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1. GRE AWA MODEL ESSAYS. Topics in the following list may appear in your actual test. You should become familiar with this list before you take the GRE- AWA. When it comes to GRE essays, most test takers tend to forget that not all that you write on your test day has to be % prompt or topic specific. There are parts of . I really don't know the quality of essay and arguments in this PDF. I went through few of them, they are pretty good. Good thing is there are lots of essay and.

You must recognize each of these and must differentiate among them. You should not try to question the correctness or accuracy of the first three. Their intention is to test whether you are capable of spotting these flaws and commenting on them logically. It is these 14 flaws which are incorporated in different contexts in different Argument topics. The types of these 14 logical flaws are: Concluding that because Action A caused Result X a few years ago, a similar action A now will cause a similar result X. While analyzing an argument containing this flaw, you should point out that the relevant circumstances might have changed significantly in the last few years, and that the same action may not produce the same result now. In the context of the given narration, you should enumerate some of the possible ways in which the circumstances might have changed in the intervening years. Comparing the achievement record of Company A in a particular year say, with a better achievement record of Company B in some other year say, , and concluding that Company B is therefore more efficiently run than Company A. While analyzing such an argument, you could point out that the year was perhaps bad for all companies, and that Company B, if it had existed then, might have fared equally badly, or even worse, than Company A in that year. You should also point out that, if the achievement record of Company A for is available, it may perhaps be seen that Company A had done even better than Company B in , and is therefore the more efficient of the two. You could also state that these two companies may be in two totally different types of industries and are not comparable at all on the basis of any single common parameter. You may give instances of difference in the nature of these two companies. Concluding that, because Institution A a college, university, school, town council, state, a magazine, a shop or a supermarket had taken Action X such as introducing a new syllabus, a new tax, a new regulation, introducing a new feature, reducing the price, stocking a new item etc. You should point out that conditions are perhaps different in the two institutions, and an action which was successful in one may not prove to be equally successful in the other.

Be assured that you can attain a top score with an essay that's less polished and a bit briefer than this one. The essay is intended as a benchmark response — one that would earn a top score of 6. But it is by no means "the" correct response to the prompt. Other top-scoring essays might be organized differently or provide supporting examples that are different than the ones given here.

Sample Argument Essay Words This editorial argues that the Fern County Council's decision to convert a library branch to a computer-skills training facility was the "right" one. However, its author fails to provide sufficient information to permit a proper evaluation of the argument's reasoning. Each point of deficiency is discussed separately below. One of the argument's deficiencies involves the claim, based on a national trend, that there is "certain" to be a growing need in Fern County for computer-skills training.

The author provides no specific evidence that the county conforms to the cited trend. Lacking such evidence, it is entirely possible that the Fern County residents are, by and large, already highly proficient in using computers. You should build your essay around these flaws.

It is on highly specious grounds that the author of this notice wants the readers to believe that Adams Realty is more efficient than Fitch Realty. Firstly, the statistics given in the first two sentences merely show that Adams has more human resources than Fitch. This does not, by itself, warrant the conclusion that Adams is clearly superior. Secondly, the efficiency of a real estate agent from the point of view of the seller must be assessed on the basis of how much higher price than the market value of the property that he is able to get for his client.

If this be the real case, who between the two can be named more efficient?

Obviously Fitch, and not Adams! Thirdly, the author compares his experience in employing Fitch ten years back with his experience with using Adams last year, and recommends the latter to other prospective property sellers. This argument is highly questionable because he does not account for the possibility that the real estate market was bearish ten years back with very few downloaders in the market, but had turned highly bullish last year.

It also does not consider the possibility that the average time taken by Fitch to sell properties last year was less than one month, a better record than that of Adams. For the above reasons, the recommendation that Adams must be used in preference to Fitch both for quickness of the transaction and for getting a higher price is not logically established by the stated reasons, and requires much more relevant and reliable data before it can be acted upon by other prospective property sellers.

