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The Vampire Diaries: The Return: Midnight. Home · The Size Report. DOWNLOAD EPUB The Vampire Diaries: Stefan's Diaries #2: Bloodlust. Read more. 1. Elena Gilbert put down the pen reluctantly. Shutting her diary 2. Elena couldn't have been out for more than a few 3. Damon leaped. Somewhere in the. for downloading it from there; the download is very cheap Biology Questions and A.

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Vampire Diaries Return Midnight Pdf

New York Times bestselling seriesThe Return: Midnight is the seventh book in L.J. FICTION>; Romance>; The Vampire Diaries: The Return: Midnight - EPUB. The Vampire Diaries: The Return: Midnight em New York Times bestselling seriesThe Return. Midnight is the seventh book in L.J Smiths New York Times. [KINDLE] Midnight (The Vampire Diaries: The Return, Book 3) by L. J. Smith. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read .

Unformatted text preview: L. Contents 1 Elena Gilbert put down the pen reluctantly. Flowers repeated to Stefan. What am I terrified of, you ask? But to understand, you have to know a few facts. It means that anything, anything, can happen. So that even somebody who figures out odds and takes bets from people gives them back their money. Because a wild card has entered the situation. All bets are off. You can see how shaky even my printing is. Suppose my hands shake like this when I go in to see him? I might drop the tray. I might annoy Damon. And then anything might happen.

Their relationship is kind of Bonnie and Matt, sure, okay, have them end up together. Not for any deep, emotional, I-love-you-so-much-and-I-can-never-be-without-you way, but just because they both need a shoulder to cry on, I think. Oh, Damon should become a vampire again, Elena maybe going to become a vampire, like, hint at it and not actually write it in , and Stefan I feel nuetral towards.

He wants to be human, well, okey-dokey then. He wants to stay a vampire to always and forever protect ELena, even though she isn't in love with him anymore? This being said, if Elena ends up with Stefan, or Bonnie with Damon blech , I will stare at the walls and mope for hours, maybe even days, because that feeling that you've lost someone dear to you?

I'd feel that in abundance. And oh, I read the book synopsis on site, and I have to say that I think it hints that Bonnie and Damon are going to end up together. Ver, very sad. View all 27 comments. I think I hate all the characters in this book and I've no idea why I even bought it and read it. I don't even care that it ended on a giant cliffhanger, I will not read the next pile of shit 'trilogy' to find out what happens.

I'm sick of L. Smith's shit. Spoilers galore in this review, because honestly, spoilers can't ruin this book for anyone, the book ruins itself.

The POV swings in this book were utterly confusing and tiring, the plot was a pile of shit and the descriptions were fucking stu I think I hate all the characters in this book and I've no idea why I even bought it and read it. The POV swings in this book were utterly confusing and tiring, the plot was a pile of shit and the descriptions were fucking stupid.

You could really tell L. J loved the posh Dark Dimension shit because there was tons of description on Lady Ulma's mansion and the 'Celestial Court' building, and a ridiculous amount of description on the barren wastelands that they travelled across, and she generally used ridiculous language that you never hear anyone use, let alone a 18 year old who doesn't seem all that smart, for all her perfect-ness.

It was just tiring reading this book. Truly tiring. Let's see why I hate all the characters: Elena is an indecisive bitch who is perfect in every way, so much so that she is allowed to have two love interests and it's perfectly okay. The love square is truly ridiculous: Why not just have it going all the way around and have Bonnie and Stefan fall in love?

Then there could be foursomes every other weekend. Elena Gilbert, number one hypocrite, but it's okay because Elena is perfect in every way and has pretty hair. Also, did I mention Elena killed her parents? But that's okay because she's perfect and pretty and that.

Why the fuck did I read any of these books then? Except, of course, now Damon is dead.

Except, of course, the cliffhanger is that he isn't. Oh, and Elena is probably going to be immortal because she has some magic water in an Evian bottle. Anyway, she'll probably drink that and live forever and apparently there's enough for 'maybe 4 or 5 people' if I remember correctly, so that's Bonnie, Meredith, Matt and Mrs. Oh god, I can't imagine a world where that group of pricks exist for all of time and are indestructible.

