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It was led by a Holy Queen who could use divine magic, and the leadership was closely tied to the temple factions. It was a very religious country, though not to the extent of the Slaine Theocracy. The first was that its land was divided into northern and southern halves by the sea. Of course, the halves were not completely separated. Rather, there was a gigantic bay between them — forty kilometers long and two hundred kilometers wide — which made its geography look like a horizontal U. Thus, some people called them the Northern and Southern Holy Kingdoms. Then, there was another feature.

Your work is very much appreciated and I'll be more patient for Although I did was not aware of that beforehand, now that I know the facts, an apology is still in order. The paladins would be at a loss, and they might end up being wounded or killed.

While she wanted to do something in case the Sorcerer King was displeased, it would seem the man himself did not seem to mind. Then, if you come to my country, then I, the Sorcerer King will offer you my full support.

I downloaded the link you called v1. Looks like most of it was fixed. Nice work. There are still a few instances of redundant words that are redundant, but it looks much better. Also, there still appears to be no space after the period before "the paladins would be at a loss" and whatnot. Is the orc TL note necessary? I do not believe the part describing a Chinese TL note that no longer exists is necessary, but what about the rest of it?

This is probably the last minor fix I'll upload unless there is a major issue. If there are any more typos, I'll keep a list of them and fix them all at once when Vol 13 comes out.

Oh my god, it just occurred to me to look for this, and here it is. You've made my day and ruined my pants.

On volume 3 you have the most up-to-date translations with Cocytus. But on volume 4 Cocytus speaks normally which is incorrect and Victim's intended translations are also replaced with just reversed text. What I wanted to ask was: If you want to make them complete maybe I could help you find which volumes are incomplete or not. Volume 4 is probably the least up to date.

Previously, Victim's lines were reversals of memes. I replaced them with reversed versions of what he says. Cocytus has many lines in Vol4 and. That being said, I didn't do the translation, so it's possible a newer version has periods after each word.

Anyways, my version is quite readable for volumes , and It's also my least favorite volume, so I spent less time on it. Volumes , and should be the most up to date versions. Alright thanks for the info. You definitely did a better job compared to most others so your version is still probably the best right now. I've been looking for the whole series in PDF to read, so thanks. I recently started the LN and I think I found a mistake.

The other Evil Lords added their suggestions: Dark Warrior-sama, much time would have been wasted. It would be a shame to miss a good opportunity because of that.

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The Undead King Short Story: Drama of the Three Ladies Vol.

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The reports they received from the troops observing the wall made the situation even more pressing. Due to her low place in the order of succession — only males had inherited the Holy Kingdom until now — she should never have taken the position of Holy Queen. However, due to two qualities she had, the crown had eventually been placed upon her brow. The first was her beautiful looks. The other quality was her excellence as a divine magic caster. She was a genius who could use fourth tier spells at the tender age of fifteen, and she had ascended to the throne with the firm backing of the previous Holy King and the temples.

Almost ten years had passed since then, while certain voices disapproved of her excessive kindness, she had not made any mistakes which could be considered critical and thus she had ruled the Holy Kingdom to this day.

However, this rule was not solid, and embers smoldered out of sight. In the past, there was also While she was as beautiful as the Holy Queen, her eyes contained a cold, razor-sharp look, like the edge of a blade.

She was dressed in a suit of silvery full plate armor and a surcoat. The most important thing was the sword at her waist, whose name was known to everyone in the Holy Kingdom.

It was renowned as one of the four Holy Swords, the holy sword Safalrisia. One of the Thirteen Heroes, known as Black Knight, was said to have carried four swords — the evil blade Hyumilis, the demonic blade Kilineyram, the blade of rot Crocdabal, and the fatal blade Sfeiz.

This was one of the four swords which existed as a counterpart to them. Incidentally, the other three holy swords were known as the sword of law, the sword of justice, and the sword of life.

Wielding a powerful sword often led to one becoming drunk on its power and neglecting the fundamentals of swordsmanship. Therefore, the fact that she carried that sword which she would normally never carry was a sign of her unshakable determination to join the upcoming battle, and to win it.

She was a close friend of Calca, and as the strongest Captain of the order in history, a feat founded upon her fighting prowess. While the shape of her eyes and mouth varied slightly, her face still bore a close resemblance to that of Remedios. However, those faint differences were enough to change the impression others had of her. She always looked like she was plotting something — or in less polite terms, that she was surrounded by a sinister air.

However, that was but a deception; those close to her knew that she could cast fifth tier spells. Incidentally, she was not one of the Nine Colors.

