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Where can I download Lonny Magazine in PDF format? Views · What are If u want to download this month digit magazine..i mean terney.info on this link.. Site Title How can I download an eBook in PDF? 42, Views. Download Digit - April magazine for free from ebookbiz. To download click on the following link. Digit: May , magazine in English by Media - magazine. Read magazine by Media. Read on Web, iPhone, iPad, android and.

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Ive been a huge fan since I was magazine. It has been a long time a console head? In the beginning Race We are Technology, from my school's library and then later 3.

Write to us. Your magazine was 4. Stop hating iPhones so much. All month long Id intended wait for your next issue while guessing 5. Increase the number of memes. Hey Team Digit, what would be in your upcoming issue. I have noticed that you guys have Im a very big fan of your magazine. I miss those days a lot. Guys try doing some experiment Diary. It is very interesting to read. Ill make it short.

My problem is that in you magazine like changing your P.

How many of you made your I have a story for a game. It is a very pics. The 2. Try to add a page about the months work on time. Please leak the identity of and I dont know anyone around me the buzz now all thanks to JIO.

So I want to know whether 3. Encyclopaedia Technica or another developer and, if so whom. Please reply 4. I should salute you as you guys give round of Crack the Code? Thank you in advance. Are to add some more utility software. And you saying our video game posters 6. We are working email section as well so it will be I want my room to be booming with all on the DVD interface and youll see easier to find for first timers. Thanks guys! Dont worry about 7.

I have moved to the countryside and Sanyam Maan mails not going to Robert, he has the can't get your magazine so is it pos- all-seeing eye. For the home theatre sible to get a summary kinda stuff in Hey Sanyam, Wed really like to help recommendation, check out a similar like once every 2 or 3 months? Hopefully, that should make your Year Im going to download a home theater You can find our app and mobile game room go booming with bass.

The cover story in the Collectors Edition made me a col- May Sir Edward rest in peace and hoping for a better life lector.

DGT Auto was a master piece. Digit Mini really helped ahead for Jayesh. The cover page story drawing are very very clear misconceptions.

Thanks again for being Id like to give awards to Digit for some of the best content my technology navigator for this year - my offline google. Ive come across over the entire year that Ive been reading Anubhav Prakash the magazine: Best Article - 15 men and 1 woman by Adamya Sharma Wow Anubhav, thats a really long letter with a lot of Features Editor in 15th Anniversary Edition points that you have made.

Ill try and take them up 2. Thank you for the positive feedback 3. Best dymstify - The human brain in from 1 through 6, appreciated 4. Best FastTrack - Secure everything 7. We currently have a hindi version of our site, 5. Best Poster - Uncharted: A Thiefs End 8. Not a bad idea as a part of another app.

We are aware of the love for the 2 DVDs Some suggestions: Please give some videos and articles in Hindi reader-base suggested that many more prefer as there are many who are interested in tech, but the dmystify over the second DVD.

Alas, we cant dont understand English due to the language barrier. Please make App on Digit Quiz Will do so 9. Gods rarely answer anyones prayers, so Edition lets see, but dont hold your breath. Please change the DVD music Answered in point 9 We do contests as and when we have goodies to give away. We will try and hold another soon.

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Some criticism: Turns out celebs are way less geeky than our readers, I have gone through your PDFs from - and saw and they dont want to seem like fools in front of you. I have given up on this. Perhaps the team will finally You stopped giving views of celebrities about tech. I hope We all miss Edward.

He had seen and experienced in it will be changed. Right now I complete my 1 year of reading digit and have to translate old documents from Sanskrit to English. Digit, but you cant take the Digit out of them: Jayesh Shinde. Like us on Tel: January It is a modular wireless earbuds that robot which, thanks to its are quite discreet form changing factor, can looking can augment change into anything, yes your natural hearing.

This means you and is built so that you can turn into a walking can go about your daily robot, a clock, a joystick, the activities without worry. With to tell how many modules so from now. It comes with active noise ChainFORM, you can adjust are connected together and If you have a hard time cancellation and leaves its shape, color, and even each module is capable of picturing it, then imagine your natural hearing its length. Each module changing their individual a bunch of LEGO bricks unaffected.

The ChainFORM is that are touch sensitive, feature is that it also detection across multiple based on a similar project have their own lights, are comes with biometric surfaces and also comes from the past called programmable and can sensors for the health with blinking lights and LineFORM which some might move around on their own.

Moreover, the motor actuation. The lights be familiar with. The project With limitless application which allow for health can also be programmed is still a work in progress for scenarios, we cant wait to monitoring. And yes, they and customized to suit your the time being, but expect see how this project evolves will release the SDK!

ChainFORM is able markets within a decade or evolve into nanobots! Bose Hearphones Helios Hudify Naked Case The Hearphones Helios is a Hudify Naked Case allow you modular touch turns your as the name to control screen wall smartphone implies is a the sound light which into a portable case for your around you, allowing you needs only a touch to turn and transparent heads-up iPhone but one you will to tune out distractions on or off.

