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Read Tajul Hikmat Practice Of Medicine book reviews & author details and more at a Kindle? Get your Kindle here, or download a FREE Kindle Reading App. Tajul Hikmat by dr hakim hari chand multani free download. Search Results of Tajul Urdu Taj Ul terney.info Free Download Here Urdu - Islam, Quran, Sunnah .. nay Urdu zaban. tad williams the dragonbone chair epub download Muluk Pdf Download pdfs pdf txt Tajul Muluk Jawahir e Hikmat Pdf Urdu book is one of his masterpieces because this is a very inspirational Urdu book about.

Chundrigar Road, Karachi-Pakistan. The Victory of Islam in the Sub-continent of India. In that month, Allah, Exalted, granted success to the Muslims, inspite of the political domination of the country by a Western Power, and inspite of the aggressive activities of Christian missionaries, who had fanned out throughout the country. Times have now changed, a revolution has occurred in the ways of thought and ways of life of the people. Political rivalries, the repercussions of. It has no time for the contemplation of the spirit and of the abiding moral values, which are the substance of life. People who turn their backs on their heritage, and ignore their past and do not learn from their history, do so at the cost of their survival. The growing power of the British in the late eighteenth century gave a stimulus to the preaching of Christianity. The initial success' which the Christian missionaries had with a section of community of the Hindus emboldened them to work for the conversion of the entire populace. Conversion of the people to the faith of their rulers served the political objective of the East India Company, which was to overthrow the Muslim ruling dynasty and extend its dominion over the whole sub-continent. Christian missionary activity, was accordingly organised systemati cally by the British East India Company. It was financed. Missionary organisations like the Church Mission Society, the Bible Society, the Mission Fund, Mission hospitals, scheols and colleges were established throughout the part of the country which had' come under their control.

It was during his reign that Syed Salar Masood. The tombs of the shaheeds exist to this day in the northern and western outskirts of the town. One tomb in the north which is a few yards long is said to be the collective grave of the Arab shaheeds.

The salari community which still inhabits the town is a reminder of the invasion led by Syed Salar Masood Ghazi. These people are of Arab descent. They were the first to inhabit the city and to this day most of them tend camels. This led to the settlement of Ansars in the town. Kakarzai Afghans came to this place during the reign of Sher Shah Suri. Their descendants still live there. The genealogy of the descendants of Khalifa Usman is preserved in the old records available at the shrine of Hazrat Kabirul-Awlia Makhdoom Jalaluddin at Panipat Several descendants of Hazrat Usman who live at Panipat have got copies of this family tree.

The names of aU Usmani Jalalis. Makhdoom Kabirul Awlia, who was a contemporary of the great Saint Bu Ali Qalandar of Panipat, had on several occasions requested the Qalandar to admit him formally to his order of disciples. Qalandar Sahib used to put him off by saying, "your teacher is about to appear. Be patient. We will tell you when the time comes.

After salutations, Khawja Sahib said, "Young man, let me see how you manage your horse. Khawja Sahib was pleased and remarked "what a horse and what a rider! Khawja Sahib embraced him and in the moment of embrace imparted to him the spiritual power.

Qalandar Sahib had initiated Mokhdoom Jalaluddin into contemplation and the study of the world of spirit, which was accomplished under the tutorship of Khawja Shamsuddin Turk Panipati. His descendants lived for centuries in Mohalla Makhdumzadgan but they were uprooted during the revolution of The office of the Qazi-e. Prominent scholars of repute were appointed to this office until the reign of the last Khalifa Sultan Mohammad Reshad Khan V. They had absolute jurisdiction over all Sharia matters pertaining to the army.

When the Sultan invaded the Hindu stronghold and temple at Somnath, the Shaikh also took part in the crusade jehad. After the consequent of Panipat he settled there. He lies buried close to the fort of Panipat.

A judge who enforces the Sharia Law. When Moghal Emperor Akbar was on his way back to the capital from Kashmir, he was entertained to a deer-fight one moonlit night near Lahore. One of the deer suddenly attacked Akbar and gored his thighs with its horns.

Hakim Bina treated Akbar and he recovered after about. He conferred the title of "Shaikh-uz-Zaman" on Hakim Bina and granted the estate of Kairanato his son Hakim Mohammad Hasan, who had assisted his father in the treatment of the Emperor.

