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The Ruby Circle (Bloodlines #6) by Richelle Mead - dokument [*.pdf] Contents About the Author Dedication Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 . The epic conclusion to Richelle Mead's New York Times bestselling Bloodlines series is finally here Sydney Sage is an Alchemist, one of a group of humans. The Ruby Circle book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. THEY WILL BE TESTEDSydney Sage is an Alchemist, one of a group.

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The epic conclusion to Richelle Mead's bestselling Bloodlines series is now in paperback. Sydney Sage is an Alchemist, one of a group of humans. [ Free Tips ] Read Online The Ruby Circle (Bloodlines, #6) by Richelle Mead Book or Download in PDF hi, very glad to meet you all my booklover friends. Read Download The Ruby Circle: A Bloodlines Novel |PDF books PDF Free Download Here:

Shelves: bastard-hero , witches , young-adult , blah-romance , want-to-burn , boring-crap-hero , boring-main-characters , cheating-hero , disappointing , life-is-hard Spoilers I'm glad the series is finally over, it's weird how much I used to enjoy it. I think my love for cheesy YA books has dwindled to nothing in the last year or so. They're just so predictable and trite, there's no originality, twists or turns, and the main characters and relationship dynamics are always the same. It's such lazy and formulaic writing. She used to actually be rather interesting and endearing, but she became a total shrew who did nothing but nag Adrian non-stop and bang on about him and their contrived, mushy love. She was seriously more like an overbearing mother than a girlfriend. I wasn't impressed that the once ambitious Sydney who wanted to travel the world and had all sorts of dreams, instead got to be a dutiful teenage wife and mother. Sure, she got to go to college but the fact that she was a good little wifey and mummy when she was still a teenager pissed me the hell off. Heaven forbid a heroine ending up single and hopeful for the next chapter in their life. Nope, they have to be tied down to a guy and sometimes even a baby.

Every little bit. For our anniversary. Sydney crossed her arms and sat on the bed. There you go. Making a joke of everything. This is serious, Adrian. I know what I can handle. Go back on your pills. Our friend Jill Mastrano Dragomir had been kidnapped a month ago, and so far, our efforts to find her had been for nothing. The general belief was that wherever she was, Jill was being drugged—which could effectively hide someone from both human and Moroi magic.

I flinched. Let me worry about me and how much spirit I can use. You need to keep spirit in check. I looked away, refusing to meet her eye. In my head, Aunt Tatiana sighed. You never should have told her about me. You have to know that!

I can handle it, and I can handle her! The pain in her eyes hurt me a lot more than her earlier words had. I felt terrible. How had this day gone so wrong? It was supposed to have been perfect. Suddenly, I needed to get out. Sydney and I had come to Court to seek protection from our enemies, hiding here so we could be together. Lately, it seemed like this arrangement was in danger of tearing us apart. Anywhere to get some air. Anywhere but here. She gave me a quizzical look, but I ignored it and kept on going until I was out our door and through the lobby of the guest-housing building.

I stared back up at the building, feeling guilty and cowardly for running out on our fight. Marriage is hard. It is hard, I agreed. I need to go back. I need to apologize. I need to work things out. Two guardians walked past me just then, and I caught a piece of their conversation, mentioning extra patrols for the council meeting going on. Turning away from the building, I began hurrying toward what served as the royal palace here at Court, hoping I could get to the meeting in time.

I know what to do, I told Aunt Tatiana. I know how to get us out of here and fix things with Sydney and me.

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We need a purpose, a goal. I need to talk to Lissa. If I can make her understand, I can fix everything. That phantom made no response as I walked. Around me, midnight had clothed the world in darkness—bedtime for humans, prime time for those of us on a vampiric schedule.

The Moroi Court was set up like a university: Nov 14, Sh3lly rated it it was ok Shelves: Well, that was disappointing for the last book in this mostly really good series. There was one part in the middle of the book where I felt like it was going to be great, the pacing rocked, the action was cresting, revelations The last half of the book was boring, cliched, and ended up with a very cheesy HEA for all. There's no big spoilers below, but there may be what some consider minor "spoilerish" items included, if it matters to you.

By b Well, that was disappointing for the last book in this mostly really good series. By book 6, you'd think she would accept Adrian and his Spirit ability. But no, she is STILL constantly trying to get him on medication to sever his connection to Spirit when she should be helping him learn ways to use it and be stronger.

SO freaking annoying. At first, I could deal because of Sydney's past. It made sense with her background and childhood. But now, it doesn't work anymore. Plus, it extends to other characters.

Rose in Vampire Academy was loving getting felt up and making out with guys, but she is still so quick to judge??? You'd think she would understand by now that it isn't cool to judge others.