The probable rise in the number of arthritis patients from 40 million to 60 million is a general assumption, while pharmaceutical companies that produce drugs for the treatment of arthritis should be very profitable is a conclusion of the author. Similarly, Becton Pharmaceuticals, which makes Xenon, will be the most profitable pharmaceutical company is the belief of many analysts, while the authors conclusion is that Perkins Pharmaceuticals is more likely to be the winner.

You should write a critique of only these two conclusions of the author. While the increase in the number of arthritis patients in the next twenty years is likely to result in the increase in the sales of drugs for arthritis, it does not warrant the conclusion that pharmaceutical companies which produce drugs for arthritis should therefore be very profitable. Firstly, a higher turnover does not always result in a higher profit, since the price of raw materials may go up without the company being able to pass on the higher cost arising therefrom to the consumer.

(PDF) GRE FULL LENGTH ESSAYS | Sbn Tndukr - terney.info

Secondly, if a large number of pharmaceutical firms start manufacturing Xenon after its patent expires in the next three years, the market is likely to get highly fragmented, and the resulting price war may result in a situation of low profit for the entire industry manufacturing this drug. Moreover, the author does not envisage the possibility that non-drug-based cures for arthritis such as laser treatment may be developed within the next twenty years resulting in lower consumption of drugs for arthritis.

Seen from this angle, the first assertion of the author is not as sound as it prima facie appears to be. The second conclusion of the author that Perkins Pharmaceuticals will be more profitable than Becton Pharmaceuticals is based on the research finding that seven out of ten patients suffering from the most extreme cases of arthritis prefer Xylan to Xenon.

This conclusion will be valid only if most of the additional 20 million arthritis patients of the next twenty years are afflicted by the most extreme cases of arthritis. If, on the other hand, most of these new incidences of arthritis are of less serious varieties which can be cured through the administration of milder drugs, it is Xenon or its equivalents which will have a larger market.

Consequently the authors prognosis will fail. American Education Aids - GRE Arguments - Model Essays 10 Moreover, his statement that other companies will produce cheaper versions of Xenon than Becton can is also not logically sound, because a depreciated plant as that of Becton can most probably produce the drug much cheaper than any new plant that starts manufacturing the same drug.

For the foregoing reasons, it is not possible to concur with the forecasts of the author of this article merely on the basis of the evidence and the reasons cited by him.

Monroes new Jazz Club You should first sift between the facts and the conclusions contained in the note.

The conclusions in the loan application are: A jazz club in Monroe would be a tremendously popular enterprise; the proposed club - C Note - would have the local market all to itself; jazz is extremely popular in Monroe; and it is clear that the C Note cannot help but make money.

Note that the given note is contained in an application for a small business loan by a group of developers. You have to critically assess whether the conclusions follow from the stated facts. In spite of the stated facts, namely, that several well-known jazz musicians live in Monroe, that the highest rated radio program in Monroe is Jazz Nightly, and that over , people attended Monroes jazz festival last year, the note states that there is no jazz club presently in Monroe, and that the nearest one is 65 miles away.

This means that, in spite of these favorable factors, either nobody had ventured in the past to start a jazz club in this city, or the clubs started here earlier had closed down. There must have been some valid reasons for this phenomenon, but the note does not even attempt to probe into such reasons. If no such club had been started in the past, the applicants for the loan would have to explain why such an obvious business proposition had not occurred to anyone else earlier.

If jazz clubs that had been started earlier had closed down, the applicants must have given reasons for such closures, and should have indicated how they propose to avoid the mistakes, if any, committed by earlier promoters.

Secondly, it must be noted that the population size of Monroe is not mentioned anywhere in the note. It is quite probable that a majority of those who attended last years Monroe Jazz Festival had come from outside. Therefore, this figure of , cannot be taken to be indicative of the size of the local population. Moreover, it is intriguing why several well-known jazz musicians should be living in Monroe when it does not have a jazz club and the nearest club is as far as 65 miles away.