While the temples were under the Holy Queen, it was government policy not to bestow a Color title on one of their number in order to avoid problems with the balance of power. Therefore, they often spoke ill of all three of them at the same time.

While many rumors about them had been cleared up, one particular piece of gossip remained. All three of them were unmarried — without so much as a male lover — and so it was said that their relationship was anything but ordinary. However much Calca denied it, she could not shake herself free of that rumor, and it was a major source of frustration for her.

Why not sell their gear? Calca pondered the matter. As part of the clergy and the Holy Queen, she disliked them. As long as he does that, it should be fine, right? The puzzled looks on their faces looked very similar. Calca mused that they were siblings after all, and after quelling the smile on her face, her voice turned serious.

The Holy Queen did not take part in strategy meetings. Instead, she went around the soldiers to boost their morale. It was important to motivate them. It was times like these that reaffirmed her belief that the sisters were similar, but not alike.

If she had asked the elder sister that question, the answer she would get would make her want to grab her head in frustration. However, there is a problem with that. However, the fact that she had not grasped the answer which the Holy Queen had instantly realized was due to another problem. He might adopt a plan we did not foresee.

While there was much she wanted to say to the leader of the Paladin Order, Calca resisted the urge to do so. This is quite vexing. Then, if the demihumans encircle this city, what will happen after that? While food supplies are ample, fighting a defensive siege is going to wreak horrors on morale. Have you considered that as well? Normally, all we would have to do is wait for reinforcements from the south to arrive, but we have reports saying that Jaldabaoth used a mysterious power to destroy the wall in a single blow.

Anyone would be upset when they thought of what had happened to the wall, but Calca knew what was going on. Remedios did not like to think, and she was a very stubborn person.

That was a flaw, but it was also the reason that she could embody absolute justice. The nature of justice was difficult to contemplate. For instance, imagine if there were two children, one human and one demihuman. However, if the demihuman child was discovered by adults, he would be locked up, and the human child would plead for his life. However, if they let the demihuman child go, he might grow up to become a threat to humanity. Was killing the demihuman child just or unjust?

This was not a question that could be easily answered. Remedios, however, would kill him without any doubts. In addition, she would insist that she was righteous, and not feel a shred of guilt about it. In her heart, anything she did for the sake of the nation and people was acceptable. Someone like that was clearly dangerous, yet Calca did not distance herself from her friend.

The righteous impulses of loving others, loving peace, hating evil, and the desire to aid the weak were all things she ought to welcome. And it was because of that nature of hers that what she thought and what she did were the same.

Because she did not think about her words, everything she said came from her heart. Any organization — particularly those that had stood for a long time — would become sluggish due to worries and cares. In addition, their original purity of purpose would tarnish and grow dim.

Since power rested in the hand of one person, it was only natural that power struggles would take place. Even if a victor was decided, the battle against suspicion, jealousy, and fear would continue, until one side eventually perished.

Calca had been freed from this curse halfway though. That was because she had attained magical power that ranked highly even when compared to the past generations of Holy Kings. Therefore, Calca could put aside her mental preparations to take the throne of the Holy Queen, but her brothers did not feel the same way.

Such unbelievable power makes me think of the might of the Demon Gods from the stories. For all we know, Jaldabaoth might be a being superior to the Demon Gods. They say he was defeated by the adamantite ranked adventurers of the Kingdom. That is true. If adventurers comparable to us could do it… but the problem now lies in whether or not Jaldabaoth can repeatedly use that power which brought down the wall.

If he could use it repeatedly, then he could have just done so. If there was a way to do it, there was no reason not to repeatedly use that attack.

It was the same with Calca. She lightly stroked the crown she wore. Well, we can conscript high ranking adventurers, the kind who are used to defeating monsters and the like, as part of mobilizing our people.

It was only to be expected — this was a matter of national importance, and splitting their strength was foolish in the extreme. I did my job by protecting Calca-sama and clearing away monsters! Could it be that Jaldabaoth was behind those incidents where all the people from several villages went missing? Some time ago, the residents of quite a few villages had all gone missing.

In the end, they had not managed to collect any information pointing to a culprit, but it was possible that Jaldabaoth was pulling the strings behind the scenes.

Therefore, Calca gave her an answer which laid those doubts to rest, and then she smiled tiredly. Translated, it meant, Of course I told her. I told her about how Jaldabaoth attacked the Royal Capital, how the adventurers defeated Jaldabaoth, the other demons that appeared, and how the Warrior-Captain defeated them all.