Plus, apparently, people who smoke marijuana are dumb idiots who eat nothing but Twinkies and junk food and can't remember what happened a minute ago. I have to wonder if this is Richelle Mead speaking through the characters or if it's just a coincidence all her characters are so restrictive and judgmental.

Like, her friends and people who care about her. Still doing it by book 6. No excuse anymore. I was totally engaged. Then, it was like a second book started. A really boring one. The stupid Warriors came back and I never liked them. The whole last part was about a stupid scheme involving infiltrating them again.

It was boring and seemed like filler. Honestly, Jill being kidnapped was never a good idea to base the last book in a series on. Jill is a sweet character, but I never cared so much about her that a whole plot focusing on her would intrigue me. A better story would have been about Sydney still running from the Alchemists or something involving her sister and father who were only in it a little bit.

Or helping Adrian master spirit to help find the cure to restore strigoi they've been looking for. But instead we get the same tiresome phantom Aunt Tatiana voice in his head, trying to lead him to insanity. I was disappointed. I always liked this series because it seemed like the typical YA tropes weren't as overbearing. Sydney and Adrian were just so blah in this. I really didn't like Sydney at all.

Bloodlines series

Adrian was tolerable, but in the end, Sydrian turned out so vanilla and boring and meh. She should be offering to feed him every once in awhile. This is another one of those instances where you have to wonder if the author even likes the idea of vampires, yet she has made a career off writing about them. There is really not much positive about them in this series. By book 6. Same attitude, nothing has really changed. Why wasn't any of this addressed?

The species are still basically exactly the same in each others world. Dhampirs are basically servants and soldiers, the moroi still boss them around. No one seems to want change. Dealing more with this would have been more interesting to me. Seeing more changes in their worlds. I think I'm done with Richelle Mead. View all 20 comments. Nov 09, Laura rated it really liked it Shelves: Estoy segura que Richelle lo hizo para crear conflicto entre ella y Adrian, y entiendo perfectamente eso, pero el balance entre crear algo de drama y ser cansona se fue al traste.

Y Adrian. Oh, mi querido Adrian. Algo contradictorio, pero es la verdad. Y voy a parecer como la bruja mala, pero realmente no me hubiese molestado que Jill muriese. Y, bueno, por Lissa. Muy bien, veamos En serio, son tan tan tan dulces y tiernos y hardcore juntos. Las brujas fueron muy divertidas de leer, aligeraban el ambiente de golpe, en especial Inez. Fue divertido, dulce, genial, inteligente y simplemente maravilloso. Nov 14, Rimsa Ivashkov rated it it was amazing. Read this review and more on my blog In a nutshell: While some parts were enjoyable, overall I wanted more and I'm really disappointed in The Ruby Circle as the final book.

It's surreal that the Bloodlines series is finally over. I've been reading these books as they come out for years now. Yet I'm not too sad that this door is closing, because I feel like it's the right time and I'm really excited about Richelle Mead's future projects. Bloodlines is always going to be one of my favourite series, Read this review and more on my blog In a nutshell: Bloodlines is always going to be one of my favourite series, along with Vampire Academy.

Regardless of my opinion on the latest books, particularly this one, this series has been lots of fun and I've thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Personally I'm not entirely satisfied with the ending - it feels more like a filler book with an epilogue stuck to the final pages. It's not terrible, but it's not what I was expecting or what I really wanted from the final book.

Following on from the previous book, Sydney and Adrian are pretty much trapped in the Moroi Royal Court, avoiding the Alchemists that are after Sydney. They're looking for Jill, Adrian is still hearing Tatiana's voice in his head, and Sydney's struggling with her life trapped in the Court.

For the most part, the characters felt different to me in this book. Throughout the series, Sydney and Adrian have grown a lot and lots has happened to enable even more growth. However, I feel like they're at a standstill now, if not steps behind where they should be. At times, I couldn't help but think that Sydney was more like Adrian's overprotective mother than anything. It was all about Adrian for her and other than magic, I lacked more from her character.

I wanted to read more about the aftermath of re-education and her relationship with her family and how she's coping with everything. I feel the same about Adrian. At times I struggled to distinguish between their perspectives, which is a shame when I really liked how Richelle Mead wrote their voices in The Fiery Heart. I love these two characters but I'm struggling to imagine them in the roles they have in the epilogue, particularly Adrian.

There needed to be more of a bridge and I can't help but feel like it's all far too rushed for them. In my opinion, they weren't ready for marriage.

I mean both of them as a couple and as individuals. As a Sydrian shipper, it's lovely and all but it all happened so quickly. I can't picture Adrian as a family man who teaches art to pre-school kids.

