Complete guide to crafting in Minecraft. Includes basic items, blocks, tools, weapons, mechanism, food, wool & more. Welcome to the complete Minecraft crafting guide. You'll find every crafting recipe here grouped by function, from the essentials to the functional to the purely. Crafting. From Minepedia - The Minecraft Wiki! 2×2 crafting grid. 3×3 crafting grid Currently, there are 96 recipes; this includes each recipe in the animations.

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Minecraft Crafting List Pdf

Crafting/CompleteList. From Minecraft Wiki Crafting. Contents 1 Complete recipe list Basic recipes Manufactured recipes Transportation recipes The ultimate crafting guide for Minecraft! Find ALL the latest recipes to craft anything in Minecraft. The Minecraft crafting guide, is a complete list of crafting recipes. The list includes everything from simple tools to complex mechanisms.

Used as decorative building material. Quartz Slab Chiseled Sandstone Chiseled Sandstone is a decorative form of sandstone with a Creeper face and various small carvings on it. Sandstone Slab or Red Sandstone Slab. It is found in jungle temples. Used for decoration. Stone Brick Slab Clay blocks can be used as building material or to store clay. Clay Coarse Dirt is a variation of dirt that will not grow grass! Diorite can be mined using any pickaxe. If mined without a pickaxe, it will drop nothing. Used as decoration.

Main article: Recipe book The recipe book is a mechanic in Minecraft that serves as a catalog of recipes and as a crafting guide. It shows every crafting recipe that the player has had materials for. Crafting recipes are organized in several different categories, as follows: The first tab contains every unlocked recipe.

The second tab contains tools , weapons , and armor. The third tab contains building materials. Legacy Console Edition crafting system[ edit ] The crafting system on the Legacy Console Edition may be changed to use the system from the Java Edition by checking the "Classic Crafting" option under "User Interface" in the options menu. By default, Legacy Console Edition uses a simplified crafting system. It does not require the player to place items in the correct place in the crafting interface, but instead displays the ingredients required to craft the selected item and allows the player to craft that item as long as the player has the required crafting ingredients.

Two alternative side tabs can be used to craft Banners or Fireworks. A third side tab is used to dye armor or certain blocks. May be used to drop items into chests. Changes color of Wool and Glass. Crafting of Cake and used in Dispensers. Randomly spawns a Chicken when thrown. Occasionally laid by Chickens. Allows the player to glide, and fly under certain conditions. Trading with Villagers. Emerald Ore and trades with Villagers.

Decorative mineral block made of Emeralds. Rare mineral block that drops Emeralds when mined with Iron or Diamond Pickaxe. Used to enchant weapons, tools, and armor. Requires Lapis Lazuli to complete enchanting. The end gateway is a block that appears as part of end gateway portals which teleport the player between the main island and the other islands in the End. Used with Eye of Ender to create and activate a portal to The End. End rods are decorative light sources that emit white particles.

Chest used to store shared items across all other placed Ender Chests. Crafting of Eye of Ender. Used to repair an Ender Portal Frame or to locate a Stronghold. Grows crops when seeds are placed on it near a water source. To craft Arrows and Book and Quill. Chickens , Zombie. Fern Large. Light source.

Fireball ammunition for Dispensers. Used to detemine color, effect and shape of Firework Rockets. May use various types of dye to color. Food item which restores 1 hunger point. Also used to tame Ocelots. Use Fishing Rod on Water. To ignite fires and to activate a Nether Portal. Decorative block which can hold flowers, saplings, cacti, ferns, dead bushes, and mushrooms.

Smelting of ores and cooking of food items. May also be used to dry Wet Sponges and to create Glass. Colored window block. Glass Panes of the same color may be crafted from it. Used for brewing of Potions. Crafting of Golden Apples , storage of Gold Ingots , and decorative block. Zombie Pigman Random Drop. Can be smelted into Gold Ingots.

Digging tool. Sometimes drops Seeds when broken. Created by using any type of shovel on the side or top of a grass block that has air above it.

Granite Polished. Also used to craft TNT. Creepers , Ghast , Generated Chests. Decorative wheat-based block. May be fed to horses, mules, and donkeys to heal up to 10 hearts.

Solid ice block which does not melt. Must be obtained using a tool with Silk Touch.

Generated by players walking near water while wearing boots with the Frost Walker enchantment. Decorative block and iron storage. May be used with Pumpkin to construct an Iron Golem. Provides Iron Ingots when smelted.

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Decorative block which displays and stores a single item or block. Blue dye and crafting of Lapis Lazuli blocks. Storage of Lapis Lazuli. Causes 5 damage points per second. Use Shears on tree leaves. Light-emitting naturally-occurring block found in the Nether.

Used to brew fire-resistance Potions.

Map Ocean Explorer. Map Woodland Explorer. Provides Melon Seeds and Melon Slices. Inedible item used for brewing Potions. Abandoned mine chests or crafted from a Melon Slice.