I told her everything… so it must have been squeezed out by other things and gone in one ear and out the other. Since Remedios did not do any thinking, then there had to be someone to cover her ass. That would be them. She could keenly appreciate the suffering they went through. I only know the rough details, but apparently, he fought with another demon, which was covered in scales. She was probably unhappy because someone whose strength she had acknowledged was being slighted by someone else.

If he had anti-demon attacks like we do, things would probably have been different. In pure fighting power, paladins were a notch below warriors. However, that was not the case when fighting evil beings.

Remedios was right, but Queralt still sighed quietly. Remedios immediately sprang into action. At times like this, she was still the first to act.

The bracing, cool air brought with it the sound of ringing bells. That was proof that what she had heard earlier was not a ghost sound caused by her ears ringing. No, it would have been much better if she had just misheard things. Remedios quickly drew the holy sword Safalrisia and moved up, putting herself between Calca and the door.

Your Majesty! Also, the demihumans have made their move! While the sudden excess of information confused her, that lasted for only a second. Calca immediately resumed her queenly demeanor and gave orders. While we stall him, prepare to engage the demihuman army. Convey my orders to the adventurers! Of course, she had no intention of underestimating the demon who could easily destroy the wall.

But was the feeling that she could beat him a mistake in itself? Would it not have been better to fall back until they had finished learning about their enemy? Calca waved away the budding weakness in her heart. If they did not fight now, then when would they fight? While it was important to know the enemy, now was the only chance they had to strike with all their might. After this, the attrition of battle would deplete their resources, and it would become more and more difficult to muster the power they could command now.

In addition, continuously retreating until they had completed their intelligence-gathering operations was essentially permitting their country to be trampled underfoot. I will let the smallfolk live their days in happiness, and make this a country where nobody will be hurt.

However, those were words she had spoken in the past, before she knew the truth of the world. Things being what they were now, it seemed a nigh- impossible aim to achieve. Was it really like that? No, it ought to have been that way. Yet, she could not peel away the undeniable sense that something was wrong which coiled around her heart.

Is this the way you ought to be treating an opponent of such power? With this holy sword, I shall relieve the demon of his head and present it to you! No good. That was what Calca thought, but she was not worried about her. That was because Remedios was a different person when she stepped onto the battlefield.

In that case, regarding the plan to defeat Jaldabaoth… can you download us some time? Your servant has already dispatched an advance force to carry out our plans. At that moment, Calca felt a dull ache in her heart. That was because carrying out that order was actually sending them out to die. The soldiers would be going out to fight Jaldabaoth, despite having no chance of victory. One of her duties as a monarch was to trade the lives of the few for the survival of the many.

Therefore, she could not weep or wail here. The soldiers were giving their lives for her, so she would need to put on a show to convince them that this was a glorious assignment.

She would have to play the part of the supreme queen, the Holy Queen who was respected above all others. Remedios gripped her holy sword and slashed a demon — her Vice-Captains had told her its name, but she had completely forgotten it — in half. Imbued with holy power, the blade could inflict grievous wounds upon evil beings, and it was doing so to great effect. She had cut down the demons rampaging through the city one after the other. The fallen demons vanished as thick white smoke steamed from their wounds.

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Within seconds, there was no trace that the demons had ever been there. She looked at a fallen soldier — not one of the vanguard troopers, but a local patrolman — and Remedios bellowed in rage. His leather armor had been cleanly severed, and the hands clutching his abdomen were stained a deep red. She could even see the pink of his innards. His face was well past the point of paleness, now a bloodless white. While she had almost no medical knowledge, her own experiences supplied enough information for her to make a judgement.

There was no time to send the wounded soldiers back to a casualty collection point. She would need to treat them on the spot with magic. That said, she had no idea what the demons were planning. Nobody would ever discard the brave soldiers who had chosen to become a shield for their nation in order to download their country time. And the most important thing was that she was a paladin of righteousness.

Remedios was accompanied not just by the elite paladins behind her, but also by several priests. Her order was directed at them.

In response, one of her Vice-Captains stepped up and whispered in her ear:. This is an order! Heal him to the point where he can move on his own! Of course, the recovery was not complete. After all, this was only a first tier spell, and it could not fully restore a soldier on the verge of death.

Even so, it was enough to heal the soldiers to the point where they could stagger around. Since the soldiers were no longer in danger of dying, there was no need to heal them any further. After that, let the medics at the rear tend to you. The pain of walking was probably enough to drive the soldiers to tears.