When Saleem succeeded to the throne as Emperor Jehangir he awarded to him the titles of Muqarrabul Khaqan and Naibus Sultan, and the position of the Commander of five thousand soldiers.

In C. Hodges, the English traveller and painter had come to Patna in C. His letters give an account of the Nawab, and are full of his sense of gratitude towards him. Hakim Rizqullah Khan, son of the Nawab was. He died in C. His descendants practise medicine to this day. Several descendants of Diwan Abdur Rahim rose to positions of eminence in the practice of medicine.

Hakim Wajeehuddin, the author of Makhzane-Hikmat ] A. They enlarged the town, built houses and public buildings, planted gardens and enriched the life of the local people. The Nawab's garden was famous for its beauty, for its pool and pavilion, and chiefly for its variety of mangoes. Jehangir in the sixteenth year of his reign paid a visit to Kairana at the request of Muqarrab Khan.

In his Memoirs, Jehangir writes: "It was the long-standing wish of our sincere and loyal, loving and faithful friend Muqarrab Khan that I should visit his place. I paid a visit to his house and by my presence made it on enviable place. I gave the old faithful friend a gift of some precious stones and other va! The ground, where it once existed, is sti1l known as Naulakha Zamin the land of the nine hundred thousand.

It is said that there were nine hundred thousand plants and trees of different kinds in the garden. The traces of the pavilion built by Muqarrab Khan still exists. When he was the governor of Gujrat he had seven ships salvaged, which had sunk in Surat harbour years ago. Among the goods recovered, there were a few solid pillars of touchstone. Jehangir was apprised of the details of the goods recovered from the ships, which he bestowed on Muqarrab Khan as a gift. He built a small pavilion in the middle of the pool with these pi1lars as underpins.

The touchstone pillars are now a part of the Qalandar Sahib's shrine at Panipat. East of the garden was a row of buil. It was known as the durbar. The palace and residential houses were on the other side of the garden. This area is now known as the Nawab Darwaza. Ruins of these imposing buildings still exists as a reminder of the glory of bye-gone years.

Its headstone is of one-piece of zahr mohra, a semi precious stone. It is said to be of twenty seven maunds in weight. He completed the study of the Quran at the age of twelve and learnt theology and Persian from the elders of his house. When the Maulana's father Molvi Khalilullah in A.

After a while the Maulana with some of his colleagues went to Lucknow for further studies and became the pupil of Mufti Saadullah. The list of the teachers of Maulana Rahmatullah in cludes the following illustrious names: 1. Maulana Mohammad Hayat of Delhi. Maulana Mufti Saadullah. He was the tutor of the King and an accomplished scholar. Molvi Imam Baksh Sahbai. Hakim Faiz Mohammad a renowned physician of his time. Following the family tradition the Maulana studied medicine.

He also studied mathematics. Teaching carrier The Maulana's career in India as a teacher was brief. The times were difficult.

Political and social changes had created disturbed conditions. The growing power of the Christians, and the aggressive posture of their missionaries, weighed heavily on his mind.

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After completing his education, he set up a school in the mosque of Darbar Kairana, where he taught for a few years, until the memorable debate with the Christians at Agra brought this career to an end. The Maulana was married to one of his relatives in A. He and his father were recalled to his service by Maharaja Hindu Rao at Delhi in the following year, where he acted as the Maharaja's chief agent. The Maulana's father, Molvi Khalilullah died after a short while.

The Maulana thereafter decided to give up service and return to Kairana, in order to attend to family problems. He had his younger brother, Molvi Mohammad Jalil, appointed in his place, and returned home.

Here he set up his Madrasa and also devoted his attention to the serious situation arising out of the attack of Christian missionaries on Islam, which were growing sharper. He now began work on his book, lzalatul-Auham. While he was working on this book, he fell ill. His condition grew so serious that he could not move, and could say his daily prayers only by signs. There was no improvement in his condition. This was a cause Qf great anxiety to his family and his students.