One possible explanation is that Monroe is a small, prestigious, exclusive and upmarket community of very rich persons. If this is true, such a small population will not be able to economically sustain a viable jazz club. Even assuming that there is a good potential for starting a jazz club in Monroe, the credentials of the applicants for the loan to run it successfully are not established.

The preamble to the note says that the proposal has been submitted by a group of developers. The competence of a set of property developers to run a music club successfully is open to question. The note does not indicate how they propose to overcome their lack of relevant experience to run such a club.


Even if all the data stated in the note are true, it only establishes there is potential for establishing a jazz club in Monroe. The statements that it would prove to be a tremendously profitable enterprise, and it cannot help but make money are not substantiated with any figures involving investment, revenue or expenditure.


It is quite likely that, in order to exploit the full business potential, a much larger investment than a small business loan will be needed. If this is true, the promoters may not achieve the full potential with the proposed limited investment. In the absence of any information about the economic condition of Monroe residents, it is not possible to assume that their average expenditure on jazz entertainment will amount to the same figure.

If new clubs emerge with better attractions, more efficient management and more aggressive marketing, C Note may suffer financially and may not continue to remain profitable.

In my view, the application for a loan by the intending promoters of the club has to be carefully examined in the light of the above-mentioned reservations. Note how this essay picks logical holes in a seemingly sound proposition. The conclusions drawn by the writer are that the current members of the town council are not protecting the environment; residents of Clearview should vote for Ann Green who is a member of the Good Earth Coalition, and that, if she is elected, the environmental problems in Clearview will certainly be solved.

It is these conclusions which you must examine critically. In advocating that residents of Clearview should vote for Ann Green in the next Mayoral election for the reason she will certainly solve the environmental problems in the town, the writer is presuming that the most important problem of the town is environmental, and that the decision of the voters should be based on this single issue alone. But he does not give sufficient data to validate this presumption.

The statement that air pollution levels have increased in the past year does not, by itself, imply that they have reached anywhere near intolerable limits. If the tolerable level of air pollution is, say, particulates in a cubic meter of air, and the level in Clearview had increased in the past one year from 10 particulates to 15 particulates in a cubic meter of air, there is no need to feel jittery about the increase.

If such be the case, ones voting preference should clearly not be determined by such an insignificant increase in the pollution level. If, in a population of ,, the number of patients treated for respiratory illness had increased from to , it does not constitute a valid reason for ringing the alarm bell. So, unless the writer cites exact figures of such patients vis-a-vis the total population of the town, it is not possible to agree with his conclusion that the current members are not protecting the environment.

The refrain of the writer is that, for the Mayors post, Ann Green must be preferred to Frank Braun because the latter is a member of the present council. Even assuming that the present council had taken certain decisions which had adversely affected environmental conditions in Clearview, Frank Braun cannot be held responsible unless it is shown that he had actively supported those decisions.

It is quite likely that Frank Braun had stoutly opposed those measures but he was overruled by the majority of the other members in the council. In the absence of any information on this aspect, one can even presume that Frank Braun is a more ardent supporter of environment than Ann Green. In that case, the writers advocacy of Ann Greens candidature vis-a-vis Frank Braun would be misplaced. If, on the contrary, the most serious problem of Clearview is lack of employment for its residents, then a person who lays emphasis on greater economic activity and who takes steps to accelerate industrial growth in the town would prove to be a better Mayor.

Finally, the assertion in the last sentence, If we elect Ann Green, the environmental problems in Clearview will certainly be solved is also questionable because the majority of newly elected members of the towns council may continue to be the opponents of the Good Earth Coalition.

For the foregoing reasons, the writer of the letter has not made out a convincing case for voting for Ann Green in the next mayoral election. The opinions or conclusions of the writer of the note are: Mesa Foods has strong growth potential; Omni Inc should download Mesa Foods, and concentrate in particular on marketing Diabolique Salsa throughout the country. It is the latter which we should critically examine in the light of the facts stated first. The proposal in this case is that a company, Mesa Foods, which has been concentrating on marketing its snack foods within a small area, must be downloadd by a nationwide company, Omni Inc..