However, she no longer had the time to hear them out. She had to reach her destination before Jaldabaoth arrived. None of them spoke up or protested; they simply agreed with each other. Her metal armor was lighter and easier to move in than it appeared, and given her physical abilities, she could reach her destination faster than anyone else.

The streets spread out before them. The evacuation had been completed long ago, and so there was nobody there. Do you want us to scout ahead? After that, make your final checks and then hoist the banner high! This was to inform the other units that the elite paladins led by Remedios had arrived.

There were roughly five hundred paladins in the order. Most of them were comparable to difficulty twenty monsters, and among them were great warriors capable of slaying a difficulty sixty monster one on one. Incidentally, the remaining three hundred-odd paladins were currently standing watch on the city walls against the advancing demihumans.

Originally, they should have formed up into a single group and moved out as one. The reason why they had hung the flag in the distance was so that even if Jaldabaoth saw the flag and attacked it, it would not hamper the rest of the group. One of them was an average swordsman, but excelled in other areas, and his name was Gustavo Montanjes. Right now, he was directing the paladins who were reinforcing the city walls, so he was not here.

It might make more sense to consider that there might be some condition or some kind of delay until he can use it again. Politics in particular made her head ache. She was completely baffled by the reason why the nobles frowned upon the fact that a woman had ascended to the throne of the Holy Queen. They protested both the fact that they had a woman leading them and that a new term had to be coined for her. On that note, it would be simpler to understand if it was just a matter of who was stronger or weaker.

Keep your will strong and beware any special attacks the enemy has. They had confirmed that the advance force had been wiped out, and if their target had shifted location, the adventurers responsible for reconnaissance would have told them.

If there was no news from them, that meant Jaldabaoth had not moved from the plaza where he had appeared. Probably thinks that if he can kill us all here, he can conquer the country easily. Just as Remedios swore that to the gods, the final flag went up, as though it were waiting for that moment. She saw a suspicious-looking person, standing in the middle of a plaza painted bright red and strewn with the bodies of the fallen.

He did not have bat-like wings or curled horns, and the only sign that he was inhuman was his tail. From that point of view, he was little more than a man in a mask. An acrid stench filled the air as they entered the plaza, that of blood and burst innards. There was a sound of squelching meat as she stepped in, but she was no longer concerned about such things. All that remained was charging with all her might and swinging her sword.

Remedios knew that however much time she put into her studies, she would never be able to excel in academics. Thus, she had become known as the greatest warrior of this nation.

He put on a show of conceit because he had the strength to back it up. Few human beings could keep up with the battle that was about to take place, and she would need to further enhance herself with magic. Saying so, she backed away with her men.

Her subordinates retreated further than her, but she could not go too far away. At most, she could move four meters back, at a range where she could take a single step and then cut him down. Shocked by the sight of Remedios engaged with Jaldabaoth, they made haste. Jaldabaoth turned to face Calca, exposing his defenseless back to Remedios.

However — her instincts told her that Jaldabaoth might just be waiting for her to attack him from behind, and so she froze. Remedios kept her distance from Jaldabaoth while circling around him until she stood in front of the two of them. Her eyes had not moved from Jaldabaoth even as she listened to their quiet words from behind her. Perhaps he was planning to unleash that wall- breaking power of his; if he made a move, she would dash up and hack him down.

Every little thing that demon did only served to make her mad. Your slave charged right at me without saying a word. What would she have done if it was a case of mistaken identity?

Well, it does interest me that there are savages in the Holy Kingdom who are incapable of speech. Ah, just to be sure, may I ask if you are the reigning Holy King? Had she said something about this earlier? Queralt seemed to have a spell from the rear, because a surge of heat blazed up within her body, accompanied by incredible strength. Her attack from just now had been evaded, but now she was confident that she could strike him in this state. Do you have any questions? Jaldabaoth pressed at the eye region of his mask, a motion Remedios had seen Calca, Queralt, and her Vice-Captains perform many times in the past.


Also, please, prepare yourselves until you are satisfied. The sight of you — who are desperately preparing yourselves to defeat me — being trampled and your lives taken by a power which surpasses even that; truly it is a sight to evoke ever greater despair in those who witness it with their own eyes. It was merely a slight change of tone, but from experience, Remedios knew that Calca was angry. I will not attack until we finish speaking, or until you launch an attack of your own.

You need to ignore what that demon says and bear with it. Their opponent was a demon. That being the case, they ought to consider that everything he said was probably a lie.