One day after the morning!. Those with him thought that he had despaired of his recovery, and began to comfort him. He said to them, "By Allah' there is apparently no indication that I shall recover, but, God willing, I will, very soon. The Great Siddiq said to me, "Young man, here are good tidings for you from the Messenger of Allah: if your work on the book Tzafatul-Auham has been the cause of this illness, the same will be the cause of your recovery.

Those were the days when the sordid campaign of Christian missionaries against Islam had creattd unrest throughout the sub-continent. Padre C. Fonder was at the head of this campaign. His speeches and his book, Meezanul Haq had caused great resentment among the Muslims. The Ulema had so far silently ignored the missionary activity.

This attitude had on the one hand emboldened the Christians, and on the other, was beginning to have a demoralising effect on those, who were illiterate. The Ulema, therefore, decided to counter the missionary attacks in a firm manner. They collected material for this purpose in order to strive in the cause of Allah, and vindicate the position of Islam as the true faith.

The Maulana was the first person to lead this crusade against the Christians. He announced.

Anwar masood books names a-z

Fonder who occupies a prominent position in Christiandom, and who is the author of Mi;:,anul Haq, to meet me in an open debate, so that the truth is established, and it becomes known to all that the.

The Maulana wrote a letter to him on 23rd March, C. After the preliminaries had been settled by mutual agreement the first session of the debate was held on the morning of 11th Rajab, A. Maulana Rahmatullah was assisted by Dr. Mohammad Wazir Khan, and Dr. Fonder was assisted by Padre French. The place was full of people as they were interested in the outcome of the debate. The British were an alien people, and their conquest of the country was both recent and ruthless, and the people.

But in the defence on Islam they knew no fear. I do not think that it will be of any advantage, or a result will Come out of it. The subjects of this debate are: abrogation of earlier revelations and interpolations in the text of the Bible, the divinity of Christ; his life and the doctrine of trinity; and the prophethood of Mo hammad peace be on him. He proved that the text of the Bible had been forged and corrupted, both from internal evidence and by citing several works of Christian scholars in evidence.

Finally Padre Fonder, in reply to a question put to him by Or. Wazir Khan, adlhitted that in seven or eight places the original text of the Bible had been changed.

Fonder said "yes, yes, do record it, the text has been corrupted to this extent only but the holy books have not suffered from any defect because of it.

The next day the debate was resumed at the appointed time and place.

Maulana Mohammad Rahmatullah Kairanvi

As it had received wide publicity, there was an audience of over one thousand prominent persons on the second day. A few prominent Hindus like Dr. Christian scholars began to hedge and prevaricate.

But they were cornered and they could not stave off defeat. It is natural for tempers to rise in such a situation. Padre French, therefore, began to show temper and, the debate proved inconclusive.

Fonder thereafter avoided meeting Maulana Rahmatullah in open public debate and, entered into correspondence with Dr. Mohammad Wazir Khan. The exchange of letters which began on 1st May, C. Fonder had been discomfitted in open debate. Wazir, therefore, in his first letter to Fonder wrote: "You should first give a reply to the questions raised by Maulana Rahmatullah.

If you still wish to go on with the open debate, you should admit that the text of the Bible has been forged or corrupted in several places and, that the Bible has been superseded and its laws abrogated by the Holy Quran. We will then take up the question of trinity for debate, and when that issue is settled we shall discuss the prophethood of the last of the prophets, Mohammad, peace be on him.

It has suffered from forgeries and corruption of the text, on a large scale, at the hands of Christian priests; and since the original Gospel does not exist anywhere, the very foundations of the Christian faith are hollow," It was an important condidition of the Agra confrontation that the Maulana would embrace Christianity if he were unable to satisfy the objections of Fonder; and in the other eventuality, Fonder would embrace Islam.

The Maulana's task in the debate was a to prove the prophethood of the Holy Prophet, peace be on him, b to prove that the Holy Quran is a Divine Book, and that it has been preserved in its original and pure state to this day, no attempt having been made ever to make interpolations in the text, c to prove the doctrine of trinity as false and, to prove that large scale forgeries have been made in the text of the Bible. Fonder, on the other hand, had to justify the doctrine of trinity.

