'm Isabel Kabra. Tried to keep Ian and Natalie out of it, too. But things have gone too far. My children need me to step in. So, I've tracked them here.

Natalie is probably going through the complimentary bath products, and Ian Even though she didn't believe it for a minute. She rolled her eyes.

He's afraid of his feelings. He confessed to me how much he admires you. Ian is all show. Underneath that superior exterior is a normal boy with his own insecurities. I have We have such a lovely, fragrant life in London. Cars, clothes, a private plane. She still hadn't grasped it. It just seemed so unreal, like something out of a movie or a video game.

I mean, really," she said, chuckling, "a fourteen-year-old and an eleven-year-old ruling the world? You have to admit it's rather ridiculous. I mean, insult me in a really nice way? Do you think that even if you win the hunt for the clues, the danger you face would16be over?

One only has to look at history to see that. My children are poor students. But you are a great researcher. You know that history has proved that every conqueror has a fall. Amy wondered. I know nothing about her.

I was devastated when I heard about the fire. Maybe if they had lived, things would be different today. Maybe the Cahills would be a little more But as it is, we have only one hope. The Lucians. You're a Lucian. We combine the best qualities of all the Cahills. We are leaders.

We have a global network in place. But you and your brother Your parents are gone, Grace is gone, there's no one to protect you. I only want the little girl I remember-- the girl in the nightie I cuddled in my lap so long ago -- to grow up safe.

If you only knew what Isabel turned in the direction of the noise. And then she hurried away. Dan appeared and looked inside the bars. Get the guard and open this door! Dan pushed on the door, and it slowly swung open. Amy blinked. Why had she thought the door was locked? Come to think of it, Isabel had never said that it was. She felt her legs trembling.

She was more shaken up than she wanted to admit. One of them still has bloodstains on it! Multiplying Cobras. Which one is that? Those kids have a mother? Her kids are the hounds of suck. She was about to tell me something. Go home, little children, this game is too dangerous for you, you're going to lose. Blahbaddy blah. We've heard it a million times since we started. So which branch got the originality gene? They all sound the same. She wasn't downloading it, of course.

But Dan definitely wouldn't download it. Dan was barely listening. She stopped here, at the mug shots. She was leaning in, right-- " Amy stopped. One of the mug shots is missing! Dan closed his eyes. Amy knew he was going over the photographs in his mind. Even though there were19about a hundred on the wall, she knew he'd remember the one that was missing. Amy hurried after him to the gift shop.

There was a framed poster on the wall showing the same criminal faces. Dan put his finger on one, a youngish man with dirty hair and a blank expression. One side of his face showed white scars from his forehead to his chin.

He waved. The clerk came from around the counter. He was called Bob Troppo. Nobody knew his real name because he never spoke.

He lived in Sydney in the s. Tie him to the railroad tracks? Mark Twain was a Cahill descendant. He was a Janus, the clever, artistic branch. The clerk, a burly young man in khaki shorts, leaned against the counter.

Troppo was seen talking to him in an alley outside the hall where he spoke. Apparently, they had words, and Troppo smashed him on the shoulder with a cane! That was enough to convict him, especially since he never spoke a word in his defense.

Anyway, he escaped in a totally ingenious way. So every night he scraped the wax off the wood and kept it in his cell. Then he made a wax impression of a key!

The 39 Clues, Book Six: In Too Deep

Is that clever or what? They knew each other so well and had depended on each other for everything for so long that they could communicate without speaking. The Ekat branch was ingenious and inventive. Rumor has it that he took off into the bush. Would you like to download some handcuffs? A book? Amy pulled on his shirt. We have to be going. Thanks for the story! Dan nodded. There was no nameplate, just a grimy button that could be a doorbell.

The building was made of corrugated steel and brick, with long shuttered windows. It looked like a warehouse. She pressed the bell. They waited. Amy shifted from one foot to the other. She felt heat rise in her cheeks. How crazy was it to travel halfway around the world and show up at someone's door?

Someone who hardly managed to stay in touch with his own cousin and best friend? She took a step back. A moment later, the door was flung open. A middle-aged blond man stood looking inquisitively at them. Everything about him seemed sun bleached, from his hair to his yellowish T-shirt to the golden hair on his tanned, muscular forearms.

He was wearing board shorts, and his feet were bare. He used the Australian greeting they'd heard several times today, but he still had his American accent. This is our au pair, Nellie Gomez. He didn't even recognize them! Shep looked stunned for a moment.