Rushing in and cutting him up would save effort and brain cells. However, impeding her mistress was a betrayal of her loyalty. Thus, she had to grit her teeth and endure this. I have some things to ask you. Why have you come here? If you wish to trample this country, why not move with the demihuman army from the fortress? Ah, you need say no more. I can imagine what you wish to say. It would seem you are mistaken.

The reason I have come here alone is not to parley with you. She sounded clearly disappointed. The first is because crushing you by myself will deepen your despair that much more compared to if you were slain in a chaotic battle with the demihuman forces. The other reason is — in order to avoid making the same mistakes as from the Kingdom. I had not expected to meet a warrior there who was as powerful as myself. Therefore, the fact that I have come here alone is to see if there is a being comparable to me.

That is why I have given you all this time. If anyone like that did exist, they would be in this city — by the side of you, the most important person in this nation. Yet, I have not found anyone like that. That includes those snivelling rats hiding themselves away. Remedios could not pretend she had not heard those words, and they made her forget her forbearance and shout in anger. Did you not hear me? Is that all you wish to know, Holy Queen-sama? There were five angels who held swords of fire, summoned through third tier spells — Archangel Flames.

There were twenty more summoned through second tier spells, Angel Guardians. And then, there was a single angel which Calca had summoned before arriving here — a Principality of Peace.

While she did not remember what powers the angels possessed, she remembered that the Principality of Peace which Calca summoned could use low tier divine spells and could use abilities such as the ability to grant protection from evil, smite evil, and cause mass silence, among others.

That was because she had often seen Calca summon it. Sensing the murderous intent around her, Remedios understood that she no longer needed to hold back, and so she charged. Normally, the priests would have supported her with attack spells, but there were none. Perhaps they were conserving mana to summon angels. Remedios activated a skill from one of her job classes, Evil Slayer. The divine power within her holy sword intensified.

In that moment, five adventurers suddenly appeared behind Jaldabaoth. They must have used invisibility magic to close in on him. She did not know why they had suddenly become visible. Jaldabaoth did not respond to the adventurers who had suddenly appeared.

No — it did not seem like he had even noticed them. At that moment, she wondered if she had been mistaken about the aura of intimidation from Jaldabaoth. Or rather, was this just an illusion or a copy, and the original was not here?

No — she denied the latter deduction. That could not be. Her instincts — her ability to sniff out evil — told her that Jaldabaoth was right there. The adventurers looked shocked, and slashed at Jaldabaoth in a panic. Just as she thought that their weapons would be able to reach him, Jaldabaoth sprouted a set of strange wings behind him.

They impaled the adventurers who had tried to attack him from behind. Perhaps the frothy blood he was coughing up was because he had been stabbed in the chest and blood was flowing into his lungs, but with his last trace of life, a single adventurer swung his weapon down on Jaldabaoth. Since they were here, those adventurers ought to have been quite skilled. It was only reasonable to assume that they would be wielding holy-elemental weapons as part of their preparations.

Even so, they could not leave a mark on him, showing that this demon was quite a highly ranked being. In the few moments that it took the battle conditions to change, the charging Remedios screamed Yeeart!

Jaldabaoth hopped one step back, and those tentacle-like — no, they probably were tentacles — wings threw the perforated adventurers at her. She had no intention of taking it head-on. She infused the holy power within her sword into the claws in the instant they made contact. Since most of the divine power simply exploded on the surface, it would not do much harm, but she had still used it anyway.

That was because in the moment that the adventurers had been killed, her instincts as a paladin — which her little sister called an animal instinct — screamed that she needed to show that they could still resist Jaldabaoth, and prevent the morale of the surrounding soldiers from falling.

The Angels jammed themselves in between Remedios and Jaldabaoth as the latter was backing off. They launched their attack while floating at roughly head height. In addition, the fact that he could easily evade a blow from her magically-enhanced self — although in a somewhat clumsy fashion — showed how high his physical abilities were.

There were only a few people who could contend with such a mighty being. While the angels summoned through third and second tier spells usually excelled at slaying monsters, they only served to get in the way during this battle. In particular, the greaves of the angels floating back and forth were an eyesore. Her sister cast a spell. Calca emitted two rays of light.

The fact was that even though the angels had the advantage of height and surrounded him on all sides, Jaldabaoth was still quite composed. But that was only natural. Even after being surrounded by so many people, not a single attack had hit Jaldabaoth.

While their immobile bodies were clearly dead, they still believed in the faint probability of their survival. How bothersome. Even if they are nothing more than insects, a swarm of them is still unpleasant.

