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Switch-Mode Power Supply Spice Cookbook-Basso Download as PDF or read online from Scribd The Prize: The Epic Quest for Oil, Money & Power. terney.info Uploaded by Giovani All Rights Reserved. Download as PDF or read online from Scribd. Switch-Mode Power Supply SPICE Cookbook Christophe P. Basso, Christopher Basso Christophe Basso's SMPS SPICE Cookbook is a complete designer's toolkit SPICE Cookbook by Christophe P. Basso, Christopher Basso Free PDF.

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Switch Mode Power Supply Spice Cookbook Pdf

I can understand why many people who bought this book thinking that it would be usefull for learning how to use SPICE or learning how to design power. McGraw-Hill Professional 1 edition March 19, , pages Ready-made SPICE power supply solutions Now you can get solutions to the. Switch-mode power supply SPICE cookbook. [Christophe P Basso] -- CD-ROM contains: INTUSOFT demo CD version , OrCAD evaluation software

The PPT is now posted as usual. I have also well progressed with my next book on small-signal modeling of switching converters. I've finished the three first chapters and determined in details transfer functions of the buck and boost converters using the PWM switch model in fixed switching frequency, fixed on- and off-time, quasi-resonant, voltage- and current-mode control, CCM and DCM. Quite an ambitious project I now reckon but reviewers encouragements push me to pursue the task. Hopefully I hope to submit the final manuscript by the end of the year for a publication in Q2 My most recent book describes how to apply fast analytical circuits techniques FACTs when determining linear circuit transfer functions and is available from Wiley via numerous distributors. You will learn how to analyze simple to complex linear circuits by determining the circuit's time constants in different configurations. The idea is to split a complex circuit into small sketches and solve them independently. Then assemble the results to form the complete transfer function. Each chapter is offering 10 fully-documented problems so that you can check if you have acquired the skill. This book is currently being translated into French and should soon be available in that language.

Null double injection is explained in this chapter with a method to verify your calculations using SPICE. Numerous simple passive and active circuits examples follow to show the power of this theorem.

A simple variation of the theorem leads to the generalized transfer function of a 1st-order system, identical to that given in Chap. Using this generalized form, you do not need to go through the null double injection and it amazingly simplifies the determination of transfer functions for any 1st-order networks.

Chapter 4: this chapter is entirely dedicated to passive or active 2nd-order circuits, built with op amps or transistors. The 2-EET is defined and a simple method is detailed to obtain transfer functions swiftly. Once the skill is acquired, you can determine some of the transfer functions without writing a single line of algebra!

Chapter 5: we enter 3rd-order circuits and above, using a generalized transfer function formula. Learn how you can determine op-amp based filters transfer functions by calculating time constants in various configurations.

By breaking a complex circuit into smaller and simpler configurations, you can determine the transfer function of a complex circuit efficiently. By using SPICE in each step, you can verify your results and correct a mistake at any time in the derivation. Google books offers a preview here. There is a book review here and PET published an excerpt here.

How2Power also published another review in the July issue. All corresponding Mathcad files are available here. I maintain a list of identified typos here.

There are more than 70 fully solved examples of transfer functions from 1st to 4th order, active and passive. The complete list is here. The book is announced on these sites.

Information here. La version francaise est arrivee et est disponible chez Dunod depuis mars Voici l'avant-propos du livre decrivant son contenu. site distribue le livre. It took me a while to clean all typos, errors and bad drawings that you, readers friends, have been kind enough to report.

The final listing for the 1st edition is posted here. So, what do we have in this second edition? Well, some chapters have been expanded, some simply cleaned up. All formulas have been tested and several Mathcad files will be available on the editor site to let you calculate these data depending on your design.

Not only rms currents are calculated, but also the various time durations in DCM for instance. Convenient tables summarize constraints at the end of each subsection. Chapter 2: on top of the classical PWM gain derivation, a feedforward small-signal block has now been described. The complete small-signal model of the PWM switch operated in current mode has been added and simulated. Duty ratio factories have been described to show how you can get the ac response of a DCM or a CCM current mode converter with a voltage-mode model by adding a single in-line equation to the existing model.

Sub-harmonic instabilities are not predicted but low-frequency response for both modes perfectly agrees with that of higher order models. For those interested in small-signal modeling, I added an appendix in which I derive the ac response of a voltage-mode boost converter operated in DCM.

