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How Do Gluons Bind Matter? MEDICINE. Lifting the Curse of Alzheimer's. COMPUTING. Innovating Beyond Moore's Law. May E. Scientific American is the essential guide to the most awe-inspiring advances in science and technology, explaining how they change our understanding of the. Scientific American (ISSN ), Volume , Number 5, May , published monthly by Scientific American, a division of Nature.

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Scientific American May 2015 Pdf

Scientific American (ISSN ), Volume , Number 5, May , published .. The inset shows construction at a reactor in Hi, You can find “Scientific American” magazine in below links: 1. Digital Technology Developer Associate at Accenture Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (present). May , Volume No 5 pp Departments. From the Editor; Letters; 50, and Years Ago: Innovation and Discovery as Chronicled in Scientific.

Iron fertilization seems a bad idea: it alters the food chain and water chemistry, whereas the sequestration of carbon diox ide is only temporary. An all hands on deck approach will most certainly be war ranted, but I find geoengineering and sim ilar heavy-handed or fanciful solutions to climate change counterintuitive. Humani ty has always busied itself resolving rather than avoiding problems. Maybe an equal or greater focus should be on limiting population growth, reduc ing consumption, fostering clean energy, increasing science education, electing sci entifically literate politicians, living closer to the earth and fostering an environmen tal value set in our society. The March 21, , study by Alfredo Martnez-Garca of the Swiss Federal In 6 Scientific American, May on habitable super-Earthsplanets up to 10 Earth masses larger than our planet with radii between Earth and Neptune states that a planet with a higher mass, and therefore a flatter surface, and oceans could be an archipelago world of island chains more conducive to biodiversity. But this flatter solid surface, having less dis tance between its highest and lowest points, would also reduce how much water the planet could harbor without becoming a total water world devoid of any exposed land. Therefore, such a planets biodiver sity could be more sensitive than Earth to its ocean volume and to its climate. In an extreme case of a perfectly smooth planet with high surface gravity, a single glass of water could coverthe whole world with a nanometer-deep ocean.

At that immunization level. Flu shots are not as controversial as MMR shots. If states begin implementing such interventions and search for new strategies. For example.. These fence-sitters could be prodded toward getting shots. The best route to reach these parents is through their pediatricians. May Illustration by Steven P. What is to be done to keep things from getting even worse? If the letter prompted them to write down both a date and a time for the shot.

A better way. Last year. Coverage is as low as 86 percent in states such as Colorado and Ohio. Peer pressure and social norms are one of the strongest influences on the decision to vaccinate or not. Libya and Tanzania. Eight out of 10 Americans would support such laws. The U. That is the portion of people in a community that must be vaccinated to prevent outbreaks of a disease that killed more children around the world in than car accidents or AIDS.

In a study. Simply asking people to plan ahead is another way to get more of those who are waffling to vaccinate. In story after story of fascination and trepidation. A Best Book of If such plumes are present. This year that changed. This nascent plan. During its mission to Jupiter in the late s. The same might be true on Europa. On Europa. Early Venus and Mars probably had abundant liquid water. It would orbit Jupiter. Tidal forces regularly break the ice. The White House and Congress should commit funding to move this mission toward launch as soon as possible.

Aside from Earth. By comparison. We have sent probes to Europa before. As the moon orbits Jupiter. Kane Commentary on science in the news from the experts Van R. Forum by Van R. Europa is a compelling target. The proposed Europa funding stream punts the commitment to develop and launch a mission to a future president and Congress. It would also scout locations for a future mission to land.

Browse and download any single issue from any year— to the present. We discovered a lot in our long history. Now our award-winning Archives are available for download in digital format.

Entries were matched with the Gini index. Infants are more likely to be born premature and underweight. Such disparities among teenagers. Children have higher rates of asthma. Disadvantaged adolescents reported less physical activity and more bodily aches and pains. Day 7. Day 8. Return home with great memories! Visit Caravan. The earliest interventions may be most effective.

Arjen Y. Hoekstra

Only in the past few years have researchers discovered that the uninjured side of the brain becomes more active after a stroke to help its fallen neighbor. Day 5. Enjoy two nights in picturesque Prince Edward Island. And we can all agree that adolescence is already tough enough.

Journey back in time as you visit the 18th century Fortress of Louisbourg. Leisurely afternoon in Charlottetown. New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island—Join the smart shoppers and experienced travelers who rely on Caravan for a wonderful vacation.

In some instances. Day 9.