Then a grin lit up his face. His light blue eyes almost disappeared, and lines radiated out from the corners. Amy felt as though she'd been punched in the stomach. She had blurred memories of her parents, but seeing that grin, suddenly her father came back to her. He used to smile that way just before he scooped her up in one of his big hugs. She felt tears sting her eyes, and she quickly looked away, as though she was checking the address. Dan and Amy? Shep stepped forward so quickly it alarmed them.

But he embraced Dan, almost crushing the breath out of him. Then he hugged Amy. Come in, come in! The house was just one huge open room divided by sofas and stacks of shelves. The long far wall was filled top to bottom with shelves crammed with books. Amy longed to explore the titles. Another wall was all glass and led to a patio. Groupings of furniture separated the room into living, dining, and playing areas, apparent by the piles of audio equipment, the guitars, keyboards, surfboards, computers, pinball machines,23three carousel horses, and a Foosball table.

Brightly painted wooden crates held items that spilled out onto the floor-- clothing, more books, athletic equipment, DVDs, and computer parts. Last I heard you were living with your aunt. But we're on vacation. Sort of. I think. Man, you two sure have grown. Shep took a seat on the coffee table made out of a surfboard in front of them.

But suddenly, she realized that it really wasn't. They didn't know Shep, but he was their father's closest relative and best friend. Except for postcards and a couple of Christmas cards of kangaroos in Santa hats, they'd barely heard from him. Devastated, actually. I didn't get the message until24after the funeral that they I called, but some old bat kept telling me you had enough to worry about.

That wouldn't be your auntie, would it? I've got plenty of room. No beds, but plenty of room. He looked so much like her father. Sorry I'm such a hard bloke to find. Did you see them? Of course I did. That would be about Nobody ever called their father Artie. Saladin mrrped loudly. Shep leaned over. Would you like to get out of there? Saladin blinked, then purred happily. He crossed to the kitchen area. He poured water into a shallow bowl and stuck his head in the fridge.

Saladin smelled it, looked up at Shep, and gave a great, happy me-WOW! They all laughed as Saladin dived in. They grew up together, and Artie and I did, too. Until we were twelve. Then my mom and dad got divorced and the next thing I knew I was in Oahu with my mom. Art and I tried to stay in touch, but But every time I saw him, we just picked up where we left off.

I ferried them around. A sweet Cessna Caravan, so -- " His cell phone trilled, and he reached into the pocket of his shorts. He listened intently for a moment, said "Right-o," and hung up. He jumped to his feet. Dan stuffed his feet back in his sneakers. Amy leaped over the back of the couch.

Nellie charged for the door, opened it, and waited until Amy and Dan were clear. Shep leaped into the Jeep parked outside. A surfboard stuck out of the back, and Dan and Amy had to wedge themselves in next to it while Nellie swung into the front seat. Shep took off with a squeal of tires. Nellie leaned closer to Shep as they rocketed over the bumpy road.

Where are we going? Amy blew out a breath. And I've got plenty of surfie mates with long boards, short boards, body boards -- we'll set you up. Why jump on a board and get creamed by giant waves? I'd rather just swim. Soon he was cheerfully directing them to the proper gear and slapping down a credit card.

Now dressed in board shorts and tops, they followed him down to a wide beach with rolling high surf. Dan was glad that somebody besides him had said it. Excellent lifeguards. Don't wave if you get into trouble, just raise your arm.

Hey, there are my surfies! They all looked tanned and athletic, both men and women, with sun-bleached hair like Shep's. Surfboards were resting on the sand or stuck in it like standing stones.

Shark biscuit just means a beginner. They're going to learn how to surf like an Aussie. I'll give you a quick lesson. And don't worry about the sharks -- just stay between the flags. Sauce on the side. Nellie caught on almost immediately, but Amy kept falling off and getting dunked in the surf. She'd wind up yards down the beach and come up sputtering, having swallowed half of the Pacific Ocean. Dan kept laughing at her and getting29smacked in the face with a wave.

It was the most fun he'd had since he'd Fed-Exed his dead spider collection to his piano teacher. Nellie headed in, and Shep paddled out. Dan and Amy positioned themselves for the next wave.

Amy pushed her hair out of her eyes and grinned. That worried look that made her eyebrows come together was gone. Dan caught a wave at the perfect point. He yodeled with happiness. When he finally came into shore, he sprang up laughing. But his grin faded when he saw a family in matching bright yellow board shorts and blue goggles start to splash into the water with long surfboards.