Not yet anyway. It's the kind of thing that's sweet in fanfiction but not really what I was expecting in canon. The reappearance of some characters felt unnecessary and I missed hearing from others.

I feel like it's been far too long since the gang has been together and I miss that. Two of my favourite characters in this book were Daniella Ivashkov and Jackie, which surprised me. For me, the weakest element of The Ruby Circle was the plot. It was inevitable that something would happen to Jill at some point in the series, but it felt odd from the beginning that it would happen in the final book.

Things were resolved quickly and easily, and I wish that there had been more risks involved. Instead of ending on a bang, it fizzled out. The entire plot felt rushed and mostly unnecessary. There were some interesting twists and developments in the world, but also a lot of things left hanging, including the aftermath of these developments.

Sydney and her family? The Alchemists who escaped re-education? Also what state is the world in after this book? What impact does not only the dhampir thing but Sydney and Adrian's relationship, Moroi fighting, Strigoi cure?

Do the dhampirs ever challenge the way they're treated? In some ways I'm waiting for an announcement of either another book surely not after 12 books or that it's been a mistake and huge chunks of The Ruby Circle were accidentally never printed sadly not.

Despite all of this, it was a fairly engaging read. The beginning didn't initially draw me in, but I did enjoy the middle section. Mead has a way of drawing the reader in and the twists at the end of chapters helps a lot.

Despite everything, including the cheesiness and my skepticism, I liked the epilogue. Nothing disappoints me more than feeling negatively about the end to a series I love but sadly, that's the case. It wasn't as bad as it could have been, but it's far from Mead's best book and it's left me wanting more. Publisher I received this book from Penguin Teen Australia in exchange for an honest review review. Read only once you've finished The Ruby Circle.

These are just some thoughts I have containing spoilers that didn't fit into my review. For a second I felt like I was reading fanfiction because it's kind of like something you'd read. There were some cute moments but really - like their marriage - I couldn't wrap my head around it. Like I mentioned before, I don't think they're ready to be parents and it all seems very forced to me.

I really struggled to understand Neil too. I think Richelle just really wanted Sydrian to have a baby. Dimitri's dad: Was it really necessary? I struggle to believe that he didn't know who his dad was. I can't get my head around the fact that he's Adrian's cousin?! Rose and Dimitri: Honestly I'm not a big a fan of these two as most readers.

I hadn't expected them to be in this book so much and sometimes they have the potential to overshadow everything else. It's nice but also like 'oi you had your own book so go away'.

Bloodlines: The Ruby Circle (book 6)

I wanted more Christian. I was quite surprised by the lack of mention of re-education. For the majority of Silver Shadows, Sydney was in re-education and endured a horrible psychological experience. It seemed to be brushed under the rug and I wish that we could have seen how it affected Sydney. I know she's strong but surely it had more of an impact on her? Also what happened to the other Alchemists in Silver Shadows? I suppose that I naively hoped that there would be a way to counter the side effects without having to lose the magic entirely.

There seemed to be a lot of build-up just for Adrian to finally decide to go on medication. I'm happy for him to have decided to do this on his own, but I wish that Sydney could have supported him more without pushing for meds or there was some other way.

Adrian didn't frustrate me as much as he did in Silver Shadows but hmm. It was only at the very end that he grew up and took responsibility for himself, and I still can't picture the Adrian in TRC as a husband and father. He's been one of my favourite characters since the start and I was really pleased with his role in the earlier books, but now I just feel like Richelle didn't quite know what to do with him and there was so much more that she could have done for his character.

Sorry but I'm not interested in them at all. I thought it was odd that she'd not reappeared until now with her role earlier, but at this point I didn't really care. I was kind of hoping for something bigger with the Jill kidnapping. Alchemists vs. I honestly expected more from this too. To say that there was such a big drama about Sydney and Adrian in Silver Shadows, there was little done in this book.

It was very underwhelming. I'll write a review soon. Basically, I enjoyed it but at the same time it wasn't quite the ending I was hoping for. It's a tricky one to rate because parts would get a low 3 maybe even 2 and others a high 4. The epilogue falls into the latter but the more I reflect on it, the more I'm kind of disappointed and it pains me to say that. Apr 14, Jessica rated it it was amazing.

I started this book in April, but had other books I really wanted to read more. Put it down, and just yesterday picked it up and flew through it! It was so good! I'm a little sad that it's over though Feb 28, Elena rated it it was amazing Shelves: Oct 13, kat rated it it was ok.

