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Ebook Diet Deddy Corbuzier

Author: A Hadiat | Filed Under: diet ocd, download ebook ocd, ebook ocd, free ebook ocd, ocd Download Ebook OCD Deddy Corbuzier. OCD - Wolverine & Wonder Woman Project - Ebook written by Deddy Corbuzier. Read this book using Google Play Books app on your PC, android, iOS. Tips diet ocd dan cara menjalankan diet ocd ala deddy corbuzier. Download ebook ocd deddy combuzier gratis. Ebook you can see previous.

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Looking for healthy food to be eat. The food is not tasty And they are becoming very lazy because they have a long time to reduce weight significantly. The problem is we are not Ade Ray Indonesian body builder and would not be.. His healthy lifestyle could be a great inspiration for everyone.

An outstanding diet and very healthy.. But everyone not is Ade Ray, everyone will not survive in long time on the diet which is his applied as eating brown rice every day or a chicken breast and a variety of supplements.. I was only able to last a maximum of 1 or 2 weeks eating food that he ate. Im sorry Im not that perfect.. For Ade Ray or other body builder they could follow a variety of programs that exist because ther eis their whole life.. Do not forget that many of them are using steroids to be like that.

While you or me or most people might have a life outside of it is not possible to follow the pattern of their diet also exercise every day. Thats why we stop But what if I told you there are other alternative ways that might change all that? Do not be afraid of fasting,this fasting is possible that you could eat whenever and whatever.

The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well. Our food should be our medicine. Our medicine should be our food. But to eat when you are sick is to feed your sickness.

Yes in addition to the spiritual needs? That was the first question asked the taxi driver to me. Approximately hours after we eat, we entered what is known as postabsorbtive condition, where insulin starts to drop.

This is where the energy used by the body's internal sources start coming in body. The liver is the main source of stored glycogen through glycogenolysis remember the primary source is not from muscle, but fat unless they are involved in a loud activity.

Also with insulin fell and the drop in blood sugar comes an increase in lipolysis Freeing fat and use them for energy and gluconeogensis Converting the sources of non-carbohydrates such as glycerol and amino acids to be glucose. Levels of lipolytic hormones such as glucagon, GH growth hormone and catecholamines would increase as well as the body's sensitivity to them , allow more fat to be released as OCD. A perfect example is when we go to bed and sleep without eating at night.

Most of the time will make our liver work to supply our brain hog glucose with the process of glycogen and fat will be burning. This situation will continue until 3 days without eating and then the body will be damaged if it is done over 3 days without eating.

In short, fasting in a short time a state body without food can cause burning fat faster. This is done by lowering insulin and increased lipolytic hormones such as glucagon, growth hormone and catecholamines. Fat cells getting a strong sign and open their action. For burning. Usually they especially body builders and nutrition expert would begin to ask questions like: 1. We have to eat 6 small meals a day to maintain our metabolism to build muscle..

Protein intake should be a lot or muscle will not build. My question.. Where do you know all this theory from? Or what? Did you know that the character of Santa Claus was first created by Coca Cola?

Probably not..


Same with this thing.. Most of the people think Not eating at all is different from fasting. Even a research has shown that in up to 72 hours of fasting, the metabolism will not slowed Macdonald IA, Webber J, and it even increases a little of metabolism. Yes I said its rising! After going through 72 hours it will decrease This means that short-term fasting will not lower your metabolism by itself. As long as you do not do this fasting without eating at all, you'll be fine and it will increase your metabolism.

It is true that in the long run, there is a higher risk for loss of body mass muscle. But otherwise if it is done right and not too long then your body really wants to maintain your muscle. There are different hormonal signals here that makes you maintain your muscle and increase your metabolism. As we have seen the growth hormone GH is one of the hormones involved in lipolysis that increases with fasting. GH also has a "muscle sparing" property as well, most of the studies demonstrated through fasting where people do not lose muscle mass in an environment of elevated GH.

That means you could be starving to eating six times a day as well if your calorie intake is less. Try to eat only a cracker every 2 hours in 6 times, you will get hunger right? This has nothing to do with the frequency of how often you eat, just the summary of calories for longer periods of time in days or weeks. So if you miss a few hours of your last meal still scary to think you will get sick, ask yourself, is it because unhealthy or just because your mental pressure that makes you greedy?

This is another fear Lets not forget the myth about eating more often and faster metabolism that you all might believe. It's still about the total calorie intake, not meal frequency. Also how long the food intake lost.. I dont want debate about eating healthy or not, I say the amount of calories. Let me ask.. If your right hand break then being plaster, your left hand is okay, then you eat the same food every day for a month and after a month you opened the right hand plaster..