May be used to heal player of poisoning. Cake ingredient. Use Bucket on Cow. Minecart used to store Chests. Decorative creative-mode block. Spawns Spiders , Skeletons , or Zombies. Decorative stone block found in Dungeons and Mega Taiga biomes. Creation of Mushroom Stew and planting. Red Mushroom, Mooshroom Cow. Generated Chests , Creepers. Used with to name mobs. Name can be assigned with an Anvil.

Nether brick item. Used to craft Nether Brick blocks. Item obtained by mining Nether Quartz Ore. Nethre ore used to craft Quartz blocks. Dropped by the Wither and used to craft a Beacon.

Nether plant item used for brewing Potions. Grows only on Soul Sand in the Nether. Plays notes when triggered by a Redstone-based power source. Block that emits a redstone signal when an adjacent block is updated. Used to construct Nether Portals. Crafting Books and Maps. Terrain block found in Mega Taiga biomes.

A tool with Silk Touch enchantment must be used to acquire. Popped chorus fruit is an item obtained by smelting chorus fruit, and used to craft purpur blocks. Can be used to create Baked Potato. Variants of potions that can be thrown to leave areas with status effects which linger on the ground. Functions as a switch when items are placed upon it. The number of items determine the strength of the redstone signal emitted.

Functions as a switch when blocks and item stacks are placed upon it.

Minecraft crafting guide 1.7.4 pdf

The number of blocks and stacks determine the strength of the redstone signal emitted. Prismarine Dark. Prismarine Bricks. Prismarine Shards. Prismarine Crystals. To craft Sea Lantern.

Brewing ingredient used to create a Potion of Water Breathing. Decorative helmet or decoration. Pumpkins and abandoned mines. Purpur Stairs. Purpur Slab. Quartz Block Chiseled. Quartz Block Pillar. Quartz Slab. Quartz Stairs. Dropped by Rabbits. May be used to craft leather. Used with Minecarts for transportation.

Rail-based switch when ridden over by Minecart. Speed boost for Minecarts when ridden over. Block item used to compare the signal strengths of two redstone power sources. Redstone Ore , Generated Chests. Accelerates hunger levels when consumed. Used to feed Dogs. Zombie , Zombie Pigman. Riding of horses and Pigs.

Produces Glass when smelted in a Furnace. Sand Red. Sandstone Red. Produces Wheat when planted on Farmland. Sea Lantern. Gathering of Sheep Wool and Tree Leaves. Decorative block and snow ball storage.

May be used with Pumpkin to construct a Snow Golem. Crafting of Snow Block and throw-able item. Nether terrain block used to grow Nether Wart. Also used to construct the Wither. Poisonous item used for brewing Potions and crafting of Fermented Spider Eye. Used with Brewing Stand to create Weakness Potions. Sponge Wet. Decorative block dropped by Elder Guardians. May be dried in a Furnace to create a Sponge. Crafting Torches , tools, weapons, Ladders , Rails , and Signs.

Solid half-block. Solid double half-block. Crafting of Bows , Fishing Rods , and Leads.

Crafting_CompleteList - Minecraft Wiki.pdf

Spiders , Spider Jockeys , Generated Chests. Blocks used to manually generate structures. They can also be used to save and load structures, alongside structure void blocks. Crafting of Cake and Fermented Spider Eye. Source of Sugar and crafting of Paper. Decorative, colored Terracotta block. Support up to 16 color varieties. Used with String and another Tripwire Hook to create a switch across a gap.

Decorative non-solid wall block. Collectable with Shears. Fluid which may be placed with Bucket. Glass Bottle filled by a water source and used to create Potions. Transporting of Water and extinguishing fires. Used with Lava to create Obsidian. Food item used to craft Bread , Cakes , and Cookies. Also used to breed Sheep and Cows. Crops, Generated Chests. Block dropped by Sheep. Use Shears on Sheep. Base Potions Water Bottle. Starting point for all recipes. Right-click Glass Bottle on water source, such as a filled Cauldron.

Awkward Potion. Base for all primary potions and splash potions excluding Splash Mundane Potion. Thick Potion. Base for Potion of Weakness. Mundane Potion. Mundane Potion Extended. Base for Potion of Weakness Extended. Potion of Regeneration. Restores 46 health over time. Potion of Regeneration Extended. Restores health over time. Potion of Regeneration II.

Restores 48 health over time. Potion of Swiftness. Increases player's movement, sprinting speed, jumping length and field of view. Potion of Swiftness Extended. Potion of Swiftness II. Potion of Fire Resistance. Gives immunity to damage from fire, lava, and ranged Blaze attacks.

Potion of Fire Resistance Extended. Potion of Healing. Restores 6 health per potion's tier. Potion of Healing II. Potion of Night Vision. Player's visibility is enhanced in the dark. Potion of Night Vision Extended. Potion of Strength. Increases melee damage by 3 per potion's tier. Potion of Strength Extended.

Potion of Strength II.

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