We have been scared of this day. Last Bloodlines novel. What will we do with our lives now? Yeah, I wonder the same. It's just damn bittersweet. We've been in this world for so long and it's nice to see it reaching this point but then I'll miss it. Still let's keep it where it is and let it go now. That is something I wholeheartedly agree with - Vampire Academy and Bloodlines fictional world should end here.

We are a little bit biased when it comes to these books - our friendship actually started because of our shared love for Rose, Dimitri and Adrian.

We even named our little nephew Adrian. That doesn't mean that we can't recognize bad sides of this story. Like how it started really slow and ending was rushed. Exactly, especially after all that crescendo we went through at the end of Silver Shadows. For me it felt like stepping into anther story altogether at the start. I needed some getting used to the pace and plot line. Even though, as always Mead didn't fail to repeat things, which still drives me crazy.

I see point of it, but honestly it's not like someone will read this before any other book in both series and wouldn't know about dhampirs and moroi and all that. But she actually toned it down in final book, I was more annoyed by it in previous one. What did you think about Sydney and Adrian?

I know that you prefer Dimitri, but Adrian was always my favorite. He truly grow up in The Ruby Circle. Oh I adore him too. I mean I always did, but it bothered me how immature he was in the previous books. I did like his boy charm and all, but now I think I fully grew to love him. I like how more serious and adult he became. Which is amazing in this series, as you really saw him change. Both him and Sydney, but I think it was more present in his character.

Sydney was kind of consistent trough whole series - she is responsible, too mature for her age, ambitious, confident, smart and strong. That is why I loved her, she is not the most usual female character you can find in this type of books. But the way everything ended and that epilogue! I just loved epilogue! That thing was like cherry on top! I was kind of worried how all this will end, somehow the whole book was so rushed at the end that I was scared for the epilogue but then Mead did was I will always be grateful for.

She combined the two and closed this world. Like I always say, we might have left this world, but parts of our hearts will still remain there. As it should be. View all 12 comments. Aug 04, Stephanie Bookfever rated it it was amazing Shelves: The Ruby Circle was a amazing conclusion to a series that has meant a lot to me. For the last four years I was lucky enough to read books in this world and now that it has all ended I feel both glad and sad to have been on this journey. I'll miss these characters a lot - especially Adrian - but the ending couldn't have been more perfect.

As always I enjoyed reading about both Sydney and Adrian a lot. People who know me even a little bit know how much I love Adrian. These past years he's been my The Ruby Circle was a amazing conclusion to a series that has meant a lot to me.

These past years he's been my favorite character and I can only applaud Richelle Mead for writing him and been able to see him grow and change for the better as a character, especially in the Bloodlines series.

I'm pretty sure that everyone who's read both Vampire Academy and Bloodlines can agree that the Adrian we met in Frostbite vampire academy 2 isn't the same guy that we've come to know through the Bloodlines series.

And that's pretty remarkable. But anyway, on to The Ruby Circle. I obviously loved it. Quite a few things got resolved and some unexpected twists read the book and you'll know what I'm talking about honestly freaked me out in the best way! I love Sydney and Adrian's relationship but right from the start it's very clear they have some issues that are unresolved. They both have flaws but they trust each other completely and they're both equally fierce in wanting to protect one another.

I love them. As it was the last Bloodlines book a lot familiar characters made an appearance. Rose and Dimitri were a pretty big part of the book. I always enjoy reading about them and knowing what's going on with them.

She was seriously more like an overbearing mother than a girlfriend. I wasn't impressed that the once ambitious Sydney who wanted to travel the world and had all sorts of dreams, instead got to be a dutiful teenage wife and mother. Sure, she got to go to college but the fact that she was a good little wifey and mummy when she was still a teenager pissed me the hell off.

Heaven forbid a heroine ending up single and hopeful for the next chapter in their life. Nope, they have to be tied down to a guy and sometimes even a baby. Why do YA books shove the idea that a girl can only ever be truly happy unless she's practically married? At least Dmitri and Adrian were into their twenties and had plenty of life and relationship experience when they settled down, unlike Sydney and Rose who ended up with the first guy they had proper relationships with.

How ridiculous. He acted like a major brat with his tantrums and arguing. He wanted everyone to dance to his tune, and if he they didn't he'd sulk or feel sorry for himself, he was so pathetic. I had to laugh at Adrian making a real effort to help find Jill and help Nina find her missing sister, when he couldn't even be bothered to do the same when Sydney was kidnapped and tortured. Nope, drinking, partying, cheating and flirting was more important than the so called loved of his life.

Yet I was somehow meant to believe that he loved Sydney oh so much. Yea right. Also, even though Adrian said he would risk his life for Sydney, his actions never really supported that.