Muscle-bound dimwits on parade. Dan towed his board as he timed a swim out past the breakers to where Amy still lay on her board, rocking with the swells. Jonah Wizard later traps them in a deserted island on the Nile. Some local fisherman save them and return them to Egypt. They find the fourth clue, half a gram of myrrh, through a Sakhet statue Grace left them. They barely escape with Nellie and their cat Saladin's help in the search.

It was written by Patrick Carman and published on August 11, Upon their arrival, another hint from NRR leads them to a credit card and false passports belonging to their dead parents. She escaped to live with a low profile. A blood disorder stops her from joining the Clue hunt. Amy and Dan make an alliance with the Holts, and discover a stronghold. It reveals the next clue, Amber. Dan and Amy head to Sydney, Australia, to learn about what their parents knew about the 39 Clues from their dad's cousin, Shepard Trent.

They discover that Ian and Natalie's mother, Isabel Kabra, has joined the hunt. Isabel tries to feed Amy to sharks, but Hamilton Holt foils her plot. The siblings survive Isabel's second assassination attempt and follow a clue to Krakatau the ring of fire , where they meet Alistair.

Isabel sets fire to their hut. Irina Spasky dies while saving Amy, Dan and Alistair. Near the end of the book, they suspect that Nellie is spying on them for someone else.

It was written by Peter Lerangis and published on February 2, The morning after the fire that killed Irina Spasky, Dan and Amy discover that Irina's last words are a song, which points them to their next destination: Pretoria , South Africa.

They infiltrate a Tomas stronghold, and the Holts chase them. They think the clue is diamond and so does the Kabras. Flying Grace's old plane The Flying Lemur, the siblings escape with a vial of green liquid. During a quarrel, the vial breaks, and the green liquid, a Kabra poison, spills onto Dan's arm.

To save Dan, they fly to Grace Cahill's home in Madagascar, where they find out that the clue is aloe and their parents were Madrigals, an organization Amy and Dan have learned to fear, meaning that they themselves are Madrigals.

It was written by Gordon Korman and published on April 6, They split up following an argument but reunite at Mount Everest, where they find a Janus vial left by British mountaineer George Mallory.

They battle Eisenhower Holt and Ian Kabra over a partial serum. Ian falls, and Amy sacrifices the serum to save him. When Dan thinks they have lost the clue, Amy shows him the poem on a silk fabric they found in Beijing and tells him the next clue is raw silkworm secretion. They realize that a formula on the silk means that four partial serums add up to one master serum.

Dan shows Amy the locket he found at a Shaolin temple, which contains an inscription of the name of the pirate Anne Bonnie.

They decide their next destination is the Caribbean. It was written by Linda Sue Park and published on May 25, Amy and Dan continue their hunt in the Bahamas and Jamaica. They distrust Nellie after discovering that she works for William McIntyre. First, they go to Oceanus, an amusement park in the Bahamas. Dan enjoys all of the rides for two hours, and he meets up with Nellie and Amy seven minutes after two p.

Amy tells Dan about the Jolly Codger Pirate's Cove Tour, which takes tourists on a boat to islands frequented by famous pirates. Amy and Dan reluctantly agree when Nellie says that she is going with them.

When the tour docks at a cove, the first mate gives Amy and Dan a piece of paper with a message on it. Meanwhile, Natalie Kabra recounts how she had been experiencing nightmares for a week about Dan and Amy almost dying while being pushed to a propeller by her mother Isabel, and there is no sound except for laughter.

The Cahills find a Tomas bear claw in the cave. However, Amy is injured when the tide comes in and she hits her head on rocks. Soon, the group decides to head out of Bahamas to Jaimaca. At the Montego Bay airport, they find a hotel and settle in.

Following a lead, they head to Spanish Town, and continue the hunt. His enthusiasm and resources such as owning a plane help propel the siblings onto the scent of another clue, one involving famous pilot Amelia Earhart.

The team flies to the Outback and some opal mines to learn more. Another new character surfaces in Book Six: If possible, Isabel is the most devious and cruelest of the Cahills thus far.

She will stop at nothing including torture and murder to win the race. And if she does, she may have to offer up the greatest of sacrifices. Among many things, Nellie is able to speak other languages, and, as the siblings recently discover, she can even fly a plane. Is Nellie really just a cool nanny, or is she hiding secrets as well?

Amy and Dan were warned to trust no one. Or did it? Jude Watson returns to write another leg of this amazing series.

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