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Mayank ​Sentence Correction - Questions with Solution: .. GMAT Classroom Program: Maxximus Teaches in Noida! Tags: gmat, gmat. 1.E 2.A 3.E 4.A 5.A 6.D 7.D 8.C 9.D C C D D B C A C D A A C C. Real GMAT Sentence Correction Questions. [Type text]. 1. 1. A “calendar stick” carved centuries ago by the Winnebago tribe may provide.

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Notice that most of the whole is identified as fractions of the whole, while one part is identified as a specific quantity. We can use this to our advantage. Step 2: State the Task Determine the sum of the fractions in the question stem sculptures, oil paintings, watercolors , since this makes up all but one part of the whole number of students.

Subtracting this fraction from 1 will provide the fraction of the whole that is the remaining part mosaics.

Finally, we will solve for the number of students in the class. Note that this question can also be solved by Backsolving, since all of the answer choices are numbers and we can test out the answer choices to see if 10 pieces remain after calculating the number of other pieces of artwork.

Let's assume that the total number of students in the class is x. Base your answers on information that is either stated or implied in the passage then click to see the answers. Passage Prior to the nineteenth century, both human and animal populations were limited by the finite resources such as food to which they had access. When the enormous increases in prosperity ushered in by the Industrial Revolution essentially freed many Western nations from these constraints, scientists of the time expected Malthusian explosion in population.

However, an inverse relationship between prosperity and reproduction was soon noted; the average size of families fell.

The trend continues to this day and has spread to recently industrialized portions of the world.

Sentence Correction - Manhattan GMAT

Early biologists tried to explain the transition to smaller families by drawing comparisons to the animal world. Animals that have many young tend to live in hostile, unpredictable environments. Since the odds against any given offspring's survival are high, having many offspring increases the chance that at least one or two of them will survive. In contrast, animals that have fewer children but invest more resources in childrearing tend to live in stable, less hostile environments.

Therefore, the biologists observed, progeny that have acquired the skills they need to compete while sheltered by a family have an advantage over their less prepared competitors.

By analogy, if people living in a prosperous environment produced only a few, pampered children, those children would outcompete the progeny of parents who had stretched their resources too widely. Critics of this theory argue that there are limitations in conflating animal and human behavior. They argue instead that changes in social attitudes are adequate to explain this phenomenon. To a family in a society that is tied to the land, a large number of children is a great boon. They increase family income by being put to work early, and usually some can be persuaded to care for their parents into old age.

As a society becomes richer, and as physical labor becomes less important, education may extend into the early twenties, making children economically unattractive as they now consume family assets rather than produce them.

Meanwhile, plans such as pensions and Social Security mitigate the need for children to care for their parents into their dotage. Question 19Show Details The primary purpose of the passage is to A. Criticize explanations of human behavior that are based solely on observations taken from the animal world. Show why the expected population explosion following the Industrial Revolution did not occur before the Industrial Revolution. Demonstrate how family size was influenced by both environmental restraints and social attitudes before and after the Industrial Revolution.

Present two alternative theories that explain why family size tends to shrink with increased prosperity. Argue that studies based on social attitudes are more effective than models based on evolutionary advantages in accounting for demographic patterns. Answer: D In evaluating the choices for a "primary purpose" question, it is often useful to start with a scan of the initial verb.

This should be the choice we read first. When we do, we find that is a perfect match n is, in fact, the correct answer. A is incorrect because the author doesn't "criticize" anything.

C is incorrect because the author fails to "demonstrate" that either or both of the explanations described have any merit.

E is incorrect because the author fails to "demonstrate" that either or both of the explanations have any merit. E is incorrect because the author doesn't "argue" for or against anything. Choice D is correct.

Question 20Show Details According to the passage, which of the following is true of a Malthusian explosion on population?

It's occurrence has been limited to those areas of the globe that have remained preindustrial. It is inevitable in societies making the transition from an economy based on agriculture to one based on industry. It was predicted by at least some who lived through the Industrial Revolution in the West. Social scientist have only recently reached consensus on the question of why it fails to occur in recently industrialized countries.

The more specifically each question is categorized, the more effectively you will be able to form a study plan that hones in on your specific problem areas. Computerized adaptive practice questions will help you prepare most effectively for the GMAT.

1000 Real GMAT Sentence Correction Questions

It contains two full-length simulated computerized adaptive tests. In addition to the questions on the two practice tests, there are 90 additional practice questions available on the software. Just create an account. Answer explanations are step-by-step and in-depth, and you can go back and review or drill questions you previously got wrong as many times as you like.

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Your performance reviews for these practice questions will be integrated into your overall progress reports in the GMATPrep Software, allowing you to get an even more accurate picture of what your needs are in terms of prep. These will serve as drills to beef up your skills in those areas.

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Answer explanations offer step-by-step, detailed analyses of all practice questions.

It includes two unique sample prompts for the analytical writing assessment section. The Good: The visuals and experience of writing the essay are highly realistic. How to Use It: Use it alongside other practice tests.

SC with detailed solutions - Experts' Global

Many other resources only have integrated reasoning, verbal and quantitative practice questions, so adding a prompt from GMAT Write to your practice test will help you more closely simulated the experience of the actual GMAT. The online practice questions mimic the visuals of the real GMAT. The practice questions are organized in order of difficulty. This is especially true for the quant and sentence correction questions.

How to Use It: The online question bank is great for regular practice sessions. The question sets are customizable, and you can review them at any time. The tool includes 48 integrated reasoning questions total: 10 graphics interpretation questions, 15 multi-source reasoning questions, 15 two-part analysis questions, and eight table analysis questions.

You can create customized practice question sets, focusing on all question types or just one.

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