Download Show Magazine Sexy Girl Issue 19 Invalid or corrupted PDF file. More Information Less Information. Close. v - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. With all of the content in the show, I decided to try and put something together in the form of a PDF magazine. The first issue was called The Spectrum Show.

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SHOW! MAGIC MALE. REVUE. Join us for an unforgettable performance SHOW MAGAZINE UPCOMING NATIONAL WOMEN'S SHOWS. DEVC Assignment 8 Radio Magazine Program Proposal Franilyn Go Women Power! radio show is about awareness, education and activism. It aims to . Antiques, Store, Round Top, Warrenton, Show, Antiques map, Guide, show dates , what to do in round top texas.

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This discussion will be in a serious or fun and light-hearted way but its purpose is 4 Page UPOU- DEVC Franilyn Sendiong-Dacono always to set us thinking and realizing the role of men and women in the society and how we can be equal as one. The radio program will invite guest speakers all over the region.

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It will be a radio interview filled with lively variation of the talk. The program will be also a consumer affairs program which will give a time to actively engage with the audience. It is a main objective of Go Girl! The presenter in this program must convey goodwill toward the audience and participants through establishing authority and confidence to achieve success.

As a style, the program will be keen on knowing the importance of changing the mood and pace as you move from one item to another.

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While the breadth and style of the program content will be incorporated with recording in the studio and outside locations with interesting background sounds including music and the actuality to enliven the program. She is an Architectural Engineer and a Technical Designer in a male-dominated industry of building and construction.

She is also an active member of United Architects of the Philippines Singapore Chapter and on outreach programs both in Singapore and in the Philippines. For this episode, Ms. Cresencio was invited for the maiden broadcast because she is a simple and regular person that excels in one of the male-dominated industries, an expert in the field of architecture, building and construction.

Her presence makes the interview simple, light and inspiring.

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This is the latest radio magazine program about addressing and promoting one of the Millennium Development goals, the Gender Equality and Empower Women. Because this is timely, universal and one of the pressing issues that men and women should not avoid. What you should expect in this show is that we will cover not only the kikay stuff of women, health, beauty, wellness, travel, parenting topics and the latest news updates but this radio program magazine will provide YOU all exciting, practical and informative content to educate and inspire both the old and young.

So, for today, we have invited a special guest.

How are you? Will you be able to describe to introduce yourself?

Who is Ms. Can you describe to us your typical day at work?

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How it is dealing with your colleagues especially the men at the field. What are the common advantages that you usually have? And how did you overcome the situation?

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