Day 1. Guided stroll along historic Halifax waterfront. Learn about the First Nation people of Nova Scotia.

Enjoy two nights in Halifax. Day 3. Look for fin. Visit the idyllic artists' retreat of Peggy's Cove. Your adventure begins in Halifax.

See rugged cliffs and breathtaking ocean views. Harvard Medical School now has a semester-long course in that vein. Day 4. Current stroke treatments largely target the damaged tissue. It can even extend its own neurons across hemispheres to restore function. The gulf grew wider in countries with more economic inequality. Explore the Cabot Trail. Visit Nova Scotia.

Ferry ride to Nova Scotia. Potential solutions to this escalating problem cover a wide swath. Visit the Anne of Green Gables house and stroll through settings from this literary classic.

Day One such drug. Visit the Maritime Museum. Day 2. Enjoy two nights in the charming town of Baddeck. One theory cannot be used to disprove another theory 2. Must include successful experiments and specific details 4. For more details. Once calibrated. The jet packs cost the National Laboratory of Atomic. Snowfall may have pulled the compounds out of the atmosphere.

All facts must be verified by an encyclopedia 3. One example in nature must be submitted Theory: PMI accounted for a substantial part of this success. Bush in There were million malaria cases globally in The program is based on four interventions: Efforts will even aim to eliminate the disease in some countries.

The initiative is one of the largest players in the international effort to combat malaria. The program will also address drug and insecticide resistance to malaria. Bernard Nahlen. Despite increases in the past decade. Kaiser Family Foundation. The program also helps target areas conduct regular insect screens above to identify problematic mosquito species below. Answer these questions and more in Innovations in the Microbiome The human body plays host to a vast and diverse microbial community.

From metabolic regulation to immunologic maintenance. Access this publication free online at scientificamerican. Innovations in the Microbiome distils the most critical insights from the recent explosion in microbiome research.

As science continues to unravel the host—microbiome relationship. In such a scenario. Under the old model. At a February demonstration in La Queue-en-Brie. The spring-autumn link most likely is bad news for humans. The remote-controlled. Ecologists struggle to model the timing of current autumn seasons. The analysis. In the nation adopted civilian drone legislation that has begun to go into effect. Earlier this year personal flying bots were spotted hovering suspiciously over cultural and diplomatic landmarks in central Paris.

Here in the U. This new thinking is hardly the final word on autumnal alterations. Leaves may be programmed to drop once they reach a certain age. Or perhaps an early spring means trees siphon more groundwater from soil. Physicists are making major advancements with planar lenses that can scatter and bend rays of light.

Such low-profile lenses would be useful for new kinds of compact. The latest rendition. As co-author Alexandre Ponomarenko.

The scientists are in talks with Google and other technology companies. The question is. Such lenses could reduce the bulk and cost of photography. But the lens worked on wavelengths of only one color—and not precisely at that. And they could one day be printed on flexible plastic for thin.

As we dream of smartphones that could roll up or slip into a wallet. A leap ahead came in Despite its lack of curvature. These delicious results could help clarify tough physics ideas for students.

The researchers suspect instead that the pockets of heated water vapor within cause the noise as they burst through their starchy cages. But with high-speed cameras in hand. Future cameras. The basic journey of hard kernel to fluffy morsel is straightforward. The team has since crafted a larger prototype.

The millimeters-thick camera lens. Czaczkes Czaczkeswas wassurprised surprisedwhen whenhe he Tomer noticeddark darkpatches patchesaccumulating accumulatingininthe the noticed cornersofofthe thewhite whiteplaster plasternests nestsininwhich which corners hisblack blackgarden gardenants. Another Anotherpossibility.

Over Over his sevenyears yearsofofobservations. University UniversityofofRegensburg Regensburgbiologist biologist Thus. The Theick ick designed factorevolved evolvedfor forgood goodreason: Perhaps Perhapsititisisused usedfor fordefense. Honeybees Honeybees nests performso-called so-calleddefecation defecationflights.

Sure Sureenough. Czaczkes Czaczkeswill willhave havetoto them makenests nestswith withsee-through see-throughlids lidsand andwork work make underred redlight.

Or Orititcould couldserve serveasasaasource sourceofofsalt salt material. Ants Antsiningeneral generalare arewell wellknown known handle fortheir theircleanliness—disposing cleanliness—disposingofofthe the for deadoutside outsidethe thenest nestand andleaving leavingfood foodscraps scraps dead and other waste in special refuse chambers. Some Someants. To Tocovertly covertlywatch watch using themdo dotheir theirbusiness. Goldman Goldman Onward.

