Guitar Grade 1 exams consist of three pieces, scales and arpeggios, sight- reading, and aural tests. Total marks in all individual Practical exams are Rockschool Guitar Grade 1 () (): Books. At Grade 1 you can develop a range of skills and techniques including single note You can find out more about the exam by downloading the complete Guitar.

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Guitar Grade 1 Book

Sheet Music - £ - Selected pieces for Trinity College London guitar exams for , expertly graded Raise the Bar Guitar (Book 1) Initial - Grade 2. This syllabus focuses on grade exams in guitar. Visit our The following pieces are contained in the book Guitar Grade 1 Pieces – The Electric Guitar Grade 1 book contains everything you need to sit your Grade 1 exam - in one essential book. It's packed with essential techniques and theory.

Aural Assessment 10 Marks As you can see, using this division of the marks can help you divide your practice time, as you can spend more time preparing for the sections with more marks, and less time on sections that have less marks in order to ensure that you have spent enough time on each section of the exam relevant to the marks given for that section. Fingerboard Knowledge During this section of the exam, the examiner will request a selection of chords and scales to be performed from memory. For the chords, each requested chord should be strummed once slowly, and for the scales, they should be played ascending and descending without repeating the top note of the scale. In the exam, you will be required to know the scales and chords from the previous two exams, as well as a number of new chords and scales to be chosen by the examiner in the exam. Remember, while playing the correct chord is of course important, there is a strong importance placed on chord clarity and scale evenness, so make sure to work on these aspects of your playing in the practice room before taking the exam. This will allow you to focus more of your attention in the practice room on the other four sections of the Grade 1 exam. If this is your first RGT Acoustic Guitar Exam, then more time will be needed to fully ensure that you are secure with each of the chords and scales from this section, both the new requirements and those including in the previous two exams. Performance The Performance section for the Grade 1 Acoustic Guitar Exam is divided into two sections, the Rhythm Study which is worth up to 25 marks, and a choice of one Melody OR one Fingerstyle Study, which is worth up to 25 marks for the one piece that the candidate chooses to perform. The Rhythm Study, and either the Melody or Fingerstyle Study from this section of the exam, can be read from the Grade 1 Handbook, as they are not required to be memorized in order to achieve full marks in this section of the exam. Candidates will need to prepare one of the Rhythm Studies from the Grade 1 Acoustic Guitar Book, as they will be asked to perform this piece unaccompanied during the exam. If you choose to perform the Fingerstyle Study, you will choose one of the options presented in the Grade 1 RGT Acoustic book and perform that on the exam. The studies contained in the book will be at the same difficulty level as the melodic options, but will allow candidates to study and perform a fingerstyle song if that is of more interest to them than the melody selection. Because there are two pieces to be performed during the Performance section of the Grade 1 Exam, each song is worth 25 marks, for a total of 50 for the melody section as a whole.

The riff shown in bar 1 should be played in the same shape in bars 2—4.

The root note of the pattern to be played is shown in the music in each of the subsequent three bars. The test is 4 bars long. The examiner will allow 90 seconds preparation and practice time and will offer the option of practising with or without a metronome.

RGT Grade 1 Acoustic Guitar Exam Outline - Registry of Guitar Tutors

The candidate will then perform the test for the examination. The test is 4 bars long and the candidate will have 30 seconds preparation time. The examiner will offer the metronome as a guide or throughout this time. The candidate will then have a complete practice run through with the backing track and then on the repeat, the test will be examined.

The hardcopy or paperback version can be downloadd from all good online retailers and music shops worldwide. The paperback version includes everything you need for your exam in one essential book, including sheet music, MP3 audio and complete supporting tests. Learn more.

Electric Guitar

For the RSL shop we've chosen the most widely used media for ease of use and flexibility when transferring across different devices. Every complete digital book e. Acoustic Guitar Grade 1 includes:.

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ABRSM Guitar Exam Pieces From 2019 Grade 1 Book/CD

If you have downloadd a hard copy Rockschool book with a CD you'll need to contact us and we'll make the audio available for you to download via our secure downloads area. Acoustic Guitar Grade 1 5. The digital version includes the book PDF format , all tracks and supporting tests. This section will test your knowledge of the basic anatomy of the guitar, including notes on the fingerboard and the parts of the guitar. In this section of the exam, the examiner will play a short melody and the candidate will provide the accompaniment for this melody.

The melody presented here could be drawn from one of a range of musical styles that you would normally associate with the acoustic guitar, including traditional folk, contemporary folk and blues. After the chord chart is presented to the candidate, and they are given a short time to look it over, the examiner will play the melody through once and you may listen and follow along during this first run through.

The melody will then be played three more times without stopping as the candidate attempts a suitable accompaniment over the melody. In the first verse of the three continuous playings your playing will not be assessed.

Trinity Guitar Grade 1

You can either sit and listen to the melody or practice your rhythm playing during this first verse of the three. The style of accompaniment will be left up to the discretion of the candidate, and they can choose to either fingerpick or strum the chords along to the melody. Aural Assessment The Aural Assessment section of the Grade 1 exam will be relatively familiar for those candidates that have already taken the Preliminary Grade Exam.

Here, you will be tested on your aural abilities via five individual tests appropriate for this grade level.

Tests A, B and C — In this section, a four-bar melody will be played and the tests will involve clapping the pulse of the melody, identifying the time signature of the same melody, and well as reproducing the rhythm of an extract taken from the melody.

Test D — Here, you will reproduce on guitar a short melodic phrase after the examiner has performed it twice for you on their instrument.