The reason cited is that the main snack food produced by the former, namely Diabolique Salsa, can be marketed throughout the nation successfully. This statement by itself is not forceful unless the increase in profit is quantified and not given in terms of a vague percentage.

But, if the profits in the two successive years had been 1 million dollars and 1. The absence of the exact figures of profits in the two successive years renders the recommendation rather hollow. Equally vague is the statement that Diabolique Salsa, Mesa Foods best-selling product, has had increased sales over each of the past three years.

Thus, this statement also does not add strength to the recommendation because of its vagueness.

Answers to the Real Essay Questions (GRE & CAT) 2nd Edition.pdf

Another questionable assumption in the given note is that a snack food that has been found to be popular with youths in a limited geographical region of the country will be equally popular with youths in the whole country.

If the population of the region in which Diabolique Salsa is presently marketed is predominantly of a particular ethnic group, say Mexicans, their favorite food may not enjoy the same popularity with the youths of the whole country, most of whom belong to various other ethnic groups.

For the foregoing reasons, the recommendation cannot be acted upon straightaway without further detailed examination of the issues pointed out above. You should build your essay on this theme. In this note, the dean of Omega University makes an unfounded insinuation that, in order to gain popularity with their students and thereby to get a better rating from them, professors in the university are deliberately assigning higher grades to their students than what the latter deserve.

According to him, this is the reason why Omega graduates are not as successful in securing jobs as are graduates from the nearby Alpha University. On the basis of this reasoning, the dean recommends that Omega should terminate the practice of evaluation of the professors by the students.

He does not examine the possibility that such increase might have been due to stricter norms in the admission of students during the same period, because of which Omega is now having relatively brighter students than what it used to enroll.

On the contrary, the increase in the student grade average could also have been because Omega had dispensed with the services of inefficient professors on the basis American Education Aids - GRE Arguments - Model Essays 13 of the students evaluation about them, and has now recruited more competent professors who teach better. A second inference by the dean is that the reason why Omega alumni are not as successful in securing jobs as Alpha alumni are is that the prospective employers believe that the student grade averages of the former are inflated.

This also suffers from the same flaw of not examining other possible reasons for the state of affairs. It is quite likely that the courses offered by Alpha have been periodically updated to be more in tune with the needs of the job market while Omega has been sticking to its conventional courses which have become irrelevant in the market place. Moreover, it is also possible that the placement office of Alpha has more competent personnel than that of Omega.

If this is the case, Omega graduates will be able to get a better deal if this university also strengthens its placement office instead of going back on the student assessment scheme. Paradoxically, the deans note does not state that Alpha University does not follow the policy of student evaluation of faculty. If the same practice is being followed in Alpha also, the bottom is taken out of the deans argument.

At least in the short term, until the employers start appreciating the fact that the grade averages awarded by Omega truly reflect the merit of the students, Omega graduates with lower grade averages will be even worse off in the job market than they are at present. For the above reasons, the recommendation of the dean should not be implemented straightaway, and the authorities must probe into the reasons much more exhaustively. The other statements in the narration are opinions of the writer.

It is these opinions which you must examine critically. The flaws in his reasoning are equating an increase in the number of dairy farms to an increase in the extent of acreage devoted to dairy farming; presuming that an increase in the retail price of a product results in an increase in the profit of its producers; and that government regulation should protect the consumers interests as against the producers interests.

The first inference of the writer of the letter is that the increase in the number of dairy farms in the whole of Batavia must have necessarily resulted in an increased supply of milk and consequent reduction in its price in the local retail shop.

This inference is questionable because the increase in the number of dairy farms need not have resulted in a simultaneous increase in the farm area devoted to milk production. On the contrary, it is quite possible that large dairy farms which had existed ten years back have now got fragmented into a number of smaller farms, even while a considerable extent of land which was earmarked for dairy farming has since been diverted for other uses.

If this is the case, there would have been a reduction, and not an increase, in milk production in Batavia despite an increase in the number of dairy farms.