Which hand will lose the muscle mass? Right or left? Your right hand which is fitted with plaster will shrink instead right? That would mean there is any intake or not it will still shrink if there is no movement or exercise.. This is from Wikipedia: extended fasting has been recommended as therapy for various conditions by health professionals of most cultures, throughout history, from ancient to modern.

Research Suggests there are major health benefits to caloric restriction. Benefits include reduced risks of cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, insulin resistance, immune disorders, and more generally, the slowing of the aging process, and the potential to increase of the maximum life span. As you can see from its ancient. But we never Realize why Did you know that Plato and Aristotle say that stops eating in a short time or fasting is cure any disease?

Human Trial s A case study that delivered promising results. Ten Cancer Patients - four with breast cancer, two with prostate cancer, one each with ovarian, lung, uterine, and esophageal cancers - underwent fasting prior to and after chemotherapy treatment.

Fasting times ranged from hours prior to and after hours; were all affective at reducing side effects of chemotherapy. In the first case, a year old woman with breast cancer did her first round of chemotherapy in a fasted state of hours. Other than dry mouth, fatigue, and hiccups, she felt well enough to go to work and resume her normal daily activities.

For the subsequent two rounds, she did not fast and instead ate her normal diet, and the side effects were extremely pronounced - severe fatigue, diarrhea, weakness, abdominal pain, nausea - and prevented her from returning to work. For her fourth round of chemotherapy, she fasted, and the side effects were again minimized. And it wasnt just the subjective effects that improved with fasting, but also her physiological markers.

Total white blood cell, absolute neutrophil counts, and platelet counts were all highest after the fasting regimens. The point is fasting is a good thing when done properly, and anyway almost all religions teach it right? The question.. Where you can still eat well, eat at any hour you want and eat what you want but you still fasting That will be the secret of monk's fasting NOW Lets see how those monks believe and practice in fasting Buddhist monks and nuns following the Vinaya rules commonly do not eat each day after the noon meal.

This is not considered a fast but rather a disciplined regimen aiding in meditation and good health. Funny thing is This fasting is teachings in all religions Sometimes an ancient messages are easily forgotten. A great shape body is not only form in the gym, not form with sports only and supplements! Ask any health expert, then they'll all say the same thing with me.. You are what you eat. And i also believe you are depends on how much you eat and When you eat!

Therefore, there will be 2 thing in the formation of our bodies Calories out more than calories in means you will burn fat How do I burn calories? Well basically anything you do will burn calories.. Now, lets see how the implementation of OCD in daily life for your body formed! The Monks Secret of Fasting. How many things that you heard that breakfast is the most important food in a day and theres a variety of benefits in eating brakfasting..

And Therere good reasons of eating breakfast will find in the internet Now, everything will change if you still trust me, lets ask.. Remember, when you were a kid, you would get upset when you have to eat breakfast? But, itd be your habitual, right? And remember too, when you became sleepy in class and even hungry in your first break on school which is only 3 hours different with the breakfast and you get hungry again, right??? Believe or not eating breakfast will make you hungry all day But I stop eating dinner and even my weight down Yes I know.

But its not because refusing dinner! Easy huh? If we do not eat dinner calories do not gain.. Dinner means adding one potion.. Calories do not caretime and hour.. If you burn a day means excess a day would be dumped as fat I stopped eating at night, my weight dropped.. Get it? Remember, when you eat a lot and then sleepy So if u have dinner its good to sleep after that.. So, you are wondering how to breakfast Almost all taught not to late to eat breakfast and so they teach that eating breakfast provides many benefits, and should be irreplaceable energy supplies to make you move, build your metabolism, make your muscles healthy, feed your brain, and generally prepare you for the concentration in a single day And this is the latest research about breakfast.

Thus, at pm lunch could be breakfast if you have just woken up, but not if you've been up since While was what does breakfast mean? Break fasting or fasting This is the research. This means that people eat breakfast or not then the amount will be the same.. This challenges the conventional wisdom that if you skip breakfast, you will starve and then eating lunch as you want. The number of eating is not based on the number of meals have been eaten or have not been eaten before, but because our brains habits.

Have you seen skinny women who have not had time to eat and then eat as she wants? I think no.. Indeed, theres a study in the October at Imperial College London, who compared the brain scans and caloric intake of the 21 people who eati breakfast or skip it.

As Medical News Today summarized the findings: "Skipping breakfast increases hunger, the appeal of high calorie foods and food intake at lunch. Bias in psychology. Imagine you are in a trial should not be eating for breakfast Eat as much to train your brain..