Jaldabaoth sounded perfectly composed. Indeed, being able to negate the spells cast on him from the rear and perfectly evade physical attacks made him seem overwhelmingly superior. Unless their summoners were specialists, summoned monsters were generally weaker than the ones who called them forth. The airborne angels rushed Jaldabaoth as one.

They did not use their swords, but tackled him. Perhaps he was starting to grow tense, but Jaldabaoth went on the offensive, and a single swipe of his claws caused several angels to vanish into nothingness. However, the angels from behind filled the gap, continuing the attack in place of their absent fellows. This was the frightening thing about summoned monsters.

Since they were beings that did not die even when they were killed, they could be fully utilized in this fashion. She activated a skill, and then her martial arts, using her holy sword to strike a blow with all her might.

She had chosen to conserve the greatest power of her holy sword because her instincts told her that then was not the time for that powerful move, which could only be used once a day. Stricken by the mightiest blow she could muster apart from that move, Jaldabaoth flew back as though he was being smashed to the horizon, until he crashed into a store on the other side of the plaza.

Indeed, not only had she allowed Jaldabaoth to escape the encirclement, she had even given him the chance to hide in a house. The reason why they could take on enemies like Jaldabaoth was because they could encircle their opponent and force them to face many people at once. Allowing him to hide in a cramped home was too dangerous. It was possible he would stop playing around now.

What should we do? Usually, Remedios would ask and then Calca would answer, but now the opposite was the case. During battle, she was better able to make the right choice than the other two. They collapsed the house in short order. However, it was hard to believe Jaldabaoth had been crushed under the falling debris. Even Remedios in her enchanted armor could survive that much unless she was very unlucky. Could he have rolled with that blow just by flying away? Or was it a demon-only skill?

There were many possibilities for that, but things would become troublesome if she could not see through it. Amidst the sounds of destruction, the neighboring houses crumbled under the area-effect spells. Dirt and dust filled the air, and she could not help coughing. We ought to use fire. Pour on the oil and ignite it. May I ask you to bless it, Calca-sama? Doing so to harm an opponent… is that really what a paladin ought to be doing?

No, we should do it. Many demons were resistant to fire, but the Holy Fire was of the holy element, and fire resistance was only half as effective against it. However, it would be even worse if they gave Jaldabaoth time. Please keep that in mind… Then, can you light the fire right away? Jaldabaoth had been buried under the house after all.

Therefore, bringing up the Holy Fire attack just then was the right choice. They had not thought that he might have lost consciousness because of the shock of being buried under the fallen house. Then we should have done it earlier. Calca-sama, Queralt, get back. Remedios whispered her directions to the other two. At the same time, Remedios fell back as well, allowing the resummoned angels to form a wall along the path between themselves and Jaldabaoth.

In that case, please get back. It would be quite disappointing if you were to die from my shockwave. The collapsed pile of timbers and bricks swelled up. As they collapsed to the ground, something massive slowly stood up from among them. That was because he looked completely different from the previous Jaldabaoth. It made her wonder if he had changed places with another demon.

However, there could not be many demons who looked like that. It flapped its fiery wings, and flames burned at the end of its long tail. Its brawny, frightening arms were also on fire. Its wicked face bore a wrathful expression. Jaldabaoth did not strike back at the angels as they swung down with their weapons, it simply endured the blows in silence.

Even though it was surrounded and pounded, it did not seem hurt in the slightest. It looked just like a horde of children trying to hit a fully armored paladin with sticks. It took a step forward, and the mass of angels pressing against it were forced back. It ignored every single attack the angels made as it slowly raised its flame- wreathed hands, and then clenched them into fists.

Its fiery form resembled a red-hot volcanic bomb. Just that single hit was enough to exterminate all the angels that were forming a wall for Remedios. Remedios gulped as she witnessed that overwhelming power which could easily slaughter multiple angels in a single blow, and then she gripped her holy sword tighter. Her sweat gushed forth and it seemed like it was making her clothes change color under her armor. Remedios shouted to banish her fear.

While it was a thoughtless move, if she did not charge right now, she would be essentially admitting defeat to him in her heart. She gripped her holy sword tightly, and leapt forward. She looked up and saw that Jaldabaoth was not looking at her.

It was similar to how a human being would not care about a worm writhing around on the ground. Jaldabaoth stepped forward, paying no heed to Remedios. His massive body shoved her aside. However, his metallic-gleaming skin remained untouched beneath their blades. Calca and Queralt were there. Remedios barked her orders at the paladins behind them. She could not think of what use they could be, but she could not let Jaldabaoth reach Calca and Queralt.