For more information…and to join the panel. From time to time. Whether Whether all all those those bodies bodies will will actually actually prove prove to to be be habitable. As a member of the panel. Your involvement with this exclusive community is always voluntary and the information you provide is strictly confidential. Astronomers Astronomers are are now now gearing gearing up up for for such such an an exploration.

Extra pieces allow two player competition. Losing Faith in Faith: From Preacher to Atheist. InInall allthe theintervening interveningtime. And Andcheek cheekby byjowl jowlwith withaatempestuous tempestuous M dwarf. Each code in the code book specifies a different set of pieces that assemble into a cube. Somewhat Somewhatcounterintuitively. There Thereisisaadownside. There are even two sections of simple puzzles for children.

But Butatatsuch suchclose closeproximity. InInworst-case worst-casescescenarios. Adult May May Because Becauseofoftheir theirclosecloseininorbits. They Theycan canspend spendhundreds hundredsofofmillions millions ofofyears yearsas asprotostars. Freethought Today. The codes are sorted by difficulty from easy to hard.

A common flowering plant. American Heart Association. Give the women you care about the power to save their lives at GoRedForWomen. Tannin is a compound that makes seed casings strong. In er. Penfield notes that the finding has attracted interest from scientists and agricultural companies alike.

Also known as the Heart Fund. In cool weather. The investigators. Steven Ingebritsen. Geologists laden with temperature and pressure sensors. These stages. The same flow of magma below the surface powers both types of eruptions. The most detailed data set yet on the explosive choreography between water and steam. But because of its popularity. Eventually these escaping bubbles make the water in the channel so hot that it boils and triggers a full eruption.

The measurements. Focusing too much on the latter meant researchers tended to overlook the breast trend. Something cues the brain to produce a substance called gonadotropin-releasing hormone. Family stress and chemical exposures in the environment may also play a role. The psychological effects. As a result. Obesity appears to be the major factor sending girls into these unchartered waters.

Other studies soon reached similar conclusions in Europe as well as the U. Breast development. This process activates the pituitary gland. More and more families are finding themselves in the strange position of juggling stuffed animals and puberty talks with their first and second graders. Among the few exceptions are pituitary disorders. The most obvious physical consequence of early puberty is a prolonged exposure to estrogen. As for boys. Time has not resolved the puzzle.

From a biological point of view. Puberty was happening earlier in most girls and again differed by race: Fat cells manufacture the hormone as well. The ovaries are not the only place in the body where estrogen is produced.

That precocious development. Menstruation usually begins a few years later. The latest studies. Pubic hair forms as the result of a different biological process. Clinicians say that slightly early development of breasts is likely not physically harmful and so does not require medical or pharmaceutical therapy for most girls. Those findings suggest the proportion of girls with significantly earlier breast development may still be ticking upward.

Ask the Experts: The Human Body and Mind?? Frank M. Biro cancer. Schools typically do not offer sexual education classes covering body maturation until fifth grade.

Deardorff says. Identifying the triggers that push individual girls into early puberty remains a challenge that leaves parents short of a simple action plan.

Puberty education should start earlier. Living in a homogeneous neighborhood may also be helpful: Helping daughters to maintain a healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables may also offer some protection.

As Marcia E. What might that something else include? These substances. One way. Girls are not hapless creatures.

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Regardless of where girls live. The much smaller exposure to estrogen that occurs in conjunction with early breast development has not yet been definitively studied. Children who are breast-fed appear to be less likely to enter puberty early.

Deardorff and Greenspan believe. Parents and communities can also help protect girls from the painful psychological effects of early development. In a study published in Pediatrics. Will every girl start maturing earlier? As researchers look for answers. It is unclear. Regular physical activity may prove beneficial to help counteract at least some of the trend toward early puberty by improving mood and combating weight gain.

A study that tracked some 1. Other investigators have implicated intense stresses in childhood. Against that backdrop. May sensitive to conflict around her. Discerning how much of an influence exposure to these chemicals might play is complicated. One thing mothers can do to try to avoid the problem in the first place is to breast-feed their children. The potential effect probably is minimal. He is also the father of three children.

To really change the future of education for the better. TX March 9. We put education at the top of the agenda. Scientific American and Macmillan education. That evening. A fellow panelist rolled his eyes. There are other ways to advertise to an on-the-go digital audience. GPS unit. An ad that matches the typeface. You can send texts with permission. Social-media companies have signed on as well.