Remember, they know this is a research so they will think that they are expected to demonstrate that they will eat a lot if they do not eat breakfast. Another study recently saw a difference between exercising with a filled up stomach or not.

In late January, the British Journal of Nutrition published a papers that suggest exercise before eating breakfast to burn 20 percent of body fat more than the same exercise after breakfast. The study also determined that people who exercise before breakfast does not consume extra calories will increase appetite during the day. Thats the NEW Facts! Javier Gonzalez a doctor , part of the research team, told to the Science Daily: "In order to lose body fat we need to use more fat for energy Do not eat breakfast much better than not to eat dinner.

Thats the point I have tell you. Eat Time Window.

Fasting by limitting eating time and eat anything without thinking about calories. Remember, this does not mean you suddenly become greedy and eat everything. Many people think after fasting may eat as much.. Eat naturally what you eat each day. Here, the fasting means there're no calories intake while fasting. However, this means you are still allowed to drink water, tea or anything that does not contains calories.

Even the candy was allowed as long as not many. Low calories count of 0. Time not eat It means your eating times are 8 hours, 6 hours or 4 hours. Eat time window What does that mean? This means you may eat whatever you eat as usual do not be greedy all of a sudden for 8, 6 or 4 hours a day without eating breakfast at least 3 hours after you wake up So if you take 8 hours means you start eating at 12 to 8pm.

If you take 6 hours so if you start at 12, then your last eat is at 7 am. Time to start eating free when starting up your needs If you take 4 hours so if you begin to eat the meal at 2 pm then you may eat up to 6 hours a night. The scales of eat is free on you in order you dont feel hungry but not to be greedy! The unique is you will not feel hungry That is the first kind of fasting.

With this type you can manage your meals if you have any dinner party. Very flexible. Sounds scary, right? This means you only eat once in a day. Anytime, eat anything as much as you want. Remember not to be greedy and not to eat breakfast and during fasting you could drink anything that is not containing calories too Example, you begin to start eating on Wednesday at 3 pm, only eat once and quite filled up.

Drink anything anytime but no containing calories Just eat only once on Wednesday until the following day Thursday at 3 pm then do the eat time window..

Example, if you take 4 hours, then please eat on Thursday from 3 pm to 7 pm on that day Its The hours Fasting It might sound scary, but it is actually very easy if you are already doing that. Do you remember, you must have only once meal a day in your life, and you did it right?? The usual question is whether it will get dizziness, headache and so on?

What if you have stomache disorder? Then in 3 tries, your stomach will follow your pattern. Remember, most of stomach disorder come from mind.. The implementation of combination of eat time window and the hours Fasting Simple.. Eat time window. In the first week you should start by eating 8 hours a day without breakfast very very easy In the second week you should try the 6 hours a day In the third week and so you should try the 4 hours a day.

Remember you could stop at 8 hours a day for the rest of your life or at 6 hours if you want without to turn to 4 hours a day, but the results will not maximum.. You will need a long time to reduce and shape your body when you are stuck in 8 hours or 6 hours.

I personally turn to 4 hours a day in the second week. Do this for the length of your life i you could. Children could do it too. In fact, sometimes you may also make an alternative. Example, in a week you would eat 8 hours only on Saturday or Sunday, then eat only 4 hours on another day.

And therere many alternatives that you can make. This point is not to be stuck to the rule. It's just t if you can stay in 4 hours then it will produce incredible results in a short time. The hours Fasting.. If you want the better results, in a week you should take 1 or 2 days 3 is maximum for me for a 24hour fasting.

Do not scared, this does not mean you do not eat at all. Like I said, Remember, you must have only once meal a day in your life, and you did it right?? If you eat at 4pm then start to eat at 4 pm again on the following day and turn to the eat time as in number 1 above.

It's easy. Combine those two things then you will shape your body in no time! Even being quiet, then your body will turn into a fat-burning machine naturally.. This is an example of a program that I personally do from the beginning and became a habit. On the first week i tried to eat 6 hours of the eat time window. The second week i turned to the 4 hours of the eat time window once failed then i turned back to 6 hours but i was soon back to 4 hours if failed 3.

The third week I apply hours fasting once a week with a 4 hours eat time window. Remember, it is very flexible! Obviously without having me explain, you already know that the best pattern is 4 hours eat time window with 2 or 3 times hours fasting a week.

It means I can use the two patterns perfectly, BUT no one perfect!!!

