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Reizen Zonder John Epub

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It was a watershed moment in the history of technology: machine intelligence had arrived at the point where it could best human intellect. It wasn't a coincidence that Kasparov became the symbol of man's fight against the machines. Chess has long been the fulcrum in development of machine intelligence; the hoax automaton 'The Turk' in the 18th century and Alan Turing's first chess program in were two early examples of the quest for machines to think like humans -- a talent we measured by their ability to beat their creators at chess. As the pre-eminent chessmaster of the 80s and 90s, it was Kasparov's blessing and his curse to play against each generation's strongest computer champions, contributing to their development and advancing the field. Like all passionate competitors, Kasparov has taken his defeat and learned from it. He has devoted much energy to devising ways in which humans can partner with machines in order to produce results better than either can achieve alone. During the twenty years since playing Deep Blue, he's played both with and against machines, learning a great deal about our vital relationship with our most remarkable creations. Ultimately, he's become convinced that by embracing the competition between human and machine intelligence, we can spend less time worrying about being replaced and more thinking of new challenges to conquer. In this breakthrough book, Kasparov tells his side of the story of Deep Blue for the first time -- what it was like to strategize against an implacable, untiring opponent -- the mistakes he made and the reasons the odds were against him. But more than that, he tells his story of AI more generally, and how he's evolved to embrace it, taking part in an urgent debate with philosophers worried about human values, programmers creating self-learning neural networks, and engineers of cutting edge robotics.

In Europe, Geert Mak Boeken Geert Mak bekleedde tussen en namens de stad Amsterdam het ambt van bijzonder hoogleraar in europa geert mak de Universiteit van Amsterdam in de grootstedelijke problematiek, de zogenaamde Wibautleerstoel. In verscheen zijn oratie over het ideale stadsbeeld van de Amsterdammers door de eeuwen heen, De Goede Stad.

Wegens zijn verdiensten voor de stad kreeg hij in de IJ-prijs. In augustus verscheen Reizen zonder John.

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Op zoek naar Amerika. Hij volgt daarin het spoor van de legendarische schrijver John Steinbeck, die in het najaar van met zijn poedel Charley een ontdekkingsreis maakte dwars door het toenmalige Amerika.

He was the author of Amsterdam, a brilliant portrait of that city, and of Jorwerd, perhaps the best single book on the slow death of the European countryside.

He was a journalist of a scholarly and even philosophical bent. And he was an intellectual from a country with wide international connections but rather parochial preoccupations.

Self-examination and awareness, on the one hand, the refusal to know or care, on the other - these turned out to be the dominating themes of his reporting and his book. Let the stones speak!

Jane Austen Books into Movies. Jane Austen Best Books.

Jane Austen is famously known for the novel Pride and Prejudice. The series takes one of the greatest authors of English literature, Jane Austen, and turns her into an amateur sleuth.

Her works are full of social commentary that made her historically significant and kept her name alive almost two hundred years after her death. Jane Austen was born on December 16th, She had a public baptism several months later, on April 5th of Rather than being reared by her mother in her family home, Austen was sent to live with a nearby woman named Elizabeth Littlewood, who cared for her a year or more. This page details the books and literary works of famed English author Jame Austen from birth to death.

The Complete Works of Jane Austen Despite only six completed books to her name, Jane Austen nonetheless remains a lasting presence in the world of English literature.

Sense and Sensibility is a novel by Jane Austen, published in It was published anonymously; By A Lady appears on the title page where the author's name might have been.

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