SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM) is key component of SAP Business. Suite and it is used not exposure to customer service, assistance related to sales, complaint handling and other End of ebook preview. If you liked. management (CRM) software, the SAP Business OneĀ® application helps you turn prospects Service. Create, maintain, execute, and analyze marketing campaigns. Manage lead . customers using standard PDF or other commonly used. Security Dependency: SAP CRM and Other Components. .. SAP Social Services Management for Public Sector.

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Service With Sap Crm Pdf

Master SAP CRM business processes and configuration! This guide The complete resource for implementing SAP CRM for marketing, sales, and service PDF (79 MB), EPUB ( MB), and MOBI file ( MB) for download, DRM-free with. Structure of the CRM Web Client User Interface . 2 Service. Sales. Marketing. Industry Solution. General SAP CRM Business Scenario. Figure SAP CRM service also provides your organization with quotation creation & processing, creation of service order and assignment to field.

From sales and marketing to customer services, technical support, customer care, measurement of customer relationship and building up of effective CRM strategies and more; this popular module of SAP takes care of it all. With the sales, marketing and customer service teams fast becoming a front line for customers, organizations are searching for end-to-end solutions in regards to deeper customer insights, personalized engagements and the necessary steps for standing in front of their competition. They are looking for smarter ways for retaining and earning the loyalty of their satisfied customers. Dedicated to the cause of facilitating an organizations interaction with it clients, SAP CRM allows these companies to equip their teams with SAP cloud solutions and empowers them to win more business. SAP CRM offers numerous advantages like a reduction in overall costs, increased profitability figures, quick action-ready care services and better customer insights. Highly accurate and capable of increasing competitive agility with flair; this SAP module streamlines all customer-centric operations, increases marketing capabilities, integrates sales, retains customers, personalize customer interactions with the company and generates higher revenue by bringing in new clients.

You configure values for communication media in Customizing of campaign execution. Form of Consent - Specifies how the account or contact communicated the consent information, for example by letter or by e-mail.

You configure values for the form of consent in Customizing. Date of Consent - Specifies the date on which the account gave or rejected consent Consent - Specifies the consent status as Given or Rejected Communication Details - Specifies the e-mail address, telephone number, pager or so on that can be used, or must not be used for accounts and contact. Q36 What is Master Data? Master data comprise data about basic objects used in business transactions in SAP Customer Relationship Management SAP CRM and stored on a long-term basis, such as data on accounts, products, installed bases, or warranties.

Displaying your service or sales and distribution structure is at the forefront of CRM. To work with SAP CRM, you can simply display the organizational units that are relevant for your sales and service-related processes CRM organizational management has many options for linking to your organizational units: The organizational units for example, sales organization, service organization are not already specified: You can include your own organizational levels and leave levels out.

SAP CRM Certification Sample Question Set - 2

It specifies the entitlement of customer to service levels and includes product list which contains services and service parts that are covered.

Price agreements for services and parts are also maintained within the contract.

The service contract thus represents service data, object list, product list, release list pricing agreement and billing plan. Service profile and response profile defines the service level in CRM service.

Service profile indicates the conditions which define when the services defined within service contract can be executed.

Response profile defines the timeframe in which the service should have started and by when it's processing should have completed. These profiles are maintained in CRM customizing.

Service Contract Determination can be configured in the customizing. It is possible to manually enter a contract or the system determines the contract automatically.


This settings are done while creating transaction type in customizing for a service process. CRM service plan lets you can model a plan for the recurring service and also perform it such that you can service an object in a planned fashion throughout its complete life cycle. It supports creation of follow-up service transactions like quotation, service order, activity, etc. In the service interval you define rules which specify that for a particular object when and which service needs to be planned, offered, or performed.

It is possible to create a service order as a follow-up document to service agreement or service contract. It consists of header and item part.

Items in a service order can be in tree structure forming item hierarchy. Resource Planning Application is used by the resource planners to dispatch the service order to the service technicians. It also supports managing and analysing the data related to the service representative employees service technicians.

SAP CRM Overview Presentation

In the form of Reference object, IBase components , objects or products can be entered in the service at header or item level. Depending upon the main reference object entered in the service order, the list of relevant products is displayed for the order items. To use this feature, you need to do the following: Release to ERP Step 1: Do the Advanced Item Determination Step 3: Requires latest Support Package.

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SAP CRM Module: Overview, Architecture

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