The paladins and priests closed ranks in front of the two of them, forming a wall. What a pathetically weak wall. The paladins swung their swords, the priests cast their spells, but even so, they could not impede Jaldabaoth in the slightest.

He walked on nonchalantly, without saying a word. The people who touched the flames coiling around him wailed and collapsed to the ground, but Jaldabaoth did not look like he intended to attack. Jaldabaoth should have been driven off by the adventurers of the Kingdom. She was in the same league as adamantite ranked adventurers, perhaps even stronger. In that case, why could she do nothing about Jaldabaoth?

I have to find it! I have to find something I can do to harm him! Just like how some monsters were highly resistant to all metals besides silver, there must be some kind of racial defensive ability protecting his body.

Until this point, it had always been her Vice-Captains or Queralt or Calca giving orders. All she had to do was carry them out. However, all three of them had nothing to say now. As long as the two of them escaped, they would prevent Jaldabaoth from achieving his aims. The two of them seemed to understand that too, because they turned and ran without looking back. That was good. There was no time for people to lollygag around like idiots on a real battlefield.

Even if Remedios died, so long as the Holy Queen, the head of state, survived, there would still be hope, And even if the worst-case scenario unfolded and the Holy Queen died, so long as her sister was still alive and they managed to recover her body, they could bring her back to life.

With them serving as walls, that ought to be able to download the two of them more time to flee. Remedios panicked and looked around, and then a piteous wail reached her ears. The sound had come from the direction where the two of them had run.

The power of the magic items she possessed suppressed her terror, but her anxiety continued welling up. If her sister and their guards were killed, then only Calca could stand against Jaldabaoth. She was the pinnacle of the Holy Kingdom; if she was lost, then the country would fall with her.

The paladins hurriedly parted their ranks for her. How slow her body was. Remedios had always thought her strength of arm and fleetness of foot were at the zenith of human ability, and it was a silent source of pride for her. However, this moment was the first time she learned that it was nothing but false vanity. All she needed to do was survive a single hit.

However badly hurt she was, there were many priests here. There was a way, so long as she did not die. While Remedios told herself that as she ran, she saw that Jaldabaoth had taken hold of Calca.

Those hands were wreathed in flame. She heard something like her flesh sizzling under the heated armor, and her helmeted face seemed to have gone mad with pain as she clenched her neat rows of teeth. Was Jaldabaoth going to make some kind of demand — having taken a fighting stance, Remedios found herself doubting the words he said next.

He raised his arm, lifting Calca to his line of sight. Jaldabaoth flexed his arms. It looked just like he was making practice swings. There was a crack, and Calca whimpered in barely-suppressed agony.

Remedios looked around for help, and behind Jaldabaoth, she saw the priests protecting Calca and Queralt collapsed on the ground.

While the priests were motionless, her sister was still moving faintly. Perhaps she had secretly cast a spell. Everyone, retreat! Fall back! Not fighting? Jaldabaoth extended the hand that was not holding Calca and discharged a third tier attack spell.

The fireball flew over and burst, immolating the paladins within its area of effect. Protected by fire resistance spells, the paladins barely managed to avoid being fatally wounded. However, it was simply that they had not died. And then, Jaldabaoth swung down, ignoring her wails. After that, Jaldabaoth slowly raised his arm again, and Calca dangled limply from his hand, having lost the will to resist him. However, that beautiful face was now a mass of fresh blood. It would seem the bridge of her nose had been crushed flat, because that part of her face was a smooth expanse now.

She wanted to stop him, but it was too late. Jaldabaoth swung his weapon at the paladin, with a speed that did not seem like he was holding a human body. His armor was staved in like he had been hit by a giant, showing how intense the collision with Calca had been. Humans might have softer skins than other species, but strong humans could enfold their bodies in ki or magic, and if they were still conscious, they might be able to be endure a slash without being hurt.

Perhaps it had been knocked loose by the impact, because her helmet had flown off and her long hair played wildly in the wind. Her inverted face was a bloody mess, her nose smashed and her front teeth shattered, her eyes rolled up and a faint moan leaking from her throat. Her beauty, regarded as a national treasure, had vanished without a trace. Her present state was too tragic for words.

The sight of humans squabbling before their enemy is a fearsome sight. Well, it is about time. Playtime is over. I need to smash the gates and usher in a storm of slaughter and carnage. I do not need you to allow me anything. All you need to do is accept it. Like say, the gift of a star. Jaldabaoth raised the hand that was not holding Calca, and then, like he was searching for something — he pointed to the sky.