Thanks to its display for your car and barely notice. The Naked in noisy environments, modular design you can gives you features like GPS Case is puncture-proof so thus enhancing your choose how much lighting and speed limit notifications you dont have to worry conversations and focus. Foldscope F oldscope is an origami microscope that can fit in your pockets.

Its made mostly out of water-proof paper and allows you to make use of a microscope without the bulk and The kit comes with key items that allow you to prepare and mount samples in whatever kind of setting youre in at any given moment. This way you have all the tools youll need expense of a conventional microscope. Foldscope is aiming if you need to quickly zoom in on something. The standard to bring the microscope out of the labs and into the hands of Foldscope comes with a X magnifications lens.

Thanks to Magnification: Borosilicate its price and design the Foldscope can be used anywhere, its glass Resolution: NA science into your daily life. Foldscope comes with its own kit Price: EyeQue E yeQue is a personal vision tracking smartphone vision test. Using EyeQue you can test your vision at home without having to go through the hassle of getting an appointment and having to travel to a specialist for tests. When using EyeQue your results are returned almost immediately, and the record is returned using spherical, cylindrical and axis figures which are the same as those used by eye doctors to generate prescriptions.

That means that you can determine what kind of glasses youll be needing right at home and can simply place an order for them online or skip the appointment and head straight to the spectacle store. To add to that, you can check your vision history on the app as well, allowing you to compare and share your vision history with your doctor. Switch Bot T he Switch Bot is a tiny robot which mechanically controls all kinds of switches and buttons no matter where you are.

Basically, with the Switch Bot you can control your switches wirelessly. The device functions by actuating a mechanical arm which presses down. To install the Switch Bot you simply have to affix the Switch Bot right where the actuating arm can trigger the switch. Its has a 3M adhesive pad which is destined to last for ages.

It is built in a way which allows it to work with just about any kind of switch found all over the world, so you dont have to worry about it not fitting your switch. All you need to do is place it such that the arm can trigger your switch. For electrical switches around the house you might have to swap them out for spring-loaded rocker switches. The Switch Bot works well with smart home apps and devices as well and can be controlled by the likes of site Echo, SmartThings, WeMo sensors and several others.

The Switch Bot comes with a long battery life as well; its powered by a lithium battery which can be replaced app or whatever smart home device you have in your home.

After all, once the The project is now on Kickstarter and you can get one Switch arm is stationary, it will no longer consume any power. Acton Blink T he Acton Blink electric skateboards come with a host of neat features and are made with top-grade materials its power.

The Blink S2 comes with 2 wheel drive, its meant to be an all- rounder and a cruiser with long range for campuses. All 3 models come with a hub motor, a remote control and a smart app. They can be connected to ensure you get the best ride. The and allows for uphill boarding as well. Each choose from, the Blink Qu4tro which variant and comes with 1 wheel drive. Its multi-lingual a well, so anyone can use the iKeybo.

It can be a pain to type on a keyboard whose layout you arent familiar with. To remedy that, the iKeybo. English, Spanish, Arabic, and Chinese. Now while were not particularly concerned with that, its still pretty cool. Another cool thing about the iKeybo is that it comes with Here is where we keep an eye on crowdfunded its own in-build music app and can transform into a piano, projects that will make you go Shut up and guitar, bass or drums when you want it to.

Simply hook up your take my money! The third perk of the iKeybo is that it doubles as a portable charger for your devices as well and can hold up to 10 hours of charge. And we all know how much extra power comes in handy! And lastly, the device is compact enough for you to be able to. FlowMotion ONE carry it around with ease. So if youre in the market for a really cool looking keyboard cum instrument cum charger thats light weight and feature rich, all you need to do is look up the iKeybo.

T he FlowMotion ONE is a smartphone stabilizer which aims to provide smooth and cinematic videos with your smartphones. Its a gimbal for your smartphone. It comes with on Kickstarter.

It eliminates camera shake entirely, its compact and weighs only grams. You can dismantle and fit it in your pockets with ease. You can mount the FlowMotion to pretty much any camera mount or the optional carbon extension pole that comes with the device. All you need to do is mark the person you wish to follow and the ONE will keep them in the frame no matter where they are. It utilizes industrial-grade 3D printing technology called PolyJet which theyve scaled down and are calling it DigiJet.

DigiJet is capable of printing a wide range of materials from nanoparticles to special resins. The NexD1 can print fully functional circuits and can place them in any 3D configuration within your design. It uses a six cartridge system which allows it to combine and print up to six materials at once.

Its eco-friendly as well, and operates with non-toxic water soluble support materials. You can also connect to the NexD1 through your smartphone and print from anywhere, its comparatively easy to use than some of the other 3D printers out there, and significantly cheaper as well.

If you are interested in some 3D printing, check them out on Kickstarter. Theyre built to ensure a comfortable and secure fit, no matter how long you end up wearing them. The Arc features a custom airbag structure which is flexible and bends depending on how you move.

Its crafted with silica. Silent Partner gel so that your ears dont feel too stuffy and gives them room to breathe. The design. S ilent Partner is a SmartMask one would use while sleeping that helps deal with snoring. How this works is the Silent Partner creates a silent zone around the person also offers a secure fit, so you can go about your workout or you jog or whatever activity in question, thereby doing away with the snoring sound you were doing without for those in the vicinity.