Citing the increase in the price of milk in the local retail shop during the past decade, the writer arrives at the further conclusion that dairy farmers are making excessive profits. Obviously he presumes that the farmers have not suffered a considerable increase in the cost of production of milk during the last decade. If his presumption is wrong, and the cost of inputs for the dairy farmer has gone up even more than the increase in the retail price of milk, then the dairy farmers would, in fact, have been making even less profit now than they did ten years back.

The writer also presumes that the entire increase in the retail price of milk is being appropriated by the dairy farmer. On the contrary, it is quite probable that the increase in the retail price of milk is mainly attributable to a substantial increase in its cost of treatment, preservation, transport and distribution, and the American Education Aids - GRE Arguments - Model Essays 14 dairy farmer is getting the same price now as, or even less price now than, what he was getting ten years back.

If this is the true state of affairs, the writers complaint about excessive profits being made by dairy farmers would again be baseless. Finally, it is also likely that, while the number of farms in the whole of Batavia has increased, the number and the area devoted to dairy farming has decreased in the local area in which Excello Food Market is situated, because of which milk has to be transported a much longer distance to reach the local market.

This could be the major cause for increase in the retail price of milk in the local retail outlet. In the last sentence, the writer says that government regulation of retail price is necessary to ensure both lower prices and an adequate supply of milk for consumers. Ironically there is an inherent contradiction in this conclusion: if the government regulation results in non-remunerative price for the dairy farmers, they may well discontinue the production of milk and divert their land for other more remunerative enterprises.

If this happens, the supply of milk to consumers will, in fact, lessen and not increase. Consequently, the price of milk will increase further. All the doubts pointed out above must be satisfactorily clarified before we can accept the conclusions of the writer of the letter.

West Eggs garbage disposal The weakness in this argument is the vagueness in the meaning of the phrases twice as much aluminum and paper, charges will double, and respondents to a recent survey. The first reason cited by the Mayor for his conclusion that the available space in the landfill should last considerably longer than the predicted five years is that town residents have been recycling twice as much aluminum and paper as they did in previous years.

This is a vague statement without specific quantification. Secondly, the Mayor predicts that, since garbage pickup charges will double next month, the amount of materials recycled should further increase. This statement again does not give the specific figure of pickup charges.

This, obviously, cannot form a valid justification for his conclusion. Lastly, even assuming that all the reasons cited by the Mayor are valid, he does not furnish evidence that the consultants had not considered these possibilities before they predicted the life of the landfill as five years. If the consultants themselves had already factored these possibilities into their prediction, then again the Mayors conclusion would be wrong.

Before the Mayors prediction is accepted and acted upon, the Council should get clarifications on each of the issues mentioned above. You must build your essay on this theme. The emphasis is typically on college—choosing majors, tuition, curriculum—though you might get a prompt relating to education at large. Reason: Students, especially those who are in their early years of university schooling, frequently overestimate the amount of coursework they can commit to.

Though this list is not exhaustive, in terms of education prompts that could pop up, it is highly representative, as are the prompts for the categories below.

GRE Essay Topics

So if you practice with just a few prompts per category, you should be ready. Unsurprisingly, given that the GRE is a test for graduate school, the education prompt tends to come up more often than any other.

However, others argue that deliberate, well-planned research with specific goals is the only way to ensure technological advancement. Reason: The pollution typically found in highly urban areas damages food crops and farm animals, causing them to produce contaminated or substandard food. At the same time, many members of the art community still feel that realistic artwork is still valuable and worthwhile.

Reason: Artists create their work because they want to show it to an other people, and art museums are the best venue to give artists an audience. However, some businesses prefer to select manages based on their perceived leadership skills, regardless of how much experience they have.

Such leaders are often at odds with other national leaders who feel that the long term health of the environment should guide economic decisions. However, there is also a conflicting poplar belief that as long as a leader does their job effectively and breaks no laws, their personal morality is unimportant. Instead, the most successful people are the ones that are constantly seeking out opportunities.

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