I fucking hate Bonnie. She's terrified of everything, and everyone has to factor in Bonnie's reaction to stuff before they do anything and it's fucking absurd when lives are at stake or whatever. Also, her jumping into that hole after Damon and then complaining when he left her somewhere safe was so mindblowingly stupid that I realised nothing could make me hate her more because surely that should have made me explode with rage, but it didn't because I was past that point.

Also, apparently Meredith is part vampire! She has kitten teeth! And she has a twin brother who is a vampire and can age and that! This so does not fuck with her story in the previous books. So doesn't at all. Also, another cliffhanger, Meredith declaring she has to find and kill her brother.

Stefan is a dick. Stefan basically doesn't care about anything in the entire world except Elena despite having lived for like, years or something with no Elena in his life. His character in general is completely boring and it's actually impossible to imagine him without Elena giving him 'purpose', if you can call it that when he's basically only living as a romantic interest to someone who is in love with someone else as well as him. He's a completely useless character.

What the fuck was the point in him becoming a human in the last book? There was no point. Also, his dying went on for far too long with that 'inner child' and Elena shit, but that's really more of a complaint about Elena, so. It's probably L. Shinichi died by saying something. He's been the big evil bad guy for the past 2 books, and he dies just by saying 'I wish I didn't do this' after absorbing his sister.

Fucking brilliant. Ooh, he's so scary he can be killed with fucking regrets. Small aside: I didn't understand Sage. What was his purpose? Who was his father?

Do I actually even care? No, not really. He was only introduced in the last book, you can't really use him as another cliffhanger for me to download your shitty new trilogy centring around this dickwad set of characters. Another aside: The wolf shit was fucking stupid. A pack of wolves just completely accepting a DOG as their new alpha male without so much as a fight?

Also, someone pregnant with werewolf babies is now going to be a werewolf for the rest of their life? But don't the babies produced have to kill to trigger the werewolf gene?

Anyway, all in all, I'm glad this pile of shit trilogy is over and if I talk myself into downloading the next book when it comes out somewhere along the line out of some OCD annoyance at not having read 'the full thing' or something then you may punch me repeatedly in the face. View all 19 comments. Sep 29, Julie rated it it was amazing. I personally think Damon should get with Bonnie, and I think Matt needs a girl.

I know this book will be 5 stars, I can't wait! View all 3 comments. Apr 10, Jenn rated it it was amazing Shelves: This is what I think will happen: Elena will turn into a vampire again and stay with Stefan and Bonnie is going to end up with Damon Yuck. How do I want it to happen? Stefan will somehow trade with Damon and he will become human while Damon is transformed back into a vampire. Bonnie will end up with Matt and Elena and Damon will finally be free to love eachother!

But it wont happen that way, L. GAH I don't want they to be together! I can't wait for the next book to come out! I still want Elena to be with Damon and now they have more of a chance!

She is such a 'oh i'm helpless and always sweet and forgiving.. I bawled at the end and kept saying 'Damon Damon Damon' Over and over. Bonnie, well, she just needs to die. She never will be good enough for Damon. The whole book I was either really pissed at L. It was always up and down, up and down. Elena bonnie, Elena Bonnie. I can tell you right now I will be thinking about this book non stop for about a week. I really don't think I can wait for the next one to be published.

How could she do this to me!!! View all 7 comments. Jul 28, Jasmine rated it liked it Shelves: I really, really, really, really, really can't wait for this book to come out. Midnight's release date has been changed at least 6 times and I just want to read it.

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I hope Elena's going to end up with Damon. She really does belong with Damon and not Stefan. If Damon doesn't change back into a vampire and Elena chooses Stefan in the end, I swear I'll cry harder than I've ever cried in my life. Mar 22, Christine rated it did not like it Shelves: I waited for this book for a year, and it left me more than dissapointed. The book before this one was one of the best, so I don't know how LJ Smith could go wrong with this one. I just have oh so many problems with this book.

Let's start with the first: Elena has been with Stefan, who loves her for everything she is, since the first book. But in this book, she has become more like Katherine than herself. Yes, Damon is witty, and he is the bad boy wh I waited for this book for a year, and it left me more than dissapointed. Yes, Damon is witty, and he is the bad boy who is reformed for only her, but that's about as far as it goes. I would see him as more of an ally than a love interest.

Stefan's world IS Elena, and they can even link souls. I don't see where the confusion is?? Earlier in the series, when Elena was whisked away to Heaven or wherever she may have been , Stefan was on his knees screaming for her. It's the one scene I'll never forget. Damon surely was not doing that. So please explain to me this hang up!!?? Also, in the last two books, Damon makes two references to Elena being a virgin, which, you know he can't wait to change.