It does so my using Active Noise worrying about the Arc falling Cancellation technology. The Silent Partner emits a counter out of your ears. It makes use of the Z-lock earphone design, sound to cancel out the sound of snoring, or in more technical which is inspired by the Z shape sound wave reflection terms, the Silent Partner senses the frequency of the snores structure.

The Arc is customisable as well, you can use it and broadcasts a sound wave in an inverted phase. When via Bluetooth or a 3. Thanks to Interested in the Arc? Find the HelloEar Arc on Kickstarter.

Theres nothing to it as well, all you need to do is wear it, turn it on, and go to sleep as usual. The Silent Partner is light and compact as well, so you can carry it around with ease, and you dont have to worry about getting it dirty since its washable. You can find the SmartMask on indiegogo. Temperfect Mug T he very first thing one often looks forward to in the morning is their cup of coffee.

And if that cup of coffee isnt just right, it could ruin the rest of the day for them. Trust us, we know this from experience. This is where the Temperfect Mug comes in, it works to ensure that your coffee stays just right. You dont need any batteries or cords or Findster Duo apps to get this mug to work, you just pour your coffee in there and it does its magic, ensuring that your coffee stays just right for hours.

It does this by extracting the extra heat E very pet lover is concerned about their pet, and it can be quite worrying when your pet is lost. It comes as no surprise that people often invest in GPS trackers for from your coffee right as you start pouring it into the mug, their pets to ensure that they know where they are at this stored heat then works to keep your coffee at the right all times, but these GPS tracking services often require temperature.

Since it extracts the a monthly fee. This is where the Findster Duo comes in, heat right away, you can drink your this handy GPS tracker requires no monthly fees and coffee right away without worrying has no coverage limits either. It also monitors your pets about burning your mouth. To health for you, and even rewards you for keeping your pull this off, Temperfect added pet in good shape.

In addition to precise real-time GPS a second layer of insulation to a tracking, the Findster Duo app includes a built-in radar vacuum-insulated travel mug. This as well which shows you how far you are from your pet enables it to be able to absorb the and guides you towards them. You can set up zones on heat and release it again slowly to the app, the Security Zone where you want your pet to keep your coffee from getting cold. If you pet does happen to wander into the Danger if you want to get your own perfect Zone, the app immediately notifies you.

Definitely a mug of just right coffee. Nokias decision to adopt Windows over Android could. WATCH maybe be the reason for the companys downfall. However, it looks like Nokia have learned from their mistakes and intend to make a comeback with their Android based device.

The new Nokia C1 is expected to launch in February and will Stylish, glamorous and interesting come with a 5. Itll run on smartphones are always on the horizon. We the Android v6. The device has a 20 MP rear camera and an Adreno GPU to churn out all the graphics, this with laser autofocus, dual-colour phone should be priced for the average consumer which LED flash and 13MP camera on the packing a decent hardware.

You have a 13 MP camera front. This phone is powered by a on the rear and a 5 MP front camera for your selfies and mAh li-polymer battery with video calls. The C1 will be powered by a 2, mAh non- the option to fast-charge making it removable li-ion battery. The one thing were all hoping for a great choice for multi-tasking and is that Nokia retains its legendary build quality as thatll gaming. Expected in February. Vivo V5 Plus V ivo is no stranger when it comes to manufacturing quality smartphones, and the Vivo V5 Plus definitely looks like it matches up to those standards.

Among the other things this phone offers, what stands out is its excellent front facing camera, meaning this phone is obviously targeted at the selfie enthusiasts.

So if youre fond of documenting your day with quality selfies, you could consider the Vivo V5 Plus. Since, we talked about the phone being a selfie-focused device, the Vivo V5 Plus comes with a 13 MP rear camera but Pictured above: These are backed by LED flashes that make them the ideal for selfies and video calling.

AUTO Your one stop destination for a monthly dose of all your automobile launches and desires. It also has. Works Clubman an auxiliary radiator for additional cooling. These performance numbers are really good for this segment. T he Mini John Cooper Works Clubman is the latest entrant into what we call the premium compact segment and it comes with a plethora of improvements which make the MINI logo on the radiator grille, side scuttles and the rear.

Its got 5 seats on the inside, each with integrated headrests, and a steering wheel dressed in signature JCW leather. In terms of look like a promising addition. There are a wheel drive system, LED headlamps, different driving modes, number of paint colors, roof colors in various contrasts, stripes, park distance control, radio MINI visual boost, multifunctional and wheel variation, as well as an available red-themed interior buttons on the steering wheel and cruise control with brake to replace the standard black themed interior.

With this one, MINI has truly entered the four-door The All4 system also comes with in-built electrohydraulic hatchback section in full throttle! So you can be sure that the latest addition to his fleet would have to be quite droolworthy. Introducing the one of a kind Pagani Huayra Hermes Edition, with its own unique aerodynamics, suspen- sion, and exhaust. It comes with slightly larger wheels as well. The brand has partnered with Hermes for the very first time in order to create this beast exclusively for Khoshbin.