Chapter 3: the compensator section has been expanded with OTA transfer functions for type 1 and 2. A complete TL bipolar-based model has now been included in this new edition Chapter 4: some new SPICE blocks have been described and in particular, a corrected D flip-flop which is now more robust to forbidden input states. Chapter 5: clean-up of the existing section mainly Chapter 6: I have included a complete small-signal analysis of a BCM PFC stage when operated in current or voltage mode control.

I also added a section letting you predict what the bulk minimum voltage will be when you have selected a normalized capacitor. Chapter 7: this chapter now includes a complete explanation of the over power phenomenon in flyback converters operated in CCM, DCM or in quasi-resonance QR. Over power protection or OPP, is an important part of the flyback design. It is there to compensate the extra output power hence current a flyback converter will deliver when supplied from its highest input voltage.

If no precautions are taken, risks of fire or destruction exist. This new section explains the origin of this output power runaway and how to compensate it. Small-signal has not been left aside and a small-signal model of the QR flyback converter in current mode is presented.

A section showing how to account for the nonlinear variation of the Coss capacitor has been added as well as a simple laboratory circuit to check for transformer saturation.

Chapter 8: the complete transfer function of the active clamp forward converter operated in voltage mode has been added with step by step derivation as well as tests a against prototype response. Compensation details for a A dc-dc are also offered. The coupled inductor small-signal response has also been revamped thanks to comments from a sharp reader. These files, together with a chapter sample are available through the dedicated landing page, here.

You can download the PDF versions and the working files. The file is here and will be updated when needed. This new book took me three years of work, every night.

It first started in , I wanted to write an exhaustive text on how to design compensators for power supplies. Operational amplifiers op amps were first on the list, but I then realized that there was many other types of active elements that could be used to perform this function: TL, operational transconductance amplifiers OTA and shunt regulators like in the TOPSwitch Power Integrations series.

I have dedicated an entire chapter for each of them, even detailing TL internals. Of course, there are non-isolated and isolated versions with an optocoupler. Thanks to all my friends world-wide for their kind help!

The book starts to explain loop control theory in a very basic approach, "with the hands" as we say in French. Then, the following chapters go deeper into the theory you need to know as a power supply engineer.

There is some mathematical content but there are a lot of examples that show how to put the theory at work. This is a strength of the book to my opinion: it bridges theory that you have learned at school with what you will face in your engineering challenges. For instance, we all learned how to build a compensator with an op amp I still have my class documents but how do you apply that knowledge to a TL, a Transconductance Amplifier or a Shunt Regulator? And what if you add an optocoupler?

Throughout the pages, you will learn where phase margin comes from, how to select crossover frequency, how to efficiently compensate a control system and much more!

I hope you will enjoy this new work that took me 3 years to write. As usual, almost all the equations were derived by myself with all the steps so that you can follow Chapter 1: this chapter is an incomplete introduction to control systems.

I have tried to gather the very basic things you need to know about control systems and I introduced some of the tools you will need in the following chapters. This chapter is for people who have no notion of control systems at all and want to understand how such a system works. No complex diagrams or difficult equations, a step-by-step introduction. Of course, experts reading this chapter will smile but, again, this brief introduction is not for them, they can jump to chapter 2 immediately : Please note that the entire Chapter 1 is offered for download by Artech on its website.

Chapter 2: now we start the discussion about serious stuff.

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I am showing how to properly write transfer functions. You will discover that a transfer function can be derived in different ways. One of them uses brute-force algebra. The result is analytically correct but when you look at the result, it is almost impossible to say if there is gain, if there are poles and zeros and where they are hide. Re-write the same function the proper way and all these information clearly appear in the equation.

Knowing how to write transfer functions this way is the key to fast analytical techniques and so-called low-entropy expressions. Learn how to get the poles and zeros just by looking at the electrical schematic!

Chapter 3: in this chapter, I explain where phase and gain margins come from. I never had a clue where this number was coming from and how to apply it.

Learn how phase margin is linked to the quality factor of a second-order system. Check how to read these data on Bode but also on Nyquist plots.

Learn what modulus and delay margins are. Understand the importance of output impedance and the way to shape it via the right crossover frequency. Chapter 4: we now enter the world of compensation: how to shape the return path so that my control system be stable, fast and precise.

Switch-Mode Power Supply Spice Cookbook-Basso

Nothing new here, but this is done step by step so that you can follow the path. A few examples put the PID at work and show that in some cases where Bode says it will be stable, the system isn't.