He had to prove that the existing Gospel was the same scriptures which Jesus Christ preached, that is, there had been no attempt at forgery or replacement of the text. The Maulana, by the Grace of Allah, proved in the two-day debate that the existing Gospel which the Christians are proud of, was a forgery and was not the original and complete Scriptures. Fonder admitted the fact of the forgeries before the public. Fonder , I s. But I am sending you here. The Maulana wrote a detailetl reply refuting his arguments.

Cotrespondence this sub ject continued till the 23rd April, Moliaml1ih:tl Wazir Khan atid Dr. This is the sole book in rejec tion of Christianity which has not been challenged by Christendom. The Izharul Haq consists of six detailed chapters on the following subjects: a A critical examination of the books of the Old and New Testament.

Cd That the doctrine of trinity is concocted and false. Proof of the Prophethood of Mohammad,! I peace be on him, and answers to the criticism of the Christian priests. It deals with the objections raised by Padre Fonder in his book Meezanul Haq, and forcefully rejects the claim of Christianity to be the. I f t ""'-i This book contains answers to the twenty nine questions which contemporary Christian scholars 2S 4. It was written and published in A. The book was written at the instance of the Crown Prince Mohammad Fakhruddin.

Ijaz-i Eeswi The Miracle of Jesus. The book was written at Agra in A. H It was first published at Agra. The second edition was printed at Matba Rizvi, Delhi. It contain's pages and proves that the New Testament is unreliable and is not the Divine Book which was revea.

Ahsanul Ahadith fi Ibtalit Tathlith.

Bahrul Hikmat

Arguments proving the doctrine of trinity to be false The book was written in A. It also proves that he was the Last Prophet, and no prophet will ever appear after him. The book is unpublished. It is unpub lished. The Moghal power in India had been on the decline since the latter half of the eighteenth century.

The Revolu tion of brought ab: ut the overthrow of the Moghals and the complete domination of the Indian sub-continent by the British. The dissensions among the Muslim rulers, and the Muslims' neglect of their faith and their polity, led to this catastrophe.

But among the Ulema there was a group, which believed in action and regarded it as a duty imposed by faith. Those Ulema took to the field of battle to do their duty. They were deeply attached to their faith and they were courageous people. They opened a front against the British with Thana Bhawan and Kairana as its axis. The mujahids fought the British forces and attacked ShamIi tehsil. The mujahid movement had steadily gained wide support. Maulana Rahmatullah and Chowdhury Azimuddill the head of the Gujar community fought against the British forces in Kairana.

During this period the mujahids used to gather to the call of the drum at the step of Kairana's lamia Masjid after asr afternoon prayers. Kairana had developed into a strong front against the British, and there was apparently no reason to suspect that the mujahids would be defeated. But the activities of some traitors, who were in league with the British, and the conspiracies hatched by their spies changed the. British infantry and artillery entered Kairana. The search was on for Maulana Rahmatullah, as the spies had reported that he was in hiding in the Durbar.

The Maulana with the remnants of his followers had escaped to Panjeeth, a nearby village, inhabited by Muslim Gujars, who had also taken part in the fighting. A detachment of British cavalry was deputed to Panjeeth to arrest the Maulana. The news reached the Maulana and the headman of the village in no time. The headman immediately dispersed the party of mujahids and asked the Maulana to pick up a hoe, go out in the field and work as a farm hand.

There was no time to lose and the Maulana was out working in the field. Moments later the British cavalry rode at a gallop through the field where he was working. The Maulana said in later years "I was hoeing in the field and 1. The dust and pebbles raised by the hoofs of tl1eir horses hit me as they galloped away.

The f0rce returned to Kairana and, resistance having come to an end. A reward of Rupees one thousand for his arrest was also announced. The Maulana under' the alias of Muslehuddin journeyed on foot to I elhi. This was a time of great trial and tribulations for him.

He patiently endured the severe difficulties he faced. It was then a prominent port on the west coast of India, well known for the traffic of Muslim pilgrims to the Hejaz. The sea voyage in those days was not an easy proposition, as the sailing ships depending on favourable winds, could sail outwards normally once in a year.

Carriage of a letter used to cost four Rupees. Those who wished to give up their homes and emigrate to the Holy Land of the Hejaz, had perforce to sever all connections with their family and friends for good, because of the difficult means of communication. After his departure from India, the entire estate belonging to the Maulana and to every member of his family was confiscated.

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