Hermes of course has rolled out specially styled travel bags to match the car itself and they even threw in a Birkin bag for Khoshbins wife as well. The customization to the Pagani Huayra Hermes Edition are all part of the Tempesta package offered by the brand, and while this Huayra is one of the last to use the Tempesta, we can be sure to see more of it in other departments of the brand in the near future.

Ferrari J50 N ow, owning a Ferrari is a big deal, but theres a select class of elite folk for whom a normal Ferrari just year and the J for Japan of course.

The J50 is the result of the Fer- raris Special Projects department can see the 3. The wont do. Well, Ferrari has a solution working with the companys styling limited edition Ferrari J50 is limited for them, and it comes in form of center team in Maranello in order in all senses of the word, with there the limited edition Ferrari J The to invoke a feeling of nostalgia.

The being only 10 units, each priced at name J50 comes from the brand J50 is hugely inspired in design by a whopping 2. In the words of Mercedes-Benz themselves, the Night Edition combines the classic propor- tions of a Gran Turismo with modern luxury and start of the art technology.

The Night Edition is also the largest two-door car by Mercedes-Benz yet. If it wasnt implied enough by the name, the Night Edition comes in all black. The window sill inserts, the grilles, the AMG alloy wheels, its all been blackened. The outside mirrors are also a shadowy tone to add to the dark aesthetic. For the interiors, will be dressed in Luxe Nappa leather in the chosen colours.

The steering wheel engines from to hp and rear or four wheel drive. Special tools were used to accomodate for the small size of the bracelet and the links. The MR-G. Hammer Tone and comes with Multiband 6 and Tough Solar capabilities. As expected of a G-Shock its quite rugged, with shock resistance and water resistance upto M.

Each of the watches will be. W hen you think G-Shock you think sporty watches. Casios G-Shock watches are easily recognisable for not only their appearance but their ruggedness and sturdiness as well.

Also, the watch boasts of dozens of useful features - ranging from GPS time sync to stopwatch. The watch is pow- But that doesnt mean that a G-Shock cant go the luxury ered by an month battery charged by solar cells.

The case way. The watch will be available starting January and, as This watch marks Casios second collaboration with the we mentioned earlier, will be limited edition. The craftsman- master metal craftsman Bihou Asano.

Trump Engraved iPhone 7 B efore you ask, this in no way has anything to do with politics or who we support. Coincidentally enough, this Gold Trump emblazoned iPhone 7 is now in existence thanks to Russian Company Caviar, who are known for their extrava- gant designs. This custom iPhone has been created by the brand to honor Trumps iconic win. The iPhone features a gold plated portrait of Trump on the back and also features, in gold of course, his iconic campaign slogan, Make America Great Again.

The manufacturers aim to better the relations between the two countries with this as well. They also desire to hand over one of these to Donald Trump himself. The Undersea Aquahoverer W hen it comes to personal submarines, there are quite a few designs out there to choose from, but the more recent design introduced by Hammacher Schlemmer is proving to be far more versatile in comparison to its competition. The Undersea Aquahoverer is a submersible vehicle that allows for easy driving under water thanks to a hovering mechanism it uses to keep it in place.

This unique vehicle has been designed in such a way that itll automatically hover in water when its not being driven. This want to look at means it doesnt need any additional instruments or weights underwater, which is to balance it underwater. The However, if you do decide to get one of these, here are a Aquahoverer is easy to drive in any direction and you can few things you could do immediately - find Nemo, solve the park it anywhere near reefs, or wrecks, or whatever it is you Bermuda triangle, and locate Atlantis.

These the centre which in itself outs watts bringing the total output to watts. You can connect to the but the Ixoost Esavox is actually a speakers are crafted from a carbon speakers via Bluetooth and its got speaker system.

A speaker system monocoque chassis and houses two an RCA input as well. Just like its inspired by Lamborghini and their 8-inch carbon woofers on either side. This custom gaming PC is a aplenty on the app stores, with a lot of me-toos and some with their own unique features. Reos sight to behold and has an actual glass coke bottle used in its Cameras complete feature set design.

However, the liquid inside the bottle is not Coca-Cola, make it feel like a Swiss Army dont worry. It is in fact, Maingears hand crafted Crystal Knife of Camera apps. The app has Hardline liquid cooling. As for specs, this baby packs quite the dynamic filters and adjustments in both the photo and video modes, punch and is fitted with an which let you preview the content Intel iX Core before clicking it.

But the best part is the Search mode. Here, when sung Pro GB M. Maingear have being sold online. It worked every single time we tried it! Adobe Photoshop Fix Adobe has a host of apps available for smartphones, and one of the most useful ones is Photoshop Fix. Bringing some of the most. AB Spectre useful Photoshop features to your smartphone, the app truly lets you play around with the image.

W hat makes the AB Spectre special among yachts? Well for one thing, its powered by three hp engines which give it a cruise speed of 45 knots and a top speed of one of the most unique features on the app is the Face editing mode under the Liquify feature set. It a whopping 54 knots. For a foot long boat, thats very identifies your facial features and gives useful sliders to alter them impressive.

