Published in India on the 18th of March 7 comments. Page 1 of 1. Hi Friends As the title suggest its a love story. This story is about two persons. For everyone in the neighborhood the love story of Heera and Sohel is unique. What makes it different from others? Is it love, responsibility. Neha book. Read reviews from world's largest community for readers. You are reading this, because you bumped into one of your friends who.

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Yet Another Love Story Pdf

Neha: Yet Another Love Story [Vikram M N] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. You are reading this, because you bumped into one of your. Yet Another Love Story Gautham Harini PDF ->>> DOWNLOAD . You are reading this, because you bumped into one of your friends who has been reading this book. You took the book and quickly flipped it.

The book was written over a two year period. Plot of Neha — Yet another love story Viram M N has written short stories earlier and this page novel is really like a longish short story about a one sided? The story is an assortment of day to day incidents that have been put together in an informal manner. The author keeps moving from the present day to past as and when he remembers something of past in an attempt to sew the story together. The protagonists are Vikram and Neha, both working in Chennai. Vikram is charmed by Neha — but is not sure of the extent of reciprocation from Neha.

But no one will ever say that the film tells a realistic story. The interracial love between John Prentice the god-like character whose tragic flaw is his race, played by Sidney Poitier and Joey Drayton the perfectly innocent daughter of white liberals, played by Katharine Houghton is far too ideal to manifest itself in the real world.

And while the conflicts the couple faces are real, the ultimate solution that the two reach is not. If you were rooting for the young couple the whole time, this is where you start to think: Maybe people can change their views. Or something along those lines.

Thirty-five years after its initial release, no one will say the film has aged well. The scene that still resonates with the times has much less to do with race. When John Prentice finally gets his father aside from everyone else to have a private conversation, he ignites.

Let me tell you something: I owe you nothing!

Neha – Yet Another Love Story by Vikram M N #BookReview

But the greatest thing about this scene is that it succinctly brings out all of the classic issues of the parent-child conflict. She then helped her to sit on her locally made wooden low chair which was a hybrid between a wheelchair and a wagon and began to push her towards the common bathroom. Always go to work just like that in your casual clothes.

Tie up your hair nicely and put some lipstick and a bindi.

Neha - Yet Another Love Story by Vikram M N #BookReview

You always want to tone down your beauty. Allah knows why! It was vacant as being off-peak hour. Majeda helped Heera to settle inside and waited outside. Inside the bathroom, Heera splashed her face and looked at the mirror. Her big and curly eye-lashes looked thicker when wet. A drop of water was dangling from the tip of her sharp and aquiline nose.

She gazed at her own reflection. Heera closed her eyes. Someone in another room was listening to a romantic song of latest movie. What did it say?

Heera tried to listen to the lyrics. I mean he does so much for you and we all can see how much he cares for you. Do I need a signature in paper while the entire city knows that I am his wife? Nobody thinks like that.

How can you do something bad in such physical cond.

But Heera said nothing as she stared at the lower part of her own body. The paralyzed one, lying down like a sapless twig; something that cannot do anything ever; cannot bloom a flower, cannot attract a butterfly or bird, cannot bear a fruit.

How she wished if she could do something bad. She would have loved it if people ever gossiped about her saying she was a bad girl who decked up in the evening and with those thick black tresses and bright red lips went out to find her prey!

Yet Another Love Story

To an extent, social stigma would have been much more bearable than compassion. Tell me something.


In fact, you never told me what you do. Why are you after my marriage today? She swallowed twice. Heera was frantically trying to find the right words to use. Her most active part of the body, her brain, was working vigorously to find a way to distract Majeda.

Every time Heera replied that it is very expensive one, unable to tell Majeda that she cannot use it even if she has one, especially while on work. Your love story is unique.

Her boyfriend ditched her. But no doubt Sohel loves you unconditionally! Now her eardrums were burning and gradually her whole body, her entire existence would burn into ashes.

Human emotions have a wide range which, unfortunately she could experience only one or two, she thought. Also the people around her always failed to figure out the threshold between greed and necessity, between truth and falsehood and of course, between love and pity.

It was only those simple things commonly available in the possession of any woman of such lower middle class that Majeda took help of to fulfil her pledge to dress up Heera. But when she finished she was proud of her own performance.

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