But if advertisers truly believe in their material. Who downloads those anymore. With all the traditional channels shrinking. People are savvy. You can display a full-screen ad while a Web page or app is loading. And as the mobile era matures. But how. This trend. But what about journalistic independence? Game Boy. At a recent panel about the difficulty of advertising in the new.

An Interactive Advertising Bureau study found that only 41 percent of general-news readers could tell such ads apart from real news stories. In other words. Sometimes the labels disappear entirely. So who cares if people watch less regular TV.

Banner ads on our devices are ugly and intrusive. Even Web surfing on our regular computers is taking a hit. So far. But that could change. To overcome these various digital hurdles. On NYTimes. I heard an ad executive tell an impressive story. For now native ads will remain all the rage—with no laws governing them and no labeling standard. Truth in Digital Advertising As we consume more and more of our media on mobile devices. Media channels.

She had gotten a musical performance—paid for by her soft drink client—seamlessly inserted into a TV awards show. But perhaps the most stunningly cool feature of this astonishing timepiece is its lens. As well as having an ultra modern look and style. This incredible watch is robust enough for those always on the move.

Integrated into the crystal itself the Blue Lazer coloring takes the look of this watch to another level. This is a unique downloading opportunity not to be missed! Limited stock available. In our opinion. This fantastic watch features a metal case structure. What else is awesome about this fantastic watch? Quite simply its price.

Fort Lauderdale. The Lazer Blue Crystal gives this magnificent watch a truly unique look. What are the best and worst games to play at the casino? When should you hit. Mathematics Speaker: Arthur Benjamin. Does Self-Esteem Matter? Learn about research on the self. Explore the state of astronomy in Australia. Topics include combinatorics the art of counting. Exercise your curiosity. Jennifer Crocker. For more information email us at Info InsightCruises. Chart new science territory in Oceania with Scientific American Travel.

Multiply your mental math abilities. Adventure calls. Tap the energy and excitement of contemporary science aboard Bright Horizons Benjamin will demonstrate and explain how to perform amazing feats of mental calculation.

Despite a huge volume of studies. Discrete Mathematics Learn the mathematics that underlie computer science and cryptography. My Favorite Numbers What makes the number 9 so magical? Explore the beauty of the Fibonacci Numbers 1. How much should you bet? Learn the answer to these questions. For more info please email Info InsightCruises.

The Program. The king of the dinosaurs. Brusatte is author of more than 70 technical articles and five books on dinosaurs.

But they were unable to piece together when the tyrannosaurs origi- nated and what they evolved from because they lacked the fossils to do so. He used his considerable platform to push pet ideas on eugenics and racial superiority. Yet its evolutionary history has eluded investigators.

During the early 20th century Osborn was one of the most visible scientists in the U. But when the dirt and smoke cleared.

Jurassic and Cretaceous periods. Much follows. Most of it good. Human progress, which has been breathtaking over the past two centuries in nearly every realm of life, has principally been the result of the application of scientific naturalism to solving problems, from engineering bridges and eradicating diseases to extending life spans and establishing rights.

This blending of scientific naturalism and Enlightenment humanism should have a name. But because these things are true and because Nicolaus Copernicus, William Harvey and Edward Jenner made careful measurements and observations, they could hardly have found something else.

Scientific American - May 2015 {Bindaredundat}.pdf

So it was inevitable that social scientists would discover that people universally seek freedom. It was also inevitable that political scientists would discover that democracies produce better lives for citizens than autocracies, economists that market economies generate greater wealth than command economies, sociologists that capital punishment does not reduce rates of homicide.

And it was inevitable that all of us would discover that life is better than death, health better than illness, satiation better than hunger, happiness better than depression, wealth better than poverty, freedom better than slavery and sovereignty better than suppression.

By that time, there were no longer any mammoths living on the mainland, only on remote islands.

Archive - Scientific American

Chapter 2: Who Wants to Build a Mammoth? However, he has talked about the experiment in a number of interviews, with me and other people.

On the basis of his previous work, I choose to believe his claims. Are You Ready? Sixty million birds in Sweden: see Richard Ottvall et al. Much has also been written about the dodo Raphus cucullatus. It was published in One of the most recent breakthroughs in this field was made in the Roslin Institute at the University of Edinburgh, the same research institution that cloned Dolly the sheep.

The two subspecies of the white rhinoceros are known as the northern white rhino and the southern white rhino respectively. But Should They?

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