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The world needs a new generation of business leaders. People with the courage to seek different paths to success. Disruptive thinkers who don't just adapt to. eSADe MBA? Your success is our tradition. You need an international business school with more than five decades of success and a tradition of achievement. Get all the information about the ESADE Executive MBA - EMBA: Monthly Programme.

What is it you look for in a personal interview? Is one worth more than the other? Rather, I prefer to test them with the same kind of I look for a well-rounded and balanced candidate, with good interpersonal and analytical skills. Both dimensions are important and candidates must excel in them. How did you prepare for your case interview when you interviewed with BCG? What distinguishes a good candidate during a case interview? I read a couple of booklets on consulting interviews. And I also practiced, practiced and practiced. You feel it. A good candidate engages in the discussion, connects with the interviewer, shows high level of motivation and enjoys the interview.

Also you get to know and work with accomplished and motivated people as well as access to top executives very early in your career. There are always downside risks as in every other career. You can get though cases, which means long hours or you can get boring cases where you will learn very little.

In my opinion some risks are worth taking, a consulting experience in a top consulting company like BCG will definitely have a positive impact in your professional career.

What about cases? In a personal interview I am mainly looking for how the person interacts with me. Most important for me is to assess whether the person is authentic or not?

Basically I want to get to know the real person. Is the person somebody I could easily see within the firm? It must come natural though, because otherwise I could think the person is trying to pretend somebody he or she in reality is not.

In cases I look ultimately at how well a person can solve an issue at hand. It is important to show that you have the necessary breadth to work on all sorts of problems, but also the depth to entirely understand and solve one particular problem at hand. I think that reflects also the work you do in your day-to-day life at BCG. The way to tackle a case is of course diverse and I learned for example during the team work at ESADE that there is many ways to come to a good result.

Hence, the approach to a case is also important. Am I confident that this person is following a comprehensive and holistic approach? A perfect case for me is rather a good conversation. At certain points I am trying to ask questions that are not directly correlated with the final question of the case to see 34 casebook ESADE MBA Consulting Club how well the person can have an intellectual conversation to understand if the person is only looking at the problem at hand or does also have a more broader view.

Hence, they must not necessarily solve a case without difficulties, as the problems we face in our daily life are not always easy to solve neither. What distinguishes a good candidate though is the drive to tackle a problem in a structured way and identifying the issues that this case contains.

ESADE Business School

In the next step a good candidate is also understanding implications of problems and possible solutions on other areas and is creative in finding solutions or identifying issues.

If all these points are met, an additional nice-to-have differentiator is a candidate who is showing some sort of extra. This extra might be smart questions that show different solutions to the problem, considering something not directly correlated with the solution that might still be very important if you think about a problem holistically and hence showing that the candidate is thinking further than just the obvious…thus, trying to identify the real insight.

What is the most memorable case interview that you have First, I started doing a lot of mockup case interviews whenever possible ever given?

At that time many people were preparing for their intern interviews and I was having a mockup interview with one of the highest GMAT scores in our class.

IE vs. ESADE : Admitted - Which BSchool to Choose?

Hence, I thought that he would probably blast me away with his quant skills and easily solve the case. However, I was surprised that this was not the case. Of course calculations of any sort were not a problem to him, so I tried to have a case that included quantitative and qualitative parts.

Even so I could see that he had a clear structure in his head and that he could easily go into depth, he was lacking some of the breadth that was needed to solve this case. In that moment I realized that being smart is not all that is needed to make it into Consulting, but you need to have a broader skill set. Just being an expert in one dimension does not suffice. My interview partner was of course smart enough to identify his weaknesses as well, worked on them constantly and also developed further during his time at ESADE and is today also a successful Consultant.

As I always try to analyze and understand things as a closed system, I also tried the same for case interviews. The objective is to assist business a demanding flexible program that develops skills and outlook executives to put their experiences in a sound and practical that executives need. Executive education that is based on the theoretical framework that help them to formulate a better education and development of the individual as a whole, by decision.

The program also helps them to deal with complex exposing them to a plurality of paradigms and perspectives, is challenges that they will encounter on the way to a higher what sets university based business schools apart Harrison, managerial level.

Our research was conducted to improve and Leitch, Chia, A new and genuine challenge for university- develop executive MBA program at ITB with four method based business schools has arisen. Studying in business and research such as benchmarking, customer intelligence, measure management in Indonesia is one of the educational program from customer satisfaction, and in-depth interview.

It is located in Bandung.

ESADE Business School Full Time MBA Scholarships 2018, Spain

The question of adopted the benchmarking approach as a useful tool for how university-based forms of executive education can effectively performance and quality assessments Collins et al.

The contribution to the enhancement of practitioner capabilities. Measuring this satisfaction is an important element of ongoing process of measuring and improving products, services, providing better, more effective and efficient services.

This and practices against the best that can be identified worldwide. We collected data from searching in internet. Questions environment that needed to support executives and managers in items of each 7Ps are product 8 questions , price 3 questions , making strategic decisions for an organization.

The purposes and the physical evidence 21 questions. Questionnaires were distributed to 85 students. Of the total 23 questionnaires returned were found incomplete 2. Can find the decision to be taken is to know the responses, resulting 53 usable questionnaires.

The respondents situation of the market, competition and consumer were The majority was aged behavior, which in turn can improve the quality of between years old The working area of Can detect threats and opportunities and find out the has own business, 3.

In- advantages or disadvantages of competitors. For depth interviews was conducted to 3 batches of executive students example, a change in the competition is in the product, to know need and demand what students expect from MBA-ITB, price, place, promotion, process, and physical evidence. Some matriculation courses conducted by several universities in 4.

Mulya University 6. Other universities also offer two options in class schedule 4.

Most universities in Saturday 7. Pedralbes, , Barcelona Spain.

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