Learn why and how to properly compensate your product. Chapter 5: this chapter covers compensators using operational amplifiers. You will find type 1, 2 and 3 structures, with and without optocouplers. You have all the equations, ready to use. I even re-wrote the k factor equations for those interested in the approach. All derivations steps are detailed and commented.

They are easy to design and require less die area than they op amp cousins. However, the set of equations you have for op amps does not readily apply. I have re-derived all the design equations in this chapter. Even if you add an optocoupler, it is covered. Also, I explain why it is difficult to build a type 3 with an OTA and what are its limitations. Chapter 7: the TL is the most popular elements found in todays power converters.

Hosting a precise reference voltage and an open-collector op amp, it is a remarkably well-crafted device. Actually, op amp and reference make only one and the transistors arrangement was made by a genius designer! Check TL internals and learn how to use that component to build type 1, 2 and 3 compensators with an optocoupler. Rather than hosting a voltage control input, these devices are sensitive to injected current as a means to control the duty ratio. Again, previous equations no longer fit and I have reworked them all for the classical compensator types.

Chapter 9: bench measurements are mandatory when you deal with control systems. It is important to verify that all hypothesis you made during the design phase lead to the expected phase and gain margins on the real prototype. And a prototype is a real piece of hardware, not a Simplis simulation bench, please! In this chapter, I explain the theory behind closed-loop measurements and where to be careful for reliable measurements.

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Switch-Mode Power Supply SPICE Cookbook

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Switch-mode power supply SPICE cookbook

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Por history, file problem fitting! Monte Carlo and worst-case simulations help to ensure maximum production yield. With the help of simulation, expensive parts and systems can be effectively debugged without the possibility of destroying them. Circuits can be simulated on a computer much more quickly than they can be built and evaluated. Simulation allows these types of conditions to be easily evaluated. Simulation allows the evaluation of fault conditions, which may be dangerous to human life.

Airline pilots spend a considerable amount of time simulating emergency conditions, of course, rather than practicing them. If this is not the case, it is suggested that you review the manuals that accompany your SPICE program before proceeding.

I strongly encourage you to run the example simulations in order to get a better understanding of the capability of the software and the modeling techniques. In addition, the design and modeling techniques are applicable to many different types of simulators.

They are continually enhancing their software and adding features that increase productivity. Wherever possible, generic syntax is used so that the models can be adapted to various simulators. In particular, SPICE 3 has an arbitrary dependent source, or B element, that allows mathematical expressions of voltages, currents, and other quantities to be used. PSpice extends the syntax of the E- and G-controlled source elements even further in order to add many behavioral modeling constructs including mathematical and logical If-Then-Else expressions.

Switch-mode power supply SPICE cookbook

To emulate the nonlinear large-signal behavior, often found in power devices, such models require arbitrary X-Y transfer functions. In addition, there are occasions when a procedural type of behavior is required. The table function is supported in PSpice. However, the advantage of the If-Then-Else capability over the table model is that the transfer function between each X-Y data point can 4 Chapter One be nonlinear in the If-Then-Else syntax, whereas the Table model only supports linear segments between points.

Therefore, another PSpice syntax extension, Boolean Logic Expressions, was chosen to model the digital functions. If your simulator has support for the SPICE 3 functions and equivalent support for the PSpice extensions, you can easily translate the syntax used in this book. Nonlinear Dependent Sources B, E, and G Elements Math expressions The arbitrary dependent source B element allows an instantaneous transfer function to be written as a mathematical expression.

The expressions, [EXPR], given for V and I may be any function of node voltages, currents through any element, or a variety of traditional math functions.

The values of the V and I parameters determine the voltages and currents across and through the device, respectively. Unlike in PSpice, there is no distinction between current-controlled G element and voltagecontrolled E element sources for the B element. One and only one of these parameters must be given. Many SPICE vendors do not have an equivalent syntax for this capability, as shown later in the PSpice examples, even though it is one of the most used modeling constructs in Power IC modeling.

There is virtually no limit to the length or complexity of the expressions that can be used.

Equal is not allowed. Switches are frequently used to replace a semiconductor in order to speed the simulation. PSpice includes three different switches whose characteristics make them suitable for different applications. One of the most frequently used is the switch with hysteresis. If your simulator supports all the standard Berkeley SPICE 3 elements, then this switch can be used without any syntax changes.