At the end of this book Elena says Stefan will love her 'chastely'. This bothered me, because both she and Stefan alluded to wanting to be physical together in this book, but Elena told Stefan she was scared, therefore, he chose to wait for her to be ready. Again, why the sudden allegiance to Damon? In this book, Damon is dying, and Elena is kissing him in front of Stefan.

I just think that's tacky. The book ends with Stefan thinking Elena loves Damon and not him. Can we say heartbreaking!? There is supposed to be another Trilogy coming, but LJ Smith is not supposed to be writing it. Maybe that's a good thing, because I'm about done with her. Here's my second problem with the book: The TV Series. Here's my problem. The characters in the books and in the series are two different sets of people. Damon is mostly the same. In the book series, Alaric is a college student.

Bonnie is a white with red hair. Caroline is white with red hair and also a wolf, not a vampire. Stefan and Elena are not as strong willed as their counterparts on the TV Show. And I can't imagine the Stefan from the TV show saying some of the things the Stefan in the book says lovely love. While Stefan and Elena definitely have their strong moments in the book, they aren't as much as on the TV Show.

Those are my gripes with this book. It makes me downright angry that I waited a year for this dissapointment. View all 5 comments. So basically if you're too lazy to read this longggg letter, let me sum it up for you: Smith has been "fired" from writing her own books because the owners wanted Stelena, but she wanted Delena.

I completely understand why some fans get overeager—and especially if they think there is bad news for them. I hope that http: I hope that you will enjoy Midnight, as it is truly the story of Damon finding his deepest feelings for both Elena and Bonnie—and his feelings are definitely not platonic. In fact, to be blunt, without Bonnie and something that Bonnie does at the end, Damon would be permanently dead.

But right now I have to tell you something that makes me so sad and devastated—as bad, in fact, as I have ever felt except for when my mother died. Midnight is the last L. Smith book in the Vampire Diaries series. It probably sounds completely impossible to say that I am fired from writing my own books. And they are a book packager. A book packager sells books, already made with covers and all, to publishers, like HarperCollins—my publisher for The Vampire Diaries and The Secret Circle.

You might wonder why the book packager and Harper would do this to me. I am not sure either, but usually a book packager gets very submissive, non-assertive writers to write for them—not to mention that most of them, writers or ghostwriters, have had a lot of publishers turn their books down.

In Midnight, I had to fight to keep many Bonnie scenes in the book. They want strictly Stelena books. Instead, I was given a letter addressed to the ghostwriter by name, telling her to completely rewrite my book. The simply took the series and gave it to the ghostwriter. They have always tried to minimize my participation in The Vampire Diaries. On the very first original books in my name was almost invisible on the cover.

And now they have my manuscript of Phantom, and the book the ghostwriter writes from it may even sound like I wrote it in places, because they have the right to use my work as they see fit. But the book after that … that will be pure ghostwriter.

I had so many plans for Bonnie in The Hunters trilogy. I also wanted to show how Damon rescues Bonnie from a vicious wolf-pack attack, and then let her fly away with him.

They would undoubtedly have tried to make me cut it. But I still want to write it, so badly. Sorry for the long rant, but the charade is over for me. But I dread it, and even more do I dread what the next books will be like.

LJ Smith – The Vampire Diaries Series Reading Order

And I have no one but myself to blame for not being submissive enough. Lisa L. View 1 comment. Aug 03, Hannah-Linn rated it really liked it Shelves: So it took me a few days to get back into these books. I always loved these. I love the concept.

So this book was supposed to be the last of the series also, but from the ;ast chapter, you would think there was going to be another book. I'm not wanting to give anything away right now, but it that was how these books were supposed to end i was a little bit dissapointed, because something BIG happens.

Also, for some reason i just love reading about lady ulmas estate. It's so FUN so read about how lush and perfect everything is there. Also, love the idea of damon and bonnie as a couple. D good book. Sep 18, Bianca rated it did not like it.

I have been disappointed with The Return trilogy as a whole, but this particular book was just infuriating. The ending was so irritating I almost threw the book.

The whole Meredith side plot was not needed and seemed to be there only to add length to the book. The same thing with Elena and Bonnie's out of body experience. As the story wrapped up, everything came too easy. If they needed something, they found I have read all of the Vampire Diaries books, as well as many of LJ Smith's other books.