Every bit of this yacht is beautifully designed, - like making you smile more. If only it was that easy in with a top-grade galley to a living area with a massive flat real life!

The main deck has large lateral windows flooding the place with natural lighting and then, of course, theres a Play Store: There also 3 fully sized bedrooms too, so you have room for guests as well. The AB Spectre does something that most yachts Recipe Book One of the top apps of strive to achieve, bring both speed and style together. While according to the Google Play the price for this incredible yacht is yet to be announced, you Store, Recipe Book goes on to can be sure that youre going to need a rather sizeable budget show that sometimes simplicity is to be able to acquire this beauty.

With useful suggestions on the homepage and inspiring blogs on the Get Inspired section, even an aspiring cook will soon get something going or burning with this one. Interesting features? ShakenMake lets you choose 2 or more ingredients then shake the phone to see suggested recipes, while Snapncook lets you snap the ingredients and then suggests recipes based on whats identified.

Play Store: In this section, we put stuff through the was way better at getting grinder and closely examine what comes emotions across among the out; everything except gadgets, because tiresome trio.

The pivotal theres more to life than just that moment in front of the entire council felt so bland that it made watching paint dry relatively exciting. The set designs, use of practical effects, and oh! Arrival lead actors. Add to that, the X-Wing Red and Gold squad-. W rons buzzing all over the Another sci-fi movie that messes with your head hen news place to add a sense of battle of massive chaos. CGI Tarkin certainly with automata and the reshoots pulled off a better job as well.

Given that very The spin-offs offer a can advance. The movie less of the trailers actually steady stream of Star Wars emphasises on telling a made it to the final movie, content aside from the story about communica- were very thankful to the animated TV series but tion and compassion, and studio for bringing on Tony we believe that we might makes us introspect about Gilroy to fix Rogue One. In get a little jaded from all our reactions should we its final form, the movie of it. Overall, the movie encounter a being of the assuages all worries that has accomplished what it third kind.

Arrival belongs one might have had about set out to do, explore the. I to one of those rare movies the Mads Mikkelsen and events between Episodes f youre asked to that makes you question Ben Mendelsohn starrer.

III and IV while not overly imagine a sci-fi movie, reality, leaving a lasting Thats right, were arent depending on the classic you might tend impression in your mind. A Space Odyssey, every sci-fi fan.

Total Recall, Blade Runner, of whats wrong about the Alien, etc. You tend to Rating: Heck, K-2SO, the Rating: John Wick 2 Resident Evil - The Underworld - Retirement never comes Final Chapter Blood Wars easy for the super- Alice and the Umbrella Selene has to fend off assassin John Wick as Corporations hatred attacks from the Lycans hes forced to jump into for each other shall be and the Vampires the midst of battle to put to the test as the while she attempts to save his own skin from final installment we finally end the eternal all those whom he had hope in the series takes battle between the considered colleagues Alice back to where it two factions.

Could all these years. Digital life 32 big picture - AI is the tech of and the near future. Lamp, with sites Alexa smart assistant build into it. In 19 jump for- lf of the 71, University. I n the early s, phonographic books of Illinois student Michael Hart were marketed but didnt work due to got unlimited acces s to the Xerox impractical durations.

Even with further Sigma V computer in the Mate- developments, it couldnt match up to print. To So what pushed it further? The demands return the favour, Ha rt wanted to of blinded war veterans from World War do something that would benefit II to read and learn. Also, in the year , everyone. He took up a project to Angela Ruiz Robles, a Spanish teacher, digitize more than 10, books invented an automated book reader la by the end of the 20th century, Enciclopedia Mecnica or the Mechan- now known as Proje ct Gutenberg.

While these declared it on ARPA net as down- facts are not exactly about e-books, they loadable.

Six people downloaded were important for the world to realise that it and the first e-boo k was born. Arnab Mukherjee arnab digit. B asic OCR technology was being used as early as Yes, even handheld versions. We are talking about the Optophone here, a It reached its 10th ebook in with device built for the sightless, that could scan the King James Bible. Around this time, the letters on a paper and produce a corre- Optical Character Recognition OCR was sponding tone which the listener would be sufficiently advanced to directly speed up trained to identify.

Initial speeds were around the ebook creation process. The time period eral public. And as the volumes increased, from to can be said to have truly more people joined the efforts of Hart to brought OCR to the forefront of digitizing take Project Gutenberg forward. M uch before electronic books had been perfected, some part of the interest in the field had moved towards creating and experiencing interactive books books where the user could interact with the flow of the story.

And even here there is some general misconception regarding the first. Eastgate Systems Afternoon, written by Michael Joyce and released in on the floppy disk, is widely named as the first hypertext fiction and often confused to be the first interactive book, where, in fact, there have been multiple examples in the same decade.

Due to features like platform independence, DRM support, semantic structure, PDF did gain its fair share of popularity over just using W ith the arrival of the internet in the early s, the potential of e-books was recognized. Tim Berners- XML, which was the practice at the time. However, one of its advan- tages was also its biggest problem - it displayed documents as they Lees original vision with the internet would be printed, irrespective of device screen size.

