Books > Language and Literature > हिन्दी साहित्य > अकबरनामा: Publisher: Radha Publication. ISBN: Language: Hindi. Size. Akbarnama (Shekh Abul Fajal Krat) (2 Khando Main) (Hindi) Hardcover – 1 Jan . Wonderfull book real biography of the great emperor Akbar. Read more. अकबरी दरबार के हिंदी कवि- डॉ सरयू प्रसाद अग्रवाल मुफ्त हिंदी पीडीऍफ़ पुस्तक | Akbari Darbaar Ke Hindi Kavi by Dr.

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Akbarnama Book In Hindi

Akbarnama (Shekh Abul Fajal Krat) (2 Khando Main) (Hindi) Hardcover Books- download Akbarnama (Shekh Abul Fajal Krat) (2 Khando Main) (Hindi) Books online at . Akbar-Nama - Volume 1. Uploaded by acabator. Copyright: Attribution Non- Commercial (BY-NC). Download as PDF or read online from Scribd. Flag for. Free Download Akbarnama In Hindi Pdf >

Bookmark Describe the process of manuscript production in the Mughal court. All the Mughal books were manuscripts. In other words, they were handwritten. The centre where the work of manuscript production was taken was known as the imperial kitabkhana. This Kitabkhana was like a library. It was a scriptorium. In other words, it was a place where the emperor kept his collection of manuscripts and produced new manuscripts.

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He also prepared the Index and passed Introduction, Errata and Addenda to the volume and a Prefatory Note were completed before the death of the author in What was left to be accomplished was the correction, revision and printing of pp. Unfortunately this was not done due to a variety of causes, the most serious of which was a period of quiescence which occurred in the activities of the Society during this time.

Thanks, however, to the initiative of Dr. Baini Prashad the incomplete portion of the work was taken up this year and the volume has now been completed. The work of Mr. Das, the press clerk, who laboured very hard to see it through the press, deserves special mention. It is hoped that the reading public, while forgiving the delay of this publication, will appreciate the great erudition and care bestowed on it by Mr. Introduction I have at last finished the translation of the historical part of the Akbarnama.

It has occupied me, with occasional in- terruptions, for over twenty years, and I must confess that the work has not been always congenial. In fact, I must say that I began it with a feeling of aversion.

The Akbarnama

I had the idea that Abu-I- Fazl was a rhetorician and a shameless flatterer. And I admit that the feeling still remains.

I must also say that his style, especially in the later volumes, is tortuous and obscure. Left to himself, he may have adopted s. But I must go on to say that his indomitable industry and his accuracy wherever he was not, from prudential motives, suppressing the truth, have at length overcome me and 1 save him with greater feelings of respect than I began with.

Kings And Chronicles : The Mughal Courts

After all, when everything has been said that can be said against AbuFazl, should we not be grateful to him for his book? If he had not given so many years of nights and days to his task, where would we have looked for knowledge of many important facts of Indian history? I believe that I am indebted to my learned friend Dr. Hoernle, C. He it was who, as Philological Secretary of the Asiatic Society of Bengal, set me on a task for which I, a poor opsimath, was very imperfectly fitted.

I hope I have improved as I went on, but the want of early training in scholarship can never be made good. Since I finished the translation, I have been engaged in making the Index. Norton, the Indian Barrister, might remain a costly tool without a handle. So, I have begun it and have nearly got to the end of the letter M which is by far the biggest letter in an index to a Muhammadan work. I have also made a list of Errata and Addenda.

I am sorry that they are so many and so important, but it is satisfactory that I have found them and acknowledged them. I do not think that it would repay any one to read through my translation of the Akbarnama, and I very much doubt if any one will do so.

I think the world. What I would recommend is that somebody should abridge the book. He might also omit the strings of names, the discussion about comets and a digression, in the third volume, into Persian History.

He might also cur- tail occasional verbiage. I am too old and feeble for such work and shall only say "Exoriare aliquis nostris e vocibus auctor.

Very seldom does he make an interesting remark. He seldom tells a story with out spoiling it.

Abul Fazal: Author of Akbarnama

But I have treated of this matter in a paper published in the J. XIV, , Ii. It is gross, but it is not unnatural, and is in part the result of an honest hero—worship.

We must remember the position of the two men. Akbar was emperor of India and a very remarkable man. He had raised Abu-l-Fazl and his family from indigence and obscurity to affluence and power. It must also be borne in mind that Akbar was the elder of the two men.

Akbar therefore was in the position of an elder brother.

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