However, everyone was frozen in place, their hands tied. That was because they could not attack Jaldabaoth, who held the Holy Queen hostage. What would they do if Calca died from their blows? Heedless to the confusion of Remedios and the others — the star fell.

There was nothing adorable about her face. There was nothing about her looks that made observers want to do a double take. However, she still drew attention, albeit in a negative sense. Her beady black eyes slanted upwards, giving the impression that she was constantly glaring at others, while the dark circles around her eyes made people think that she was the kind of person who hung around with criminals in seedy back alleys.

It was useful for walking among crowds, but once she reached city gates and other such places, she would receive intensive scrutiny and searches from the local authorities. Above her, the sky was covered in dark clouds, giving observers the wrong impression that it was close to dusk when it was still daytime. Neia sighed tiredly, then marshalled the keen senses she had inherited from her parents and walked toward the street which led to the inn where she was staying.

The reason why she had to be so wary even in a city was because she felt a powerful sense of exclusion towards herself, an outsider, ever since she had entered this city. After all, when she wore a cloak with the hood drawn up over her head, there was no way to tell whether she was a foreigner.

However, she had not been mistaken about the heaviness in the air. She peeked at the passers-by and saw that their faces were downcast and their footsteps were heavy. It was as though they wore the gloominess of winter around themselves. Under normal circumstances, she might have thought it was because of the overcast weather. However, she felt that the sense of entrapment — or perhaps a nameless melancholy — which she felt here, in the capital of the Re- Estize Kingdom, ought to have stemmed from some other source.

Although the southern bay region of the Holy Kingdom was still relatively safe, the northern reaches were essentially hell now. The more she thought about it, the more depressed she became, and Neia reached to her waist in search of salvation. The cool sensation of steel travelled up her hand. That was because this was a sword of the sort issued to trainee soldiers. Only after completing her training and being officially ordained as a paladin would her trusty blade be enchanted with magic.

That was one of the rituals involved in donning the mantle of a paladin. While it was little more than a sharpened slab of steel until she officially became a paladin, it was still a personal weapon which had accompanied her through long years of training and practice.

One could not fault her developing the habit of caressing it when she felt uneasy.

The sensation of steel calmed Neia down slightly, and she sighed a cloud of white vapor. Then she opened her cape and quickened her pace.

Her feet dragged every time she thought that she had to report bad news. However, it was because she disliked such things that she had to move quickly, to get this over with as soon as possible. It was a high class inn, with prices as lofty as its reputation. It was said to be among the top five in the Kingdom. As she thought about the tragic state of her homeland, the northern Holy Kingdom, she could not help but feel guilty over how she was basking in such luxury while her countrymen were suffering.

The truth was, the female leader of the ambassadorial delegation had opposed staying here precisely due to its decadence. She felt that they ought to reduce their expenses on this journey and use the leftover money elsewhere. However, her opinion had been rejected, thanks to the suggestion of the male assistant leader.

Therefore, we need to stay in a superior inn to show that our nation is still strong. Nobody else in the group could deny him. However, their leader was driven by emotion and could not accept that proposal, and she stubbornly refused to go along with it.

However, everyone understood that they could not rack up any unnecessary expenses. In order to accomplish their tasks as soon as possible, even Neia, a squire, had been roped in to carry out missions. Therefore, Neia and the other members of the delegation were running around trying to arrange appointments with the movers and shakers of the Kingdom. Anyone could make an appointment, even a squire.

However, Neia was the sole squire among the delegation. The others were proper paladins. Even if she made an appointment, what would the other party think in the future when they found out that others had been visited by paladins, but they had only merited a mere squire? Surely they would be unhappy. Even Neia knew that much. However, despite her roundabout protests, the orders handed down to her had not changed.

As a squire, there was little she could say about it. That said, Neia had not given up because of that. If it was a personal failure, she could gladly accept it. However, doing so might lead to the ailing Holy Kingdom losing more aid from the Kingdom. However, the fact that a mere squire had immediately rushed into action without waiting for orders had only made the leader even more unhappy.

Neia had been selected for this ambassadorial party solely because of her keen senses, which had ensured their safety on the road here. Asking her to contribute in other ways would be a tall order. Neia looked to the sky and sighed Haaah. Then, she watched as the white mist she exhaled drifted slowly in the air and vanished. As she thought about the uncomfortable reception awaiting her at the inn, her gut began to cramp up.

The noble Neia was supposed to meet was not a very important person — he was not highly ranked in the Kingdom — so not being able to make an appointment with him was not a great setback, but even so her leader would gripe at her.

Their leader was now constantly on edge.

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