In , Bibliobytes, the first online store for ebooks launched. T hanks to improving bat- tery capacity, ebook readers became a possibility around the late s. The Rocket eBook was released in It had its own pro-. T he concept behind electronic paper displays existed since the s. But it took more than 20 years for it to come into any kind of realisation. In the year , physicist Joseph Jacobson and a few undergrads at the MIT media lab were trying to create a multi-page electronic book where content would change at the push of a button.

While their ini- tial approach was to manipulate half-black and half- white spheres using electric charge, an accidental creation of all-white spheres combined with failures of the original idea led them to the discovery of e-ink. T become the E-ink which they patented the same year. As the tech This was obviously improved upon in years to come. The first move towards this was the Mobipocket ebook file format created by Mobipocket.

It could take more complex con- Gibrans The Prophet along with more will enter the public tent as compared to existing standards. For example, readers domain. Why is special? Check out the copyright extensions enforced by the US government over the last century. Booktrack is an app that lets you read soundtracked ebooks for free. Go ahead and see if you like it. site Kindle Direct Publishing - Popular self publishing service from site, that lets you publish your book on sites global store, has actually seen satu- ration in recent times and people are shying away from eBooks because of that.

However, it took them three years to build it and. One noteworthy detractor in five and a half hours. Soon, was this - looking at books for even tablet manuacturers like hours was definitely nowhere Acer would be benefiting from close to being as stressful to the the sudden demand. But that changed with the Sony Librie and the e-ink technology. T he need for a standardised format for ebooks was rec- ognised in the s itself. In the EPILOGUE later half of that decade, a con- sortium was formed to develop the Open eBook format that would allow eBooks to work on different I t wouldnt be too wrong to say that the ebook, as a technology, has only seen marginal innovations in the recent times.

On the other hand, it would be fool- hardware and software platforms equally well. Significantly, the hardy to say that print book sales are not being affected.

Who knows, maybe ebook technology the components of the book like combined with hardware advancements will someday the cover art, spine text, table of replace bookshelves with e-reader shelves? It was this format that would later be developed into EPUB, the most widely supported ebook format now. Feature http: P rimarily pictured in movies as that evil entity which threatens all of mankind, the future of Artificial Intelli- gence AI seems a long way from what we see today.

Current AI are simply decision makers, very good decision makers, with millions and millions of data inputs being factored to generate elaborate binary trees which form the brains. And with hardware pushing the boundaries, were enabling these AI to become smarter at an unprecedented pace.

The growth of AI has been so rapid, that some of the smartest minds on the planet have rung the alarm bells. So how do these simple decision making AIs pose such a threat to man- kind? To understand that, we need to have a look at the state of AI so far.

A primer on Machine Learning Machine Learning has been around for ages, and in the simplest sense it is about building machines that can learn without being explicitly programmed. The system is It boils down to creating a set of condi- is handpicked.

Once the training phase then put into production. Based on found on ecommerce web sites and to increase levels of accuracy. The the validation set, the system might on multimedia portals like Netflix. And lastly, we have testing, products or movies by watching them right kind of conditions are learnt by wherein real world data sets are given or by regularly browsing sections the system.

This is the training phase to see if the classification performed is related to said movies. Soon enough,. Theyve They can speak for you mended section piques your interest. Milestones in Weve spoken about games and This is simply a text to speech system, They can beat you are your languages, both key domains for ML. Parametric systems, i. Industrial applica- ones youre all quite familiar with, be articles lauding the numerous victo- tions, like that of security, which have it at public airports, or your operating ries of AlphaGo, a Google Deepmind hundreds of cameras tied into one com- systems friendly voice, uses snippets computer program which can play the puter, which analyses each video feed of audios which are stitched together board game Go.

It started by taking frame-by-frame, have already been to form words. These sound very baby-steps, learning the game and its around for a while. Human behav- monotonous but when you get a neural different strategies and then moved ioural traits are now being learnt by on to besting humans in October these systems to mark individuals out without handicaps.

Five months down from the crowd. Theres even a startup the line in March , it had won in a called AllGoVision which has already best-of-five against Lee Sedol. For those put into production a system that can whore coming across this name for detect loitering, tailgating, suspicious the first time, Lee Sedol is a 9-dan top objects and more.

Go world rank professional player. To take things to the extreme end, In just five months, using current gen scientists have developed a neural technology, an AI had become the very network that can identify criminals best in the human scale. Students at the Shanghai Jiao Tong University fed Adobes VoCo is PhotoShop for audio 1, photographs of men, half of which were criminals, to a system which then network to analyse millions of audio learnt to identify criminals with a No background data with a much higher resolution.

Imagine was provided whatsoever, so the only current gen systems as having indi- metric were their faces. Based on their position in a word or sentence, They can read your lips a particular audio file would be played. THE match: Now imagine if more They can speak your language anchors voices, so much that they audio files were used per alphabet, Another key development was that of came up with the Watch, Listen, youd have tonality.