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And its okay. Are the supplements? The exercise? Or What? Let us look first know about supplements before.. The only supplement that has been proven in research is creatine. Yes thats all and I will discuss about it later in depth. Whereas protein is needed by the body, but not as much as you think. People say protein intake will make your body muscular and its not true when you only eat protein without any muscle exercises.. Regular food that we eat actually contains enough protein. Its okay if you want to add it to supplement but not excessive.

The point is do not waste much time thinking about protein and other supplements at all unless you are a body builder and use steroids Remember that shakes protein and so on are also a calorie intake that could fattening the body.. Like his body and brought tens of types of supplements? Thats they are Leave posts me and start to follow their lifestyle.. Lets discuss about the Shakes Protein that sales as the main menu at the gym. Then, lets see what you usually hear this from? Shake Protein supplements do help the development of muscle..

Or should 3 hours once a protein comes in? So how much our bodies really need Protein??? This is much lower than what you might hear out there from a lot of people or nutrition experts. It is certainly if you exercise more then recommended amount of protein intake will increase. Its also important to remember that the overall calorie intake as well will increases with the level of activity.

So in essence, if you are doing more activiyies then the amount of the calories needs more.. Logic, right? Are we going to lose all of our muscles when we are fasting and eating only 2 or 3 times or even once? Clearly, NOT.

Then, how about the theory that you need to eat 5 to 6 times a day to maintain your protein levels? Yes, actually. Quote from Dr.

Obsessive Corbuziers Diet Obsessive weight loss tips

If you go without food for a long term, like, a few days, your metabolism is going to take your muscle mass to alter the stored protein there into the glucose that you need to keep normal your blood. BUT It does not happen in the short term and fasting is not to fast everyday " Instead, it would be nice to get rid of your fat because the muscle will recycle the waste protein from your fat!

Drink Protein immediately after exercise will develope muscles!! Are You Sure?? As we have heard that eating right after a workout increases protein synthesis to build muscle Its important to know that your body works in the long term and not minute by minute. Then, we must not ignore the muscle recovery..

Our muscles are not built within an hour after the workout! Our muscles can be built within hours after exercise, and while theres no intake at anytime then the muscle will be built.

He once failed of doing the third level of fasting, and back to second level, by starting to fast at 9 pm. At the third week, Corbuzier managed to combine the third and forth level of OCD fasting.

Once in a week, he did a full day fast. For example, start fasting at 4 pm until the 4 pm of the next day. By the forth week, Corbuzier did the same as the third week, but he did a full day fast, for twice a week.

The Health Benefits of Fasting OCD is considered to be an intermittent fasting technique, an alternate day fasting, a pattern of eating between periods of fasting, and non fasting. The fasting usually means calorie restriction, and to consume only water, or low calories drinks, such as, black coffee. A study found that by eating less, and more than needed on alternate days, will prolong life.

This is another secret of extending life , just like in my previous post. The study also hypothesized that other conditions would be delayed, prevented or improved, including Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, multiple sclerosis, brain injury due to thrombotic stroke atherosclerosis, NIDDM non insulin dependent diabetes mellitus, form of diabetes, in which insulin production is inadequate, or the body becomes resistant to insulin , and congestive heart failure condition when the heart cannot pump enough blood to the body.

Moreover, the study believed that this pattern of eating has proven to be a good method of weight control. Johnson JB, et al. The following are the review results: In term of diabetes risk Animal Studies find lower diabetes incidence, lower fasting glucose, and insulin concentrations, effects that are comparable to those of calorie restriction. Human trials have reported greater insulin mediated glucose uptake, but no effect on fasting glucose, or insulin concentrations. In term of CVD risk Animal studies show lower total cholesterol, lower triacylglycerol concentrations, a lower heart rate, improved cardiac response to myocardial infarction, and lower blood pressure.

Although there are limited in human evidences, alternate day fasting suggests higher HDL cholesterol concentrations, and lower triacylglycerol concentrations, but no effect on blood pressure. In term of cancer risk Animal studies found decreases in lymphoma incidence, longer survival after tumor inoculation, and lower rates of proliferation of several cell types.

There is no human evidence. The findings in animals suggest that alternate day fasting may effectively prevent chronic diseases, in which similar to that of calorie restriction. Varady KA, et al. My fast was started after the sunset, until break fasting with only using a white chicken egg yolk, that I brought from home, and a cup of water, in the next day sunset.

I ate an hour later, after we both left the Guru's house. I also did several fasting when I was young, especially at my weton day Javanese day of birth, for three days, the day before until the day after. The fasting was started after the sunset, until break fasting after sunrise, or called as an evening fast.