If they needed something, they found it in Mrs. Flowers's house without even having to search for it a kiln in the backyard? Elena's wings "happened" to work at just the right time. Whoever edited this book should be fired. It read like a first draft from an inexperienced writer. There were several grammatical errors that any good editor would have caught. Yes, there are always a few in a book, but there were more than a few in Midnight. The overuse of exclamation points made the already unbelievable story seem melodramatic.

Like all of the Return trilogy, this book continued to undermine the vampire lore that LJ Smith spent so much time creating in the first few books. How can Damon as a human be able to tell by Elena's tears she was still a maiden?

Plus, in the first several books, it said that sharing blood was as far as a vampire could go, so if Elena was loyal to Stefan, she still had to be a maiden.

The characters transformed from wonderful, well-written, believable characters, into flat, boring, one-dimensional stereotypes. Elena came off as flighty, selfish, and stupid, a far cry from the original Elena Gilbert.

She seemed more like Katherine than Elena. I have read and read and read the previous books in the series, but I doubt I'll ever pick up Midnight again. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. It starts from three days after dark dimensions kicked off with damon as human as ever although he still has his telepathic powers.

Midnight (The Vampire Diaries: The Return, #3) by L.J. Smith

Elena brings him human foods which leads to a confrontion before the fourth chapter! Damon, damon tut tut! Little "redbird" Bonnie walks in on them holding each other and elena calls damon darling which bonnie reacts to and runs down to matt and meredith who are in the kitchen. A nice and easy start to the book and gets you into the vampire diaries mode before anything too bad happens: After the sorting out of that little mistake, the gang matt, meredith, stefan, elena, mrs flowers and yes, damon discuss the situation of Fells Church.

Meredith is a vampire-hunter who hunts demons such as vampires. It has been in her family for generations and she has only recently took up her family legacy. She also is part-vampire long story involving Klaus attacking her and she has a full vampire twin brother called Cristan. Elena is the murderer as she destroys an entire moon small planet in a part of the dark dimensions called the Nether Worlds where they travel to find the source of the worlds biggest star ball which belonngs to whatever is controling fells church.

Damon dies after being attacked by a giant tree and after a long, sad, loving goodbye, he passes away in Elenas protective eyes.

Damon wakes up in the last two pages, indicating another trilogy!

Dec 23, Me, Myself, and I marked it as to-read Shelves: Oh my gosh, i can't wait to read this book!! Every since I started reading the books, I've always been Team Stefan phh Edward, you've got nothing on him Whenever I finished reading other book and the couple I wanted to end up together didn't exactly live happily ever after I'd always think, "Uh.

That sucks. At least I can count on L. J Smith making Elena and Stefan end up together. Hello March 15th- Welcome to my calender: Jul 10, Ebbyann rated it it was amazing. Cannot wait for this book! My heart will be broken beyond pieces if Damon and Bonnie end up together, I don't even care if Bonnie and Matt do!

J Smith is reading this please don't!! I love all the book you've made especially The Forbidden Game. I except a dramatic but heart warming ending for everyone.. S- Is the sister of one of the foxes?

Dec 09, Elesha O. I do not like the vampire diaries book series simple Jun 20, Pippa is currently reading it. This book was so good. I know there are more books but those were written by some ghost author.

The secrets revealed in this book were definitely unbelievable. I liked the twists and the way how the story moved. Damon is a precious thing that needed to be taken care of. And I will. Jul 13, Milly rated it it was ok.

Elena is such a selfish, thoughtless character. Stefan is so blind and in love. Damon is just warped. And Bonnie is dumb, weak and helpless. The only person who carried with an interesting story line was Meredith, and that was never explained in depth as i could have been.

The TV show is much more promising and well written. As for Midnight I am disappointed, although, not surprised. NO ONE. Dear God! Thank you. I can't believe I had the nerves to finish this pile of sh Smith thank you again for the cliffhanger-NOT. People,please don't read it. Please,pretty please.

Finally we know what the deal is with Meredith. I don't want to say anything about Damon and to spoil this book for those who against better judgment decide to read this. View all 18 comments. Feb 22, Mateja rated it it was ok. I wanna continue reading But as soon as Damon wakes up the book won't open and won't work now! I've read untill book two but the app keep refusing to open.

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