Be it deeper with even more files per sound. With a little help from the machine learning model can accurately very much like a human being. Google Brain team, the folks behind the transcribe speech into characters with One thing that politicians will be project were able to reduce translation a higher accuracy than professional lip- blaming each time theyre misquoted errors in complex languages like Man- readers. The system was so good, that it will be Adobes VoCo. Well, darin by 60 per cent compared to their surpassed all previous benchmarks for its photoshop for audio.

Just like previous phrase-based algorithms. WaveNet, it can take an audio stream This was in September , and in from a person, transcribe it, allow you just one month, the researchers behind to edit the sentence and play it back the project have announced work on in their own voice!

This technology Zero-Shot Translation. Till now, all the was expected but no one expected it to languages that Google Translate materialise this quick. While it does had to work on had separate computing raise several concerns about ethics, machines. With Zero-Shot Transla- and how digital media could no longer tion, they aim to do away with all of be used as evidence in the courtroom, them and replace that with just one Lip reading accuracy has improved it sure does make for a really cool tech-.

Learn Feature excrements. The advent of photo manipula- secret communication was. And Alice have been a few setbacks for chatbots tion tools raised similar concerns but and Bobs success was measured with this year, namely, Microsofts Tay going that hasnt screwed up the legal system reference to how less of their conversa- on racist rants thanks for hundreds of and we dont expect this to either.

Googles Allo, so if at all any fraudulent evidence is with improvements happening over sites Alexa, Apples Siri are all presented, theyll know if it was made time. Bob and Alice became very good paving the way forward with better using VoCo technology. Given the rapid pace of Weve seen how far machine learning tion methods that even other powerful improvements, we hope to see a lot algorithms have come and how robots could not crack. The techniques more human-like chatbots in However, one thing mainstream acceptance.

The consumer segment system on its path. The human element a lot of these have gone the open source should follow right behind but given is required to preprocess the data, way. Google announced the open the push back from the traditional select the key parameters, select the sourcing of Tensor Flow and started automotive industry, this could take most apt ML algorithm for the learning supported Keras, a deep learning a few more years.

Nevertheless, to begin, tweak the system to ensure library for Python. Microsoft then will see a huge leap in at least industrial accuracy during the training phase and went ahead and did the same with applications for the self-driving vehicle. This rapid growth of Hawking and Elon Musk are worried ML in the last few years has led to an is that once AI achieves the ability to increased demand for ML solutions communicate secretly and teach itself that work out of the box requiring It will give rise to a runaway effect next to no expertise to set up.

AutoML resulting in a super intelligence. It provides an array Hawking, in an interview with the BBC of tools that any novice can apply on said that, It would take off on its own, a set of data from simple metadata and redesign itself at an ever increasing learning to traditional algorithms that Google opensourced TensorFlow rate. Humans, who are limited by slow use Bayesian classification.

The Chinese Elon Musk on the other hand is web-services company, Baidu, also worried about just one company which They can keep secrets open sourced their libraries under the he hasnt named yet, but he decided Another one from the folks at Google name PaddlePaddle.

site has opted to do something about it. Its a non-profit ting up three neural networks which ML platform and lastly, Facebook is AI company with an aim to develop could all communicate with each other.

And While has already accomplished Whether we get superseded by the third neural network, called Eve, so much, looks to be even bigger machines as the dominant race or if was the snoop whod try to eavesdrop with leaps of advancement being we form a peaceful society where AI on the conversation between Bob and predicted in every single domain. But and humans can co-exist remains to be Alice. Eves success was measured by two things stand out chatbots and seen, but one things for certain, this how accurate her interpretation of the self-driving automobiles.

While there will happen in our lifetime. Learn rolls out a new lightweight web version of the app more here: Are Smartwatches here to stay? We look at state of wearables, two years on from the Moto s debut. Arjun Krishna Lal IoT in an interconnected cally change your surroundings and feedback digit. A The rise of the Internet of Things, in you.

All this, right at your fingertips. If you were to step interactions with tech. IoT is a concept Are wearables here to stay? On the consumer tech, youd be forgiven smart appliances, mobile devices, surface, theyre the kind of tech thats for thinking we were halfway to embedded sensors, and security straight out of an eighties sci-fi movie. Minority Report. Or, considering that systems. In an IoT environment, your Theyre supposed to be the magic pill to social credit people rating system interface with the machine isnt bound an interconnected IoT worldthe kind the Chinese are keen to implement, to your personal terminal, whether of thing that just screams youre here halfway to Black Mirror.

In any case, thats a smartphone or wearable. Your in the future. But reality isnt quite this theres been an absolute consumer tech device becomes a hub for inputs and straightforward. Are smartwatches explosion since Steve Jobs introduced outputs from every device connected truly a step forward for communica- the iPhone to the world 10 years ago; to that environment.

Imagine that kind tion, or are they really just tiny, wonky the ways in which we interact with of power: See and hear anything, at little half-phones with no real inde- tech, and more importantly, how any time. Grant and restrict access to pendent connectivity that you stick on often, have changed fundamentally.

Physi- your wrist because, well, the future? Smartwatches are pretty cool to look reduces their utility right from the get talking to your HTPC, means that con- at, and they can do a lot of interesting go because it introduces an element of nection drop-outs are the rule, rather stuff if you set them up right.

The redundancy: Its cool to use, and question, though, is, in these times of has been passed through from your the convenience is tantalizing, but at rapid technological change, when we phone where its almost certainly avail- the end of the day, youre apt to just pull might just leapfrog from VR goggles to able in more detail.

Because of Android out your phone, and use that to control smart contacts in ten years, do smart- Wears inherent limitations, you really your media centre. E-book reading watches have a future?

Are smart- cant get a full-fledged app experience is another area where, surprisingly, watches our interface with tomorrow? Although WhatsApp, Wear does have its uses. The unassum- ingly named Wear Reader makes best What smartwatches can possible use of limited screen space: This works a lot better than we need to first look at what smart- you think it would, and if you dont watches can actually do, in the here mind flipping ermrewinding when- and now.

As well argue later, its not ever you lose focus, its a surprisingly so much that theres a shortage of use easy way to read, though it does run cases for smartwatches. Rather, low through your battery. But the question adoption rates, amateur software, and that arises here is, again, why cant a fragmented ecosystem mean that the you just pull out your phone?

Because solutions are rarely more effective than of the greater amount of screen space, what you could just get done with your theres no need for gimmicky flashing phone. Sports and fitness are among of any kind. Market evidence points to some of the use cases where smart- precisely what wed expect for a device watches really shine, and can give your Moto 2nd Gen that people just cant find a suitable phone a run for its money in terms of niche for in their lives: A Gartner features and convenience.

While we for instance, displays your current survey indicates that smartwatches cant speak for the Apple Watch, the messages, you dont get to see the whole have a 29 per cent abandonment rate. In does a great job of fitness tracking. Although Android Wear 2. Also, its off as much as possible, youre just not towards a wearable experience. There is one of the few cases where you dont going to have a comparable experience so much more that a connected device need an active phone connection to to what you can do with a phone thats on your wrist ought to be able to do your watch.

Digit January by Media - Issuu

Unfortunately, personal only a pocket-whip away. While native mes- and a cheap fitness band, like the Mi The use-case dilemma saging options are rudimentaryvoice Band, can get your virtually all of this There are quite a few cases where the commands and a small selection of auto functionality at a fraction of the price. Android Wear solution is compelling, replies are about itthird party options While the latest generation of but its either a hassle to set up, or like Coffee and Wear Messenger are smartwatches feature standalone where redundancy makes pulling out surprisingly complete messaging solu- mobile internet connectivity, most of your phone as easy an alternative.

Take tions. There are all kinds of situations the devices out in the wild, including media centre remotes, for instance. In where its not feasible or appropriate to the first and second-gen Moto , are theory, a media remote that works off pull out your smartphone. Shooting off entirely reliant on a Bluetooth-paired Android Wear is the perfect comple- quick messages from Wearthe Wher phone to connect.

While standalone ment for a laid-back living room Netflix r u varietywithout pulling yourself connectivity is a step in the right direc- binge. In practice, the complex jerry- out of whatever youre doing, is a solu- tion, most smartwatches are inextri- rigging thats going on here, with your tion that only a wearable device can cably tied to their paired phones.

We could share some the blast pun you guys did on the But fear not, your interests are always pointers too and then we can help by Note7 issue. As for the diary, why does putting you in touch with some people Now coming to some suggestions: it seem to me that you like reading at game studios if we think the storyline 1.

And since has what it takes. I beg you. Ive been a huge fan since I was magazine. It has been a long time a console head? In the beginning Race We are Technology, from my school's library and then later 3. Write to us. Your magazine was 4. Stop hating iPhones so much. All month long Id intended wait for your next issue while guessing 5. Increase the number of memes. Hey Team Digit, what would be in your upcoming issue. I have noticed that you guys have Im a very big fan of your magazine.

I miss those days a lot. Guys try doing some experiment Diary. It is very interesting to read. Ill make it short. My problem is that in you magazine like changing your P.

How many of you made your I have a story for a game.

Double-Digit Growth

It is a very pics. The 2. Try to add a page about the months work on time. Please leak the identity of and I dont know anyone around me the buzz now all thanks to JIO.

So I want to know whether 3. Encyclopaedia Technica or another developer and, if so whom. Please reply 4.

I should salute you as you guys give round of Crack the Code? Thank you in advance. Are to add some more utility software.

And you saying our video game posters 6. We are working email section as well so it will be I want my room to be booming with all on the DVD interface and youll see easier to find for first timers. Thanks guys! Dont worry about 7.

I have moved to the countryside and Sanyam Maan mails not going to Robert, he has the can't get your magazine so is it pos- all-seeing eye. For the home theatre sible to get a summary kinda stuff in Hey Sanyam, Wed really like to help recommendation, check out a similar like once every 2 or 3 months?

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Hopefully, that should make your Year Im going to download a home theater You can find our app and mobile game room go booming with bass. DGT Auto was a master piece. Digit Mini really helped ahead for Jayesh. The cover page story drawing are very very clear misconceptions. Thanks again for being Id like to give awards to Digit for some of the best content my technology navigator for this year - my offline google. Ive come across over the entire year that Ive been reading Anubhav Prakash the magazine: 1.

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